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The day had begun like any other. Kenshin was washing the clothes and sweeping the floors and doing all the other household chores he had done every day before. As he was putting up the last of the clothes to dry, he heard Kaoru scream.

"Miss Kaoru?!" he called. She didn't reply, but another scream was heard. Kenshin went running to the front of the dojo. "Miss Kaoru?!"

Kaoru was lying in a pile of water, soaked from head to toe, her face as red as Kenshin's hair. An empty bucked of soapy water was lying at her feet.

"YAHIKO!!!!!!!!" she screamed. She jumped up and grabbed her wooden sword, and then ran around to the side of the dojo. Kenshin heard a thwack and Yahiko's yelp of pain.

"She has quite a temper, that she does," Kenshin said aloud. He picked up the bucket and walked into the dojo. He dropped the bucket on the porch and walked down to the room where he kept his sakabatou.

"What's up, Kenshin?" asked Sanosuke, stepping in behind him. Kenshin jumped and turned around.

"Oh, Sano. Hello. I didn't hear you."

"What are you doing in here?"

"I was just thinking. This Meiji Era was supposed to bring peace, but it seems to me that the danger is still great."

"I know what you mean, Kenshin. We do need to stay alert, but right now I'm more afraid of Kaoru than I am of any swordsman."

"Yes, Sano, perhaps you're right. I should go and finish cleaning this place up."

* * * * * "More!" Yahiko slammed his bowl down on the table. Kaoru picked it up and filled it with more rice.

"Wow, Kaoru," said Sanosuke. "This has to be your first meal that people can keep in their stomach." Kenshin moved his head to the side as Yahiko's bowl went flying by. It smacked into Sano's face and he fell back.

"Next time you can make your own dinner, freeloader!" she yelled.

Kenshin stood and smiled. "That meal was delicious, miss Kaoru, that it certainly was." Kaoru beamed at him. "Well, it's nice to know someone appreciates my fine cooking skills." Kenshin left the room.

He entered Kaoru's room and leaned against the wall. In a moment, his head dropped onto his chest and he slept.

* * * * * "It's the Battousai! Himura Kenshin!" Three men. Running. Dodge left. Slice right, high to low. One down. Do-Ryu-Sen. Next? Two more. Better than the others. Still not hard. Battou-Jutsu. Easy. Dead. "You're finished, Himura! I've come to end your life." Turn. Him. The one. The only one who can win. Get ready. Here we go. "Kenshin? Kenshin?"

Kenshin whipped his head up. Kaoru yelped and jumped back.

"Oh, miss Kaoru. Hello."

"Kenshin, are you alright?"

"Yes, I think so."

"You were yelling in your sleep. You seemed afraid."

"I'm quite fine now, that I am."

"By the way, what were you doing in here in the first place?"

"I need to talk to you about something, miss Kaoru.you see, for much of

the time I've been staying here."

"One minute. I need to get changed. You don't mind, do you?"


"These clothes are dirty. I'm going to sleep now, anyway." She walked over to her closet and pulled out a robe. With her back to him, she pulled off her kimono and put on the robe. She turned to face him. He tried not to stare. The robe did cover a bit of her body, but he could see most of her legs, up to her lower thighs. And he could clearly see on her chest the swelling that marked the tops of her breasts.

"Miss Kaoru.I.do you.?" Kaoru walked over to her bed and let the robe slip off. "I don't think I need to wear that. It's a little hot in here." She slipped under the covers of her futon and pulled the sheets up to her neck.

Kenshin nodded. "Yeah.it's really hot in here." He was actually blushing a little. He did of course love Kaoru-chan with all his heart, but he hadn't known until now that she felt the same way.

"You still look a little tired, Kenshin," she said, grinning. "Would you like to lay down for once instead of leaning against the wall?"

"Miss Kaoru.are you."

"Just call me Kaoru kenshin. You've lived here for over three years. So come on. Do you want to lie down?"

"Do you know, Kaoru, that would be very nice, that it would." He slipped off his clothes and got under the covers with her.

"Now, Kenshin, what was it that you wanted to talk to me about?"

"All I'll say is that my intentions were similar to what yours appear to be. Of course, I did plan to be awake when you came in." He turned to face her. She smiled at him.

"Kenshin, I've been waiting for this for so long." "then perhaps I should not delay any longer." he said. With that, he reached out and pulled her to him

* * * * * They lay in each other's arms, panting, sweating, happy.

"Kenshin." Kaoru said. He silenced her with a kiss. Their lips remained together for almost a minute, each savoring the other's taste. At last they pulled apart. Kenshin grinned at her. "Not little Kaoru-chan anymore." She shoved him. "Baka." He stood and pulled his clothes back on.

"Where are you going, Kenshin?" "I need to be ready in case I need to protect you or Yahiko. But I will return. Give me half an hour to check out the dojo. Then I'll be back."

He left the room and walked quickly down the hall, eager to return to Kaoru.

* * * * * Kaoru sighed and lay back. That had been amazing. Sure, she'd had sex before, but never Hiten-Mitzurugi Style. She smiled. She was coming up with silly innuendos to describe it, like a kid.

"It's true, you know. You are quite beautiful." She jumped and pulled on her robe. Here eyes scanned the room. She could just make out the vague form of a tall man, holding a sword. "Who are you? what do you want?"

"I want you, Kaoru-chan." The man rushed forward and clubbed her on the head. He dropped a note beside the bed and dashed out of the room, carrying Kaoru with him.

* * * * * "AAAAARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!" Yahiko woke to Kenshin's scream. He dashed into Kaoru's room. Kenshin was staring at the futon where she slept. There was some dried blood on the mattress and more on the floor. Yahiko stepped into the room. Kenshin whirled on him.

"Where is she?!" he demanded. "Where is Kaoru?" Yahiko stepped back. "I-I don't know." he stammered.

"DAMN IT!!!" cried kenshin Yahiko noticed a small piece of paper laying on the floor that kenshin hadn't noticed. Kenshin left the room to search the rest of the dojo again. Yahiko walked over and picked up the note.


I've taken the little girl.then again, judging from the sound of last night, she's now a woman.but anyway, I've taken her and I plan to have as much fun with her every night as you had with her only once. That is of course unless you wish to fight for her life. If so, meet me at the deserted shrine tomorrow at nine thirty in the morning. If not, I'll push my "sword" farther into her every night than you ever pushed your katana into an enemy. Excuse the crude language, but I want to get my point across. See you there.

"Oh shit," said Yahiko. "If kenshin reads this, he'll go crazy. I've got to talk to the others."

"About what?" Yahiko slowly turned. Kenshin was standing at the door, glaring at Yahiko angrily.

* * * * * "Sanosuke! Megumi!" Yahiko called to them while still running. They turned and looked at him.

"Hey, Yahiko, what's the matter?" asked Sanosuke. Yahiko held out the note. Sanosuke's eyes widened as he read the note.

"Shit. Where's Kenshin?" "He got the note and read it. I don't know

where he went."

"AAHHH!! Help!" They turned. The shouting was coming from the Akabeko. Tae suddenly burst from the restaurant and ran toward them.

"Tae! What's wrong?" asked Sanosuke. But the reason she was afraid became apparent quickly enough when the doors were chopped down and Kenshin

walked out.

"Kenshin! What the hell d'ya think you're doing?" demanded Sanosuke.

Kenshin looked at him. His eyes were red. Sanosuke gasped and hesitated.

"My problem today is not with you, Sanosuke Sagara. Tae demanded that I pay for this food and I simply did not feel like paying. She insisted, so I decided to pay her with her blood. Please step aside."

"I.I wont.you cant start killing again kenshin. what would Kaoru say?" "KAORU IS GONE DAMN IT!!! STEP ASIDE NOW OR I WILL BE FORCED TO HURT YOU AS WELL!!!" Sanosuke gulped but didn't move. Kenshin growled and blurred out of sight. Sanosuke cried out in pain as Kenshin's blade pierced his shoulder he fell down in a rain of blood. Kenshin stepped over him and raced after Tae. Yahiko and Megumi heard her scream but could do nothing to stop the Battousai.

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