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Chapter 1 : Iron Will of the Quirkless

It's a sad fact, not all men are created equal, especially now.

2203, in a future where the extraordinary is the ordinary, where fantasy is reality, where Heroes are real and Villains are everywhere.

Two hundred years ago, mankind started to change. It started with a single baby, a baby that glowed a bright gold. From then on more and more people began to show signs of being different, having powers. For some it was benign, like the ability to glow. For Other's it was destructive, like being able to fire optical lasers from your eyes. People started looking different as well, from small changes like animal ears or tails, to having blue or green skin pigmentation or looking almost robotic.

By 2100 fifty percent of the populace was already changed, and with it were laws... so began the age of the 'Quirks'. By 2150 eighty percent of the Earth's populace where Quirk users, but some grew greedy with the power. So in order to combat those who grew greedy a new job was created, the job of Heroes.

However, as previously stated, not all men are created equal, and this story is about one such individual.


A young women sighed, her eyes were red from her most resent bout of tears, her green hair dishevelled, and a waste-basket by her full to the brim with tissues.

"Such a great mother I am," she muttered pitiably.

Inko Midoriya was a beautiful woman, while being a little shy around new people and a somewhat sheepish embarrassment of the, what she thought, low use Quirk she had, she had a lot of determination and inner strength. However, yesterday tempered most of that.

"Sorry, but there's no chance for him to be a Hero."

The doctors words still rang in her head, her son, her little Izuku who had dreamed on becoming a great Hero, just like his Hero All Might, had his dream brutally stamped out by cold hard facts, but it was what happened last night that the woman was cut up over.

"I'm sorry Izuku, I'm so sorry, if only things were different."

She hated herself, absolutely loathed herself for saying that to him, seeing her son's expression break even more, her heat felt like it had been torn asunder. This morning had been worse, while Izuku had inherited her shyness and general awkwardness around others, usually only showing intense vibrancy when it came to Heroes, the dead look in his eyes as she sent him off to school was enough to make her start sobbing anew. No child, let alone a four year old should ever have that look, and she was partially to blame.

"There must be something I can do." The young mother pulled herself from her depressive thoughts, desperately trying to think of something to help her son. "Maybe another career path?"

As she thought about that, an idea came to her. She grabbed her phone and quick dialled a number.

"Inko... it's been a while." The voice on the end had an aged quality to it, but also an undertone of affection and concern.

"I...I know, sorry it's out of the blue like this, it's just... I didn't have anyone I could turn to." Inko tried to keep her voice calm, but failed.

"What is wrong child?" The voice asked softly

"It's... it's Izuku, we went to the doctor yesterday, to see why his Quirk wasn't manifesting... his Quirkless." A renewed bout of tears dripped from her eyes.

"I... see, I take it you want my advice?" The voice asked.

Inko nodded franticly before realising the futility of the action.

"Can you please come over?" She asked, composing herself a little

"I'll be there shortly." The voice stated as the phone hung up.


Yesterday was hard, the hardest Izuku Midoriya had ever experienced, but today, today was worse. Word had reach the school of his apparent Quirklessness and as a result, he became a laughing stock amongst the class, even Kacchan had been horrible to him, the blond lording his explosion Quirk over Izuku as if he were a god, even at lunch going as far a realising that a bit of his name could be read as 'Deku'... useless. The teacher did nothing to dissuade the boy either, just sent pitying glances toward Izuku before ignoring the problem.

It went without saying that Izuku was glad the day was over as he trudged, dejected toward the door of the apartment that was his home.

It came as a surprise, when he opened the door and announced his arrival, that his mother greeted him with an elderly man at her side. He was about 5'11 with grey faded green hair and was wearing a pullover sweater adorned with question marks, a white lab coat aver them, atop his head was a white panama hat and he had black slacks for pants and black loafers over his feet, his left arm was bent and in the crook of his elbow rested the question mark shaped handle of an umbrella.

"Err... mum, w-whose this?" the young boy stammered out the question, unsure what was going on.

"Hmm, seems to have your shyness Inko," the man's voice was spry, belying his age, his forest green eyes observing Izuku intently.

"Yes he did, Izuku dear, this is Izayoi Tetsu, he's my father." Inko introduced.

This came as a surprise to Izuku, he had never really questioned why he hadn't met his grandparents, not really something a four year old would wonder about.

"The reason why it took four years for us to be properly introduced is due to my daughter's silly reasoning that she would distract me from my work." Izayoi sounded exasperated said reasoning.

"Work?" Izuku tilted his head, still a little unsure.

"Indeed, you see lad, my line of work is exactly why I'm here," the man grinned, patting Izuku on the head.

"You see, I've told him of your... situation" Inko did her best to ignore the broken look her son had in his eyes "And I feel you should go with your grandpa, to see what it is."

Izuku was beyond confused, why would his grandpa's place of work have anything to do with his Quirklessness.

Complying non-the-less Izuku followed behind his mother and grandpa.

"Where do you work?" the green haired boy inquired, cocking his head to the side.

"That my boy, is Tetsu Industries." Izayoi grinned widly.


Tetsu Industries, a large conglomerate business that has been around shortly after the rise of Quirks dealing primarily with robotics and technology of the like, however, there was one thing that it did that wasn't well known.

"The reason I've brought you here my boy is because I too am Quirkless." The old man's statement stunned Izuku. "Though being Quirkless allowed me to focus on other endeavours, such as my families business, I am the fourth generation head of Tetsu Industries."

The three were gathered in a boardroom of sorts, Izuku looking out or the window from the top floor, amazed by the view, while Izayoi and Inko were seated at the long table in the centre of the room.

"Inko has told me your dream is to become a Hero correct?" The question caused the boy to tear up, barely managing a nod.

"With you current state, you will not be allowed to pursue that line of career, however, there may be another way." Izuku's head shot up, a sliver of hope shining in his murky green eyes.

"You see, we don't just manufacture basic technology and robots, we also have another market, that market is creating and selling anti-Villain Capture Devices allowing for the Quirkless to aid Heroes in capturing Villains." Izayoi expalined, smirking at Izuku's amazed gasp.

"H-how come I-I haven't seen t-them." The stuttered question bought a sigh to Izayoi's lips.

"Because, here in Japan, the government made it illegal for us to sell out capture technology." Izuku was confused by this.

"I will tell you the reasoning later, suffice to say all the purchasing is done by overseas governments." continued Izayoi.

"Why do they need it?" Izuku asked curiously.

"Because, other Country's have far more Villains then they do Heroes, and they are not held back by anything, most Country's lack a Symbol of Peace like All Might." Izayoi explained carefully.

Izuku looked at the ground, having a hard time thinking about living in a place without All Might, it didn't seem right.

"Anyway, Izuku, seeing as how you are Quirkless, would you like to try and rekindle a facet of your dream?" Izayoi's question had Izuku staring at him with sparkling eyes.

"How?" The young boy asked, a touch desperate.

"By becoming a robotics engineer of course," Izayoi ginned.


-2 YEARS PASS-(2205)

6 months was all it took for Izayoi to realise Izuku was a prodigy, somehow gaining an almost too fast knack for anything thrown in front of him, mechanical engineering, circuitry study, advanced application of robotics, the child was a marvel. All the while Izayoi still had time to set Izuku up with many of the members of staff to learn all the mundane topics, as Izayoi thought it best Izuku not be the only Quirkless student in school, a choice Inko wasn't fond of, but Izuku told her what happened the day after they found out he was Quirkless and she relented. Of course Izuku was a genius when it came to Math and Science, but had a little trouble with languages. By the time the first year was up, Izuku had already built his first computer.

At the two year mark, Izayoi figured it was best to fully inform Izuku of some things.

"First of all I'd like to tell you why we are not allowed to sell our equipment inside the borders of Japan." Izuku remembered barley that his grandpa said something about this before.

"For the most part, the Japanese Government doesn't want to put Quirkless people or those with 'lacking' Quirks in harms way against Villains for any reason, whether they have suitable weaponry or not," Izayoi explained. "However another reason is that they are afraid the Villains or Quirkless criminals could get their hands on the weaponry and use it against the Heroes."

Izuku could understand this fear, after all Heroes are the first and for the most part last line of defence that stands against the Villains.

"Now, the second reason, I was thinking about keeping this from you for a few more years, but you have a decent grasp of the Ethical Procedures Manual Dr Science brought for you." Izayoi spoke, though he had a slightly worried look on his face.

Dr Science was a former Side-Kick, graduating from one of the lower end schools due to the fact his Quirk 'Basic Eyes' was a support Quirk, he could, with one hundred percent accuracy tell what anything he looked at with his Quirk was made up of, right down to the base elements, allowing for him to spot enemy weakness more effectively. He had retired and joined Tetsu Industries three years prior to Izuku coming on board, he was not only Izuku's Math and Science teacher, but helped him with some on the more theoretical sides of Hero work.

"You see, when I said that we make capture weapons, that was true, however, we also make weapons here that are designed to be lethal to Villains." Izayoi locked eyes with Izuku to gauge his reaction.

Izuku's eyes went wide in shock and a little panic at this.

"B-but why?" The boy asked, his young mind not fully understanding why such things were needed.

"You have to understand Izuku, that the world of Heroes is not all about capturing the enemy for the sake of peace and justice, sometimes you will fight a Villain that is powerful, vicious and murderous, some relish in the feeling of killing with their power and are all the more dangerous because of it, they have nothing to lose when they fight and capturing them becomes almost impossible, these are the true threat to the Heroes, and we make weapons that can counter those threats, fighting a lethal foe with lethal force," Izayoi explained as plainly as he could

Needless to say Izuku needed a few days to process this, it was a concept that he wasn't sure he wanted to understand. Even during his tenure under his grandfathers wing, he had not stopped his hobby of researching any and all Quirk users, Heroes, Side-Kicks and the occasional Villain, he was already up to volume four.

After three days, he came to the conclusion that, although he didn't like it, he would accept that side of the business, but would refrain from making any devices that outright killed.

"That's a noble outlook to have, a little naive, but you've at least accepted the necessary evil." Izayoi was proud of Izuku's decision.

-1 YEAR PASS-(2206)

"You have to go?" Izuku began tearing up.

Izayoi had just informed the boy that he was going away for a few months, the government needing his knowledge for a top secret job.

"It'll be about two months, three at the most." Izayoi patted Izuku on the head. "Until then I have set up all of the things I wish you to study, your teachers for the time being will be Dr Science and Jusen."

"I'll do my utmost for the lad." The voice came from a man dressed in a lab-coat, the rest of his cloths where muted black as if he didn't want to be recognised by anything but the coat, a moot point when the most obvious thing about the man was that he wore a gas mask over his face.

"As will I." Jusen Hagane was a man a little younger then Izayoi, formally a career Villain named Dynamo, he had the Quirk 'Battery' which allowed him to create electricity which he used to power servo motors of a board he created, allowing him to fly. He had joined Tetsu Industries ten years prior after being let out of jail after ten years, aiming to reform his ways by indulging in his hobby, robotics. Wearing a white shirt under light brown tweed waist coat and a white lab coat with a pair of plaid pants and black shiny dress shoes, a large deep red felt hat over his greying curly brown hair. The most stand out feature was the multicoloured scarf he wore around his neck.

While Izuku was comfortable around the two men, he was used to his Grandfather being the main person he was taught by.

"As I said, it'll only be three months at most and I'll be back." With those parting words, Izayoi left the room.

-1YEAR PASS-(2207)

It was a day that Izuku had off, or rather it was forced on him. He had been throwing himself deep into his studies, even studying to the early hours of the morning. Izayoi had been mildly amused by the situation, seeing a lot of himself in Izuku, but he had promised Inko he wouldn't let the boy exhaust himself too severely, so he banned Izuku from any type of study for twenty-four hours, a day to unwind and a full nights rest.

Izuku had grumbled about it but was able to understand why, he was after all on his last legs. He passed by the comic shop he loved so much and walked in.

Scanning through the books he blithely glided through the store until he came upon a display case near the front. Inside laid a comic, the background was blue and on the comics forefront was a human shaped figure coloured yellow and maroon.

"The Invulnerable Man of Iron," Izuku read in surprise.

"Good eye as usual kid." The voice came from behind the front register, he seemed human except he was flat, 2-D flat, like a cartoon. He was Cap'n Comic, a man who had never actually attended any Hero Academy on account his Quirk "Paper forme" being essentially his body was paper. He had thought it hilarious when he got the idea to make his own comic shop. When he did, the local kids decided that as he bought comics to their town he should be called Captain Comic, a name he all too eagerly snapped up, changing it to Cap'n to fit his style of talking better.

"This lit'l 'bute's pre Quirk era, it's about a billionaire heir to a weapons manufacturer building a armoured suit a takin' on baddies." Taking it out of the case, he handed it to Izuku, who flipped through the comic, his eyes lighting up more and more.

"This is it, this is what I was searching for." The absolute excitement is his voice a palpable. "Could I get a scan of a couple of pages."

"What for lil' dude?" Cap'n Comic asked intrigued by Izuku's excitement.

"This may be the answer to my Quirklessness!" Raising a confused eyebrow Cap'n Comic took the comic and scanned the pages Izuku rattled off.

After paying for the scans Izuku bolted back to Tetsu Industries. Bursting through the doors of his grandfathers office, he excitedly made it to his desk.

"Grampa, I've found it." Izayoi raised an eyebrow at Izuku's excitement as the boy placed some scanned pictures in front of him. After looking them over, he realised what Izuku wanted to say 'Interesting'.

"So you want to try and build this then?" The asked question was met with a furious nod. "What will you do with it Izuku? If we were to build this."

"I'll become a hero, a Quirkless Hero that can aid the Heroes in their fight against Villains and disasters." The staunch look and burning fire in those murky green eyes relayed something Izayoi always knew was resting inside his grandson, the heart of a Hero.

"Alright, give me time to think, in the meantime, try and get some rest, your still on study probation, Inko will have my head if you faint on me," Izayoi lightly admonished, sending Izuku out.


-5 YEARS PASS-(2212)

Idols, everyone has someone they look up too, a band, an actor or actress, even parents or elder sibling. In this day and age, nothing has more idol worship then Heroes, most Heroes relied on their Idol status, because the more popular they were, the more money they get from the state and the only way to get this money is to do heroic deeds, take down a Villain, save people from disasters. Regardless, most Heroes are idolised, but in Japan, one stood towering (quiet literally in most cases) over the rest, this Hero was All Might.

Izuku never seriously imagined ever meeting All Might. It really didn't matter to him one way or another, he was happy in the comfort of the support he shows his hero, so when a Sludge Villain almost suffocated him to wear him as a skin suit, Izuku was more then surprised to see it blown away by the signature Texas Smash and his Hero appear (Out of a man hole cover of all things)

in front of him.
He then proceeded to do what was perhaps the most stupid thing he had ever done, grab onto All Mights leg as he took off, after landing, All Might admonished him before starting to leave when Izuku shouted out something he thought he was over already.

"Is it possible for someone without a Quirk to become a Hero".

Followed by a rant about how he just wanted to save people with a fearless smile just like All Might did. When he turned his attention back to All Might he received a shock. Scraggly and messy blonde hair, pale complexion and anorexic form, black sclera and dark blue iris's tucked under a slightly pronounced brow, a longer and thinner then average neck and the worst of all blood dribbling down his chin from his mouth.


Izuku was confused while the skeletal man sighed.

What followed was something Izuku wished he didn't hear, his hero had been hurt, badly in a fight five years ago and had his time in his Hero form reduced to a mere three hours a day, the sight of the bruised skin would stay with Izuku for a while. All Might professed that he had a lot of fear hidden behind his smile and finished by telling Izuku that there are many enemies that are impossible to defeat without a Quirk so Izuku should just give up.

Trudging down the stairs, after standing on the roof for a few minutes Izuku shook his head.

"This was something I knew all along, but it's different now." His thoughts returned to three days ago, when he and his grandfather put the finishing touches on the thing that was going to allow Izuku to be a Hero.

Hearing a commotion nearby, he jogged to a scene from a nightmare.

"That's the Villain from earlier... that means I..." Izuku mumbled out.

"Man, why are the Heroes taking so long?" A voice from the crowd asked.

"None of their powers are effective." Another responded.

"Wasn't that the Villain that All Might was chasing earlier?" asked a third voice.

"Huh? Then All Might must be getting here soon." Came an awed voice.

"Hope so, that kid that's trapped won't last too much longer." All sound seemed to halt.

Izuku froze as he stared at the slime monster.

"Someone's in there," he whispered

For a fraction of a second, his eyes locked with the captives, eyes he recognised despite not seeing him for quiet the number of years... Eyes that were on the last legs.

The next thing Izuku knew was he was on the ground, exhausted and pained next to a blonde boy who was gagging and trying to get his breath back, it took a moment, but Izuku recognised him.

"K-Kacchan?" The mention of the nickname got a smouldering glare.

"The hell are... Deku, what the fuck?".

Katsuki Bakugo had never, ever been more confused then he was now, Quirkless Deku had just shown up, after all but disappearing for the last nine years, and it was to help him, confusion gave way to anger but before the volatile teen could explode, rain started falling.

Looking up, Izuku saw All Might, standing proud, arm extended into the air, the same smile plastered over his face.

"He... he displaced the air," Izuku muttered in awe

"Fucking changed the weather with a single punch," Bakugo swore.

The two teens where shocked. What followed was a gruelling 30 minutes where Izuku was subjected to scolding while Bakugo was praise for his Quirk (despite it being the reason most of the area looked like a bomb testing ground.)

"All Might had too many reporters around him..." Izuku muttered trudging back to Tetsu Industries. "I wanted to apologise to."

He had just dealt with Katsuki, yelling about not needing to be saved and that he doesn't owe Izuku anything, each word interlaced with 'fuck' or 'bastard' and some form of insult.

He didn't know why he ran in there, he just did, it was instinctual he had no control of his body, his only thought was saving that poor person who was going through what he went through no thirty minutes before.

"Too bad it turned out to be Kac..." His mumbling was cut off.

"I am here." Izuku stopped suddenly as All Might appeared in front of him.

"All Might?" Izuku was going to say more but All Might coughed blood before regressing back to his normal form.

"Kid... I came to thank you, also I came to make some corrections, you see, you helped me back there, when you told me your story, it knocked some sense into me," All Might explained, a serious look in his sunken blue eyes.

"But how? All I did was get in the way," Izuku looked down forlornly.

"And yet you were the only one who ran at that thug, you who are a Quirkless boy pushed yourself forward past the fear, past those Heroes... past me." Izuku trembled a bit, unsure where this was going. "What is it that embodies a true Hero, the answer from the honest ones is simple and profound 'I moved without thinking', that makes a Hero, that is what you did today, Quirkless be damned."

A weight that had hung Izuku was slowly being released, a weight that had still persisted even after his plan came to fruition.

"And because of that kid, you can become a Hero."

And it was gone, ever since the doctors prognosis, ever since his mothers words of apology the weight was blasted away, and it was Izuku's idol, the worlds number one hero that did it.

"And with that, I have a proposition, for I have found you worthy of receiving my power," All Might declared.


"...huh?" Izuku muttered out in abject confusion.

"Hahaha that expression was great, anyway it's merely a suggestion, should you accept, then you'll have to try your damnedest to absorb my power," All Might continued.

"...I stand by my previous statement 'huh?'" Izuku 'reiterated,'

"I'm talking about my Quirk, it's unusual in the fact I can pass it on," All Might finally let out.

"But how?" Izuku asked, that went completely against what everyone understood about Quirks.

"Not really important right now, all you need to know is I can, it's not unlike a certain legendary torch of old, something to be passed down to the next generation, and you are the person I chose," All Might declared again.

On a fundamental level Izuku wanted to deny the claim, it just wasn't possible, however All Might's Quirk was classified as one of the 7 mysteries of the world, could it really be true?.

"Kid, your over thinking it."All Might's deadpan bought Izuku out of his mumble spiral. "Look, I keep a lot of things close, but lying isn't something I do, it's the power to transfer power and it's name is One For All".

Izuku was speechless.

"Cultivated by one person, then passed down to another who further fosters it to grant it to another. Eight times, eight brave people have bore this power, brandished the might to save lives," All Might continued.

"But, w-why give something so awesome to me?"Izuku asked in confusion.

"I've been searching for a successor for ages, and finally I found someone I wouldn't mind giving it to, you who had no power were the one that shined brighter then any hero, this is your decision to make," All Might spoke seriously.

Tears appeared unbidden to Izuku' s eyes.

'To tell me this, his deepest secret, could there be any other?' His thoughts stopped, and he locked eyes with his idol. "Before... before my answer, there's something I want to show you."

This caused All Mights brow to rise, he had been certain the kid would snap it up straight away but followed non-the-less.


Suffice it to say, All Might was surprised to be lead to Tetsu Industries looking around the atrium he was about to question Izuku on why they were here when an elevator dinged.

"When I got your text to meet you in the atrium, I never expected Toshinori to be with you." Izayoi walked out of the elevator with a raised eyebrow, Izuku was confused by the mention of an unfamiliar name.

"It's good to see you again Professor," All might acknowledge the elderly man.

"Wait, you two know each other?" Izuku asked in confusion.

"Indeed, and it seems as if this meeting should be held in a secure environment." With that, Izayoi motioned to the elevators, which the three took.

Getting off at one of the top most floors, the three made their way to a large room, littered with gadgets and devices, all manner of parts and circuits covered the various tables, at the centre was a slightly raised ring with two flat objects sitting in the middle.

"Sorry it's a mess, the last few days have been a bit hectic." The sheepish grin from Izuku caused All Might to raise his eyes.

"You mean to say that this room is yours?" The skeltal Symbol of Peace asked in surprise.

"Yep, my own lab, Izayoi Tetsu is my grandfather and I've been working under him as an apprentice of sorts for the last ten years," Izuku explained proudly.

"Grandfather huh? A small world indeed, Izayoi was one of the ones that tried to help me after my injury, so he knows my identity, my real name is Toshinori Yagi," All Might explained.

"Helped, of those few moths you said you were on an important job for the government?" Izuku remembered that five years previously Izayoi had to leave Izuku's training in the hands of Dr Science and Jusen.

"Indeed, it was just after Toshinori had been injured, I was asked to try using some of my technology to see if he could be healed, unfortunately I didn't have anything powerful or exact enough to be of any use." Izayoi had taken the entire situation as a personal failing, it also made his detractors in the government more scornful of his business.

"Don't worry about it doc, some things can't be fixed easily, but still, Midoriya, why did you bring me here?" All Might asked.

"Ahh, about that, grampa, would you mind leaving the room for a bit?" Izuku sheepishly asked Izayoi who raised an eyebrow before nodding.

"Alright, just call for me at the end of your talk." As the door closed from Izayoi leaving Izuku turned to All Might.

"You told me your secret, one that I can tell could mean a lot of trouble should it get out, knowing that the Symbol of Peace is on a time limit, people would become worried, and Villains would try to take advantage of it," Izuku intoned seriously. "You've also given me an offer so amazing I just don't have the words to describe it, normally I'd take it up, I've been a fan of yours since I can remember, and you were the reason I wanted to become a hero, so I want to show you something, I was going to continue being a Hero, even after all of those things you said on the building, I had a secret to help me, and I want to show you that secret."

All Might was surprised by the fire in Izuku's voice as he watched the boy stand onto the objects in the centre of the ring. The object whirred and clicked as the pressure made them close around Izuku's feet, making metallic green and silver boots.

"S.A.I, activate suit protocol," Izuku called out.

"At once Izuku," a feminine, if robotic voice came from a nearby computer screen before four metal arms slid out of slots at the edge of the ring, each arm split into multiple other arms, each with a piece of green coloured objects on them. The first to fall forward was arms that placed armour on his lower legs and knees, then an arm extended to place armour on his thigh and hips. Two more added gloves and plates over his forearms while another two finished his upper arm and shoulders. A chest and back plate were next, clicking into place before finally, a helmet was lowered over his head.

"This is my secret All Might," Izuku's spoke, voice modulated by the helmet.


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