Chapter 4 - The Final Showdown

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Now that the Morolians were free from their hypnosis, we all strutted behind the TV and towards the door that led into the head office of Moro-Channel 5. Distressed cries and yelps from the Morolians inside the room filled my ears. Obviously, whatever was going on inside there was not good.

"Ulala! Jaguar! Yuna!" a voice shouted from behind. It was Pudding. "I'm...sorry."

"Pudding?" Ulala looked at her, surprised that she had returned. "How...?"

"While flying back to the Channel 42 studio," Pudding said, "a thought was jabbing at my brain. Ulala, I used to fear that you would become more popular than me and eventually steal my position at Channel 42. I'll admit, I did not thank you properly after you saved me, but despite that, did you look mad at me? No. Have you ever looked mad at me for anything that's happened between us? No. That's when I realized that you're not trying to become famous. You're not recklessly showing off or trying to make me look bad. I know you're helping Yuna. Jenna's assisting the others in the studio at this moment, but I've been helping her at the same time. But sometimes, those who help others need help themselves, so if you're okay with it, I will join forces with you and Yuna. I don't even see why we were ever rivals to begin with, so I'll be more than happy to lend a hand to your mission."

Ulala looked directly into Pudding's light-blue eyes.

"I'm in, Pudding," she said to her former rival. "Let's do it."

"Deal," Pudding affirmed.

"Now, let's get the real scoop behind all this, shall we?" Ulala said, putting her left hand on her hip and using her right hand to enter the code for the door. Seconds later, the door slid into the wall, and Ulala, along with myself, Pudding, Jaguar, and the group of rescued Morolians, paraded into the room. Inside, a man was holding a ray gun against the back of their leader's head.

Ulala gasped in surprise upon seeing who the person was. "Chief Blank! It's you again!" The man put the gun down and stared at Ulala.

"I told you I'd be back, Ulala," Chief Blank replied. "You're lucky I didn't invade Channel 5's studios after I was kicked out of my position as their CEO, all thanks to you. Instead, I decided to seek revenge by once again brainwashing the Morolians. Hahahaha!"

"Well, with my news savvy and our funky moves," Ulala said, "I'll get to the bottom of this once and for all." With her left hand, she lifted her trademark blue microphone towards her mouth. "Groooooove evening, viewers! Once again, Chief Blank, former CEO of Channel 5, appears to be behind this crazy Morolian madness. Morolians, you've been under Blank's spell. Yuna, use your Rescue Beam to snap them out of it!"

"Got it, Ulala!" I said, making a fist as the Morolians vanished into thin air. Seconds later, four Morolians landed in front of me.

"Up, chu! Right, chu! Left, chu chu!" they said. I confidently whipped out my ray guns and aimed them at the colorful aliens.

"Up, chu! Right, chu! Left, chu chu!" I repeated, zapping each one with the Rescue Beam.

"Right, chu, chu, up, chu, left, chu chu!" They began appearing at a faster rate.

"Right, chu, chu, up, chu, left, chu chu!"

"Right, chu, up, chu, left, chu chu chu!"

"You're doing a perfect job, Yuna!" Ulala said to me once I took care of the last group of Morolians. The celebration didn't last long, however, since Chief Blank suddenly vanished in a flash of green light. "Oh, no! Blank's running away! We need to follow him!"

"Right!" I said. We followed Ulala as she marched towards a door near the desk that Chief Blank was occupying just seconds ago. Without warning, three more Morolians jumped out from behind the desk.

"Chu! Chu! Chu!" they said in their high-pitched voices.

"Here we go," Ulala proclaimed, aiming her ray guns at the aliens. "CHU! CHU! CHU!" Once they were gone, Ulala proceeded to open the door, turning back to look at us with a smile on her face. "Stay tuned!"

"Fantastic job, everyone!" Fuse said cheerfully. "Keep it up!"

"We're now reporting live from the studios of Moro-Channel 5," Ulala said into her microphone as we entered a large circular room with multiple screens all around that displayed the Moro-Channel 5 logo. "Chief Blank's location remains unknown as of now." Suddenly, I began to hear music playing nearby.

"Hey, is that The Moro-Fivers?" Pudding asked. As if on cue, a spotlight shone down from the ceiling, revealing a hypnotized group of three people and two Morolians. Four other Morolians who weren't part of the band stood behind them. "They're one of the most well-known rock bands in the entire galaxy!"

"It's time to wake them up from their spell," Ulala said as she struck a dance pose. "Let's dance!"

"Up!" the four Morolians said, and we all followed their lead as a group.

"Left! Right!"

"Left! Right!"

"Up, up, pose!"

"Up, up, pose!" We all struck different poses.

"Chu! Chu chu chu!"

"Chu! Chu chu chu!"

"Chu! Chu chu chu chu!"

"Chu! Chu chu chu chu!"





"Chu chu chu chu chu!"

"Chu chu chu chu chu!"

"Chu, chu, pose!"

"Chu, chu, pose!"

"Thank you, everyone!" the human band members said gratefully. The two Morolian members let out cries of happiness now that the entire band was rescued.

"We did it!" Ulala cheered. The five band members joined our group, and we marched onward. Eventually, we reached an elevator at the far end of the studio.

"All right, let's go!" I said as the doors opened, only to see Chief Blank standing inside the elevator.

"Hmph, I forgot just how skilled you all are," Chief Blank said, crossing his arms. "Sayonara, everyone! I've got a show to run! Hahahaha!" The doors closed, and seven hypnotized Morolians, including a large purple one who Ulala said was Hoorg, suddenly appeared in front of us. Hoorg stood in the center, and the other six stood on either side of him in groups of three.

"He got away once again," Jaguar lamented.

"Save it for later, Jaguar," I told him before aiming my ray guns at the Morolians. "Let's shoot!"

"Left, chu chu chu!" Hoorg commanded. "Right, chu chu chu!"

"Left, chu chu chu!" Ulala exclaimed, using her Rescue Beam on the aliens to her left.

"Right, chu chu chu!" I shouted, using my ray guns on the aliens to my right. Suddenly, two more Morolians appeared, one from the far left, the other from the far right.

"Left chu chu chu chu!" Hoorg said quickly. "Right chu chu chu chu!" Once again, Ulala and I rescued the Morolians on our respective sides.

"Left chu chu chu chu right chu chu chu chu up chu!"

"Left chu chu chu chu!" Ulala responded, rescuing the Morolians that appeared.

"Right chu chu chu chu!" I did the same about a quarter of a second after Ulala.

Finally, Ulala finished by shouting, "Up chu!" She fired her ray guns at Hoorg. The leader of the Morolians was finally brought back to his senses, and he ran to Ulala's side.

"What an amazing job, everyone!" Fuse cried happily. "Now, go to the main antenna, and defeat Blank once and for all!"

"With pleasure!" Ulala said, striking a pose as she did so. "Let's go!" Before we could take so much as a step, three more Morolians jumped in front of us. "Wait, there's more! Yuna, use your Rescue Beam on them!"

"Chu! Chu! Chu!" they said.

I aimed my ray guns at them, taking one step forward as I did so. "All right! CHU! CHU! CHU!" Once they were gone, all that stood in front of us was the now-empty elevator car. "Let's get that crook!" And with that, we all piled into the elevator.

Once the elevator doors opened, we were treated to an impressive sight that made my jaw drop in awe. We were standing at the back of an enormous auditorium, at least three times as big as any auditorium I've seen. Nearly ninety-thousand people from all across the galaxy were in attendance, and they cheered loudly as we began marching down the steps that led to the stage. From left to right, the front of our group consisted of Hoorg, myself, Ulala, Pudding, and Jaguar. The Morolians we rescued, along with the members of The Moro-Fivers, were marching in unison behind us.

"Hello, everybody!" Chief Blank announced cheerfully. He stood in the middle of the stage, accompanied by two enormous robots who were dancing on either side of him. They each featured the Moro-Channel 5 logo on their metal chests. "I'm here to bring the ratings for Moro-Channel 5 even higher than they already are!"

You liar! was what I wanted to say, but I chose to stay quiet.

"I've been performing extensive modifications to the channel's antenna to boost its energy, and to bring the power of dance to the masses," Chief Blank continued. "Then again, they do say that exercise is great for you, and once the antenna is finished, there will be enough energy to force the entire galaxy to dance! HAHAHAHA!"

"Well, we won't let that happen!" Ulala yelled as she whipped out her ray guns. The two robots dancing behind Chief Blank began to spawn a team of smaller robots, who formed a row in front of the villainous man. Electronic music began to play. "Let's shoot!"

"Come on, everyone, dance with us!" Much to my surprise, Chief Blank was singing!

"Right! Chu, chu!" the robots said. "Left! Chu, chu!"

"Your time here is done!" Jaguar sang along to the music.

"Right! Chu, chu!" we all shouted, and Ulala zapped two of the small robots with her Chu Beam. "Left! Chu, chu!" She zapped another two.

Chief Blank belted out his next line. "Can't you just feel the energy?"

"Left, chu chu chu!" the robots commanded. "Right, chu chu chu!"

"We'll put an end to it all!" Pudding sang.

"Left, chu chu chu!" This time, I was the one to banish them from existence. "Right, chu chu chu!"

"GO, ULALA! GO, YUNA!" the audience cheered as we marched closer to the stage. Some of the spectators reached their hands into the aisle, and I gave them a high-five as I passed by.

"We'll help you!" two voices shouted from behind. We all turned around to witness Jenna sprinting down the stairs, along with a man who had slick black hair and a silver suit with the Space Channel 5 logo on the front. The crowd was cheering madly at the sight of them.

Ulala gasped in surprise. "Jenna! Space Michael! You came to help!"

"We sure did," Jenna replied, crossing her arms. "It's about time I apologize to Yuna for my attitude, and with one of the biggest superstars in the entire galaxy by my side, nothing can possibly go wrong!"

I smiled at the redhead. "Thank you, Jenna. Let's do this!"

"Ratings are all that matter to me!" Chief Blank sang once again.

"Right, chu, pose!" the robots said. "Left, chu, pose!"

Space Michael stepped forward. "Your evil plot shall be over at once!"

"Right, chu, pose!" Ulala and I said at the same time. "Left, chu, pose!"

"Finish them!" Chief Blank screamed at the two large robots behind him. With one great leap, they vaulted high over Chief Blank's head and landed right in front of us!

"Right, chu!" the two robots said as a small robot appeared to our right. "Left, chu!" Another small robot appeared on the left side.

"Right, chu!" I said, zapping the small robot with the Chu Beam. "Left, chu!"

"Right, chu, chu! Left, chu, chu!" This time, four robots appeared, two on each side.

"Right, chu, chu!" Ulala shouted. "Left, chu, chu!"

"Right! Chu chu chu! Left! Chu chu chu!"

"Right! Chu chu chu! Left! Chu chu chu!"

"Right chu chu chu chu! Left chu chu chu chu!"

"Right chu chu chu chu! Left chu chu chu chu!"

"Right, chu chu! Left, chu chu! Up, chu, chu!"

"Right, chu chu! Left, chu chu!" I shot at each robot with expert precision before finally pointing my ray guns at the two large robots that towered over me. "Up, chu, chu!" With two blasts, they were finally gone, and the deafening sound of applause filled the room. I quickly looked over my shoulder towards the rest of our group, as well as the thousands upon thousands of people who were rooting for us. With the stage now dead ahead, there were no more obstacles between us and Chief Blank. "Let's go!" We sprinted towards the stage like a mob of angry bulls, but once my right foot crossed the threshold...

"YUUUNAAA!" I heard screaming from behind, and I turned to see my friends pounding their fists and feet at seemingly nothing.

"Hahahahaa!" Chief Blank cackled as the stage itself began to lift up, eventually hovering about fifty feet above the ground. "The old invisible wall trick works every time. Now it's just me and you. Let's dance! Yuna, chu!"

"Chief Blank, chu!"

"Yuna, pose!"

"Chief Blank, pose!" He was certainly not the most attractive man to dance with.

"Right, right, left!"

"Right, right, left!"

"Chu, pose, up!"

"Chu, pose, up!"

"Up up up, down!"

"Up up up, down!"

"Down, chu chu, pose!"

"Down, chu chu, pose!"

"The ceiling is opening, Yuna," Chief Blank said while pointing upwards. "Look up!" Sure enough, the stark blackness of outer space came into view, but that was not all. Most worrisome, there was an enormous antenna that was crackling with energy. The crowd gasped at the mere sight of it. "Do you see that dish, Yuna? The dance energy coursing throughout this room is all being channeled into the antenna right at this moment. Once it's fully charged, it will be fired, and I'll rule the whole galaxy! Now, Yuna! Left, right, right!"

"Left, right, right!" I quickly copied his spontaneous dance moves.

"Right, left, left!"

"Right, left, left!"

"Right right right, left left left!"

"Right right right, left left left!"

"Left right left right up down chu, pose!"

"Left right left right up down chu, pose!"

"It's not over yet, Yuna," Chief Blank said. He summoned two gigantic robots with cannons for arms, and they aimed themselves right at me. "CHU!" A humongous burst of energy shot out of the cannons, and before I knew what was happening, I was launched out into space, and everything went black.

I groggily opened my eyes, vaguely aware that a pair of arms were tightly wrapped around me.

"You'll be safe now, Yuna," a soothing male voice flowed into my ears. The person opened the visor on his helmet. "It's me, Jaguar. I saved you, just like how I saved Ulala twice before. Now, let us help you." He carefully brought me back to the stage where Chief Blank was standing.

"We'll go at this alone," Chief Blank growled. "Just Yuna and I." A blinding white light filled my eyes before consuming my entire body, as well as Chief Blank's. "Commence Blank Dimension!"

"AAAAHH!" I screamed in horror. I was now hovering in midair, amidst an ever-changing kaleidoscope of colors that surrounded me on all sides. Chief Blank shimmered into existence in the form of a gigantic TV monitor, with only his head showing. Several other TV screens surrounded him, and without warning, the screens suddenly arranged themselves to form the head, arms, and legs of an enormous robot. The TV which displayed Chief Blank's face on it made up the robot's abdomen.

"Come on, Yuna!" Chief Blank said, striking a dance pose inside his own TV screen.

"I'm ready to take you out, Chief Blank!" I said with determination. "Let's dance!"

"Up, chu!" The robot raised its "arms" in an intimidating fashion, and then it thrust its arms outwards.

"Up, chu!" I mimicked its moves.

"Down, chu!" The robot extended its legs downwards this time.

"Down, chu!"

"Hold on, Yuna," Jaguar's voice suddenly came from my left, and he shimmered into existence beside me. "I'm here for you."

Chief Blank glanced at Jaguar with a look of utmost confusion on his virtual face. "Wha...? How?"

"I figured out how to manipulate the transmission of the signal," Jaguar said. "Sorry, Chief Blank, but company's coming."

"Yuna!" Ulala cried once she broke into the Blank Dimension. "You're doing great so far!"

"We'll help you!" Pudding and Jenna said as they appeared just behind me.

"Woo!" Space Michael chimed in once he made his appearance. "Let's do this!"

Hoorg appeared out of thin air, and the other Morolians came to assist us, as well as the members of The Moro-Fivers band. I slowly turned 360 degrees, smiling radiantly at all of my friends who were backing me up in this strange alternate dimension.

A surge of newfound energy coursed through every single nerve in my body, and a blazing pink aura enveloped me from head to toe. I felt as if I had become a goddess. "When have I ever lost at dancing?!" Suddenly, the TV's that made up the robot disappeared, leaving only the TV that Chief Blank currently occupied. "LET'S DANCE!"

"Up, chu!" Chief Blank commanded.

"Up, chu!" we all said, striking the pose at the same time. A bolt of lightning also shot upwards from the TV.

"Left, chu!" Chief Bank shouted.

"Left, chu!" We had moved to the left just in time, narrowly avoiding a lightning bolt from the right.

"Right, chu!" This time, we dodged a lightning bolt from the left.

"Up! Right! Left! Down!"

"Up! Right! Left! Down!"

"Chu! Chu! Chu, chu, chu!"

"Chu! Chu! Chu, chu, chu!"

"Noooo!" Chief Blank screamed as white-hot sparks burst out of the TV. "The charging of the antenna has been cut short!"

"Now's our chance!" I told everyone as the TV exploded. In a flash of light, Chief Blank reappeared, wearing a bionic suit made from steel.

"Left, up, chu!" Chief Blank shouted as electrical orbs appeared in midair. One was to our left, and the other was above him.

"Left, up, chu!" we all said as loudly as possible while Ulala blasted them away.

"Up, right, chu!" Three more orbs appeared; one above Chief Blank, another to our right, and one in front of his chest.

"Up, right, chu!" Thanks to my Chu Beam, they were gone within seconds.

"Left, left, up down, CHU!"

"Left, left, up down, CHU!"

Chief Blank waved his arms, and a group of eight robots appeared all around him in a circle.

"Up, chu chu, right, chu chu, left, chu chu, down, chu chu!" Chief Blank commanded.

"Up, chu chu, right, chu chu, left, chu chu, down, chu chu!" everyone shouted, and together, Ulala and I destroyed them with our Chu Beams. Suddenly, all the colors around us faded away as the Blank Dimension collapsed, and we dropped down to the stage, back in the auditorium we were standing in. The roaring of the audience overwhelmed my ears once again, along with the crackling of electricity from the antenna. Chief Blank was standing on top of it, cackling as he looked down towards everyone below him.

"Now, get going!" a voice boomed through the speakers. Much to everyone's surprise, the AstroBeat was hovering high above the stands.

"Fuse?!" we said, taken aback by his sudden appearance from within the AstroBeat.

"Focus the power of the eighty-seven thousand four-hundred forty-two fans into one funkified force!" he exclaimed.

"Roger!" I replied. "Chief Blank, your trash TV is DONE!"

"The truth shall reveal itself," Jaguar added, "and you're its enemy!"

"The show is over!" Jenna hollered.

"You're the one who isn't happy!" Pudding said, pointing up at Chief Blank.

"And rest assured, you'll never come back next time!" Ulala finished.

"Your empty words will never be the end of me!" Chief Blank roared as the weaponized antenna brimmed with pure energy. "Chu! Chu! Chu!"

"Ready to fire!" I shouted to Fuse. White-hot lightning bolts began to emanate from the AstroBeat's satellite dish. "CHU! CHU! CHU!"

In a brilliant flash of light, the lasers from Moro-Channel 5's antenna and Fuse's satellite dish met, creating a gigantic electrical storm between them. Howling winds threatened to throw Fuse's spaceship off course, and for several seconds, it looked like Chief Blank was going to win this final showdown. What happened next took him completely by surprise. The AstroBeat's laser began to glow even brighter, and it was starting to overpower Chief Blank's laser.

"W-what is going on?" Chief Blank screamed as his shot was being pushed back. He tried to keep Fuse's laser from coming any closer, but it was no use. Chief Blank's laser was engulfed by a monstrous explosion of white light, and he was sent flying into deep space.

"Chief Blank's evil plan to dominate the galaxy has finally come to an end," I spoke. "Now, peace has been restored, and happiness and love shall prevail. I'm Yuna, reporting live from the auditorium of Moro-Channel 5, along with Ulala and all my new friends, over and out! Spaaaaaaace Channel 5!"

"Now, everyone!" Ulala said as Fuse's spaceship blasted off, leaving behind a trail of stars that we began to march on. "Let's march to the edge of the galaxy!"

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