The May-TRICKs! Cause tricks aren't just for kids.

Courage sat at his computer, wondering what to do next. He already talked with Sandy, Jonathan, Chris, DM, and Gareth on his chat list. What else was there to do?

"You've got mail, twit!" the computer interrupted. Courage sneered. He's got to fix that.

Courage read it and laughed to himself. It had to be a prank.

"Follow the white rabbit, Courage. Follow it to the truth. Click here for a magazine subscription!"

Courage deleted it. As soon as he got offline, the phone rang downstairs.

Courage picked it up. "Aroo?" he asked.

"I know you can talk Courage. You must follow the white rabbit, I got something to show you." A deep voice said from the other end.

"Who is this?" Courage asked, quirking an eyebrow and putting his hand on his hip.

"Who I am isn't important right now. What is important is that you got to follow the white rabbit." The voice repeated.

"Rex, I am going to hang up on you!" Courage said, getting mad.

"I am not this Rex. I am a guide Courage. Let me lead you."

"Katz?" Courage asked. If it wasn't someone he knew, who was it?

"NO! Now come on Neo....I mean Courage. Will you follow the white rabbit?" the voice asked.

Courage hung up and went back upstairs. He grabbed the notebook with "Brittany's" autograph in it. He laughed at the memory that it brought. He tore out a clean page and stuffed it in his pocket. He probably needed it to keep track of all this crazy stuff.

A knock at the door downstairs caught Courage's attention. He looked out the window and saw a white rabbit standing on the porch.

"Oh hello!" Muriel said happily. "Won't you come in?"

"That is quite alright madam. I need to know the time." The rabbit said, pointing at his wrist.

Muriel leaned in and looked at the grandfather clock. "It's 9:16 dear." She said.

"OH MY! I'm late I'M LATE!" the rabbit began hollering. He ran off.

Courage had a feeling to follow, then realized that is exactly what whoever wanted him to do. This was all too convenient.

Courage dug in his crate of books under his cot and found "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll. That was what the white rabbit was from.

He saw that the rabbit went down a rabbit-hole that went into Wonderland. Everyone knew that, and he even saw the Disney version.

Courage wrote on the blank sheet, "white rabbit, wonderland" on an empty line.

He put it back in his pocket, and sighed. "I know I'm not going to like this."

Another knock at the door, this time it was a well dressed man in shades.

"I am Agent Smith. This is my associate Agent Jonathan." Smith said, pointing to another well- dressed gentleman.

The phone rang again, and Courage was asked to get it.

"The agents are after you Courage. Get out!"

Courage looked and noticed the agents were looking at him funny.

"GET OUT NOW!" and the phone hung up.

Courage ran out of the back door, and saw the white rabbit. He followed it, hearing the agents shouts from behind.

The rabbit ran into the city, and into a building. The "GOTH CLUB FROM HELL" it was called. He remembered Mad Dog was here and started trouble. There were still bloodstains in the alley.

Courage ran in and covered his ears at the noise of Rob Zombie "Dragula" remix.

Dig through the ditches and Burn through the witches and Slam in the back of my Dragula!

The music drifted through the noise-polluted air of the smoke filled club. Courage's jaw dropped when he saw a kid in his twenties with several piercing needles in his face, and green spiked hair. He flipped the finger to the onlooker and walked off. He had a Heineken (promotional spot for Reloaded!)

Courage didn't know how to act. Eustace would hate these freaks. He even thought it himself that this place was full of freaks.

He saw the white rabbit, only this time it was a tattoo. A sexy woman sauntered up to Courage and rubbed him under his chin.

"How about you and me go someplace quiet?" she asked.

"Uh, I'm sort of taken right now." Courage said, feeling nervous and uncomfortable.

"She will never find out. She's not real. Neither are you, neither am I. At least not here anyways." The woman said.

Courage didn't know what the hell was going on exactly but knew this was really strange. Before he could reply, she was already shoving him into a back room. Here, the music was quieter, and no one was around. Then Courage saw a toilet and realized they were in the restroom.

"Umm, this is a men's room." Courage said, pointing to the floor, referring to the entire room.

"And your point?" she asked, placing her hands on her hips

"You're a woman, you're not supposed to be in here!" Courage said, his voice bouncing off the linoleum floor and cement walls.

"Relax. We won't be in here long." She said, and walked up to Courage, shaking her hips purposefully.

"I told you, I'm already spoken for. Besides, we're not even the same species!" Courage said, getting backed into a corner.

"I'm already spoken for too. But I don't want to do anything erotic to you. Just give you this message." She leaned in close and whispered in his ear.

"The Matrix has you."

Courage remembered that line. He saw the move, and got tickets for the sequel already by celebrity hook-up.

"That was just a movie." Courage said, waving her off.

"It was made by people who saw the truth Courage. They made the movie to deliver their message to humanity. We are puppets Courage." She said, growing angered.

"Neo is the One, he swore to free humanity from the Matrix. But during our war with the machines, someone had hacked into the Matrix and began changing it to their will. The hacker known as "R3", began making everything into his vision. We have to stop him."

Courage pondered over this name, then realized the agents were after him and him alone. Could it be? Nah.

"Look lady. I'm normally a friendly guy, but if you don't leave, I'll call the cops." Courage threatened, crossing his arms.

"Fine. But you'll see. You'll see." The woman said walking out of the bathroom. Courage sighed and wiped is forehead.

He went into one of the stalls to water the flowers, when he noticed a message among the graffiti.

"For a good time, call Trinity."

Ah, trinity. The biblical term for orgy I believe. Courage wrote down the name and number, figuring that the small white rabbit drawn next to it was part of the message.

This was indeed going to be a good time.