Hello, all you FanFiction readers! You thought I was going to be offline for a very long time? You thought wrong! I'm back with another story. This story is to celebrate the release of "Toy Story 4". I went to see it with my parents yesterday for Independence Day and it was great! Now, this story will take place before "Toy Story 4".

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At the home of Bonnie Anderson, Sheriff Woody and all his friends are going about their business while Bonnie is at school.

Rex is play-fighting with Trixie, Hamm and Mr. Potato Head are playing a game of Go Fish, and Woody is looking over a calendar made for toys.

He saw that there is room available for recreational activities this week. In other words, it has been a good long time since Buzz and Jessie's last date together. At first, he decided to tell Buzz about this, but then decided to wait for his friend to be aware of this.

Slinky notices and walks up to the cowboy doll.

"I saw nothing marked on the calendar for this week too, Woody." the springy dachshund toy said. "Seems we've been so busy with playtime with Bonnie and meeting new toys and doing new missions that we haven't had time for a fun night!"

"Not just that." Woody replied. "This is also about Buzz and Jessie, and we and the others are not going to do anything about it. Buzz and Jessie have to realize this on their own. It wouldn't do much help if we just barged in."

"You're right. If Buzz and Jessie want to talk to us about having a long-needed date, they'll come to us when they're ready."

Later that evening, Bonnie is watching a nature documentary for kids on her TV, with her toys gathered around her, that shows two elephants forming a heart shape with their trunks.

While lifeless, Buzz and Jessie look on as they observe the two elephants make love with each other... and soon they are reminded of their relationship... about how the bonds in front of them grow over time. That's when they both realized something. They hadn't had a date in a good long while and the playtime, missions and meetings with new toys have been keeping them busy. Sure they see each other, but they hadn't had the time to go out on a genuine fun boyfriend/girlfriend date or even talk to each other aside from passing greetings! And even then those were scarce! What if they would wear off over time like the others? What if they fall out of love with each other?!

While Bonnie is asleep, Buzz, Jessie and the other toys have been put in her toy chest. While the other toys sleep peacefully, Buzz and Jessie had trouble sleeping due to not having been dating for awhile being fresh on their minds.

The next day, while Bonnie is at school, Buzz is trying to find a way to ask Jessie out for a date.

"Ugh! Come on now! You can do this!" he said to himself frustratingly. "You just have to be smooth, go with the flow. How hard could that possibly be?!"

He holds a doodle pad and a dry-erase marker to write down what words would be best to use for asking Jessie out.

A few minutes later, Woody is walking around when he noticed Buzz pounding his head on the bedpost while groaning in frustration. Right next to the space toy is a marker and a blank doodle pad.

Buzz is now very frustrated and hating himself at the moment. "Nothing! No ideas! Useless, empty brain! This is literally the simplest thing to do in the world! So why can't I do it then?!"

"What's seems to be the problem, Buzz?" Woody asks his friend.

Buzz turns around to see Woody standing in front of him. He stutters nervously while trying, and failing miserably, to play it cool. "I-I was j-just thinking about... thinking about..." He then stops trying to explain himself, while depressingly thinking what was the point, as he just looks down and sighs dejectedly while turning his back towards him with his hands on his head.

"Forget it. It's stupid... and I doubt you would understand."

"Come on, Buzz. I'm your friend." Woody reassured him. "Friends are supposed to understand one another's problems. I'll understand what's eaten you if you just simply tell me."

Buzz starts to fidget with his hands while not quite meeting the cowboy doll's eyes as he nervously tries to explain.

"Well... i-it's just that... with e-everything that's been going on lately... It's been... I-I really want to..." He struggles to speak properly before he finally looks at Woody and just spit it out in one breath, "I-really-want-to-ask-Jessie-out-for-a-date-tonight-because-we-haven't-been-on-one-in-like-forever!"

Woody raises his eyes at this before saying with slight confusion, "Well, from what I do understand, Buzz, is that you two have been close, why would such a simple thing like asking Jessie out be so difficult at all for you?"

"W-well... it's just like I said, we've both been really busy lately and when we're not busy, we're dead tired." Buzz said as he nervously looks down. "A-and I just want Jessie and I to have a fun night out with just the two of us...and just forget about all the craziness that's been happening lately...even if it's just for a little while."

"You know what I think you should do, Buzz?" Woody asked sympathetically. "Instead of just standing here talking about asking her out, you should do it. Actions speak louder than words, you know."

Buzz's eyes widen as he starts to stutterly nervously, "B-but..."

"Don't just talk, Buzz. Do."

Buzz looks at him for a moment before he starts nodding his head in confidence.

"Alright, I will!" he said with a determined smile.

He soon spots Jessie petting Bullseye. He at first smirks confidently as he struts his way towards her... only for the confidence in his walk to slowly fade away as he realizes he has no idea what to actually say to her to ask her out. But it is already too late as he finds himself already in front of Jessie. The cowgirl doll looks and sees Buzz's nervous blush and awkward smile. Raising an eyebrow in concern, she greets her boyfriend before asking him, "Hey, Buzz. Is there something you need?"

In a moment of impulse, Buzz blurts out, "Would-you-like-to-go-out-on-a-date-with-me-tonight?!"

The other toys look at him in shock and confusion over Buzz's loud question burst, which leads the space toy to blush hard enough to cover his face. It's only when he sees Jessie's hand holding his that calms him down.

"Nothing would make me happier than to go out with you tonight, babe." she said with a happy and loving smile before leaning to kiss him on the cheek.

Her smile and kiss brings a big smile of his own as he silently fist bumps in the air in trumph. Hamm and Rex were listening into the conversation and shared a smile while subtly fist bumping each other in response.

Well, that's a wrap for the beginning of this story. Once again, this is to honor "Toy Story 4". Feel free to read, review, favorite and follow, and there'll be a new chapter coming out soon!