Courage couldn't comprehend HOW all this was possible. What WAS that Smith guy?

He stood in opened mouthed awe, watching the ensuing melee on the monitor. He didn't know rather to be impressed at their bravery, or HOW that Smith guy could multiply like that.

Trinity did a flying kick into a crowd of Smiths, knocking them over like bowling pins. They got back up, unfazed by the fact they just hit the floor at 100mph.

Little does anyone know, ALL Agents, including Smith, weigh 400 pounds. This was apparent when a pile of Smiths landed on top of Trinity in an attempt to smother her.

Neo fought through the sea of Smiths and rescued Trinity from the depths, only to be knocked to the floor by the approaching mob.

Courage tugged at his ears, knowing that they would be trampled before they were beaten to a pulp.

Neo did an impressive move, sending the pile of Smiths scattering in all directions. They seemed to hang in the air before floating back to the ground. Like a yo-yo.

Courage snapped his fingers and realized that there was a yo-yo under the cushions of the couch. Then he smacked himself for thinking of such things at a time like this.

Neo reached under his knee long trench coat and produced a pair of automatics. He began firing blindly into the riot of Smiths, knowing that they would all dodge the bullets anyways.

But due to such close confines, some managed to actually get hit. Of course Smith didn't die, but the body he had overwritten did. The dead bodies transformed back into their normal selves.

"Copy" a Smith said to himself running up to Trinity. He slammed his hand into Trinity's chest, causing a black ooze to consume her as Smith said "and paste!"

"Trinity!" Neo shouted. He dove onto the Smith, pulling his hand free of her chest and sending him to the floor.

The other Smiths piled on top of Neo, angered at the interruption. As they tried to crush Neo, they failed to notice Trinity hang up the phone. It rang, catching everyone's attention as she vanished into the phone.

Neo groaned and rose up, sending the Smiths flying once more. He focus ran to the phone before the first hit the ground and was gone.

The Smiths looked at each other, shrugged, and walked off.

Neo rose up in his chair, like waking form a nightmare. He cricked his neck, the looked over to Trinity who was already up and about.

Courage couldn't believe what he saw. But it did happen. This Smith character was tough.