Crowded cobwebs and broken dreams, hairy messes and urine pools, were only a small extent of a particular man's place of residence. There was, in fact, a man beyond all the philosophic and social stink of a scam Kickstarter campaign: Dragon the Game. He was abandoned by his father Grant and left for dead at the age of 2. He was now 6 or so. No particular skills, or any redeemable qualities, he naturally had been selling his body for money for a while now. The only logical progression of events was to either become a magic girl or date one.

Back from behind the darkest and most diseased ridden alley, human child opened the front of a small cardboard box he was residing in. He couldn't help but trick over his weekly water supply (a half drunk bottle of cola is found around town) since his depth perception had gotten weaker over time; also the spiders kind of kept eating bits and pieces of his right eye every night.

Today was kind of special, because it was New-Years eve, he managed to snatch a few pieces of candy here and there from the general good atmosphere. He usually, in order to not ruin the atmosphere with poor hygiene choices or from lack of teeth, he tucked in a dead rat in his back pocket because it was some masked his even more deathly fumes.

"ooh wow" Dragon the game thought as he never learned how to speak or had the teeth to articulate anything. "looks like its my lucky day when it comes to dating magical girls"

A prey had been locked and located. There was a wild magical girl in a particular location that he wasn't going to tell you. Without hesitation, he used his capturing technique—for you see the dead rat had more than one morally ambiguous and incredible usage. Like a gifted man, Dragon the game manage to sneakily stuff the full dead rat down her throat while she was still fast asleep.

Waking up to the suddenly feeling of being embraced on the inside by an entire dead rat, was mildly displeasing. Gags and the struggle of life and death filled the room, and it only made Dragon the game smile. The magical girl tried to reach for a spell immediately summon the FBI, but it was no use as Dragon the Game didn't know what that meant. Vomit and blood, as if some chemical reaction spewed on the grinning child. Then, one she had calmed down, Dragon the game leaped onto the magical girl and drive his entire arm down her throat to retrieve his only friend.

She was dead, but luckily Dragon the game knew the power of necromancy. And then she was completely and utterly under his control. Her new, and only name, became Drogkia the game and she was now his honorary girlfriend. Having a dead women as a girlfriend is acceptable if you also look like one. Not only was this going to change his whole game plan with life, but as well as his revenge plot against Grant.