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Author's note: Hey there, space cats! I've been a fan of Space Channel 5 for quite some time now, and given that this fandom hasn't seen a new story in over a year, I felt it would be about time for me to make a contribution. Enjoy! :)

Note: There are two OC's in my story, Yuna Sayuki and Jenna Adams. They first made an appearance in one of my earlier stories, "Next in Line".

Chapter 1 - Introducing...Yuna!

My name is Yuna Sayuki, and I am one of the most popular models in all of Japan. During a filming sequence for one of the many talent shows I host, something went horribly, horribly wrong. I was transported far into the future thanks to a malfunctioning piece of equipment that I was handling at the time, and I emerged into what appeared to be a film studio, but this one was so much different from the one I was standing in just moments ago. In fact, it looked almost retro-futuristic, like something you'd see on those old TV shows such as "The Jetsons" or "Futurama".

Suddenly, a spotlight shone onto the floor about fifty feet in front of me, and a trapdoor slid open, revealing an elevator shaft. Seconds later, a tall, pink-haired woman rose upwards from underground. She wore an orange outfit with a logo that consisted of a blue "5" within a blue, satellite-like monitor.

"Hello, cosmic kitty," she said as she strutted towards me with exaggerated arm and leg movements. "Welcome to the galaxy's premiere broadcast station, Space Channel 5! Intrepid space reporter Ulala here, and I'll be your instructor for today's orientation session."

"Where...am I?" I asked nervously.

"You're on Spaceport 9, where I broadcast my Swingin' Report Show," Ulala answered. "And who might you be, young girl?"

I smiled, putting my right hand on my hip. "I'm Yuna Sayuki, and I have my own show as well."

Ulala gasped in alarm. "So you're like Pudding? A rival reporter?!"

"What? No!" I said defensively. "I'm a model, and one of the most sincere people around. I'm not one of those celebrities who get so wrapped up in their fame that they become utterly greedy."

Ulala sighed in relief. "Okay, so you're definitely not like Pudding, then. That's good. Now, what do you say, we jump right in?"

"Certainly!" I said. This sounded like fun.

"All right," Ulala replied. "I'll be center stage, calling out commands and striking poses! After, you'll try to copy my moves. Ready?" Ulala suddenly raised her arms high above her head. "Up!"

"Up!" I said, raising my arms in the same fashion as my mentor.

"Great job," Ulala smiled. She suddenly lowered her left arm and bent her left leg. "Down!"

"Down!" I said, copying her move without any effort.

"Next one. Right!" Ulala extended her right arm out to the side.

"Right!" I called out, doing the same.

"Left!" Ulala extended her left arm this time.

"Left!" I replied, extending my left arm.

"Chu!" she exclaimed, holding her arms straight out in front, one slightly crossed over the other. "You try!"


"Amazing. Pose!" Ulala said, bending her elbows at a 90-degree angle while raising her hands up.

"Pose!" I responded, performing the move with utmost accuracy.

"Fantastic job, Yuna!" Ulala said. "Now, let's add a beat to it. Here we go! Up! Up! Chu!"

"Up! Up! Chu!" I was starting to really enjoy this training session, but just when I was getting into the groove, the lights in the studio turned red, and sirens reverberated throughout the room.

"What's that?" Ulala said quietly, talking into her blue headset that she wore over her ears. "Oh? Roger that, Fuse. I'll be there in a flash."

"What's going on, Ulala?" I asked out of curiosity.

"This just in," Ulala told me. "Aliens have invaded Spaceport 9, and they're forcing people to dance!"

"Really? I've never heard of anything like that before," I said, tilting my head to one side.

"Well, Yuna, now that you've learned the ropes, you should come along with me!" Ulala suggested in a friendly tone. "Ready?"

"Of course I am!" I eagerly replied as Ulala handed me a white headset, which I quickly adjusted to fit. There was no way I was going to pass this up!

"Initiating transfer!" Ulala called out. A blinding white light filled my eyes, and after a few seconds, we emerged into an enormous lobby featuring large screens on the walls that displayed advertisements. The room was about as white as white could be, and there were hundreds of people...screaming and running?

Ulala fearlessly pranced into the midst of the action, and I hesitantly walked beside her.

"Hey there, space cats, Ulala here coming at you from Spaceport 9. Tonight, I'm investigating reports that aliens have invaded once again, and they are forcing people...to dance!"

"All lines are clear, Yuna," a male's voice, likely this Fuse person that Ulala mentioned earlier, spoke into my headset. "Let's see what you're made of. I'll leave the rest to Ulala."

"Let's go!" Ulala said, advancing further into the chaos. "I've encountered aliens on the main floor. It looks like they've taken hostages."

The aliens in question were some of the strangest life forms I had ever seen. There were three of them nearby, and they had slender bodies, long, narrow antennae sticking up from their heads with yellow bulb-like tips, and what appeared to be a screen where their eyes should be. The middle alien was bright-yellow in color, and the creatures that stood to the left and right were purple. Just behind the trio of aliens, two people were dancing nonstop, clearly out of control.

"Yuna, just copy the aliens' moves along with me," Ulala told me. "Let's dance!"

"Up! Up! Up!" the aliens said in high-pitched voices, thrusting their spindly arms upwards each time.

"Up! Up! Up!" we mimicked their commands.

"Down! Down! Down!" the aliens said, and we did the same.

"Right! Left! Right! Left!"

Finally, things are getting more interesting! I thought while alternating my right and left arms to match the pattern.

"Up, down, up, down, chu chu chu!"

We performed the "chus" without any problem, and Ulala was using her ray guns to take out each alien, one by one. At last, the hostages were freed from their trance.

"Thank you, Ulala!" they said, clapping their hands before rising into the air and landing behind us.

"We did it!" Ulala cheered, and she gave me a high-five. Now that the hostages joined us, we all jumped up in victory before marching onward.

"Whoa! Who's that?!" a nearby cameraman suddenly exclaimed, catching us off guard. We whirled around to witness a young woman with jade Jamaican-styled hair and a blue outfit rudely jumping in front of the camera. She was accompanied by a woman with long red hair and blue eyes. This person was clutching the neck of a blue bass guitar.

"Oh no, not her," Ulala groaned.

"Good evening, everyone!" the jade-haired woman said in an almost childish voice. "It's meeee, Pudding!"

"And I'm Jenna Adams!" the redhead replied. "Watch our report on Channel 42!"

"So my rival is also recruiting someone," Ulala said with disgust, locking her eyes onto Pudding's. "Don't worry, Yuna, I'll take them out!"

Pudding grabbed a pink electric guitar and handed it to Ulala before grabbing her own guitar. "Ready for a guitar battle? Dueling guitars! Let's dance!"

Several guitar solos and dance moves later, Pudding, with an enraged look on her face, threw her hands up in the air and shouted, "I QUIT!" She was just about to storm out of the room when something gigantic crashed through the ceiling.

"AAAHH!" we all screamed as the object landed where Pudding had been standing two seconds ago. It was a gigantic alien-like robot who stood at least twenty feet tall. It had a round, pink body; two purple arms with a pink ball attached to the end of each one; short, little feet; three round screens on its face, and two gigantic antennae sticking out of its head.

Ulala and Pudding looked at each other, then back at the monstrous robot in front of them.

"Quick truce to finish this up?" Ulala offered.

"Works for me," Pudding replied.

"Up! Up! Up!" the robot said, and we promptly copied its moves.

"Right! Left!"

"Right! WHOA!" We had moved to the right just in time, narrowly dodging a sudden attack as the robot thrust its left arm towards where they had been standing. "Left!" We dodged another incoming attack.

"Up! Up! Up, up, pose!"

The robot's moves gradually became faster and faster, but it was still no match for us. Soon after, the robot finally gave up, landing flat on its back, and Pudding and Jenna immediately left the room without so much as a goodbye or thank you.

"Ulala reporting from Spaceport 9, over and out," my mentor said, turning to face the camera. "Spaaaaace Channel 5!"

Author's note: I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Keep in mind this will be a short story, so there are maybe three more chapters, if not four, that will be published very soon. I apologize for going around and asking a few of you for some ideas for this story, but since I found out that there will be a VR version of the game coming out soon, I decided to base my ideas around that. As for the two OC's I included, I felt that since Jenna plays in a band, she would be perfect for Pudding's channel, and I felt that Yuna would be the best choice for Ulala. With that aside, please feel free to review, and as Ulala and I always say, stay tuned! :)