Kate hated how her life is jumping around from place to place. First, she got involved with an arranged marriage, ruining the future for her sisters and her Humphrey, and causing Humphrey to run away from Jasper where they had to chase him down. Now, their future is about to get worse when her father and her teacher are getting close to finding out their secret relationship. It's giving overwhelming pressure on the girls, and now it's starting to affect Humphrey.

That's the last thing they wanted for Humphrey, and Kate was furious about this. She can sense Grayson nearby, which made her run even faster than before, breaking her limit. She has flames in her eyes and can taste his blood from miles away.

Then, she saw Grayson walking up ahead. She growled loudly and began to catch up to him. The sight of him was driving her to her mom's violent side, and it was the most right thing she had ever done in her life.

"GRAYSON!" She yelled at the top of her lungs. Grayson turned around when he heard his name, only to find Kate came sliding right in front of him, glaring right into his soul. "What did you and Humphrey talk about?"

Grayson tilted his head to the side and stared at her.

"Just about your relationship? Why?"

"Because I don't like it when you butt in my life. Who are you anyway? Someone trying to be part of my family?" Kate asked curiously and furiously at the same time. Grayson sighed with his eyes closed before opening and looking at her again.

"I apologize for getting in your life, but I have my reasons too. Your sisters have been close to your boyfriend, and you seem to be okay with it, which is not normal. I've seen a lot of couples and many of them didn't want others to get close to their partners like how normal relationship works...except for your relationship, which is suspicious. I feel like you're next move is to take away the polygamy law after the Alpha and Omega Mating law."

"My sisters and I know Humphrey since puppyhood. Is it not normal for us to get close to him?" Grayson raised one of his eyes and just look at her.

"Then explain to me why he's awfully close to your sisters like he did to you?"

"He's just a close friend. A very close friend."

"Really? Do they kiss like lovers?" Kate widened her eyes when he said that. What does he mean by that?


"I saw all five of you kissing him during your duties. You're lucking that I didn't say anything to your father." Kate stared at him in terror, realizing that their secret relationship has been revealed to the most trustful and loyal wolf in both packs.

Grayson sighed again and sat down before pinching his forehead.

"I'm doing this because I'm trying to protect Humphrey as any other wolf would do, especially mean alphas. As your dad said, you girls would've killed him during mating season. That is the most important reason why that law exists. It's protecting that partner from its other partners. If you girls get rid of that law or worse, be in a relationship with him until mating season hits. What would happen to you guys?"

Kate was shaking and already knew the answer. Grayson sat there and move on because Kate knew that answer, and so did her sisters if he told them about their secret.

"Let me ask you this question. Do you want to lose Humphrey in a slow painful death by you girls?"

"NO!" Kate screamed with tears pouring out of her eyes.

"Then, let Humphrey choose one of you and break up your current relationship with him. If you guys don't, then I'm going to tell your so-called secret relationship to your father." Kate nodded her head and not making eye contact with him before he walked away. Kate was shaken up and couldn't support her weight. She slowly lower herself to the ground and cried her eyes out, facing the cold reality of her future. She doesn't want to tell her sisters about it because they wanted to be with Humphrey as well, and she would never get the chance to be with him. Not only that, they would start fighting over him, which is dangerous as killing him during mating season. It's a double edge sword effect. Neither of them couldn't do anything except obey Grayson's order.

Kate cried even harder and harder until she stopped crying, feeling extremely tired, and headed home. When she arrived, her sisters rolled up as well in the same state as her. Neither of them didn't want to talk. Instead, they entered the den and lay down in one spot in the back of the den, facing away from the entrance before closing their eyes and going to sleep; mumbling Humphrey's name right afterward.

The next morning, the quintuplets woke up at the same time. Oblivious to each other before walking out of the den, staring at the view of Jasper and reconnecting themselves to reality but stayed silent.

"So, where did you guys head off...yesterday" Annie first spoke up.

"Finding Grayson and see what the hell did he talk about with Humphrey" Kate replied.

"Sooo, how does that go," Roselyn asked. Kate sighed and looked down at the ground.

"I was furious at first, but then...he started" Kate paused, and the girls widened their eyes and stayed silent for Kate to finish her sentence until Carina spoke up, knowing what she was about to say.

"Let me guess, he spits facts about what's going to happen to Humphrey when mating season hits." Kate gulped and tightened her lips before nodding her head.

"Not surprising because he told me the same thing."

"Same here" Carina stated. Kate widened her eyes before looking at her sisters who have the same reaction as her. Grayson wasn't done yet after he finished talking some sense into Kate yesterday. He went to tell the same thing to Annie, Crystal, Roselyn, and Carina.

The quintuplets closed their eyes and breathe in and out. In their mind, they had to break their promise, but neither of them didn't want to say it out loud. Grayson probably did tell them about letting Humphrey choose one of them and break up their relationship with him. In other words, breaking that promise.

They also didn't want to tell Humphrey about it either because they know that he loves all of them equally. Is he going to love one of them? That's the real question right there, but they know Humphrey too well. It's going against his will.

They all looked up towards the sky with stern expressions plastered all over their face. They had to try and see as long as Humphrey didn't notice it. Kate, Annie, Crystal, Roselyn, and Carina are officially breaking the promise in their mind, and going after Humphrey in their ways carefully. To see who is he going to choose as his lifelong mate without putting him in any danger.

The quintuplets had no choice, but to obey Grayson's order. Obeying the no polygamy law, so they can keep Humphrey safe from the mating season and the battle over him.

Meanwhile on the other side, Humphrey felt chills running up his spine and could've swore he had that same vision of him being with humans and one of them petting his head. But it was just a split second because Humphrey woke up from his sleep and looked around before going back to his slumber.

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