Note: A collection of one-shots inspired by The Librarians Prompt Month. At this point I have no set timeline or storyline. I like specific pairings, but I might mix it up for different one-shots. Basically I'm making it up as I go along. Enjoy!

The Hand of Midas.

"What's the Hand of Midas and how is it relevant to us?" Ezekiel asked, as he read through the clippings book.

"I'm surprised that you, of all people, would ask that question, Mr. Jones," Jenkins called from the upper level of bookshelves. "Considering the fact that it deals directly with making objects into gold, I would think it would be a dream item for you to have."

Ezekiel rolled his eyes as Cassandra giggled from the other side of the table. "I've heard of it, I just didn't know it was an actual object that we could pick up," he said. "Because if I did, you better believe that I would have had it in my own personal collection long ago."

"Yeah, and you would probably have managed to turn yourself into a golden statue and then what would be the point?" Jacob said from beside him. "This isn't something to mess around with. According to legend it was incredibly deadly and an curse to have it. You couldn't touch anything without turning it into solid gold."

Ezekiel shrugged. "So?"

Jacob refrained from smacking the Aussie across the back of the head. "SO, it means you could never touch another human being unless you basically wore gloves."

Ezekiel shrugged again. "Eh, gold or human contact. I could live without the second one."

Cassandra just sighed and shook her head as the two men began to bicker and leaned forward to read the notes about the Hand of Midas.

Jenkins came down the stairs carrying some pamphlets. "Before you leave, wherever you are going, there are a couple key points for each of you to read up on that very well may save your life when you get out there." He handed each of the young Librarians one of the pamphlets.

The three found them to be short, easy reads (thankfully for Ezekiel) containing plenty of useful tips and history (thankfully for Cassandra and Jacob), and soon Jenkins was putting in the coordinates for their next mission. Which turned out to be a small cabin in the Alaskan wilderness. Who knew.

As the three headed out the door, Cassandra stopped and came back to Jenkins. "A kiss for good luck on the mission?" She asked, grinning.

He gave her a small smile. "As you wish, but only for my wife. The others will have to get their own good luck elsewhere."

A sweet kiss and a wave later, Cassandra was out the door, leaving Jenkins alone in the Library.

"Well, then, tea it is."

Thank you for reading!