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Chapter 19: USJ (The Beginning)

There's an old saying in the world, 'There's no rest for the wicked'. While it's true that Villains tend to attack pretty regularly making the saying quiet apt, it can also be applied to Heroes (not the wicked part of course.) A lot of Heroes constantly push themselves to be better, most for material reasons such as to be more in the public eye or they believe themselves to be the best. Regardless of the reasoning, most Heroes push themselves to do their job for the community.

"See this lucky little family, come closer and I'll snap their necks." Of course, because the Villains don't slack off either, the whole point in kind of moot. "Got that? Stay back Heroes."

Standing a little just a little below eight feet, the pink coloured and odd looking Habit Headgear was a Pro Villain, at least he thought he was. A little further up the food chain then a simple thug with a Quirk, he had several successful robberies to his name, some of which left behind fatalities. His Quirk, other then his above average size and muscle build (which he had to work out extensively for) he had a flap of hardened skin going from shoulder to shoulder, forming a hardened fleshy helmet of sorts over his head, casting a shadow and making it so all that was visible of his head was a pair of yellow dots, the knuckles on his hands were also hardened allowing him to hit harder, not a good combination considering his bordering super-strength.

"Dammit, Serial Robber and Murder Habit Headgear," Mt Lady muttered in anger, holding a bruised arm.

"Not only strong, but a quick strategist as well," Kamui struggled back to his feet. "Not the type of Villain I wanted to face after getting out of the hospital."

"Well you should've stayed in the hospital then," Mt Lady's clipped reply was said in a rather distracted voice, her eyes focused on the family of three within Headgear's grip.

"Save us Heroes," the mother of the family of three shouted desperately. "At least save my daughter!"

"The hell we gonna do?" A Hero dressed in white with a yellow cape and a grey metallic bird shaped helmet asked. "This guy's got speed to go with that strength."

"Hehehe, time to make my escape." As Headgear was just about to make a break for it, a voice bellowed through the air.

"Never fear good family" a bombastic voice resonated through the entire area. "[Missouri Smash.]"

A yellow blur hit the ground, and while giving a karate chop to the back of the Villains neck, said blur also grabbing the family from his grip. Normally this wouldn't have been an issue for Headgear, however, he was registered unconscious from the single blow.

"Why you ask? Because I am on my morning commute!" Of course if your All Might, normal rules need not apply.

"YEEEAAHHH" the crowd cheered their favourite Superhero enthusiastically.

"We appreciate it but..." Mt Lady spoke with a depressed tone.

"He'll put us out of business," Kamui bemoaned in a lamenting fashion.

"Thank you Sir," one of the on scene Police officers said with a salute while five of his buddies slowly dragged the unconscious Villain to a secure van. "Even the Heroes were having trouble with that one."

"Happy to help good sir!" All Might saluted back. "Now, I mustn't be late for school."

Before anything else was said, All Might heard a scream in the distance.

"KYAAA a hit and run."

"...Mustn't... be... late..." All Might tried to stop himself, as he bent down. "However I cannot ignore a call of duress."

With that said, he launched himself into the air.

"..." Almight noticed something unsettling. "My speeds dropped" He glanced at his hand mid flight. "I've been getting weaker ever since I passed on my power,what's more..." He paused to look around. "My maximum duration was shortenedwhen I overdid it last year."

He landed right in front of the hit and run speeding car and effortlessly pinned it to a stop with a single hand.

"Young Togata's a good kid.While he can't fully access 'One For All' he can at least weather using ten percent." He hasn't had near as much time to work with Mirio as he would have liked, his teaching duties had him more focused on the first years. "At least Nighteye has been managing to coach him if but a little. Maybe it's time I reach out to Grand Torino?"

"I heard there was a hostage crisis the next town over!" a person on the footpath spoke, looking at their phone.

"Hmm!" All Might wanted to sigh, but a Heroes duty to the civilians must come first. "Aizawa's gonna chew my ear off for this" With that last unappealing thought, All Might headed in the direction of the next town over.


It was just after a relatively shortened lunch that the class was seated before Aizawa's bored form.

"Now for today's Basic Hero Training," Aizawa began. "It'll be a little different this time as Myself, All Might, along with Kiritsugu and one other are going to be supervising."

"This time...?" Izuku thought to himself. "So it's a special class today"

"Um, what're we gonna be doing exactly?" Sero asked, raising an arm.

"Preparing your disaster relief skills, you'll be dealing with natural disasters." Here Aizawa pulled out a white care with the word 'Rescue' written on it in bold blue upper case letters. "It's time to move on to more in depth Rescue Training."

"Rescue huh? Sounds like another rough day," Kaminari gave an uneasy grin.

"Don't I know it," Ashido nodded in agreement.

"Comm'on guys, this is what being a Hero's all about," Kirishima grinned excitedly. "I'm getting pumped!"

"I'll be right at home in a flood ribbit," Tsuyu tilted her head to the side with a finger on her lips.

"Hmm, this seems different," Izuku thought. "We've done rescue training before, but that was mostly in an urban environment."

"Hey, I'm not done," Aizawa glared lightly at the chatting students. "It's up to each of you whether or not you wear your costumes... or armour." Izuku scratched the back of his head a little at Aizawa's dig. "As some of them are ill-suited to this activity." He pressed a button and the students suit cases slid out from the wall panels. "The training sight is a bit of a way's from here, so we'll be travelling by bus." He looked back to the class who were still seated. "That's all, get ready." With that, he turned and walked out the door.

"Rescue training..." For some reason, Izuku had a feeling this was going to be different. "Either way, it's still one more step forward, I'll do my best."

Izuku was the first to arrive, needing to only change into his gym cloths, his backpack secure on his back and his boots and gauntlets equipped. He checked out the bus to find it was an open floor bus with with two four seater bench seats at either side at the forefront of the bus, three rows of two either side of the bus after the front seats and a single four seater at the back.

"That's twenty-four, no need to do this orderly then," Izuku muttered to himself.

"Gotta love these open layouts," a voice commented from behind. "Suppose it makes your job easier as the Rep."

Izuku spun around to see Kiritsugu walk up, he was in his full Hero outfit, mask clipped to his belt as he adjusted his navy blue bandanna.

"Yeah it does a little," Izuku grinned with a nod.

Kirirsugu gave the boy's clothing a once over before raising an eyebrow.

"Been meaning to question this in class, but doesn't wearing your suit over those cloths make it uncomfortable?" He asked curiously.

"Not really," Izuku gave a shrug. "My suit's designed to fit over a single or a few layers of clothing, though I have been contemplating making something with nano-fibre threads so that I'll have protection if I'm caught without my suit."

"Hmm sounds interesting, anything like kevlar body armour?" Asked Kiritsugu.

"Sort of, nano-fibre armour would be a lot thinner, and if it's designed right can stop more then just small arms fire or weak and low level mid strength Emitter Quirks," Izuku explained with a grin. "In fact, if woven together with kevlar, the nano-fibre would further enhance density without increasing weight allowing for it to handle higher mid strength to possible low high strength Emitter Quirks."

"Hmm, sounds effective," Shin spoke, stroking his chin in thought. "My Stealth Suit is somewhat similar. It was created over in the States using electronic weaving technology by way of optical fibres," he grinned as he noticed Izuku's eyes light up in the usual manner when Heroes or technology was brought up. "See, the Suits designed to cling tight to the wearers body, almost to the point of being a second skin, that way both resilience and strength are boosted by it acting as both armour and extra muscle tissue."

"Sounds like it was designed to mirror the Human Anatomy," Izuku stated aloud.

"Heh, got it in one," Kiritsugu praised. "The Suit's designed to mirror the anatomy of the basic motor system and muscle tissue, the end result increases the wearer's strength and overall performance values. It can even allow the debilitated or naturally weak to fight on par with elites." Leaning against the buses side, Kiritsugu added a last bit of information. "Thing is, they're expensive, so much so that only about twelve were ever made," he paused. "...Well more could have been made after I guess but they can't be mass produced."

"If there were only twelve made, how did you come to posses one?" Izuku asked questioningly.

Eyeing the boy for a moment, before giving a discreet look around, he bent forward to Izuku's height.

"Keep this to yourself okay?" He asked in a serious voice, at Izuku's nod he began again. "It was about seven years ago, back when I was still the side-kick to Skull Face." A shadow passed over the teacher's face before he shook his head lightly. "We were tasked to take down a smuggling operation that was supplying the Japanese Villain Underground with weapons and equipment from the States. Can't go into too much detail but we took the group down. Among the scores of equipment were four of these Suit's." Straightening himself and giving another look around, he finished. "The States didn't want it known that their some of their top Military Hardware was not only stolen, but successfully smuggled out of the country so they 'gave' the Suit's to Skull Face as 'payment' for a job well done."

"They washed their hands of the stolen Suit's while both thanking Skull Face and insuring that the four suit's never ended up in the wrong hands." Izuku caught on to the reasoning.

"Your a quick study kid," Kiritsugu grinned, roughing up Izuku's already messy hair. "It's not information that's crucial or need to know, but I'd appreciate it if ya didn't tell anyone."

"I won't, I promise," Izuku agreed in a serious manner.

"On that note, looks like the other's are here." Kiritsugu noticed the first lot of Heroes-in Training ambling up.

"It's about time," Aizawa's bored voice came from behind the two, causing them both to jump a little.

"M..M..Mr. Aizawa." Izuku's stutter was back.

"Geez, stop doing your ninjury things for no reason," Kiritsugu whined a little.

"Who said there's no reason?" Aizawa asked, a sadistic grin stretching across his face.

"You can be a horrible person, you know that right?" Kiritsugu deadpanned.

Izuku gave a quick mention of the bus's open layout as his fellow classmates arrived, allowing them to take any seats they pleased. Aizawa and Kiritsugu sat up the back while the rest of the class sat towards the front, Izuku ending up between Tsuyu and Sato.

"So it was this type of bus huh?" Ashido smirked across from Izuku.

"It does explains why you said for us to sit anywhere," Tenya nodded from next to the Pink haired acid user.

"Still, we're sitting rather randomly considering," Sato opined.

"Does it matter, I mean we're all classmate's," Kaminari spoke from the opposite end to Tenya.

"True that," Kirishima nodded in agreement from his seat across from the electric user.

Aoyama, who was sitting between Kaminari and Ashido, was content with listening to his classmates banter.

"You know I generally speak my mind right Midoriya," Tsuyu started off, tilting her head to look at her green haired seat-mate.

"Yeah, what's up Asu... Tsu," Izuku backtracked, remembering the frog girls preference for her first name. "Oh, and call me Izuku," he added as an afterthought, if the frog girl was wanting him to be informal then he saw no reason to not do the same.

"Alright," Tsuyu nodded in agreement. "Anyway, I think it's pretty awesome you've decided to be a Hero even when Quirkless," It was something that she had always wanted to say regarding Izuku's presence in the class, she didn't feel like she could have made such a decision if she had been Quirkless.

"Hmm, you think so?" It was the first time someone from class had actually brought it up, he knew his classmates were supportive of him, Kirishima and Kaminari already saying he belonged in the class even without a Quirk. "I guess it being my goal made me not think much of it, when I came first during the entrance exam practical I was surprised, I only wanted to get into U.A so I never thought I'd get top spot, even with my armour."

"Seriously though, that armour has got to be the most awesome piece of technology I've seen, I mean all the things you can do with it," Kirishima grinned toothily, before extending his arm and frowning. "It's nothing like my 'Hardening,' I'm good in a fight sure, but it's really boring." With the sound of splitting concrete, Kirishima's arm took on it's customary sharp, rocky form as he activated his Quirk.

"Not at all, I think that it's a great Quirk," Izuku grinned. "More then enough to go Pro."

"Ya think? I mean I don't think it's the type of Quirk that'll have popular appeal," Kirishima grimaced.

"Is something that I needn't worry about." Aoyama took this moment to speak. "My 'Navel Laser' is both strong and cool. Perfect for a Pro."

"Yeah, that's if ya can avoid blowing up your stomach." Ashido grinned, placing her hand on the glittering Hero-inTraining's shoulder.

The group held in a snicker at the pasty look that overcame Aoyama's face.

"Still though, you wanna talk about strong Quirks, it'd haveta be Bakugo's and Todoroki's." Kirishima cast a glance to the back of the bus.

Todoroki was out of conversation range, sitting in front of Aizawa in the back row of seats and staring out the window, next to him was Koji who looked really out of sorts despite the fact neither of them were big talkers. Bakugo on the other hand was sitting in the first row of seats, near Kirishima, Kyoka on the isle seat flicking through her music. The explosive blonde gave the group in front of him a mild glare and a 'tch' before resuming to ignore them until...

"Quirk power aside, Bakugo's so unhinged. He'd never be popular," Tsuyu bluntly stated with a tilt of her head.

"The fuck you say Frog-Face." Bakugo slammed his hands own on the guard in front of him as he stood up and glared toward Tsuyu, Kyoka cast a baleful glare at the loud-mouths yell, annoyed by the fact she ended up sitting next to him because she knew something would set him off.

"See," Tsuyu stated in a blunt manner as she pointed back to the caustic teen, as if it proved her point.

"It's sad that one of the things that's become obvious over the last month is that you've made it abundantly clear that you've got a pretty garbage personality," Kaminari smirked.

"Oh yeah Pichu, want me to rearrange your fucking face with an explosion," Bakugo yelled, his hands sparking.

"Heheheh poor widdle Kacchan, you bein' picked on?" Ashido grinned widely and spoke in a babying tone. "Want me to tell all the meanies off for you?"

"Can it Raccoon Eyes," Bakugo growled.

"No matter how many times I've heard it, I'm still not used to him swearing like that," Momo mumbled from next to Ochako, on the opposite side of the isle from Bakugo and Kyoka.

"I think it's funny," her bubbly seat-mate replied with a wide smile and a giggle.

"...Damn brats are noisy," Aizawa grumbled, he had been trying to get some shut eye before they arrived at their destination, of course he should have figured he wouldn't get any.

"Let'em have their fun," Shin smirked, personally enjoying the classes interaction. "They're about to be put through a bit of a wringer soon so let them relax a bit until then."

It was a little over twenty minutes later before they arrived at their destination.

"Look sharp, we're here." Aizawa was already at the front of the bus, stepping out while ordering the students out.

What awaited them as they stepped inside the building they were ushered into was something that shouldn't have been able to be inside a building in the first place.

A city on fire, a city that had been destroyed, a city the was buried, an unstable rocky mountain area, a giant pool with a boat, everyone was stunned.

"Where the hell are we? Universal Studio's Japan?" Kirishima asked in a yell.

"A Flood Zone, a Landslide Zone, a Conflagration Zone," a androgynous voice intoned as the students looked to the side to find a figure dressed in a manner similar to an astronaut. "Every disaster and accident you can imagine, I built this facility myself, I call it... the 'Unforeseen Simulation Joint'."

'So it really is the USJ.' Was the prevailing thought amongst the students.

"It's the Space Hero Thirteen." Izuku was surprised, he knew Thirteen was on staff and was wondering why they hadn't had him yet, this answered it.

"Thirteen's one of my favourites," Ochako smiled, bouncing on her heels.

Thirteen was a Hero that specialised in a specific form a Heroism, Rescue Operations. Often considered the most important form of Heroism in the business (the public believing that kick-ass Villain beating Hero's were more important.) Thirteen was was of the foremost experts on Rescue Operations. Sitting a Rank Twenty-Nine in the Hero Ranking, Thirteen honed his skills as a Rescue Hero ever since graduating U.A and when he was hired as a member of the U.A staff, had drafted up the idea for the 'Unforeseen Simulation Joint' five years prior, managing to have it built within a year.

"Thirteen, where's All Might? He said he was gonna meet us here," Aizawa asked, casting a glance around the area.

"About that... It seems he just about reached his limit during his morning commute," Thirteen discretely held up three fingers. "He's resting in the break room, said he'll try and make an appearance near the end of the lesson."

"The height of irrationality," Aizawa grumbled, for some reason, he felt on edge. 'Well... we should be on guard just in case,' instead of voicing his thoughts he just let out a sigh. "So be it. Let's get started."

"Before we do, I have one or two points to make," Thirteen held up two fingers, before raising two other's "Or three, maybe four"

'So lots of points', the class thought as one.

"As I'm sure many of you are aware, My Quirk is called 'Black Hole,' It can suck in and tear apart anything it's directed at," Thirteen explained. "Because of it's rather useful nature of being able to remove large amounts of debris in moments, I fashioned myself into a Rescue Hero." Thirteen made sure the class was paying attention. "However, as useful as my Quirk is at saving people, it can just as easily kill," here the space themed Hero's words took a serious edge. "I've no doubt there are some among you with similar abilities." To be fair, Thirteen had already looked over the dossier's of each student that Shin had written up so he was well aware the class did indeed have some rather volatile Quirks. "In this Super-powered society the use of Quirks is heavily restricted and monitored," Thirteen paused. "It may seem that this system is a stable one, but always remember, all it takes is one wrong move and an uncontrollable Quirk for people to die." The weighted words sunk in to all the students. "With Aizawa's physical fitness test, you guys learnt about your hidden potential. Through All Mights battle training you experienced the danger that your respected Quirks can pose to others. With Kiritsugu's Quirk Studies you gained the knowledge of how versatile your Quirks can be and how to properly managed them," Thirteen took a breath before continuing. "This class... will show you a knew perspective, you will learn how to utilise your Quirks to save lives." Thirteen's eyes swept the entire class before finishing up his speech. "Your powers are not meant to inflict harm, I hope you leave here with the understanding that you're meant to help people," With the final piece said, Thirteen bowed to his audience. "That is all! Thank you for listening to my admittedly long winded ramble."

"He's so awesome," Ochako grinned excitedly as the class clapped the Rescue Hero.

"Bravo! Good sir, bravo!" Tenya was perhaps a little too enthusiastic.

"Now that, that's over with," Aizawa began, having been used to his underclassmen's love for Rescue ever since U.A. "Okay, first off."

Suddenly the hairs on his neck pricked up and he turned his attention to the empty circular centre of the area at the foot of the massive stairs they were standing upon.

"You feel that?" he asked ambiguously, fixing his gaze to near the centre of the opened circular space.

"Blood-lust," Shin intoned, gripping his mask and putting it on.

A pinprick of darkness was all it started as, before expanded out to a vortex of fluctuating purple and black, measuring at least ten metres in circumference. From the void came a multitude figures, all exuding an aura of killing.

"HUDDLE AND DON'T MOVE," Aizawa's yell had the student's shocked.

"STAY BEHIND US," Kiritsugu added, jumping to Aizawa's side, his voice muffled to a low growl because of his mask.

It took a few a moments for the students to realise what was happening, and when they did, they were shocked.

"Your kidding right?" Kirishima muttered.

"There's no way," stated Ashido in disbelief.

"Villains," Izuku answered, now realising the truth behind his instincts when facing Iron Monger, never did he feel his life in true danger during that fight, now however all of his senses were firing on all cylinders, all of those that were in the circular courtyard was exuding an aura to kill.

On the Villains side it seemed as if things weren't going as seamlessly as expected.

"Thirteen, Eraserhead and Mist Walker... This seems wrong," stated Kurogiri surveying the 'battlefield'. "According to the staff schedule we received All Might was supposed to be here."

"What does Sun Tzu say 'No plan survives contact with the enemy?'" Shrugged Shikihiro sardonically, one of last four through.

"Unfortunately that's true, as disappointing as it is," Shigaraki bemoaned in annoyance. "And here I have amassed a large enough Raid Party to take him. Where do you think he is?"

"Running late?" Kurogiri questioned.

"Maybe too busy being a Hero?" posited Shikihiro

"Possibly... I wonder if a few dead kids might summon him?" Shigaraki idly thought aloud.

Needless to say, from the students point of view the area was awash with a killing aura unlike any were prepared for.

"Th... the hell." Kirishima took a step back.

"What kind of Villains are dumb enough to attack U.A?" Asked Sero, slightly trembling.

"Mr. Thirteen are there any sensors?" Asked Momo, preparing herself in a stance.

"There are..." Thirteen trailed off. "But it seems they've circumnavigated the system," he mumbled. "It seems sensor's are also going haywire."

"It's someone's Quirk," Todoroki intoned.

"The fuckers picked a place far from the main campus," Bakugo growled in observation.

"A place where'd there would be fewer people and Pro's as well," Izuku mumbled in shock.

"So what, there not as dumb as we think?" Asked Ashido in uncertainty.

"They must have an objective." Tenya spoke in a measured voice. "Because this is a well coordinated sneak attack."

"Thirteen, begin evacuation procedures! And try and contact the school," Aizawa commanded. "I've a feeling one of these Villains are jamming the sensors," he continued, his focus on the Villains in the central area. "There's a good chance one of them is an electro-master and is messing with the radio frequencies."

At this point, Kiritsugu chose to speak.

"Kaminari, your electrical power could bridge the gap," there was an err of hope in his voice. "It might just be enough to send a signal for help out."

"On it Sir," Kaminari nodded, flexing the radioscopy portion of his electric powers out.

'I want to help,' Izuku thought desperately. 'But I know Eraserhead and Mist Walker are capable on their own...'

"Cool that head Midoriya," Kiritsugu spoke in a manner as if he were reading Izuku's mind. "Be prepared for any attack toward your group, let me and Aizawa deal with the riff-raff."

"Really, a teacher in this time?" Aizawa grumbled, before smirking inwardly. "Midoriya, no Hero's a one trick pony, take that to heart."

With that, he bolted toward the enemy.

On the Villains side, they also began moving.

"Ranged Squad, move forward," came the crackling voice of a man with a chrome coloured visor.

"Come to think of it, who is 'Aizawa' anyways?" Questioned a Villainess with rope like grey hair.

"'Huff' Dunno! But he's comin' at us all alone 'Huff,'" wheezed a large stature Villain dressed in a mute green rubber suit with a rubber helmet that looked like a bull.

"Guess he's a dead fool then," laughed the chrome helmet Villain.

All three began moving, but they made one fatal mistake. They allowed their opponent to get to close.

In a single instant, the three Villains were tangled up in a strong, flexible scarf, hoisted up in the air and slammed, head first together, knocking them out. The peculiar thing? Their Quirks didn't work.

"Friggen dumbasses! That's Eraser Head," shouted a random Villain from the pack. "He can cancel out your Quirks!"

"He can cancel out Quirks?" Questioned a large mask wearing Villain with craggy blue skin as he charged forward. "Let's see if it works on Heteromorphic types."

"No it doesn't" Aizawa spoke in a bored voice, punching the Villain in the face with substantial enough force to knock him backwards "Only against Operative or Transformative Types".

Manipulating his scarf, he grabbed the Villain by the leg.

"However," he continued as he kicked himself into a spin, narrowly avoiding a sucker punch from a large stature Villain in simple a simple shirt and pants with a black six-eyed helmet over his face. "Statistically, guys like you tend to shine in closed quarters combat." he pulled hard on his scarf and made use of the centrifugal force from his spin to wretch the blue skinned Villain back towards him, causing the Villain to sail over the top of him and crash into the plain clothed large Villain. "Which is why I've got counter-measures for you."

"His good at hand to hand combat, and those goggles hide his eyes so you can't tell who's Quirk he's cancelling," Kurogiri observed with a compliment. "Even a whole mob isn't slowing him down I see."

"This is why I hate Pro Heroes," Shigaraki grumbled, lightly scratching his cheek. "Low level Villains don't stand a chance."

"It's about to get worse," Shikihiro commented, the whole time Aizawa had been fighting, he had his attention focused on someone else. "Things are about to get hazy."

Before Shigaraki or Kurogiri could question what Shikihiro meant, a thick embankment of cerulean mist covered the battlefield.

"Hey Eraser Head?" Kiritsugu called as he walked into the mist. "No more ninjury stuff please, you make me look like an invalid."

"... Not my fault your CQC is fundamentally different from mine." Aizawa's voice spoke from the mist.

"Wh...what the hell," a voice yelled in confusion.

"The fuck is all this fog?" Asked another.

"Hey, I heard that," Kiritsugu yelled, a little peeved. "This is not fog, it's mist, learn the difference."

"Huh? It's the same fucking thing," the same voice yelled back. "Wait a sec, cerulean coloured fog? Shit that's Mist Walker."

"See, Mist Walker," Shin stressed the mist part of his name. "Name says it all."

"Enough of your arguing." Aizawa sighed. "Let's do this Mist Walker."

"Fine, fine," Shin shrugged. "Time to clean up the trash."

Back with the students, they were awed by the fact Aizawa could hold his own against all those Villains, and now they couldn't see anything on account of the dome of mist.

"Guess they aren't Pro's for nothing," Izuku muttered, impressed before shaking his head. "No time for analysis." He turned to join the other's who had began retreating only for a looming vortex of purple and black fluctuating mist blocked their path.

"I'm afraid I cannot allow that dear students." The looming vortex compress into Kurogiri.

"In a blink of the eye he appeared in front of us from the middle of the arena," thought Thirteen. "He may just be the most dangerous one here."

"Greetings, we are the League of Villains," Kurogiri introduced in a polite manner. "Forgive our audacity and impertinence, but we have come to U.A. High, the most hallowed bastion of Heroism in Japan for a simple task." Here he locked eyes with a few of the students and Thirteen. "To end the life of All Might, the Symbol of Peace."


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