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Tearing Piper's Family Summary: Piper is losing her family members by one by one First Prue then Cole then Paige then Phoebe then Leo now it down to Wyatt her only hope guarded by two Supernatural bodyguards Piper must find the killer before he gets to little Wyatt Will Piper able to cope the loss of her family and protect Wyatt. **************************************************************************** *******************************************************************

Leo orbed in a empty carpark when his charge was "Mary" Leo said running to her "Dark" she tried to say "What?" he asked Then he felt an arrow He turned and saw a Darklighter shimmer out he feel next to Mary "Piper, Pagie, Phoebe, Cole, W-Yatt" he said his final words and fell limp 'Leo!" Mary cried then an Elder orbed in he healed Mary "No please no" Mary begged The Elder eyes filled with tears "Don't worry it Revenge time" He said taking his hood off revealing himself as Chris Perry

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