Crapsack World Chapter 2 Edit

Whatever is that thing is a lot tougher than I thought.' Kurenai thought as she struggled to deflect the swings of the huge hip of iron summoned from thin air by the monster. If Kurenai had been lesser swordswomen she would have lost both her kodachi for the raw strength of each swing and lost a limb or two to the absurd level of skill of the creature swordplay, she was struggling in the fight with Ayame's support from afar.

'Aw it's so unfair' she thought distracted for a moment at the convenient position of her friend/partner while she has to fend this thing her friend is in roof far away merely slipping her finger through the trigger. 'How hard is to just shoot?' Of course, Kurenai reminded herself of the single fact she decided this discipline, one which all swordsman are aware,

'Oh yeah, guns suck!' a sweat drop formed on her silly face at the ridiculous image of her using gun. While she was pretty decent with a gun above-average marksman-compared to normal human-, she lacked the patience to stay still in one place or up to the standards of marksman taimanin like Ayame-chan. Also sucked when the ammo run out.

"Ayame-chan certainly must be sore from her rack and below." She giggled salivating at the excuse she may come up to massage her friend's beautiful mounts. 'Perhaps a soap bath!?'

This moment of distraction nearly costed her, if not for the shots deflecting the blade just seconds from cutting through her neck.

"Stop daydreaming we need to last 30 minutes till reinforcement arrives."Ayame-chan's voice came statically from her earpiece, Kurenai picked a distinctive balanced tone from her friend.

However, while it was easy to say "last 30 minutes", it was another story to actually last 30minutes, more so when, she, an elite swordsman is being pushed back with help backup by the monster they should have captured earlier.

"How much ammo you have left?"Kurenai asks invading the creatures personal space about to strike a vital spot. Before she hit she was forced to dodge the butt of the creature's blade which went impacting the concrete leaving a crack where she once stood as she moved to its blind side.

The creature would seem like a brute waving the massive hip of iron which shouldn't be called sword to anyone who wasn't in-depth into swordplay. Even Kurenai would have said the same-thought she will not admit to keeping some dignity- if not for the first-hand struggle to land a clean hit. Each time the bastardize sword clash with her two Kodachi she swears her swords are about to snap.

The creatures strikes show both the use of the weight of the blade, the strength which boosts the swings speed and something rarely shown by berserkers, skill. Not only it fights using its whole body but the creature knows how to use the whole sword –length and weight included- to a maddening degree.

Her blade did not meet resistance as there was nothing to resist just air, the creature using the force of rebound of the butt of its blade in synch with its legs backflipped over Kurenai's backside. Before the creature could land and cut her in half, its course was drifted slightly by bullets before being entirely deflected by Kurenai's kodachi. The creature used the momentum to deliver kick on Kurenai which pushed her back and would have shattered her arms if it were not for her cursed lineage and taimanin training. Still, none of that did stop pain from being kicking in.

She was starting to get piss off, she could not lose her cool for this was a mission which required most of her focus.

"I have 2 magazines with 11 anti-monster bullets, 3 magazine with 10 monster tranquilizers each for the rifle, 20 magazines of 30 anti-monster bullets for the submachine gun, 10 magazines of 12 anti-monster bullets for a handgun, 4 light grenade, 5 frag grenades, 3 incinerator grenade, 6 smoke bombs, and 7 shaft grenade," Ayame replied shooting 1 bullet out 21 left.

Without missing a beat Kurenai used her wind ninja art to boost the speed of the bullet while cutting them in 4 making with each fragment going 4 different directions of the creature's body. However the moment she did that the monster used the flat side of the blade and with raw force like if it were a fan it disrupted the flow of the wind and with absurd momentum deflected the bullets in Kurenai's direction at a speed she didn't react in time to dodge-she is faster than any human but she didn't possess the superspeed of the Igawa Clan.

This forced her to make a wind barrier using her kodachi in a very fast motion picking up the waves of wind and mold it into a semi-sphere.

As the bullets were about a few inches from impacting her barrier Kurenai saw how the creature threw its sword spearheading in her direction at a great speed.

She was about to stop her barrier to deflect the sword and take the damage from the fragmented bullet to deflect the blade. However 5 bullets-16 left- hit the sword changing its direction to plugging into the dirt. And as the fragmented bullets hit Kurenai's wind barrier, Kurenai lost sight of the creature.

"Ayame-chan where did it go?" Kurenai asked not lowering her guard.

The reinforcement was done to arrive in 8 more minutes.

Ayame was about to reply when she felt a vibration coming from within the building. She was about to look when the cause made itself present when a fist covered in black ethereal fur pierced a hole through the roof's floor before the creature who moments ago was fighting Kurenai emerged from the roof hole meters away from Ayame.

Ayame felt being pulled out from death. Another vision from her Wind Reading Eye.

"It's here!?" Ayame said discarding her rifle and preparing to flight as the creature rushed in her direction.

While running to the edge of the roof Ayame threw a light bomb in the direction of the creature before jumping from the rooftop, and as the light bomb went off she pulled from her pocket a detonator and by pressing on the button. Before she hit the ground the whole building was demolishing.

Her Wind Reading Eye has been acting strange recently. Over the last 40 minutes, since the mission complicated Ayame has experienced foresight of death 3 times, her wind reading eye allowed her prediction of the wind and sometimes it let her have glimpses of events which may happen. However ever since they made contact with the creature her eyes were more assertive.

The 1st vision was hers and Kurenai's death at the van. The 2nd was hers and Kurenai, Kurenai parrying the sword breaking her Kodachi before being wounded by the fragmented bullets and the creature finishing Kurenai with its bare hands before giving hunt to Ayame. The 3rd shared resemblance with this scenario instead of keep running she decided to confirm the death of the creature, the end result was the same she was dead followed by Kurenai.

"Ayame-Chan, is it dead?" Kurenai asks from the other line.

"No, but I might buy us enough time until the reinforcements arrive. Plan B, I'll meet you at rendezvous point."Ayame said as she entered the van stepping hard into the accelerator passing through the corpse infested street.

4 minutes until reinforcement arrive.

"Team A to Team C, status report?" A new voice spoke from her earpiece

"Team C to Team A, a complication has surfaced, I am running to rejoin Vanguard at rendezvous points with the target behind my tail. What on your end?" Ayame hit harder the gas on the van jumping over the debris as she sees the spectral form of her target with its sword on her tail along mutants similar to the one she killed earlier.

"Team B were able to salvage 1 terminal from the destroyed lab and extract some data from it, but 80% of the files were corrupted. We were heading to rendezvous point crossing with Team B, and D when we receive your emergency signal."

"What's your estimated time of arrival?" Ayame turn steered the wheel taking a less direct route to the bay where Kurenai is due to waiting for her.

"We'll be there for approximately 5 minutes. And you?" Ask Team A leader.

" I'll detour from the main route, buy time for the preparation for Plan B," Ayame spoke before being stroke by what was becoming a habit, a dreadful sense of deja vu.

Last-minute reaction, Ayame opened the door before steering the wheel making the van lose its footing on a hill then suddenly hitting the brakes and jumping out from the rolling vehicle. The vehicle seconds after Ayame exited was impacted by the body of the mutant before being cut along the vehicle by the same creature who has been killing her in multiple visions.

Ayame was about to throw 1 of her 5 fragranate at the creature while he was distracted with the hordes mutants, before hearing a new voice "Take Cover!"

Ayame ignoring the sudden dreadful sense of deja vu, she smashed into one of the many window building. Feeling dreadful deja vu yet ignoring the sensation she rushed to the kitchen, there she found an old fridge which like a mad women Ayame desperately emptied everything before entering shutting the door with a firm hold like if her life depended on it.

And the thunderous sound was heard, she began to be trashed within the fridge, as the refrigerator started to role.

Standing atop one of the many building farther from Ayame, wearing wrist guards, holding over her shoulder single-handed a bazooka aiming with her violet eyes at the creature who seemed busy with the other abomination. A redhead with a well-proportioned body despite her age being 19, she has wide hips and large breast, the wet dream of every highschool boy. More so when she is wearing little to the imagination of her spectator, a consisting of a qipao fashioned spandex making mounds look bigger with very tight black shorts which emphasize her gates to heaven.

Why Ayame reacted in such a way? The person behind the voice of warning, Team D. Name: Kamimura Maika aka the Incinerator Taimanin.

While Maika aimed, her bazooka was turning hot red with the temperature rising higher and higher blackening the floor surface and melting non-heat resistant material on the roof.

Spitting grinning viciously with a halfway smoked cigarette between her teeth before spitting it and releasing these two words from her pretty mouth "Burn motherfucker!" and gleefully pulling the trigger letting the fire consuming everything.

However she did not expected her attack to have that Kind of Firepower to blew her away.

Ayame on the other end kept holding the fridge's door as her life depended on it feel as it trembles along with the building, taking note the moisture in the cramped space of the fridge evaporates as the air turn hotter and the fridge loses power as it's impacted from above.

Once everything calmed down, Ayame decided to let go of the content within her stomach once she exited the fridge. Migraine filled Ayame's head with her eyes aching at the vision granted by her wind reading eye rarest ability one she doesn't control, foresight. What Ayame has been experiencing on this mission has been one of the most disturbing things she as a taimanin has experienced. Since the mission turned complicated Ayame hasn't stopped dying.

Thou what truly made her innards turn... was being burned alive. Feeling how the oxygen she breath burn in her lungs before feeling how all the moisture evaporates turning her skin in charcoal, with her blood boiling her from the inside.

But what disturbing for Ayame was that she did not die like that once or twice, but 20 times, 20 chances of entering through the correct window, 20 chances of finding the right kitchen, 20 chances of finding the right fridge, 20 chances of emptying correctly the fridge and 20 chance of keeping the door shut and getting out without being crushed, she experienced this all in one single moment.

If she were a regular person would she be selfish to abandon her comrades and ask for a single permanent death? Well, she could not answer that either as she was a taimanin, and she has a responsibility with her clan, her comrades and the mission not just to herself.

So moving out of her reflection Ayame noted that the building was on fire and collapsing if she did not exit the fridge Ayame would have been stuck and be smoked alive. Ayame exited the burning building to look in shock at the crater or rather what is within the crater.

Suddenly she felt nauseous as yet another dreadful deja vu made itself present.

"What the fuck is this bastard made off, he should be Ash by now!" The pyromaniac delinquent swore in irritation at Ayame's earpiece.

At those words, Ayame turns to a hole on the building. There she saw from distance the creature, was engulfed by flames yet did not seemed bothered as its lightning-shaped eyes shined fiercer. The flames extinguished and instead of its ethereal fur was an ashen skin which the more her gaze the more Ayame noticed that over the ashen skin were black plates of armor. Above its neck looking in her direction, there a spectral head shaped like a demented amalgamation of a wolf with a hound.

Ayame felt a chill running down her spine as its lightning-shaped eyes stared back at her. Reflecting the vision of her forthcoming death.

Ayame's was at her limit both mental- the strain caused by the visions of death provided by the Wind Reading Eye- and physically- keeping up the pace with this thing. As taimanin Ayame has been conditioned to be used to extreme conditions, however her will power to withstand the constant visions of death was impressive, she was feeling hopeless and cornered as if no matter what Ayame does she can't escape her fate.

And as taimanin what kills you was not your mistakes or fighting a stronger foe, but lacking the will to endure the worst, and right about now the Taimanin by the name Ayame Makishima lost her will to keep living.

As Ayame gave up, letting the darkness consume her sight knowing what is to come as the vision was unfolded one she did not bother to change as she was too tired.

Without seeing Ayame knew the creature was on to her with those canines sharp as sword looming ready to bit her off her life. Letting gravity pull her to her knees.

Ayame could see her life passing by in the blink of an eye, those many moments which she can carry on with her soul.

It made her feel sad for that one person who since her early days was entitled to keep company. Seconds away from death she whispered "Sorry... Kurenai-san." With tears, she embraced death, the real death...and with a crunch, Makishima Ayame was no more of this world.

Or she thought. As the screeching sound of metal meeting metal ringed in her ears bringing her back from a doomed vision of a future that never will come to be.

Facing her was a wide masculine back in blue armored ninja suit with red scarf around his neck, silver hair on top of his holding the pair of ignited elbow blades. She knew this man.

Struggling with the monster the man spared her a cold glance with his yellow eyes. One of the top operatives of the Fuuma Clan and leader of the mission.

"Captain... Sago." as the name left her mouth, ninja arts were being conjured over the beast.

"Chain Art: Judge Chain" "Lightining Art: ThunderDagger" Chains manifested wrapping restraining around the beast as electricity coursed through paralyzing it. Someone was grabbing Ayame by the shoulder and dragging her shocked figure state.

The strained voice of Sago Bunko speaks "Togashi take Ayame to safety as we deal with this thing." He says as one Togashi Matoi drags one shocked Ayame away, passing by Tekkain Kaworu and Uehara Rin aiding the captain.

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