Note: I don't owe any of these characters you know the drill and it rated pg13 on the safe side **************************************************************************** ********************** Tearing Piper's Family Summary: Piper is losing her family members by one by one First Prue then Cole then Paige then Phoebe then Leo now it down to Wyatt her only hope guarded by two Supernatural bodyguards Piper must find the killer before he gets to little Wyatt Will Piper able to cope the loss of her family and protect Wyatt.

A/N This is set in season 5 but Prue hasn't been killed by Shax and Cole is still part of the family, This will be chaptered on (Focused) Prue first Until she is killed then Cole, Paige, Phoebe, and Leo but after the chapter on Leo and when he killed it will entirely be on Piper and Wyatt and don't forgot to Review please

P.s Also please be very aware that for Prue Cole Paige Phoebe and Leo the stories before their death comes are pretty short it won't be long until it comes up to Piper and Wyatt Chapter Except maybe Cole and Leo Since they both are hard to kill **************************************************************************** ******************************

Prue Halliwell walked down the stairs of the halliwell Manor finishing tying her hair in a bun "Hey Piper" Prue said to her younger sister who was standing at the stove making Breakfast for her husband in-law and sisters.

"Hi Prue" "Man am I starved what you making" Prue asked Pancakes and French toast if you couldn't tell" Piper replied "And they ready so everyone also better hurry their butts up" Piper put the plates of pancakes down as a shimmer and two orbing came in "Hey no Magic before Breakfast" Piper joked

"Sorry" Cole replied "But we are starved" he said speaking for everyone as they sat at the table

Prue bit until the French toast not knowing that the pancakes and Toast was going to be the last meal on earth or that at 11:00 two hours away she would be killed.

"So does anyone going to work today" Piper asked "Yes sorry Piper but Elise really wants me to do this deadline" Then Phoebe looked at her watch I better go, " Then she took a plateful of Pancakes and toast "Bye" She said then leaning over to kiss Cole "Cya sweetie" Phoebe said to him Bye have fun" Cole said then Phoebe left

"I gotta go the Elders wants me to do another test thing" Leo said then he also took a plateful of food and kissed piper "Bye love ya" Leo said then he orbed away "Speaking of work I got tons of papers I have to finished before this afternoon" Cole said taking another plateful of food then shimmered away after saying bye.

"Well it just leaves us" piper replied referring to Paige and Prue and Wyatt "Piper sorry but I am doing the grocery shopping after I finished my breakfast" Prue replied

"Wahh!" "Okay then I will be back" Piper replied going to Wyatt

10 minutes later Prue finished her breakfast and said to Paige and Piper "Bye I am going to the shops now" "Bye" Both sisters yelled Prue didn't know that she would never see her family again

Two hours later Prue walked to her car with the grocery. Then sirens wailed in distance Prue started unloading her bags into her car when someone ran right in front of her then Two cops came running "Freeze" the cops yelled pointing there guns at the man then he grabbed Prue behind "Drop the weapons and I will let this woman go" one of the cops a female said "Don't be foolish shoot her and her death will be on your hands forever" she yelled .

"Oh no it will be her death on your hands" he said "Say bitsy bye to this woman then Prue heard the gun blow she felt a horrible pain in her stomach where he heart was"

"Piper!" Prue gasped the last word she said before she died then she feel to the floor hearing another gunshot then everything went black.

The female cop pressed her triggered and shot the criminal who just murdered an innocent, "Maybe that will teach you she said even though it was his arm she shot the male cop grabbed the guy and took him to the car 'Come on Constable Perish" "We will call the ambulance to take the body away" he replied.

Perish couldn't stop staring at the body she had a feeling she seen her somewhere then it came to her she worked at that Auction in Buckland. She was the one who gave her a Very valuable Panting to her then she turned around tears swelling then she walked to her partner.
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