Not a chapter

Hello everyone.

No worries, this isn't an author's note telling you all that I am giving up writing.

These past few days had been hard on not just me, but my entire family. I recently lost my niece...

Before she even had a chance at being born.

Her name was Luna Sophia Ramon. I had all intentions of spoiling her rotten as her large and boisterous Uncle, to be the mean looking man looking out for her when she reached her teens, because my little brother (Emphasize on little) wasn't going to cut it. I was going to have her constantly fighting her brothers, to be able to put them down in arm-locks and CQC tactics. To be the one person she can turn to so she can have a shoulder to lean on... to be the wall for her when things become too much.

And I will never have that.

On October 29, 2019, my niece was born and pronounced dead on arrival.

I stood tall while my brother was unable to handle the weight of what was happening.

I paid for the funeral.

I paid for the tombstone.

I carried her to the hole.

I buried her.

When I finished, I turn to my brother and told him it was done and she was resting...

And I collapsed when the weight became to much to bare.

Whatever future we had plan is no more. I will not see her have her first birthday. I will not see her first Halloween, Christmas, or New Years. I will not see her sweet 16. I will not see her first date. Or her graduation. Or her wedding.

I will not see any of it.

I ask you all reading. Enjoy your time with family and friends, because life is fleeting and hits you harder than anyone can throw at you.

I will shore up my strength, I will write again soon. But right now...

I just don't quite have that spark.

Thank you for reading,


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