The sun rises up from the mountains, and a gray wolf was standing on the ledge, looking down at the beautiful valley of the most beautiful part in the world. Jasper National Park. The gray wolf sighed happily as he looked at the sun with his blue eyes.

"Winston. It's time to see your pups" said the pack healer. Winston smiled and began walking inside of his den. A light tan female wolf was laying on her side. Winston looked over her shoulder and saw five identical puppies, but with different fur colors. That's the only difference between them, but other than that. They all have the same body and facial features with white underbelly. Winston doubt that they all have the same eye color.

"Are they girls or boys" Winston asked. Eve smiled and looked at him.

"They're girls" she said happily. Winston smiled and looked at the far right. A beautiful tan puppy. Right next to her is a black puppy, then a white puppy, gray puppy, and a dark blue puppy. Winston began to chuckled.

"If they have the same fur color. Ima have a hard time to tell" he said.

"Winston." Winston looked at his mate who is patiently waiting for him.

"Oh right. Uhhh what should we name them" he asked. Eve smiled.

"Well you've already know that I adore having my daughter named Kate. But seeing that I have five of them. I think we should name them with the same one, but change a little." Winston's ears flickered.

"Wait what?" Eve then started pointing at her puppies from the right to the left.

"I'll name her Kate, Kathrine, Katie, Kayla, and Katelyn." Winston's eyes widened.

"No that's gonna make it a lot worse" he said nervously. Eve began to laugh lightly.

"I know honey. I was just joking." Eve then pointed at the tan puppy. "But she's gonna be called Kate. Then Annie, then ummm..."

"Crystal?" Eve nodded her head, and she continued on.

"Roselyn, and Carina." Winston smiled. Those names are perfect for them.

"Can't wait to see them growing up" said Winston as he nuzzled Eve's neck. Eve smiled and they both watch their pups sleeping right beside their mother.

"It's time to ride the slide and taste the wind" said a small gray wolf with sky blue eyes as they move the hollow log near the edge of the hill.

"Humphrey you're a genius" said another light gray wolf.

"Come on, let's do it" said Humphrey. They pushed the hollow log, and waited for an excitement, but nothing happened. Humphrey looked at his best friends behind him. "Guys, Guys. We're not moving." Humphrey was too late to say that. The log began slowly sliding down the hill before picking up scream as they began to scream.

In the middle of the forest, a white female omega wolf with lavender eyes was running through the forest. She was being followed by five alphas with amber eyes. A tan wolf was the one who's leading the group.

"This caribou is mine" she said smiling.

"Kate, I'm not a caribou. I'm your sister" she yelled. Kate smiled. She jumped up in the air, doing multiple front flips, and landed right in front of her. A black wolf was attempting to tackle her.

"GOTCHA" she yelled. The omega dodged her tackle and the black wolf dove into a pile of leaves.

"Omegas don't play like this" said the omega.

Then, another white wolf appeared right beside her.

"You can't escape from the greatest alpha ever" she said. Kate appeared right next to her.

"You mean me" said Kate.

"No me" said the gray wolf.

"Nope, I'm the greatest alpha and you sisters should know that" said the dark blue wolf. The black wolf eventually caught up to them.

"I think you guys are saying that I'm the greatest alpha of all time." When she said that, they all tripped a log and fell on each other. The omega wolf eventually escape.

"Well I just escape five alphas. Lilly you rock" she complimented herself. Lilly was a year younger than her five other sisters. Kate, Annie, Crystal, Roselyn, and Carina. Kate shook her head side to side, and Annie looked at her before looking at the rest. They all nodded their heads before chasing after Lilly.

Meanwhile, the four omega buddies were having fun in their life time.

"What was I thinking" Humphrey asked himself. The log hit a small rock, making them spin uncontrollably.

"I think I'm about to puke" Salty grumbled as he covered his mouth. The log eventually stopped spinning and continue sliding down the hill. They went up a small hill before hitting a flat rock, making the lower half jumped up to the air sending Salty, Shakey, and Mooch to the sky.

"That was great. We are flying today guys" Humphrey shouted. The omegas landed onto the ground like a rocket before watching their friend flying away.

"Wooohoooo!" Humphrey didn't notice that Kate was up in the air as well.

"Humphrey" Kate gasped as she saw his beautiful eyes.

"Kate" Humphrey exclaimed. He jumped off the log, and he extended his arms forward for a hug. Kate gladly accepted it, and they both began spinning in circles in mid air.

They slowly broke the embrace before grabbing each other's paws. They both stared at each other's eyes and smiled at each other. Well, that was like less than three seconds before they start screaming in fear.

"What are you doing up here" Humphrey asked smiling.

"I'm just practicing and leading the group for our lunch" Kate replied to him.

"Oh good cause I'm about to lose mine" said Humphrey feeling something coming up his throat.

"You are. Eww."

"I'll try and swallow it." Humphrey gulped as they landed on the ground. When they did, Humphrey opened his eyes and saw four Kate's.


"HUMPHREY" they all said as they began piling up on top of him. Humphrey laughed and the girls giggled as they tickled his sides and greeted him with licks.

"GIRLS" Winston shouted. Everyone looked up and saw Winston standing on a rock. "It's time to go."

"Oh we're coming dad" Roselyn called out as they all stood on their paws and began walking to him.

"Wait where are you guys going" asked Humphrey.

"Alpha school. It goes till spring" said Kate looking at him.

"Spring? But that's...the whole winter away" he said worriedly as he followed them, but gasped when Winston was right in front of him.

"I know you're my daughters' best friend Humphrey. But by next spring, they will be a trained Alpha. Kate's going to be the future leader of the pack." Humphrey titled his head and Winston chuckled. "Heh, no doubt. You will be a clever omega." Humphrey peaked to the side and saw five of them swaying their hips side to side, and Humphrey was following the pattern by shaking his head side to side with a smile on his face.

"Learn to keep the peace." Winston moved his paws to block Humphrey's view, making him looked up. "And Humphrey. Remind us to all have fun."

"But but-"

"Alphas and Omegas can't ma...Eh uhhh how do you say it um." Winston looked at Humphrey who titled his head to the left. "And also you can't ma...not again." Winston was trying to say that he can't marry five of his daughters because it's part of the pack's law. He looked at Humphrey again who titled his head to the right.

Then, he cleared his throat. "That's our custom. The law of the pack." And with that, he walked away. Humphrey stared at Winston before he heard something that he is familiar of.

"WOLF PILE!" His buddies jumped on top of him, and the five sisters looked behind them with a smile on their faces.

"Silly omegas" they all said in a unison. Humphrey laughed until his expression changed when he saw five of them disappeared over the hill.

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