"So you want me to help you with Weiss?" Blake asked the younger girl, who's fidgeting a lot, as students walk pass through them in the hallway, as lunch was underway.

"Yeah. . . I want to ask her out on a date. . . But I'm afraid and shy what she'll say. . ." Ruby said, slight sniffles coming out of her, trying not to sound too awkward.

"Ruby," Blake cooed, calming the girl down, even if just a little. "don't worry okay, I'm absolutely sure Weiss would accept your invitation no matter what. And Weiss would never ever say something bad about you inviting her."

"You promise?" Ruby asked, looking up at the taller girl, who smiled.

"I promise." Blake reassured the now smiling girl, not wanting to break her trust. It hasn't been long till they became friends ever since Weiss introduced Ruby to her. Now they've known each other for four months, Blake already knew the type of person Ruby is; an honest, kind and generally cheerful person who wants nothing more than her friends to be happy. And Blake is more than happy to be friends with her. In a way, she reminds her of Weiss. So help she would do. But to what extent can she help? Knowing Weiss, she'd be quick to try and say no, simply because she's shy about all of it. The girl hadn't dated a girl before, and she still isn't sure if she swings that way. But with the way Weiss looks at Ruby, Blake knew the answer already, even if she doesn't.

"Ruby, can I offer you some suggestions?" Blake asked Ruby.

"What are you thinking?" Ruby tilted her head in curiosity, waiting for Blake to answer.

"Well. . ." Blake drawn out before explaining her plan.

"Blake, do I have to. . ?" asked the blushing redhead, who was being dragged by the taller girl towards the unsuspecting 'victim', named Weiss Schnee.

Blake casually eased her worries. "Ruby, you're going to have to trust me. I know Weiss, she'll be ecstatic." as she continued to drag her towards the reason of the whole thing. Ruby glanced towards Weiss, who was giggling while talking to two girls. One of the girl was wearing a beret and a pair of shades. Ruby could tell that this girl had numerous amounts of money to get those branded items, for she already saw Weiss wore something similar before. And the other girl, who she known was called Velvet, a member of the school photography club. Her dark brown hair was adorned with an adorable pair rabbit ears headband. She met her a few times before, especially when she was in a club herself, which was baking. The girl couldn't help but approach Ruby the first time they met when she was carrying a tray of freshly baked cookies.

But the other girl whoever, she had no idea who she is, but if she had to guess, Weiss knows her well. A little too well. 'Why am I getting jealous over her? It's fine if Weiss has a few more friends that are close to her. I wasn't jealous of Blake before...' Ruby thought, unaware that she was 4 foot away from Weiss, because of Blake's "guidance".

"Oh heya Blake, what you got there?" the girl with the beret asked, acknowledging the two. Weiss turned around and saw Blake, with her hands on the Ruby's right arm, obviously struggling to pull her towards somewhere. And if she were to guess, probably towards them. But why, she thought. But what didn't know was a flush of red coloring her pale face, that her other friends noticed, one of them raising a brow with a smirk, while the other just clasp their hands and tried to contain herself from squealing.

"Hey, Coco. Good afternoon to you, Velv." Blake greeted, before letting go of Ruby to introduce her to them, who seemed to be in a fair bit if thought, with her silver eyes just staring at the floor. "Coco and Velvet, this is me and Weiss ' close friend, Ruby Rose." Blake gestured to the two, that got a good look on Ruby's face. Ruby finally looked up, breaking out of her thoughts and an embarrassed flush spread across her face.

Blake continued on, "And Ruby, these are our friends, Velvet Scarlatina," the girl waved a hello to her, which was returned with a meek wave. "and Coco Adel." the fashionable girl measured up Ruby with a hard stare, starting from her feet to the top of her head, before tipping the bridge of her shades downward and smirked at Weiss. "Oh I like her Weiss, can I keep her?" which gathered plenty of reactions from the other girls. Ruby blushing and shifted closer behind Blake, Blake groaned in embarrassment, Weiss blushing and groaning in frustration and embarrassment, while pinching the bridge of her nose, and Velvet, letting out an embarrassed laugh. Velvet knew that Coco was joking around, like usual, but what she's surprised was that Coco intentionally directed the joke at Weiss, as if wanting to see a reaction.

"I can't believe you Coco, you're scaring the poor girl. She's not used to those kinds of jokes." Weiss berated the taller girl, who just laughed at the "angry" Weiss.

"I'm just kidding! Sorry, just can't help myself since you are as cute like Weiss told us." Coco said, sincere in her apology, hoping that Ruby will stop blushing and be more comfortable around her, since Weiss regarded her as "special" according to Blake. But her apology just somehow made things worse for herself, and the two friends.

Ruby stammered out "Weiss th-thinks I'm c-cute?" making the situation more awkward. Blake and Velvet took it upon themselves to salvage the situation and dragged Coco away from the two blushing girls. Ruby could hear the muttering between the three.

"Coco, you're not supposed to say that. . !"

"I know, I'm sorry it just slipped out!"

"Oh Coco, c'mon, we'll give them the privacy they need, and away from distractions."

"No. . !" was the last thing Ruby heard before the three went away, leaving her alone with Weiss, who's looking away from her as possible. All she could see was the back of Weiss, straightened up, frigid, and her ears tinged with red pink color.

Weiss couldn't look at Ruby for two reasons. First, she's embarrassed by the slip of the tongue by Coco, she admits that she did call Ruby cute because she was indeed, with her innocent and optimistic outlook in life and those silver eyes that reminds her of the stars she used to see from her hometown. And also because of the tendency of Ruby to act like a puppy whenever she's with her. The second reason is she has no idea what that implied; did Ruby like what she heard and does Ruby know that she likes her. She knew that talking about Ruby in front of her friends was a big mistake but she couldn't help but feel happy talking about her.

Her friends realized it too. The reason she was giggling earlier was because Coco and Velvet noticed that Weiss seemed more blooming and cheerful these past few days, ever since she was talking with Ruby frequently after classes, walking together with her and chatting with her when they're at home. They just talked until it was midnight without any of them noticing how the time flew by.

She would have to face Ruby soon, so might as well to get over it and face the music. Weiss turned around to face Ruby. What she saw made her blush even further. Ruby's eyes slightly grew larger, surprised that she turned around to face her. Her face also flushed red, stretching across her cheeks. Her lips slightly parted, plump and red, daring Weiss to just kiss her already. 'Grrr. . . Why does she have to look so irresistible. . .'

"Uhm, is there something on my face Weiss?" Ruby asked, dragging Weiss out of her daze.

"Huh? Wha-what do you mean? Your face is perfectly shaped, your eyes are beautiful and your cheeks are so. . . I MEAN YES YOUR FACE IS FINE!" Weiss clamped her mouth shut, to save herself from another slip of mouth. Not that it helped her, since her words were clearly heard by Ruby. Or maybe Ruby is just being too kind not to call her out about it, but her face did certainly look more red now.

"Weiss, the reason I wanted to talk to you is. . ." Ruby said, taking her time, making sure she's ready on what will Weiss say about her plan. Weiss waited with bated breathe. She look directly at her eyes, trying to see Ruby's emotion. It sounded important enough for Ruby to seek her out, so she shall give her fullest attention.

"Yes, Ruby?" she asked.

"I want to take you out somewhere, Weiss. Kinda like a date." she said.

'What?' Weiss thought, another full blush making its face known to the whole world. She never thought that Ruby would be asking that. And how glad she is that she did.

"Ruby, I. . ." Weiss let out, before Ruby continued.

"You don't have to accept it Weiss! It's fine, I just thought that I wanted to thank you for being a super awesome friend and I couldn't think of any way to thank you." Ruby finished.

So that's what it was. A simple thank you. But to Weiss, it was more than that. It was the fact that Ruby went out of her to take her out somewhere just to show her appreciation. And it's not like Weiss deserved that, as she didn't feel like she did anything special. And to top it all off, she felt disappointed, even for a little bit. But she's going to take what she has.

"You know what, it sounds so childish Weiss, sorry for bothering you. I didn't want to waste your time with my silly ideas." Ruby continued on. Weiss took her time way too long thinking that Ruby thought she was having second thoughts.

"Ruby, you're not bothering me. And I gladly accept your invitation. I'm happy that you did." Weiss said with the warmest smile she could possibly give. And it sure worked, Ruby's face radiated with warmth. And with a smile on her face, she couldn't help but hug Weiss. The action almost broke the girl, but soon enough, she returned the hug.

"Thank you Weiss, for being my friend." Ruby said, after breaking off from the hug.

Weiss shook her head and replied. "No Ruby. Thank you for taking your time to befriending me, my super bestie, better than the restie." she smirked as Ruby snorted.

"Heh, I knew you'd see it my way."

"Hush you, don't ruin the mood." Weiss joked as they laughed and went to continue on their lunch and talked on the way to the cafeteria. Three pairs of ears, who have been eavesdropping on them, went out of their hiding spots.

"I knew Weiss liked that Ruby girl!" Coco said, making the two other girls she's with sigh with annoyance.

"As if that was a secret. . ." Blake said with furrowed brows, crossing her arms.

"But guys, what Ruby said was a little troublesome. She said she invited Weiss so she could thank her for being her friend. How are you two sure that they will be together?" Velvet said, making the two think about it carefully.

"Huh, I guess you're right. Now that's just sad. The one time Weiss finally found someone who she could be happy with, and she ain't even into her like that. And there goes my hopes and dreams. . ." Coco said, looking dejectedly, as Velvet went and comforted her. Little did they know that Blake already knew the answer. And she noticed it when she was talking to Ruby. All she had to do is let the cards play by itself and everything will go well.

'Best of luck to you, Weiss. Do your best and show her how much she means to you.' Blake thought as she went and consoled Coco as well.