*Alright guys! So I am back with my Toy story 4 story. Like I said, I can't rewrite the entire movie because it was just too perfect. So I am trying it again, but this time, I am starting with the one scene that I pictured to be darker than I expected it to be, which is when Gabby Gabby tries to take his voice box, and then going from there. So here it take two of TS4!*

"Wait, me?" Woody said. He turned and looked across the way at Gabby Gabby's cabinet on the other side.

"Oh, didn't I tell you? Bo said, slapping him on the back. You're going with him!"

"I, I am?" Soon the shaking cowboy was on the back of Duke Caboom's bike and tied to a spool of thread held by Buzz.

"Oh come on, Woody. Duke is the best at this."

"Yeah...at crashing!" Woody said.

"Buck up, sheriff! We're wasting time!" Ducky shouted. They looked up and saw that the dummies had walked away.

"GO!" Bo said. Bunny hit the lever of Duke's launcher and they took off. It was all going well until Duke had a flashback of his old owner shaking his head.

"I, I can't do this! I'm sorry, Roshan!" Duke sobbed, lowering his head.

"No, no!" Woody lifted the stuntman's head and the bike flew off the shelf, headed straight for the cabinet door. Just as Woody suspected, the bike crashed and the cowboy fell, thankfully grabbing the handle. Duke hit the floor and chased away the cat. Bo traveled down to Woody with the key and they went inside.

"Forky? Forky, where are you?" The cowboy whispered.

"Girls?" Bo called out, for her sheep had been taken by the crazy doll too. They heard noises coming from Gabby Gabby's box. Inside, giggling, was Forky.

"Oh Forky, there you are!" Woody said, picking him up. Bo stared, dumbstruck.

"Wait...he's literally a spork?" She asked.

"It's a long story, Bo. I'll tell you later, let's go!" "Hello Woody, Bo. So nice to see you again." Gabby said.

"Where are my sheep, Gabby?" Bo asked.

"You'll get them back. First, I just want to talk."

"Yeah, with my voice box!" Woody snapped. Two other dummies surrounded them. Bo swung her crook and hit Benson. Her sheep were hanging onto his backside with their teeth. She got them off and went to attack another henchmen. From the shelf, Buzz saw that they were in trouble and yanked on the rope around Woody's waist, pulling him out.

"Don't let Woody leave!" Gabby cried. Benson grabbed onto his pull string, trying to pull him back.

"Bo! Bo, help me!" Buzz shouted. Bo grabbed her sheep and slide down the rope back to the shelf and helped him try to pull Woody back to them. Forky was tight in the sheriff's hands. Another tug from Benson made the cowboy yelp and he accidentally dropped the spork. Thankfully, Duke came around the corner and picked him up

"No! Fork...OW!" Woody screamed as Benson yanked him back. He could hear the fabric starting to tear and the pain was starting to become excruciating.

"Jetson, cut the rope!" Benson shouted. Another dummy jumped down from the top of the cabinet, drew a pair of scissors out of thin air and cut the rope, sending Bo and Buzz backwards into Ducky and Bunny. Woody flew back straight and Benson caught him, placed a hand over his mouth, and threw him to the floor.

"Toss me those scissors, now!" The dummy shouted. Jetson tossed them up to him and started cutting out Woody's voice box.

"Benson, no! Wait! Gabby said. That's not how we were going to do this!"

"You want a kid, don't you?" Gabby was taken back, but stayed silent. "That's what I thought." Benson then reached into Woody's back, grabbed onto the circular box and yanked it out, making the poor cowboy gasp.

"NO!" Bo yelled. Benson chuckled and pushed the cowboy off the shelf.

*Yes, I gave Benson a voice and made him the bad guy! That's what I noticed in TS4. There wasn't really a villain in this one. Sure Gabby Gabby started out as one, but in the end, she was just a misguided doll. And I am keeping her that way, which you'll see in the next chapter. Till next time!*