In the darkest and lowest bowels of the infamous wizarding prison, only the most dangerous, darkest and powerful wizards are incarcerated. It was very rarely used, with even the Death Eaters given the more 'humane' cells. This was the level that was most populated by dementors, their nesting grounds, a level that was entirely inhabited by them. Aurors dared not to even show their face around here, not even with their Patronus charms active, with food and water only served by the hellish guards themselves.

To be locked up here meant that you were condemned to die screaming and in mental agony, denied even the smallest glimpses of light and hope. Since Magical Britain, thanks to Albus Dumbledore, had outlawed death penalty, this was the alternative, to be locked up in pretty much Hell on earth, repenting for the rest of your life.

This was a cruel, twisted and absolutely terrifying alternative, created by 'The Leader of Light' solely to satisfy his sick sense of justice and mercy. To which the sole occupant of this place would've long preferred quick and painless death by Avada Kedavra. Instead of that, he was sent here, enduring near endless sorrow, misery, despair and absolute lack of hope, as dementors relished in feeding of him.

For over two years, the young man known as Henry James Potter, had endured the living hell, having been sent here for the crimes and wrongdoings which he helped to stop. Instead of being praised and awarded for essentially saving his school from a Basilisk, created by Salazar Slytherin himself, he was incarcerated and shipped off here by the very people that should've stood by his side: his parents, godfather, teachers, friends and, especially, his damned younger brother, William Fleamont Potter, The Boy-Who-Lived.

Oh how he had loathed this damned title, but even more so, he loathed and even hated his parents and their friends, basking in all the glory of the vanquisher of Voldemort, whilst he was left out in the shadows and darkness. His parents, a term that Henry had used with absolute disgust, had long made it clear that he, their eldest son, wasn't a wanted child, having been conceived when his mother still going to Hogwarts, with both her and his father refusing to take any responsibility in raising him. He was, however, fortunate enough that his grandparents, Charlus Henry Potter and Dorea Persephone Black, were not only able, but willing and even eager to raise him as their own.

The memory of the two had brought a hollow and sorrowful feeling, sensing their loss even after so long. Their deaths still appearing before his very eyes, brought by the hand of Voldemort, who had fight them both just to get to him and his younger siblings, William and recently born sister Rose. He remembered how his grandfather had fought off Voldemort and his minions, killing near the half of the invaders, to a standstill, having been one of the few wizards at time to be able to match Dark Lord Grindelwald in battle… only to be stabbed in the back by a rat in human flesh, Peter Pettigrew, wounding him and being finished off by Voldemort himself.

And when he fell, his grandmother took up to fight against them, with tears on her eyes. Voldemort had believed that the woman would be nothing like her husband, but Dorea had proven him wrong, as she had cut down by curses, hexes and charms many of practically the rest of his minions, with Bellatrix and her husband with brother. He vividly remembered how his grandmother had materialized an ethereal raven, as she was pushed all the way into the children's room. She sent it against the green killing curse of Voldemort and seeing it collide with Voldemort, until darkness claimed him out of nowhere. Once he woke up, he was told by his godfather that it was his younger brother Will that had defeated Voldemort, whilst Dorea Black was the last of his victims. Henry knew it wasn't true, but everyone would not hear of what had really happened, since it was what Albus Dumbledore had said, the man that Henry would come to regard as the one of the architects of his misery.

He, along with Potters, Sirius and many others, have made his brother into a practical magical Jesus Christ, the destined savior of them… If the savior of their world was supposed to be an arrogant, unbearable, glory-drunk dunderhead, then Henry and his sister would much prefer apocalypse. After the deaths of his grandparents, his 'actual' parents had not an ounce of interest in him and Rose, since they didn't, according to Dumbledore, destroy Voldemort. It had fallen upon him now to take care of his little sister, the only living relative for whom he felt genuine love and who loved him back.

He is grateful to those few good people that hadn't forgotten about him, nor did they shun him. Andromeda, Edward and their daughter Nymphadora, auntie Cassiopeia, Lord and Lady Longbottom, Grandfather Arcturus - all of them were the people that had never forgotten him and treated him with kindness. He only dared to hope that they didn't believe him to be the monster Dumbledore, Fudge and Potters have made him to be.

As Henry steadied himself for the next visit of his hosts, he suddenly felt some kind of lightness, a tingle of… hope? Groggily he opened up his eyes, only to instantly close them from the brightness, emitted by two ethereal animals standing near his cell, along with the two persons that were producing them. One of them Henry was able to recognize, as it was the girl he considered as close as a sister to himself, Nymphadora Tonks, while her companion was someone he had seen only once, a black skinned, tall and powerful looking man. He was the one to talk, while Nym looked at Henry with barely contained tears.

"Henry James?" Soft, yet strong voice spoke, with Henry nodding, opening his eyes. "Stand up and step to the furthest wall. You have someone who would like meet you." Harry's eyes betrayed a mild surprise at hearing this news, yet he did as he was told.

Once the cell was opened, Henry stepped outside, only to nearly fall onto the ground, as his legs were failing him. Only thanks to Tonks he didn't meet the cold stone with his face, as she quickly caught him, and nearly effortlessly helped him up, but continued to hold his hand. It was easy for the girl to do so, as his stay in here has resulted in Henry James, once a tall and handsome raven-haired man with deep warm green eyes, to become a walking dead man.

His skin was pale, practically hanging on his bones, as he lost a great amount of his weight, with his once strong muscles nearly atrophied. His face was gaunt and clearly showed outlines of his skull. His once messy black hair was now replaced by an unkempt grey mane of hard hair. And his eyes, from warm green, had long turned pale white, having lost their color in the presence of dementors. The very sight of him had nearly broke Nymphadora, and only a reassuring hand of her partner on her shoulder kept her together, as they travelled through the bowels of this accursed place.

Henry didn't know how long they walked, but once they reached their destination, the tall black man pushed the door, with Tonks leading him in and seating him in the chair at the table. Henry looked up with his pale eyes to see two more persons, one being the woman that had for all intense and purposes became a mother to him, Andromeda Galatea Tonks, and another woman, dressed in Auror's garments, with a monocle in her eye and looking at him with interest, yet caution, while Andromeda was paralyzed with the sight before her. The monocle woman spoke up.

"Thank you, Tonks, Kingsley." She nodded them to take their place behind Henry, before she turned to him. "Henry, do you know who I am?"

"N-n-n…" Henry struggled to answer as his tongue and throat refused to work in any way, with Andromeda already seeing what was going on.

"His vocal cords must've atrophied. Amelia, give me a couple of minutes, please." Andromeda received a quick nod, with the medical witch immediately taking out her wand and beginning casting spells on Henry's body.

Within a few minutes, Henry felt as if the very life itself was returning back into his body. His hands and legs once more felt like moving, his lungs could once more take in air without hurting him. Once Andromeda was done, Henry had managed to speak, for the first time, in over a year.

"Th-thank you, auntie 'Dromeda." Henry spoke to her, with Andromeda breaking into tears at hearing her all-but adopted son speak.

"Oh, my poor little boy, what have they…" Andromeda nearly hugged Henry's form, had it not been for Kingsley's polite cough. "Harry, please, tell her everything. I swear, she can help you, so please, my dear boy…"

"Andromeda, please." Amelia interrupted her, with Nym taking her mother outside of the room to take care of her. "Now, Mr. Potter, do you know who I am?"

"No, but your name and face seem familiar." Henry answered her with a little strain, still adjusting to his own voice. "You remind of a girl from Hufflepuff I knew, Susan Bones. She said her aunt was called Amelia."

"That would be me, Mr. Potter." She nodded. "I am Amelia Bones, Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement of Magical Britain. My niece, Susan, had told me quite a few things about you, things that I wouldn't have expected hear about the second coming of Salazar Slytherin himself."

"I never was one for standards or fitting into stereotypes." Harry simply said to her. "Just because I was a Slytherin didn't mean to me that I should become a stuck-up bigoted dark wizard. I've more than enough of those in my Gryffindor family, with William and James, not to mention their bootlickers, the Weasley family."

"Yes, Susan had told me much the same. She told that you have the heart of the Gryffindor, mind of Ravenclaw, soul of Hufflepuff and wisdom of Slytherin." Amelia told him, with a chuckle escaping from Harry's lips. "Henry, do you know why I'm here?"

"No." He simply answered. "Probably to ask me, why I had set a Basilisk upon the Muggleborns in Hogwarts? If that's the case, read the trial record and you'll know, it's all in there."

"Yes, I've read it through and through, and would you like to know what I think?" Amelia asked of him, with Henry quirking up a brow. "That it's the biggest load of dragon dung I've ever seen. I've been in my position for 10 years now, and I know a drumhead trial when I see one, and yours is the bloody prime example of it: no defense, no right to speak in defense, only the words of people that utterly hate you… But what had surprised me the most in it all was that throughout the entire thing, you never even rebuked them. Tell me, Mr. Potter, how come someone, whom Auror Tonks stated to have: "the biggest pair of balls made of goblin metal," didn't even say a word in his defense, hm?"

"Maybe because there wasn't anything to say?" Henry said to her rhetorically, with Amelia not buying into it.

"Really? Mr. Potter, please do not insult me. Unlike Fudge, your father, Sirius and many others, I've got a brain and I know how to use it. Otherwise, your Grandfather would've never taken me under his wing to train as an Auror." Henry looked a little surprised at the mention of Charlus Potter. "Yes, I apprenticed under him and I've even met you a couple of times when you were but a small little babe, a purest soul on earth. And even though it has been over 18 years now, I can still clearly see that same child in you. I refuse to believe that someone raised by Charlus and Dorea Potter could ever even think of letting out a Basilisk. So, I will ask you again, why the hell didn't you say anything in your defense back then?"

Henry looked at her for a second, before recalling exactly why he didn't oppose anything that was said about him back then, and telling her about it.

Two years ago. Ministry's holding cells.

Henry sat in his holding cell, contemplating how his entire life had come to this damned moment. He always knew that his parents always sought out a way to get rid of him, but to actually accuse him of letting out a Basilisk and trying to kill his brother, his favorite Weasley git fan, sister and that Weasley girl, when he was the one to get save them… He could only curse his own damned bloody luck. He knew that he was going to face a drumhead trial, no question about it, but he will bloody well show them that he still had a few things to say to them all, as well as a few things to use to prove his innocence. After all, Magical Oaths nobody had canceled out of existence.

As he was thinking out his strategy, Henry heard how someone had stepped to his cell, ordering the Aurors to leave them alone. From the voice Henry understood who it was.

"Came to gloat, James?" Henry looked up at his smirking father. "Finally getting rid of the unwanted child at last… I guess it's the day of celebration for you and the rest of them."

"You are right, snake." James chuckled in a satisfied voice. "I will admit, Lily and I have been waiting for this since the day we finally understood that you were going dark. A pity that we had to endure your slithering existence for these 7 years." He said with utter disgust.

"Well, if I am Dark, then I have only you to thank for it." Henry chuckled, as he stood up. "Left alone with my sister, never treated as if we were any relation to you two, but then again, we were never someone like William, a walking glory magnet, from whom you could leach off like parasites."

"Your brother had rightfully deserved his glory for his defeat of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, while you, a little dark snake that you are, had tried to destroy all that is holy in Hogwarts." James spat in Henry's face. "I told Dumbledore that he should've expelled you the moment you were sorted into Slytherin, but no. He gave you a chance at being someone good for once, and you blew, just like you always have done."

"If by that chance you mean being an obedient little soldier for your Greater Good, then I'm all too happy to have declined." Henry said to him, while James' disgusted face smirked again. "Don't go celebrate this victory yet, James. Fudge and others may've already said their verdict in their mind, but that doesn't mean I can't take a few bites off of you and your pathetic excuse of a Savior. We both know he was useless against Voldemort, and I'll make sure that everyone knows it tonight."

"Ah yes, the Magical Oaths." James chuckled lowly at this. "Dumbledore had told me that you'd find some way to falsify the facts in your favor. But I doubt that you will do this today, my dear son."

"Why? Because you'll say please?" Henry said in a mocking voice. "Try me, James. I already know my sentence, and if I'm going down for your Greater Good, then why should I care for you and your reputation?"

"Because if you don't, then you'll be having a company with you in Azkaban." James said to him with an evil smirk, with Henry's face immediately losing all color. "Rosy has been so feverishly defending you, telling everyone that you've actually saved her and that it was poor Ginny that had done it all. While it can easily be said that she is just shaken, but… Who is to say, that you haven't… corrupted her?"

"No… You stay away from her." Henry said to him in a low growling voice. "She's innocent, and she'd have died in that damned Chamber! Don't fucking give a damn about her, you monster?!"

"She could've, if I were to say so." James simply looked at his shaking son with a sick satisfaction. "But that girl has been nothing but a disgrace to the House of Potter for her entire life. First by refusing the honor of being betrothed to Ronald, then by spending so much time with you, and finally, by lowering herself to becoming a Hufflepuff." James practically spat out that word.

"She has a good heart, unlike the vile woman that birthed her…" Henry said angrily, for which he got hit by a stinging hex in his chest.

"Lily and I are still debating, whether she is worth keeping around, or if it'd be better to simply… rid ourselves of another dark witch in the making." James said to the hissing out of pain Henry. "Dumbledore actually believes that there is some salvation for her, if only her brother were to admit to all his entire crimes, including using his poor loving sister in a dark ritual to revive You-Know-Who. Otherwise… I can't guarantee her fate. The choice is yours, Harry, and for once in your life, I advise you to actually do as your better tells you." With this said, James had left Henry to himself.

Henry had collapsed onto the floor, his eyes closed and welling up with tears. He should've known, he had to know that it wouldn't be as simple as it seemed. He long had understood that for his goals, Dumbledore was ready to discard anything and anyone unsuited for his purposes, and James and Lily would only be too happy to add to their fame and glory. Henry already had accepted his fate in his heart, but Rose… No, he would never dare to let her suffer because of his actions. His sister deserved to live a good life, and as much as he wanted to see the entire Ancient and Noble House of Potter burn, he would himself burn on a stake then see Rose put with him in Azkaban. Dumbledore had played him, used the single thing that Henry could never discard in face of death: his love for his little sister.

The choice was obvious…

Present time.

Amelia sat still as she listened to Henry tell her the truth, and only years of training and carrier as an Auror had prevented her from cursing in front of the falsely accused man. She had long known that James Potter, while a dashing and chivalrous rouge outside, was nothing more than a pathetic excuse of human being. Even back in Hogwarts, she could clearly see an envious and malignant person that would do anything to get famous. His escapades with Marauders only confirmed it to her and his parents, who were unable to reform their son. He was never able to live up to the standards of his father and his deceased older brothers, Michael and Gabriel.

Those two were the pride of Gryffindor and Hogwarts, true sons of Charlus Potter, with both having never feared to face any danger together, nor let an injustice go unpunished. Michael was the eldest, being born 12 years before James, and by the time James had graduated, he already had a wife and two children, a daughter and a son. He was raised as a true Heir, and had every quality to be one, and would've been, had it not been for Dragon Pox taking the lives of his children, and then Death Eaters torturing his wife Isabella Rosier to death, all in the same year. Michael may've been one of the bravest men she knew, but every man can only take so much until his spirit was broken. But even so, he did die a brave man, defending his family to the last of his breath when Voldemort began his hunt on Potters.

Gabriel… Never had Amelia known a sweeter and kinder man, but at the same time someone who could make her smile and laugh with how utterly reckless he cloud be. 3 years older than James and her age, it was actually a surprise to her that she, a stiff and by the rules Hufflepuff, ended up becoming best friends with the most reckless, trouble-seeking Gryffindor Hogwarts had ever seen. It was even more of a shock that she had fallen in love with him, and by the end of their 7th year, they were married. Their parents were surprised, but supported their union never the less, and she could honestly say that never had she been happier in her life.

She loved Gabriel with all her heart, and the day she found out she was pregnant with their child, she thought that she would die from sheer happiness. But, as fate would have it, her paradise didn't last long, as Gabriel, much like his brothers, and her family, was involved with the Order of Phoenix, and was at the frontlines against Voldemort and his Death Eaters. She was in her last trimester when news came about her Gabriel, with Alastor Moody personally delivering them. Gabriel, along with the Prewett Twins, Gideon and Fabian, were ambushed and killed by Death Eaters, with Gabriel falling at the hand of Voldemort himself, who had wanted to be the one to end one of the most powerful enemies himself.

Moody may've said that he had died like a hero, but Amelia didn't need a bloody hero, she needed her husband, her Gabriel. The next weeks were utter hell for her, as the child, the son she carried, had died from the magical overload because of Amelia's hysterical state in her womb, and medics in St. Mungo had remove him and her womb to save her. She would never be able to conceive, and only Susan had saved her from taking her own life, as she herself had lost her parents and needed someone to raise and love her, and Amelia made sure that her Susan was raised and loved as if she was her own daughter, even though always will miss her Gabriel and little Edward.

Both the men were infinitely greater and better than what James could ever even hope to become, and yet, instead of them, it was James that continues to draw breath.

"I always suspected that he and Black were rotten, but to threaten to send his own daughter to Azkaban… Makes me glad that you sister had disappeared." Kingsley spoke up, drawing the attention from Harry.

"What?" Harry asked of him. "What do you mean by it?"

"Your sister, Rose Dorea Potter, had vanished without a trace on 30th of August in 1993rd, with her wand snapped and Ministry unable to track her through The Trace." Amelia informed shocked Henry. "Nobody knows where she is, or if she's alive. Potters have tried to use blood magic and her connection to House of Potter to find her, but it did nothing for them. This has led everyone to the conclusion that the girl was either killed by Peter Pettigrew, who escaped Azkaban earlier same month, or that she has…"

"Magically discarded the name of Potter and all blood and magical relations with the House." Henry finished for her, with Amelia nodding to him. "She hated our family even more than I did, and only reason she even remained there was because of me…"

"While everyone believes that she has been killed by Pettigrew, who had escaped once again capture after his attempt on William Potter's life, I have reasons to believe otherwise." Amelia pulled out a small letter out of her pocket and gave it to Henry. "I received it three days ago via an owl in my house. Susan, who was close friends with her, told me that it is Rose's handwriting. Can you confirm it?"

"Yes, it's definitely hers." Henry nodded to Amelia, as he read the letter.

Lady Amelia,

I know that you must be confused, getting a letter from a seemingly dead girl, but, I assure you, that I am perfectly fine and alive. If you have Susan close to you, then she will confirm it to you that it's my handwriting. And if you are still confused, then here is another proof for you: 12th of August, 1992, you and Susan had bumped into me on your way to the Madam Malkin's robes, and you've helped me get my robes measured, and after helped me find my big brother Harry in the bookshop.

I can't tell you where I am, but I do know that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is back and that Ministry do nothing against him, while Dumbledore and my family trust William to defeat him by whatever insane manner. Susan told me that you are a woman that believes in justice and truth, as well being someone that hates both Dumbledore and Voldemort for taking away Uncle Gabriel. Because of them, I've had my only brother locked up in Azkaban for something he hasn't done. If you want to end them both, and I have a feeling that you do, then he is the one you for this. There is a phial with a memory that will tell you why you need him and why he should be freed.

Do not try to find me, and do not trust the Potters and the Order.

Rose Dorea.

Henry read the entire letter twice, taking in all that was written there, before looking up at Amelia and speaking up.

"Voldemort… He is back?" He said in a shocked voice, with Kingsley and returned Tonks women flinching at the mention of him, while Amelia simply nodded. "How could… Oh bloody hell… He made more than one…" Henry's eyes widened as he realized something that had escaped from others, with Nymphadora speaking up.

"More than one? Harry, what does that supposed to mean?" She asked of him, with Harry taking in the air. "Bro, do you know something?"

"Yeah, I do…" Henry nodded to them all, before looked up at Amelia. "What memory did she send you?"

"One that had a part of your battle with one known as Tom Marvollo Riddle, followed by you short fight with Aurors Potter, Black, Lupin and Professor Snape." Amelia informed him, with Henry understanding what she meant. "She was one of the victims, wasn't she? And Riddle is born name of Voldemort, isn't it?"

"Yes, on both accounts." Henry nodded to Amelia.

"It was Ginny Weasley, possessed by him, that sent Basilisk at the Muggleborns and later managed to kidnap both William and Rose to use their magic to let Voldemort's soul regain life, am I correct?" Henry nodded to her, while everyone else listened carefully to this exchange. "While all of this is clear to me, but what cannot understand, however, is how were you able to withstand Basilisk's gaze in eyes and even control him? And what had really happened there?"

"About Basilisk's killing eyes, Parselmouths are immune to his gaze, with Riddle and I being as such. As for control and what had happened there…"

Two years ago. Chamber of Secrets.

Henry could honestly say that there were times when he had literally cursed being born a brother to so-called Boy-Who-Lived. Now was one such moment, as he stared right into the eyes of a fully reborn Tom Marvollo Riddle, or as he styled himself, Lord Voldemort, with the four victims, used as batteries to fuel him up, lying right behind Henry. While in any other situation, he would've been more than happy to leave his insufferable little brother to his fate, alongside those parasitic Weasleys, the fact that the fourth victim was his little sister Rose had ensured Henry's involvement in this entire bloody thing. And despite how much he had tried to distance himself from this entire Heir of the Slytherin business and simply finish his final year, he now had to finish it himself, just like that whole accursed Philosopher's Stone business last year.

While it was initially hard to get to the bottom of this entire charade, Henry's Slytherin mind had allowed him to piece together the clues and history to get to the meat of it all. Heir of Slytherin, with the petrified Filch's cat indicated that it was something connected with Salazar Slytherin and his lines. A single visit to the library and reading of Wizarding Houses and Lineages, along with Foundation of Hogwarts, revealed to him that out of all lines from Slytherin, only House of Gaunts were alive long enough to produce an Heir of Slytherin, who could open the Chamber, and that said Heir was produced by Merope Gaunt, disowned near squib woman, since her brother and father left no heirs of their own, according to book, even if it didn't state that she has had any children. As for petrification, Henry understood that one from the information about Hogwarts' ventilation system of pipes, and Salazar Slytherin's symbol of snake, a Basilisk.

When the next attack came, Henry deduced that the Chamber was opened 50 years ago and that someone had died then as well. A quick chat with Myrtle, a ghost who haunted an abandoned toilet, revealed to Henry that the one using Basilisk was a man near his age or so, and that he had to be a Parselmouth, just like him. When it came out that his brother was also a Parselmouth on a duel with Malfoy, Henry decided to pay extra attention to the students, as he had a suspicion, that the Heir of Slytherin maybe dead and is actually possesses someone. His hunch was right, as thanks to Rose, he learned about Ginny Weasley's deteriorating mood, weaknesses during class and seemingly apathetical disposition- all symptoms of a possession.

While he had asked Rose to stay as bloody far away from Weasleys as possible, Harry searched for the name of the Heir, until he found it out, all thanks to the Hall of Glory and Trophies. Tom Marvollo Riddle, a Slytherin student, half-blood, who had been a student in the correct time frame, was the one possessing the Weasley girl. At the same time, he had managed to locate, thanks again to Myrtle, the entrance to the Chamber. He had been in the middle of preparations to dealing with this damn crisis, when he found out that Ginny had taken Rose to Chamber and that his damn brother and his arselicker were going after them. Discarding all preparations and channeling his Gryffindor side, he went after them, intent to murder Ginny if need was.

A shame he was too late for that, as Voldemort had been reborn in his youthful visage and was now holding what looked like a small diary. As Henry drew his 14 inches wand, made of red oak and with dragon heartstring, Tom took William's wand, before burning the book in his hand and speaking up to Henry.

"Ah, such a joy to be finally free from this vessel." Henry listened to Voldemort carefully, slightly confused by what he meant. "Well, I have to say that I am very pleasantly surprised that you've managed to make your way here, Mr. Potter. Ginny's thoughts about you were all but showing that you were a second coming of Grindelwald. I must say, that you do not disappoint."

"Glad you are pleased, Voldemort." Henry replied in a sarcastic tone, bringing his wand up. "From those words of yours, I gather that the book you just destroyed was your vessel, an anchor for your soul from which you now live… A Horcrux." Henry practically whispered that last part, with Tom actually applauding him.

"Bravo, truly bravo." Tom sincerely stated to him. "Ah, it is such a joy to meet someone of equal intellect and might. I take it, you've learned of the Horcrux the same way as I did, from the story of the Herpo the Foul in Greek Wizards and Witches of Old in the library?" He asked in a genuanly curious tone.

"Not quite, it only provided the clarification to what I already had learned in the past." Henry answered him with Riddle seemingly satisfied with answer. "It also explained how your disembodied soul survived that night, but now it seems that you are a now a completely separate living thing, no longer bound to your originator."

"Once again correct my dear Slytherin compatriot." Tom smiled to him. "Now, I understand that your sole reason for coming here was because of your little sister Rose there, wasn't it? If it's any consolation to you, I do regret that I had to use her power for my own needs, as I had no desire to draw your ire, my friend."

"Somehow, I find this highly doubtful." Henry nearly hissed at him. "You knew that I was onto you, right from the moment when I had figured out who you were possessing, so decided to draw me into your lair. To kill the one person you thought who could end you."

"Hm, actually my first thought was to simply talk to you, Henry. Although, since you are a true Slytherin, you understand that as much as I may respect and even admire you, I can't simply let you spoil my campaign." Tom brought up Will's wand up. "But I do wish to ask you, if you would consider consolidating our ambitions, minds and power? For a man of your intellect, it should not be hard to determine just what heights we may achieve together. Dumbledore, your parents, purebloods and muggles, all will bow to our will." Henry simply smiled at him, before answering.

"My apologies, Tom, but why should I cooperate with one person I know for certain to fear me at moment?" Tom's face betrayed small tingle anger. "I much rather have you destroyed than be my ally. And besides, don't tell me that you wouldn't stab me in the back the first chance that you go."

"Ha, spoken like a true Slytherin." Tom smiled to him. "Killing you will be the hardest thing I'll ever enjoy. Avada Kedavra!"

With his instincts sharpened to their fullest extent, Henry was able to instantly sidestep from the Killing Curse, immediately sending his own Reductor Curse at Tom. Riddle's Protego saved him from being blasted, but it did unbalance him a little, leading to him taking a next hit from Henry's Diffindo, slashing at his face and opening a large gash on his right side. Hissing from pain and his wounded pride, Tom's shields flared up, taking the brunt of the multiple Stupefy and Expeliarmus charms, until he found an opening in Henry's defense and struck.

"Repellium!" A quick small ethereal ball shot from his wand and hit a disarming charm of Henry, sending it right back at him.

Henry wasn't ready to face the repelling charm, and his wand would've been taken out of his hand, if he hadn't put up his own shield up, so thankfully he was simply pushed backwards from the force of his own charm. Using the opening in their duel, Tom decided to use his ultimate weapon against his opponent, as he spoke in the tongue of snakes.

"Basilisk, your Master commands you to come and slay this false speaker!" Tom hissed, and right out of the water behind him sprung out the one thing that Henry feared to see.

Basilisk was truly a magnificent, yet terrifying sight for Henry's eyes: over 20 meters in length, as wide as a car and with eyes as menacing as they were somewhat charming. It took him a second to realize that he had just stared right into the eyes of Basilisk and was still functioning and thinking. Rebooting his mind right next second, he saw that the large snake was making its way right to him, with her hissing in familiar to them tongue.

"This speaker dares to oppose the Master's Heir? Yet you stare at me and not fall?" The hiss was truly a curious one for the Snake. "Only Master could look in my eyes and live, but why can you?"

"Maybe I'm also Master's Heir, if I made my way all the way here?" Henry suggested it to the Basilisk, who seemingly stopped in its tracks, with Riddle shocked. "You can hear me speak the noble tongue, can't you?"

"Yes, and your voice… Your voice is stronger, and only a True Heir could look in my eyes. He dares not…" Basilisk surprised them both, when he suddenly turned to face Riddle, who was reeling back. "Enemies of the True Heir must DIE!" Basilisk immediately launched itself at Riddle.

As Henry was reeling from the shock, he wasn't able to witness how Tom had launched a Reducto in the open maw of Basilisk, destroying his insides and killing the beast. Harry saw it happen, with Tom sidestepping away from the corpse and speaking.

"Damned beast, how dared he…" Tom looked at Harry with a powerful glare. "Well, well, it would seem, Mr. Potter, that you are not only a nuisance, but a pretender as well. I know naught how Basilisk has recognized you as True Heir, but I'll be sure to rectify my mistake of not killing you earlier right away!" And with that he launched a flurry of curses at Henry.

Without wasting breath on words, Henry's shields and counters sprung out his wand, as he answered on Riddle's attacks with his own. A storm of Incendio was met by a torrent Aquamenti, followed by the acid Transfiguration of the water. Tom's response was the Glacious charm, freezing it all before him, before blasting the ceiling above Harry's head.

Reacting with all his speed, levitated falling rocks directly in front of himself, creating a wall in front of himself and protecting himself for next couple seconds from Riddle's assault. A quick glance behind showed that while the victims were all stirring up, with only Rose being somewhat awake, they were still defenseless. He had to find a way to finish this quickly, and that meant going all out at him.

Time was to whip out what he had learned from his grandfather's personal collection.

Henry's wall transfigured into sand and dropped down, with Riddle's transfiguration, as he looked utterly murderous. Deciding that enough was enough, using all power he could muster up, his wand released a great flame, which took shape of the snake and was making its way to Harry. Recognizing the spreading flame as Fiendfyre, he knew that the only way to answer to this in his current situation was to give this fire something it could not handle. Waving his wand in a circular motion before him, spoke the incantation, and the blazing snake of fire was suddenly met with a wall of bright blue fire, hitting it right in the neck and beheading the fire snake.

Tom's eyes widened as he recognized one of the few spells that could stop and dispel his Fiendfyre. Protego Diabolica, a Dark Charm spell, creating a wall of living demonic fire that listened to the will of the caster. To cast such a spell, the wizard would have to be not just powerful, but remarkably skilled as well. He himself had been able to make it, but not maintain it at such level, a level at which his most powerful spell was destroyed. Tom had believed himself to be someone equal in power to Dumbledore and Grindelwald in their prime and with reason, as he thought, but now… Now he stared at someone, whom as much as he utterly detested the very notion of it, he was actually beginning to fear.

Catching his breath in a second, Harry had pointed his wand at his opponent, and his diabolical fire immediately spread right towards Riddle at the great speed. Mentally commanding to devour and destroy him, Harry sent even more of his power into the flames, greatly increasing its intensity. Riddle's shock was quickly over, and his wand had conjured up his own version of diabolical flames… But all it did to him was grant him a few seconds of reprieve. With a roar of the infernal beast, Henry's flames broke through the feeble defense of Riddle and engulfed him fully.

Screeching and screaming had filled the Chamber, as his now mortal body now burned to nothingness by the violent flames. In a few seconds, Henry saw how the very last of Riddle had disintegrated, and he dispelled the flames, nearly dropping on his knees from exhaustion. But there was no rest for the wicked, taking the phial with a powerful energizing potion and chugging it down the throat. Henry turned his attention back to his sister…

Only to be blasted right off of his place and flung into the water, only saved from drowning by their shallowness. Rising from his feet and spitting out of his mouth blood, piercing pain in his chest struck Henry, as he felt that his ribs were broken. With a furious eye, he looked at the unwanted guests, namely his father, godfather, Remus Lupin and Professor Snape, who began to send hexes and curses at him. Reenergized, Henry put up his best defensive charm, Protego Repello, and maintained it for as a long as it was possible, before his new attackers exhausted their attacks, with James shouting at him.

"Cursed snake! You will pay for attacking your brother and the students of Hogwarts!" He arrogantly boasted. "I knew that you were dark, but to be the one behind it all, even I couldn't believe it!"

"Dumbledore had hopped you would turn from your dark path, Harry, but to go as low as this?!" Sirius bellowed at him. "You are not godson of mine!"

"Surrender now and you will have a fair trial, Harry!" Remus shouted at him. "You can win against us four here!"

"Mr. Potter, I will be honest and ask of you to actually put up a fight." Snape smirked at him, sneering at the same time. "I've waited for a very long time to finally end you, so do not disappoint me…"

"To hell with all of you!" Henry shouted out in rage, flaring all of his power at once and channeling it into his spells.

Even though Henry had just defeated and destroyed the very same Voldemort that had been so feared by all, he was in no condition to hold off the attacks of all four of them at once. Never in his life would he have imagined the Marauders and Snape working together, but it seems that common hatred and disgust unite even the unlikeliest of people. Pulling himself out of the waters and moving as fast as he could, Henry wasted no time to respond with blocks on spells, maneuvering around and answering with his own hexes and curses.

Dodging the combined stunners of James and Sirius, he responded to them with his flaming charm, before instantly shifting his attention to Remus being hit by the stinging hex in his leg. Hissing with pain, Henry wasted not a second to respond with Expulsio right in the face of the werewolf, sending him flying away, but his victory was hollow, as Snape, James and Sirius had used this moment to strike at him with Expeliarmus. The force of the combined attack was enough to plant Henry into the wall behind him with a great force, before he gravitated down to earth with a thud.

He was done for, and he knew it well, as well as he understood that the forces of Light have decided to get rid of him. He didn't know how they got here, nor did he care, but what he did know was the fact that Dumbledore knew that Harry would go here. It was very well known that he cared for Rose the most, and just like Riddle, he used it against him. As he was trying to rise on his feet, spewing out of his mouth blood, he was kicked into the stomach and rolled onto the back, looking into the smirking faces of James Potter and Severus Snape, with the latter speaking.

"How disappointingly pathetic, Mr. Potter. One would think that the Heir of Slytherin would fare better, but after all, it is you we are talking about." Severus Snape said to him with a sick pleasure coursing on his face. "Oh, revenge is truly sweet. Any last words to your Head before it all ends?"

"Yeah…" Sneakily, Harry pointed his wand at Severus, without being seen, as he whispered painfully. "Sectumsepra." And with the sight of Severus Snape's face being slashed by invisible blades, did Harry Potter drift into nothingness of sleep.


"Bloody hell… H-he actually returned then… And Dumbledore actually…" Tonks was pale after hearing it all, with Kingsley just barely maintaining his composure, while Andromeda looked a few years older.

"He knew, or at least, suspected this being in play." Henry pulled aside his grey hair from blocking his view. "If you think about it, he's the Headmaster of Hogwarts, the one that is supposed to be fully connected with it on a magical level. I doubt that a man of his power, knowledge and might wouldn't know of Basilisk, possession and all the rest. Hell that damned business with Flammel's stone just confirms to me that Dumbledore doesn't give two shits about security and people. All that damned bastard cares about are his schemes for his Greater Good."

"And considering the incident with Pettigrew and theTri-Wizard tournament… Damn it, i-if I didn't know it any better, I'd say that he was actually trying to get H-Him resurrected." Kingsley's detective mind pieced together all the occurrences and facts that he and Amelia had discovered. "But why? What hell would Dumbledore get from it all? Does he want another damned war on his hands?"

"Something tells me that it's exactly what he wants…" Andromeda said, as she sat at Amelia's right. "Every time, he sends Will right towards the danger, as if he actually wants him to die, but why…"

"I dunno why, Mom, but I'm starting to think that Dad should've taken that offer to teach at Illvermony in the States." Nymphadora said, turning her head to Henry. "Harry, that soul thingy you mentioned, was that what you…"

"Yeah, Horcrux." Henry nodded to Nym. "It is a form of immortality, achieved through the separation of one's soul and placing half of it into an object. I don't know the details of its creation, but I do know that it involves a death of someone. It is one of the darkest and most vile spells known, and while it may grant immortality, there is a steep price to pay for it…"

"And Voldemort paid it more than ones, considering that he is back, and not as the living shadow of the past." Amelia sighed and looked at Henry. "While I do believe you, Henry, can you explain to me how, in Merlin's, name were you able to stand up to him? And where did you learn such powerful spells?"

"As much as I would love to claim that I've been blessed with power to rival Merlin himself, I doubt that I back then could've to the true Voldemort." Henry said to them all. "That in the Chamber was not Voldemort at his fullest, only what he once was, and I don't think he as strong as he was at his height of might. No, I was lucky back then to have managed to defeat him. As for my spells… James and Lily never really paid any mind to the basement of our Mansion, where my grandparents kept all the best books on Charms, Transfigurations and Dark Arts, and those were the only reprieve for me and Rose. Did you know that I actually taught her how to read and write?" Henry chuckled to himself. "I don't know about my power, but my spells and knowledge come from the legacy my grandparents left me. And it turned out; I really do have a great deal of potential in those areas, especially with Dark Arts. Perhaps, there really is some of Slytherin blood in me, but from where and whom…"

"We can worry about it later." Amelia said to him, getting his attention. "Right now, Henry, I need you to swear to me that all you've said is true."

"Don't know why, but I sense there's something you have to offer me." Henry said more to himself. "I, Henry James, do solemnly swear upon my magic that all said by me here today is true." Magic illuminated in gold color from him, indicating that he was telling the truth.

"Alright, Henry, now I do really believe you and your sister." Amelia said to him. "I believe it is obvious to you now, that I have a deal for you, right?"

"Absolutely, and I'm listening." Henry was actually eager to hear what Amelia Bones had to offer.

"As much as I would like it, I can't get you a fair trial, nor a pardon, because nobody would allow it, especially with Fudge and the rest of his damned cabinet now burying their heads in the sand and going against Dumbledore and his cohorts." Amelia confessed to him. "However, that doesn't mean that I can't get you out of here, but there is something that I will need of you, Harry, or do you prefer Henry?"

"Henry, Harry is only for my closest people." Henry said to her, with Amelia nodding to him. "And what's your plan to get me out of here? I'm stuck in the lowest level of Azkaban, dementors' literal den, there is no escape for me alive."

"That's correct. You can't get out of here. Alive, that is." Amelia saw that Henry understood her meaning, as she pulled out a phial with a potion out of her pocket and placed it before Henry. "You've gotten an O for Potions on your N.E. . Care to tell me what this is?"

"Draught of Living Death, brewed by one auntie 'Dromeda, right?" Henry saw that he was correct, with Andromeda nodding to him. "So, what is it that you really want from me, Lady Bones?"

"To see to it that Voldemort and Dumbledore are removed out of this world for good." She stated to him, with Henry cocking his eyebrow upwards. "In your 7th year, you've managed to defeat and kill Tom Riddle, along with finding out his secret to immortality, and before that, in your 6th year, you faced the real Voldemort and killed his host. I've done my research on you, and I know that you've got the highest grades in Charms, Dark Arts, Transfiguration and Potions, and only coming second in Ancient Runes. You are someone whom Dumbledore had openly admitted to me being much like Voldemort in the past, but I can see that you really are someone that they both are fearful of."

"Playing on my sense self-importance, Lady Bones?" Henry chuckled openly. "How very Slytherin of you, but what do you really want of me?"

"My hands are tied up because of my position, and Dumbledore's Order won't do a thing without his say so. And so, I need you, the one man that both of those men hate and fear, to help me to take them down." Amelia admitted to him. "You've learned of Riddle in one year more than all of Aurors did in twenty, so you, a man with your mind, would be able to find out his Horcruxes and destroy them. And once that is done, help me to finally put that damned bugger into the ground, along with Dumbledore."

"While all this is quite appealing to me, I need to ask you still… Why would you entrust me with this task? For all intense and purposes, Madam, I am not a Light wizard, that I can tell you. For all their damned bravado and boasting, Potters and his friends did get one thing right: Dark is far more appealing to me." Harry clearly admitted to Amelia, who wasn't even shaken by, nor were the others. "Why trust someone like me, who has no trouble with killing, torturing and using whatever means to get the job done?"

"Exactly because of all those qualities you've listed above." She said to him. "We are at war, Henry, and I know for a fact that if I want to have any chance at winning it, I need someone who can do all those things. War is hell, as muggles say, and I need a man that can walk into it and use it to the fullest. I don't need a noble Hufflepuff, or a brave and reckless Gryffindor, or a wise Ravenclaw. I need a cunning, determined, ruthless and utterly ambitious Slytherin, and as far as I know, you are the only one who fits the bill."

"Hm, yeah, the last crops of Slytherin students I've seen are utter failures in all aspects." Henry chuckled to himself. "Very well, I'm in. What's your plan, by the way? Let me drink this, have Andromeda here examine me and determine my death and them smuggle me out on the mainland?"

"Pretty much yes. We've already prepared a fake body, courtesy of Andromeda's Transfiguration and Alchemical prowess, so they won't tell the difference, especially after she gets' the details right." Andromeda left to get the finishing touches. "Officially, there was a call from here about you finally dying, made by the Warden, so Tonks brought here her mother. Kingsley and I are here on official business to interrogate Death Eaters on their knowledge of Voldemort, all of which is officially recorded in Ministry already."

"Wouldn't it be strange that I so suddenly died?" Henry asked, with Kingsley answering that.

"Henry, the level you were sent is specifically designed for prisoners to die quickly, within a few months. Fact that you've managed to hold on for two years is actually remarkable and astonishing." Kingsley admitted to him. "Care to share how you are still even sane?"

"I've kept my mind occupied with what I would do once I get out." Henry grimly admitted, getting a curious eye from all. "That and… let's just say that I've got an angel watching over me."

"An angel? Like those in Christianity?" Nym asked of him, with Henry nodding to her. "Are you into a religion to, Harry?"

"No, but that doesn't mean I don't believe in higher powers." Harry admitted, before turning to Amelia. "I'm sure you'll understand, but my stay here has been a ruinous one on my body and magic. I'll need time to get back in top shape, away from Britain where I could be found. I won't risk Tonks family, so I'm sorry, auntie, Nym, but you are out of consideration."

"I understand, and we've already made arrangements for your recovery." Andromeda admitted to him. "We four here aren't the only people here who believe you are innocent, Harry. Cassiopeia Black is with us too, along with her father and your great grandfather, Arcturus Black. They've prepared to receive you."

"The House of Black is in this too? Good." Henry said, taking the phial and opening it up. "Anything I should know before we get down to business?"

"Only that Aurors Tonks and Shacklebolt here will be acting as my spies in the Order. So if anything happens and you run into them, be aware of it. Oh, and nobody is to know of the deal, understood?" Amelia received a nod from him. "Good. Once you are transported to the Black family, I'll send someone I trust in full to give you all the materials on Horcruxes. You two will be working together on this one, as he also has an interest in this."

"Do I know this man?" He asked of her.

"Probably. Now drink up."

With a little bit of hesitation, Henry took the phial to his lips and chugged it down the throat, and not a second later, his body numbed and fell down, the last sound him hearing being his heart stopping it's beating.

Three days later.

His eyelids felt like they were filled with led, and with titanic effort only did he manage to open them. He was greeted by the blurred sight of a richly decorated room, suitable for the highest nobility, with his body lying on the finest bed and almost feeling like sinking into sheets. Henry blinked a couple of times, before seeing several tubes connected to his arms, administering powerful potions into his organism. As his mind has begun to clear up from his sleep, he heard a melodic and soft voice, one that he had dreamt of hearing for years now.

"Welcome back, Harry." Harry's eyes widened as he looked to his right and the sight had nearly brought him to tears.

Before him sat the young girl, with the long flowing red hair, bright emerald eyes and a beautiful face. She was dressed in deep red and black robes, adorned by black roses, with silver trimming. She looked at him with a comforting smile and, despite being younger than him, seemed to look at least as mature as he was. With welled up tears flowing out his eyes, Harry spoke to her.

"R-Rose…" He openly cried when took his hand her own. "Rosy… I-I'm s-so sorry… I wasn't fast enough… I…"

"Shh, Harry, shh." She softly stopped him. "I know what had happened, and you did everything you could and more. You've got nothing to apologize for. I'm just glad that you are awake now, big brother."

"Wh-where are we? Is this the Grimmauld Place?" He asked of her, with Rose shaking her head.

"No, we aren't even in Britain now, Harry. We are in Germany, near the Alps, in Black family's private mansion." Rose informed him. "This is Auntie Cassiopeia's home, I've been living here for almost two years now, ever since I've learned what…. What the Potters had wanted to do with me."

"What did they do to you, Rosy?" Harry's voice began to gain strength again, with Rose looking at her brother with a sad smile.

"What else do the noble and powerful Houses do with their daughters?" She asked of him with a dry sarcasm. "Dumbledore arranged for me and the youngest Weasley to be betrothed, to unite the two of his greatest allies. They didn't care for my opinion, and when I openly protested and let out just what I think of them all, James… Didn't take it lightly, nor did his wife. I'm lucky that after what had happened to you, Auntie Cassie has been keeping an eye out for me."

"I'll thank her for this." Harry made a not for himself. "Did they hurt you?"

"Yeah. And badly. Auntie says that scars won't ever go away." Rose simply admitted to him, showing him her scarred left arm, covered in what appeared to be a black scorched flesh, with Harry sharply inhaling at the sight of it. "Took Auntie Cassie a whole year just to restore the ability to move it."

"They'll pay for this." He said in a low and threatening voice, swearing to both himself and her.

"Good." A mature and powerful voice of a woman has drawn their attention. "No one dares to strike a Black and live to afterwards. Had Dorea or Charlus lived, James and Lily would be begging for mercy. I hope that you will have none for them, Henry."

Harry looked at the woman at his left, recognizing in her the features of his grandmother, though instead of light brown colored hair of Dorea reaching to her back, this woman's hair was black with small streaks of grey and reached only to the end of her neck. Her eyes were the same color as his grandmother's, warm deep green, but in them he could see fire burning. Though her face was showed some signs of aging, it was a beautiful face of a beautiful woman, dressed in black and silver robes of House of Black.

"Auntie Cassie, thank you, for Rosy." Harry kept his promise, with Cassiopeia giving him a small smile. "I'm in your debt."

"Of course you are, my dear." She chuckled to him. "And I'll cash it in when I have my chance, but for now, you need to rest and recuperate. Azkaban has done a number on you, and while your muscles and bones are repairable, some things are even beyond me. Your eyes and hair, for instance, won't be the same as before Azkaban. Although you'll be able to regain the skin color soon enough."

"Fine by me. I'll think of something about the hair and eyes later." He simply said. "What's the day today, anyway?"

"6th of July, dear. Less than a month since The Dark Lord has returned." Cassie said to him. "You've been officially confirmed as dead, so we'll have to now think of something for your identity, but that is something you'll be discussing with my father and not me."

"Is Grandfather will be joining us soon?" Harry asked of them

"He will, in a few hours. Until then, there are some things to talk about." A new masculine, yet familiar voice spoke, stepping out from behind Cassiopeia to the view of Harry. "It has been a very long time, Harry Potter. The last I saw you, you were but a small jolly little boy, sitting on my aunt's lap as she read you about the adventures of Knights of the Round Table. And now, just like Galahad and the rest of them, it falls upon us two to find our accursed Grails."

"You are the one whom Amelia sent?" Harry received a nod from the man. "You look somewhat like Sirius, but I've seen you before… Who are you?"

"Someone who too, would like to see Voldemort and Dumbledore dead." The man has said to him. "And as for the name, my name is Regulus. Regulus Arcturus Black, younger brother to my traitor of a brother and Voldemort's former minion."

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