Legends spreading like wildfire of his mighty deeds

Roaming through the lands and oceans like a fiery breeze

Once he's got the taste of you there's no turning back

Brace yourselves to be consumed, for now he will attack

Bastard son of Odin, born to kick your ass

Bastard son of Odin, living hard and driving fast

Bastard son of Odin, sworn to fight and die

Bastard son of Odin, to Valhalla soon will ride

Battle Beast - "Bastard son of Odin"

The heroes reacted to the attack immediately. Iron Man, Jean Grey and Storm fly above the ground, with Iron Man firing at the Thors, Storm summoning thunderbolts and Jean trying to cloud their perceptions. Vision could not do much but thought that each Thor that threw a Mjolnir at her and phased through her intangible body would be a Thor that was not attacking the others. Kitty saw it and did the same, trying to call their attention, but also trying to make it seem as if she eluded the Mjolnirs rather than phase throw them, so they would keep trying. She knew that it was a diversion at best and that they would not win the fight that way, but she had no idea how else to fight against an army of Thors. Not yet, as least. Rogue touched one of the Thors that got to ground level and got his strength. Not a Mjolnir, and no power to fly, and she was one against a horde, but it was something. Spider-Woman knew that her powers were useless in this fight, so she stayed in the defensive, trying to elude the attacks as quickly as she could. She could do it better than Kitty, even with no buildings or structures around to swing from, but knew that she had no phasing powers and could not allow herself the luxury of a single mistake: just one Mjolnir that gets to her, and she would be done for. Miles Morales knew this and stayed close in the fight. He could approach the Thors in his invisible mode and then release his venom attack, and take down the ones that got too close to Jessica. They were not related but they were like a little brother and his big sister, and he wouldn't let anything bad happen to her. Jimmy Hudson, Dagger and Bombshell attacked the ones that got to ground level, and Nick Fury and Hawkeye fired their weapons against the Thors while Sue protected the level ground team with her forcefields.

"We can't win this fight, Stark! We need some way to leave, and pronto!", shouted Fury during the action. "That won't be easy, Nick!", replied Stark. "They have an armor Thor, a storm Thor, a tree Thor, a horse Thor, a frog Thor, and… Thor". Iron Man hesitated for a moment when he saw him. It was Thor. Not a weird, bizarre alternate version of Thor from some unknown alternate dimension. It was Thor, "his" Thor, the one he knew since the fight against Hulk in New York. The one that got lost in the N-Zone during the fight with Galactus, some months before the incursions. The one that he had to left in that dimension by closing the gate, to make sure that Galactus would not return. And it was not either an alternate version that looked just like him: it was him. Stark knew it.

Thor, however, did not recognize him, and shouted "Surrender, varlet! Your time of reckoning is at hand!". "Hey! We had a deal! I said that I would donate a big sum of money to a charity if you stopped talking like 'Shakespeare in the park'! Talk like a normal person, I know you can!". But Thor kept fighting. "Thou talk in riddles, armored one! Verily, doomsday is upon thee!". Fortunately, Jean Grey noticed the conflict, surprised Thor from behind and used her mental powers on him. Thor resisted, but suddenly his facial features relaxed. "Tony! I can't believe this! I thought I would never see you again! What are you doing here in Battleworld?". Iron Man, however, was still firing at the other Thors. "That's kinda a long story, and it's not a good moment for it. All those other yous are overwhelming us!". Thor quickly understood the situation and overcame the confusion caused by suddenly remembering his former life, and placed himself between the Thors and his friends. The Thors stopped fighting for a moment.

"Brothers, stop this! Those are not heretics! Those are my friends! They come from a long lost realm, as I do! They are survivors and need our help and shelter, not the might of our hammers!". The Thors, however, kept a hostile expression. Thor insisted. "You are all Thor… and deep inside, under Doom's magic, you know it! Maybe you don't remember, but you can feel it! There's a spirit in you, of honor, of unswerving loyalty to the cause of freedom, for all men, everywhere! You have lived that spirit, fought for it, upheld it every day of your lives! Don't let Doom blind you to it! Open yourselves to that spirit, to feel what you know to be true! You can find it within you again, I know you can!". None of them looked as if they had changed their opinion a little bit, but it was hard to be sure, as some of them had faces too alien to emote the way humans would do. The one with a horse face made a step forward, but Rune Thor did so as well and placed himself at the front. "Thunderer Thorlief, thou are speaking heresy. And this is known by thee. But thou are a fellow Thor. I have seen that thy mutie did something to thine head, so I'm willing to let this slide. Just move aside, and let us deal with those heretics". Thor refused to do so, raised his hammer and cried "Well, as Cap once said, 'No, you move!"

All the Thors attacked Thor together, who holds his ground as best as he could. "Friends! You must leave, now! Go now, while I keep them here! There's no other way!". Most of them were willing to join the fight, but Nick Fury stopped them. "No. He's right. Just Thor alone can defeat all of us. He already did in the past. We have no hope against an army of Thors. Not even Thor himself, for simple numerical reasons. We won't achieve anything staying." They were turning, but Iron Man refused to go. "NO! You are right, Fury, but I won't leave Thor alone to his death! Not a second time! Take all the others to safety, I will stay with Thor and join his fate, whichever it may be!". He flew away from the group and joined Thor, back-to-back against the other Thors. "Well met, brother! Forever we're fighting the world, side by side! If the good Captain could be with us…". "He is. In spirit".

The other heroes ran away, taking advantage of the fight. They did not get far. Spider-Man and Spider-Woman suddenly disappeared in thin air. The others were still surprised, unsure of what to make of it, when suddenly someone fell from the sky. It was not a Thor, it was like a girl, but with a body that looked like a piece of heaven. She laughed, as if she had heard a joke, and vanished again. Susan Storm, Hudson, Pryde, Hawkeye, Dagger, Bombshell, Rogue and Storm disappeared as well.

Only Nick Fury, Vision and Jean remained. They fly away, with Jean carrying Fury, but knew that it was useless: they had no chance to outrun the Thors. Soon they would subdue Thor and Iron Man, and then they would get them. "A vehicle!", thought Nick Fury, "I would sell my soul for a vehicle!". And suddenly, the background became motionless, the air turned dark and red, and there was a smell of sulfur. Mephisto shows up again "Well, that can be arranged!". Vision recognized him instantly. Nick Fury did not, but it was clearly a demon, he did not need anyone to draw him a map. Jean Grey tried to read his mind, but it was of no use. "So, Nicholas Fury, I couldn't help but notice your little predicament. You are clearly in need of a vehicle. Are you willing to barter for it?". He had his doubts about the proposal. Although he had no previous encounters with this kind of beings, he was savvy enough to realize that a deal with the devil was something that should be avoided. But, on the other hand, they were indeed in a predicament. They were in the middle of a seemingly endless desert, with an army of Thors, nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide. No resources to exploit, no safe haven to reach, and no cavalries that could be reasonably expected to come to their rescue. And even worse, most of his team vanished in unknown circumstances. He had no chance but to accept. He thought that Mephisto would want his soul for it. "Ha! Really, Fury? With all the dark things you have done over the years… killings, sabotages, deals, manipulations, secrets, secrets within secrets… do you really think you can trade your soul with me? You didn't think that I will already own your soul as is once you die?" Fury protested that the things he had done, he done them in the service of his country, but Mephisto dismissed it: "The road to hell is full of good intentions. No, I do not want your soul. I know that your universe has been destroyed and that you will try to recreate it. Well, as payment for my help, I want my domain, Hell, to be recreated as well." It was a big pill to swallow. Hell itself was destroyed… and he would help to recreate it? "Very well. I accept". Mephisto smiled with glee and summoned a Ghost Rider motorbike. Besides being fast, while Fury and his companions were sitting over it they would be completely invisible to the power of Doom; either Doom himself or his servants. Fury pointed that the Ultimates once fought against a "Ghost Rider", that Mephisto confirmed to be his own, so Fury requested to avoid having physical changes as part of the deal, such as a flaming skull. Mephisto did not like the request, but agreed: getting Hell back would be worth it.

Time resumed its normal flow. The Thors defeated and subdued Thor and Iron Man, While Nick Fury, Jean Grey and Vision ride away from them, completely undetectable. Somewhere somehow, they would find a way in this alien world to restore their dead world, and fulfill their destiny.

Time to burn, you losers better learn

No one controls our goddamn lives

We'll do just what we feel riding horses made of steel

We're here to burn up the night

Manowar - "Return of the Warlord"