Figure in shadows: Repeat what you have just said.

Nick Fury: As I said, I am rebuilding SHIELD, and…

Figure in shadows: No. Not that. The other part.

Nick Fury: I have recruited Reed Richards and asked him to plan defenses for doomsday scenarios.

Figure in shadows: You are aware of the risks.

Nick Fury: Yes, I know. But we can not let something like that Galactus attack us again.

Figure in shadows: The Maker will do that himself. You can't trust him.

Nick Fury: I KNOW! OF COURSE I KNOW, DAMMIT! BUT I HAVE NO OTHER OPTION! This escalation of conflicts will destroy us if we do not get prepared. It was so easy, back in the Cold War: the commies developed weapons and bombs, so we developed bigger weapons and bombs. Since 2000 things took a step up: crime became super crime, vigilantism became super vigilantism, terrorism became super terrorism… so we created the Ultimates to counter that. And now, things are taking yet another step up: super villains are now becoming cosmic villains, but we don't have a big supply of cosmic heroes to count with. There's nothing on Earth who can fight someone like that Galactus, power to power. Richards and his inventions are just the only solution I could come up with. He's, after all, the one who managed to drive him away. And I don't forget that he's also the one who made the weapon that drove away the Gah Lak Tus swarm.

Figure in shadows: But he also destroyed Berlin and blew up Washington DC. Never forget that. He will play along as long as it serves his interests, and then he will betray you.

Nick Fury: I'm well aware of that. And that's where you come in.

Figure in shadows: Me?

Nick Fury: Reed Richards is smarter than me. He's smarter than anyone in the planet. He may prepare a trap right in front of my eyes, and I may not notice it. I know my limitations. But you… you may not be as smart as he is, but you are really smart on your own right. And you know him. If he's up to something, you can notice that. So the Maker reports to me, surely thinking that he can outsmart me, but it will be you who will actually check his work. If his work is legit, even if he's just "playing along" by now, we'll take it. But if it isn't, you will report me that.

Figure in shadows: I accept, but not to that last part. If you want me for this, it'll be on my terms. When the Maker betray us… because he WILL betray us… I will deal with him myself. With extreme prejudice. And I won't be bothered by authorization requests, red tape, classified information or any of the usual S.H.I.E.L.D. traditions.

Nick Fury: Very well. If you find that the Maker is up to something, you'll have green light to do with him what you must. Just have the courtesy of informing me about that, just in case you fail and we need to continue the fight.

Sue Storm (emerging from the shadows): Very well, Nick Fury. We have a deal.