Silent screaming, you're on your own

Balancing on a blade between what's right and what is wrong

Don't loose your faith, don't sit there in silence

Show your strength, let's hail the metal Gods,

Bare your heart

All for one, our burning hearts will live forever

One for all, together standing strong

Hammerfall - we will prevail

Hammerfall - let us hail

Hammerfall - we will prevail

Hammerfall - let us hail

Hammerfall - "Hammerfall"

Nick Fury: Everything dies. Citizens. Politicians. Superheroes. Supervillains. Presidents. Countries. Civilization itself. Everything we know, will last for only a time, and will go back to its primordial aspect. From ashes to ashes, from dust to dust. This is simply how things are. What I will not tolerate, what I find unacceptable, is the unnatural acceleration of that end. Which is why Dr. Storm summoned us here. But before we get started, let me introduce everyone. I'm sure that most of you have already met in those years, but just in case, let's say who is who. Those are the Future Foundation, Dr. Susan Storm, Tony Stark, Sam Wilson and Victor Van Damme. Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm, former members of the Fantastic Four. Hawkeye, former member of the Ultimates. The new Ultimates: Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Cloak, Dagger and Bombshell. Kitty Pryde is both with them and the X-Men from Utopia. Those are Jean Grey, Colossus, Rogue, Jimmy Hudson and Storm.

Miles Morales: (Peter should be here. But he wanted to retire and stay hidden with Mary Jane, and trusted me not to out him. I hope we can deal with this without his help)

Sue Storm: As you have all been informed, we had been following the Maker, and discovered that he was destroying alternate earths for a reason. I killed him when we captured him, for this and his previous actions. Then we entered to his secret headquarters, and discovered that he had rebuild the City and the A.I. that controlled it. This A.I. had already sensed the death of the Maker, and appointed me as the Maker II.

Ben Grimm: What? And didn't it try to kill you, or something?

Sue Storm: Not, it is quite a pragmatic A.I. It had nothing to gain from revenge, and its priority is its own survival and of those experiments that the Maker was doing. Appointing me as its new protector was its best way to achieve that. As long as it can go on with its researchs, it won't be an obstacle to us; remember that it already betrayed the Maker once when his extremism became a drawback for it. But let's stay focused: the A.I. gave us the intelligence about this phenomenon that the Maker has been collecting so far. He named those events as "Incursions". First, there is a very short period of harmonic alignment, which is what allows the two earths from alternate dimensions to exist in the same space. They are not visible worldwide, there is only an area, an "incursion point", were this phenomenon can be seen. Once the incursion actually begins, it lasts exactly 8 hours. At the end of those 8 hours, what follows is extremely simple. Either both worlds are destroyed, along with their respective universes, as they smash together; or one earth is destroyed, which eliminates the incursion point between the two universes, sparing them both. Eight hours. One event. Two possible outcomes.

Nick Fury: Very well. Let's be clear on something. This is a clear and textbook example of a "us or them" scenario. I understand the Maker's procedure, because some years ago I would have done exactly the same. Torn between our world and others, I would have blown them all to kingdom come to protect ours. From a military point of view, I still have to keep all the options on the table. But what would Peter Parker do? He would stand up right now and interrupt me before I could continue. He would ask if we are out of our minds. He would say that this is insanity. He would insist that we find a way to save both worlds, and I would have grumpily accepted to do so. Well, Parker is no longer with us, but his moral compass should remain as our legacy. So please stand up a moment, and let's join our hands for an oath. I want you all to swear that we'll do what he would have told us to do, that we will find a way to save both earths, and that you won't entertain any talk of the necessity of necessary evil. Are you in?

Everybody, with their hands stacked: FOR PETER!

Hawkeye: Well said, boss. Now, let's get down to business.

Bombshell: Shouldn't we give a name to that other earth? So that it is easier to talk about them?

Nick Fury: Very well. We are Earth-1 and they are Earth-2.

Dagger: Isn't that a bit arrogant? Why are we Earth-1 and they are Earth-2, and not the other way?

Nick Fury: Because I say so! Do you prefer, say, Earth-616 and Earth-1610? Focus, people! The end is nigh, as they say, don't waste time with irrelevances!

Spider-Woman: I have a question. You said that the Maker has been dealing with those incursions for some months now. But what about some years or decades ago? Does S.H.I.E.L.D. know of any similar events taking place in the past, before the Maker worked on it?

Nick Fury: Not to my knowledge. But it seems clear that there were none. The way they were described, if an incursion took place and nobody realized it, earth would have been destroyed and we wouldn't be having this discussion.

Spider-Woman: But that's not how the universe works. Things are basically static, and take place in patterns. Things like this would be happening either constantly, or with centuries in between. But never happening, and then happening with such a frequency? That doesn't add up. From my point of view, someone must be causing it.

Nick Fury: Good point, but it's speculation. We need data and intelligence, more than what the Maker gathered. We need a way to go or view this Earth-2, and know what's happening there. Ideas?

Hawkeye: What about that portal in that warehouse? The one that left their Parker here, and that we used during the Cataclysm.

Tony Stark: That's no longer an option, the portal simply closed itself. We have no idea what created it, or how to make another one ourselves. But speaking of that, Spider-Man, at that time you showed up with an alternate Jean Grey who was trying to go back to her home dimension. What happened with that? Is she still lost around here? Or did he found a way to return… a way that we may use as well?

Spider-Man: She got here, and then returned home, because of a mutant from Earth-2 who can jump dimensions at will.

Nick Fury: That is good to hear! Do you remember her name?

Spider-Man: Carmen Cruise, but what for? She returned to her own world, she can't help us.

Nick Fury: But perhaps she has a doppelganger in our world with similar powers, let me check… no. There was a kid, but she died during the Ultimatum wave. Sue, your team also met someone who could jump between dimensions, Rick Jones, and I understand that he's ours. What about him?

Susan Storm: After being here he left to the space again. It seems that he works for some aliens, the "Watchers of the universe", who tell him where to go and what to do. He said that, if we are in danger, the Guardians will sense it and send him here.

Nick Fury: Great. Just… great. If he comes, so much the better, but unless those talking sticks send him, we'll have to proceed as if he wasn't going to show up. What about you, Spider-Man? Something you may want to share?

Spider-Man: Me?

Nick Fury: Yes, you. Some weeks ago we sensed interdimensional readings coming from the local cemetery… and I suspect that you know what am I talking about.

Spider-Man: (the cemetery? Of course! My mom's grave!) Ah, yes. That was quite…

Spider-Woman: Easy, Spidey, I'll do the talking. Yes, Fury, there were interdimensional invaders there, I was with him when it happened. They are called the Inheritors, and they hunted the people with Spider-related powers across dimensions. We had an adventure with several Spider-people from several universes, but that's beyond the point. At the end of it, we had the Master Weaver, who oversees all of them, and some of them created a team of inter-dimensional superheroes, the "Web warriors". They can jump dimensions with some special watches. Unfortunately, I thought that to be a bit above my paygrade, so I declined the offer.

Nick Fury: Great. Again, they can contact us, but we can't contact them. Something else? Anything?

Sam Wilson: Well, Vision used to be able to see alternate realities, and told me about some quite weird ones out there. She told me about a dimension where a mutant named Apocalypse rules the world and the X-Men were led by Magneto, another where an alien named Thanos used the Infinity Gauntlet to kill half of all life in the universe, and one where I am a woman, Samantha Wilson, using the Captain America identity.

Storm: Magneto leading the X-Men? Is that your idea of a joke? I don't find it funny.

Sam Wilson: No, that was not a joke. Although Vision had come to understand the notion of humor, she never managed to crack a joke on her own. But yes, you have a point there…

Nick Fury: In any case, that doesn't help us. Vision is dead somewhere in the space, and it's not as if we had a time machine to bring her here.

Kitty Pryde: A time machine, you said? Yes, we have one!

Nick Fury: WHAT?

Kitty Pryde: Some months before the Ultimatum wave, we X-Men got two time-travelers from the future, Cable and Bishop. They had some devices with them that allowed them to stay in the present. Bishop's one did not work anymore and he couldn't go back to the future, so when he died we buried him with those. But perhaps, someone of all the science genius here can reverse-engineer them and make them work!

Nick Fury: I can't believe this! Were you out of your minds? Did you left such a device simply buried in the ground, for anyone to easily get it?

Kitty Pryde: Hey, I said they didn't work!

Nick Fury: Please, stop talking. You may have found a solution for our problem. Let's leave things at that, before I get crazy over the details. Let's go to retrieve those devices, and let's hope that they are still there.

Sue Storm: Wait a moment. We are talking about changing time. Is this a risk worth taking? Even if can make it work, we may make things even worse, or cause our collective demise.

Spider-Man: Not if we strictly follow the rules of time travel. That means no talking to our past selves, no betting on sporting events…

Tony Stark: I'm going to stop you right there, Spider-Man. Are you seriously telling me that the plan to save the universe is based on Back to the Future?

Spider-Man: No.

Tony Stark: Good. You had me worried there, because that'd be horseshit. That's not how quantum physics works.

Spider-Man: But what else can we do?

Nick Fury: Spider-Man has a point. Risky or not, it's a plan...

Tony Stark: 12 percent of a plan, that's what it is.

Nick Fury: ... part of a plan, right, but it's the only thing we got. Who supports it?

Sue Storm: I really have doubts, but if time travel has been done before, then that means it's possible. But it's a very dangerous thing, and we shouldn't abuse it.

Nick Fury: I'm not certain I'm right. I'm not a science genius, you people are. If you think it's so dangerous, I will take your word on it. Perhaps we can find some other solution…

Sue Storm: No! I mean, we have to be careful with this. I think that we should retrieve Vision from the point in time when she was last seen alive, to minimize the "butterfly effect".

Tony Stark: I agree. I don't see other options.

Dr. Doom: I agree as well.

Sam: So do I. And I'm not factoring my personal feelings in it.

Johnny Storm: Let's do it! What could possibly go wrong?

Ben Grimm: What Sue said goes for alla us FF'er's!

Hawkeye: This stuff is above my paygrade, boss, so if you agree with it, so do I.

Spider-Woman: Gee, I'm honored to be given a vote! I agree!

Spider-Man: I'm in! Who wants to argue with all of you heavy hitters?

Cloak: I think Spider-Man speaks for all of us all-new Ultimates!

Dagger: Hey, I speak for myself, you "#$%$%#%&$/! But, yes, I agree.

Bombshell: You said it, &%/%&/%&$#"%!

Jean Grey: I can already sense that we're all in agreement.

Storm: Yes, I also agree

Rogue: I agree.

Jimmy Hudson: Yes.

Kitty Pryde: I'm in. But now that we are talking about time travel, and bring people from the past… shouldn't we try to save Peter as well?

Nick Fury: My heart would say "yes" in a minute, but this is a dangerous stunt we'll try to pull. We'll do the bare minimum necessary, and no more. We can make a big disaster even by just doing that. We can't allow ourselves the luxury of making decisions with our hearths! Colossus? You haven't spoken yet. And you're the last.

Colossus: I… I just don't know! All this seems so grim, so unfair! I once thought that, despite all the hard times of being a mutant, I had find a home with Xavier. Then Magneto wrecks the world and kills Xavier. Then just being a mutant is made illegal, the mansion is closed, it turns out that mutants are just the result of a government experiment, and I am held prisoner and tortured at an anti-mutant fortress. All of that is finally over, even that absurd war with Tian, we have our little home in Utopia… and now this? An incursion that may destroy the world, and a solution that may be as dangerous as the problem?

Nick Fury: You may be right, son! I'm not dead certain about any of this. That's why it must be an unanimous vote… or we do nothing. But keep in mind, you all, that time travel is still an unknown territory. If we do decide to do this, we may face something unexpected, such as time spiders, time lords, Star Trek's time police or some nonsense like that.

Kitty Pryde: Piotr, that's a risk we have to take. What does the happiness of a handful people matter against the lives of billions?

Colossus: I am selfish. I matters to me. Or am I?

Nick Fury: Only you know that, son.

Colossus: Very well. Let's do it.

Several cops suddenly appear in the room.

Justice Peace: Halt! This is the Time Variance Authority! You're all under arrest for altering the timeline for significant gain!

Nick Fury: What? We have not committed any time crimes! Whatever they may be.

Justice Peace: What the hell kind of time cop would I be if I showed up after the time crime was committed? Now we'll take you all to the Null-Time Zone, and judge your crime, you criminal scum!

Kitty Pryde: Oh, for Pete's sake…

Kitty becomes intangible and floats under the floor. Then she shows up behind the cops and passes through their time bracelets, which ruins them and sends them back to their own time.

Nick Fury: Good work. But now we are on a timetable. We must proceed with this, before this Time Variance Authority tries to interfere again.

The X-Men return to the mansion, dig up Bishop and remove his bracelet. The science guys worked with it as quickly as they could, and finally they discovered how to recharge and use it.

Two years before, at earth's exosphere

Sue: Vision, stop!

Vision: Sue? I have told you, this is something I have to… wait, I sense that are polluted with chronons. You came from the future. Your mere presence here may cause our collective demise.

Sue: Tell me about it… Yes, I came here because we need your help.

Vision: But I have a mission of utmost importance.

Sue: Yes, you have sensed Galactus. Spoiler alert: he will kill you. Then he will come to earth, and we'll manage to drive him away to the negative zone. But now, we are literally facing the end of the universe itself. We need your help with this.

Vision: But I am not suited for combat. I was created to observe, and to narrate.

Sue: And that is exactly what we need you to do. Observe, and narrate. Please, come with us. The universe needs you more than ever.

Vision: Very well. Let's go.

I have seen the demon's face

I have heard of her death place

I fall down on my knees in praise of the

Horrible things that took her away

And death climbs up the steps one by one

To give you the rose

That's been burnt by her son

Point me to the sky above

I can get there on my own

Walk me to the graveyard

Dig up her bones

Misfits - "Dig up her bones"