Chapter 1: The Kidnapping

Several months have now passed since the awakening of the Titans. A few months after Godzilla's victory over King Ghidorah, and a few months after Emma Russell's death. It was confirmed that she was killed during the final battle of Godzilla and King Ghidorah.

While others celebrated Godzilla's victory over One who is many, Madison, Emma's daughter, and Mark Russell, her ex-husband, mourned her death. However, it seemed to slowly get better again. Godzilla went back to his home, the ocean, while the other Titans searched for new territories.

Titan Scylla, a sort of giant crustacean, built a nest near Alaska, actually preventing further melting of the glaciers in the region and cooling the temperature. Titan Behemoth, a distant relative of the mammoth, sought refuge in the Amazon rainforest. The rivers that where in his way started to cleans themselves from all sort of waste and for several miles, any woodcutters, legal or illegal, ran away from the Titan, in fear.

The Alpha Muto, who also arrived with the others at the end of the battle of Godzilla and Ghidorah, swam towards Japan and fed on the abundant needs of radioactivity in the Fukujima plant. In fact, the levels of radiation seemed to go down, slowly but steadily.

Rodan, the fire demon, was looking for a new volcano to nest, as the old one erupted and was destroyed by Ghidorah. He found a suitable one in the Philippines, luckily there lived no humans, thus there couldn't be anymore life's on risk.

Even though these Titans were not aggressive by themselves, they did attack when they felt threatened. That's why restricted zones had been established over miles to protect the people in the area.

Nevertheless, there was damage from time to time, if the Titans should continue to move. People had to adapt, and not everyone was happy.

However, Monarch was feverishly trying to find an optimal solution to live together with the Titans. Godzilla kept the other Titans in order, and made sure that they didn't get too strong. That's why Monarch concentrated on him.

Dr. Russell continued to research the echo signals and communication of the Titans. He received an offer at Castel bravo to work at Monarch's main headquarters. He accepted this gratefully. In fact, he soon became a teacher to others who were just beginning to work there.

And Maddie? Since of course now there was no school at the moment where she could go, she went with her father. She liked it there somehow. Since the events in Boston a lot had changed. Madison had always been positive towards the Titans, but now felt even more connected with them. Moreover, Godzilla not only saved the world, but also her mother, her father, and herself, several times. Somehow she thought she had to thank him.

Which of course was impossible. A little girl saying "Thank you." To a 400 ft tall monster, a funny thought. She had always a bit to giggle about it, she kind of became a bit of an Fan of him. Times have changed.

At least she was doing one of her hobby's, drawing. After Mark was resettled, it was very stressful, constantly having any appointments, lessons, problems when a Titan moved from a location.

Maddie was quite alone in Castel Bravo for some time. It was also in the middle of the sea, and there was no one else her age. She drew a lot, especially pictures of the Titans. It was also quite easy, if you got directly access to the best footage of the Titans to pick up from.

She didn't feel lonely, even if she mourned her mother at the beginning, it was kind of hard to deal with it. Sometimes she also visited her fathers lectures in secret. She wanted to learn much more about the Titans, especially about Godzilla. Like her mother, Maddie wanted to work with Monarch. But for the time being Mark was strictly against it.

However, she continued to learn secretly, and now understood much more about the Titans, and that they are not just animals. But that wasn't the only thing she did. Sometimes she sneaked into the control room where Godzilla's Bio Acoustics was displayed. She plugged in her headphones and listened to the sounds. Sometimes it was just ocean sounds, but underneath was his sleeping. But at his resting place he also sometimes made sounds of himself that sounded very, very quiet.

It was strange, but she felt comfortable.

January, Castle Bravo 16:09

Maddie was just in the canteen, there was nothing special. Meatloaf and mashed potatoes. It wasn't as bad as it sounded, usually they try to make it tasty, but in most cases it was just prepared junk food or warmed up left overs. There weren't that many people around, a few soldiers, a scientist, all quite distributed over the tables. She came in earlier because that usually gave her some space since she mainly wanted to eat alone. She ate less over the months thought, it was more to keep a routine and normal mind then actually getting energy from it.

While Maddie was poking in her food, she listened to music and looked on her Phone. The Internet connection was surprisingly good there. Despite the fact that the base was a "few feet" below the surface. She just tipped through it, looking on various social medias, commenting about Monster Movies or listening to some podcast. While looking something up, she found an interesting article about the Titans. Well interesting wasn't usually he choice of words. Most of these where anti Titans, telling people lies about them, how these monster try to kill the earth, which was not true at all. It made her quite angry sometimes, she tried to ignore it but deep down she still wanted to do something against that. She put on one of her favorite songs and went on.

However it was nice to see a little more of the outside world on the phone, the platform outside was another option, although it was very rainy here, as well as often from time to time there would be a storm coming around. Rumors had it that some of it was caused by Godzilla, although that was probably more or less an joke between the people here.

While she kept poking around in her food and looking only at her cell phone, someone sat across from her. She didn't notice him at first, the headphones were turned up quite loud.

Then he stretched out his hand and snapped once in front of hers, "Huh?" She looked up to Dr. Rick Stanston. "Hey, Maddie, how's it going?" She putt off her headphones and smiled briefly, the music still blasting through them, a little bit embarrassed, she turned off the music. Stanston would largely ignore it probably, still felt more comfortable that way. "What's up Rick?"
"I'd love to talk for a second, but before that, are you eating that minced insult from a meat loaf with porridge?" She looked over, she had poked it to death.
"No, you can take it."

Rick took him in with an extra fork and took a bite.
"So what did you want to talk about?" "Well, how do you like it here, in this little fortress of solitude?"
He asked with a half-full mouth, Maddie had to giggle a little.
"Quite well why?" "Well, I just wanted to point out that it would be better not to leave his drawings on a panel for monitoring the probably, king of monsters."
He handed her a drawing she had drawn last night.
"Wait where from, oh..." He just nodded with a smile. "Did you also-?" "Yes, I also checked some of the cameras. I saw were you where, but I don't know exactly what it was what you did?"

Maddie looked around. "Did you tell Dad?" She whispered to him. "No, I haven't said it yet, and if you want it to stay that way, would you tell me what you did?"

Maddie suddenly turned quite red in the face, she was embarrassed to talk about it. "Well, um, how am I supposed to say..." "Take your time." He took another bite while she tried to explain.
"Well I have Godzilla's... Bio acoustics viewed... and also listened. I don't know I like the sounds down there, it's quiterelaxingandIliketodrawand-"
"It's okay. Calm down." He gave her time to breathe deeply, she seemed very stressed out about it.
"I don't have an issue with that, well besides the only the problem is if you touch something and that you shouldn't be in the control room. A lot of bad stuff could happen you know." He said a with a little bit of sarcasm.

"I'm sorry." "Don't be, I understand you, the events in Boston have changed a lot." She looked away at the floor when he said that. "Oh um, sorry." "It's all right." He sighed briefly, he knew she wasn't quite over it yet. Rick also knew that she would love to work with Monarch to follow in her mothers footsteps. However, her father didn't seem to want that.

"Well, I got something for you, for admitting it." He took a USB stick out of his pocket and smiled friendly. "What... is that?" She took it in her hand, it was a normal USB stick, but it had some special content. "On it are audio recordings of Godzilla which I always save. I will always give you new ones when we have them."

The light glow on her face was priceless. "Oh, thanks, Rick." She hugged him. "Ahah, don't do nothing, uh, careful with the food." Her sleeves from her hoodie were almost inside. "ups, sorry." "It's alright, oh." She looked high at the clock in the canteen, 16:20, she was almost too late to Mark's lecture.

"I-I gotta go fast, was nice to have talked." "All right, let's go." She ran out of the canteen.

Rick giggled briefly and continued to eat the meat loaf.

Castel Bravo, lecture room 16:25

Dr. Mark Russell was in the lecture room with Dr. Ilene Chen today. Their "class" consisted of 7 newcomers to Monarch who had just started there.

Chen and Russell made a pretty good team together, working with them helped both to get a little over the last few months.

Mark was just waiting outside for Chen and was sipping his coffee. He was wondering all the time if he should change anything. This work was indeed very important, he would train future members who would follow in his and others footsteps.

He looked around and briefly looked inside the room. It was a glass wall and door as an entrance. However, covered jalousie, and in addition the room was soundproof.

The 7 newcomers were already sitting on their tables, chatting or doing something. A projector stood in the middle for the small presentation they were planning.

Someone tapped him on the shoulder. He turned while Chen smiled at him. "Are you ready?" "Pretty much, yeah." She noticed he was a little nervous, he quickly tapped around on his coffee cup.

"If you're nervous or uncomfortable, I can do it alone." She had a nice Chinese accent when she talked. Mark looked down at his cup and nodded. "It's all right, I swear." "Fine, but take your time."

While they were talking, nobody noticed Maddie sneaking through a ventilation system. These tubes were quite large, and a large vent grille was at the right corner of the room from the entrance.

As usual, she carefully and quietly unpacked her bag, took out her notepad and a pen, and set up everything for class. And just at that moment Mark and Chen entered the class. "Good evening everyone, I hope you're not too tired yet." Mark joked a little, and immediately they all took out their notes.

Chen put the projector on and started the presentation.
(Mark) "Well, today we start with a new chapter, the ranking of the Titans."
(Chen) "While some think the Titans would hunt alone and survive. But this assumption is wrong, the strongest of them, each of a kind, form a pack together."
(Mark) "And like some pack animal, they all react to an alpha."

Mark switched to HD recording of Godzilla, the last from the submarine when they woke Godzilla. He stared at the screen, remembering that moment again. Chen continued.
"Well, and this Alpha isn't alone, there's always a male, like Godzilla, and a female." Chen switched to pictures of Mothra, a great astonishment went through the room, she was impressive even on pictures.

Maddie also smiled, Mothra had started the whole thing for her. "Well, and this alpha female, is not necessarily the same species. Titanus Mosuras, and Titanus Gojiras species, have a symbiotic relationship that does not lead to mating, but to the balance between the Titans." "Right, as Dr. Chen said. Therefore, a new alpha will only be accepted if the alpha female also accepts it. So it can also be against a new male."

Mark showed pictures of Mothra fighting against Ghidorah together with Godzilla. Chen continued, "The reason Ghidorah took on the role of Alpha, however, were two reasons: The female, Mothra, had not yet fully developed by that time, and Godzilla was declared dead. So the Titans could only hear him, and followed his orders."

Then one of the students pointed out. Mark asked, "Yes, please?" "But Mothra is dead now, so Godzilla leads the Titans alone?" "You could say so, yes." He answered. "However, just a month ago we discovered eggs that might be possible from Mothra." Then another student in front of him asked something. He nodded to her. "But couldn't another species fill the gap in the meantime?" "We don't know that yet. But a species could, if it proved worthy."

16:35 Philippines, Rodan's Volcano

The volcano remained calm, as did the Titan who housed it. Rodan was perfect for living in and adapted to volcano's, his skin withstood any heat in this dangerous enviroment. A wise strategy to stay away from enemies, otherwise there were just few who could withstand this heat. Rodan was sleeping quietly on his nest, and was consuming the volcanos energy.

Much further down, on the beach of the island, Monarch had set up a small base camp to observe Rodans activities. But just now the small group of about 6 people sat together at a campfire and told each other stories.

"There I was on the Argo, you know, down in the hangar. Straight into this tropical storm of Monster Zero, where we had just fought with Rodan. Then this dragon throws the turkey into the water and suddenly hunts us. And while Dr. Russell had just opened the hangar, throwing one of the helicopters into the water, the other one crashed into the hangar. He shredded almost half the hangar-" but then he was interrupted when Rodan suddenly moved, making the earth tremble. He looked south and roared loudly. But he didn't start moving yet.

"Quick, everyone to the camp, we must call them." Shouted a woman. All 6 immediately ran into the tent and tried to contact Monarch. But the electronics didn't work, everything was dead, it just didn't work anymore. "What the hell is-"

"Psst, everybody be quiet, will you?" Rodans roar was still to be heard, but underneath a very high tone. He was slowly getting louder, everyone was holding their hands to their ears, it was now extremely painful, Rodans roar also changed from an aggressive, loudness to a whimper.

And then it was quiet for a short moment in the tent, everyone looked at each other with big eyes. "Is it over?"


Suddenly a violent shock wave hurled the tent and everything in it with the people around, and swept it away. They all crashed into the trees. Shortly one could still hear Rodans screeching, followed by a sting noise, and a very loud squeak.

Castel Bravo 16:50

Mark sipped his coffee while Chen continued her lecture. Maddie watched them secretly in the ventilation shaft, written everything out, listened as well as she could, until it happened.

All of a sudden there was a light shake that made the whole base tremble. Like massive steps. Then it shook the whole base once. Mark and Chen looked at the ceiling and through the room.

"What is that?" One of the students screamed as he clung to his table. "He woke up again?" "What do you mean?" A student asked.

Then another strong bump came. Mark fell to the ground, two tables flew over, the sound of Godzilla's roaring could be heard. But this also shook Maddie. She didn't try to be scared, but then the shock pushed her in the direction of the grid. She was thrown into the room where everyone screeched for a moment. Mark turned, and stared at her.

"Maddie? What are you doing here?" "Ehm-" Then the alarm went off. "Code Red this isn't an exercise, Code Red this isn't an exercise." The students all looked at each other with their eyes wided. "Go back to your shelters, Chen we go to the control room and Maddie, you come too."

He said that in a very strict tone, she knew she'd get in a lot of trouble. She quickly packed her bag and papers and ran to the control room with her father and Chen.

While they were running Mark prayed, "Please don't say it will happen again."

Control room Castel Bravo

It was a chaos, the base was still shaking, the alarm went on. Those who were not needed should retreat to the shelters and prepare themselves for evacuation.

Godzilla was in uproar again, similar to a few months ago. Such things like that was not allowed to happen again, everyone hoped it at least.

Mark and Chen ran in, Maddie went after Mark. Stanston looked over at her, "What did you do now," he thought. Mark grabbed Maddie by the arm and put her on a chair on the right next to a control panel.

"You stay here and don't touch anything, understand?" She just gave a quiet "Yes." of herself. Mark nodded and turned to Stanston.

"What happened?" "I don't know, slept like a baby and then suddenly boom, all values go up and he gets pissed off."

"Weapons aiming?" "Yes, just in case." "Where is the Argo?" He looked over to Stanston with a very worried look. "Near Alaska, watching over Scylla, Colonel Foster says nothing has changed there."

"Well, keep the shields down." "Okay, this time the beer or what?" Stanston wasn't comfortable, although he knew it was necessary.

He looked over again to Maddie staring into the air. At least that's what he thought.

She looked through the thick pane of glass that held the sea back. It was almost completely dark, only the light of the spotlights released for a few meters of visibility. She imagined how this icy dark cold would be, how he could survive down there.

Stanston pushed Mark. "Hm?" "What happened?" "What do you mean?" "I mean with Maddie" he whispered. Mark looked over his shoulder to make sure no one could hear. "I caught her listening to my lecture. She has everything exactly documented."

"And that angers you?" "Of course, I-"

The room trembled again, everyone stared frightened at the glass wall, full of dark ocean. And then a blue light shone that conferred the room in a slight blue light. Then it went out again, and on again, and off. It flickered until the Alpha himself appeared.

He swam slowly through the water, carefully upwards. With a grim look at the base. Something had upset him.

"It's like back then." Stanston said. "But that's impossible, Ghidorah is dead." Chen said, whispering as Godzilla came closer.

"Hopefully he also sees this time that we are no danger, nobody makes any sudden movement."

Godzilla looked around and now also stared through the glass wall that separated the sea, only he was able to live on the other side. He looked at this room because several of these little creatures were in it.
And looked at one exactly.

The light was still flickering, but it was now a different rhythm, and he was making a kind of quiet noise which didn't sound threatening. "What's going on?" one of the soldiers next to them asked. "I don't know, the big one relaxes, his heartbeat goes down, as well as the sound waves."

While Stanston compared the data, and everyone else was too distracted, Maddie decided something. She looked over at Mark, who wasn't paying attention, and stood out of her chair. She slowly sneaked under a table not to be noticed.

She slowly crept past them while the others got the data, or stared at the titan in shock. He now remained in his position, only his tail moved even stronger to give him lift in the water. For being known as an agressive monster he almost looked peacfull right now, she couldn't explain it how though.

His gaze was still on that small glass wall, at least for him it was small. Maddie was now closer to the glass wall as she squatted under a table, fortunately no one did noticed.

She looked at him again, this huge being, almost Divine. It looked threatening and at the same time peaceful and yet he had an ice-cold look.

This look crossed briefly with her.

It ran cold over her shoulder, she trembled briefly, he looked at her, she literally felt it. She felt fear and respect, he was truly a Titan.

But suddenly her face turned red as he turned his head briefly, now staring more clearly in her direction. Mark, Chen and Stanston, none of them paid attention to what was happening, but were all just curious about the data they would collect.

Maddie, however, still squatted under the table, with her slightly red cheeks, and the gazed upon by Godzilla. Her back was still cold, she now had goose bumps, but it didn't feel quite so... dangerous anymore.

She took a deep breath once and looked over to the others, they wouldn't notice anything at the beginning, she closed her eyes for a moment, slipped under tables and stood up, her gaze on Godzilla further on and his on her.

A soldier a few meters away looked at her, confused and shocked, he didn't know what was going on. Why was there all of a sudden a girl standing next to the glass?

She takes several steps forward, no one notices at first, only Godzilla's sounds intensified. But then Mark noticed in the field of vision how Maddie goes even closer to the glass. His greatest fear began to form, he couldn't take what he saw, he started trembling.

"Maddie?" He says, in a panic voice. "It's all okay." She thinks so herself. She stretched out her hand and pressed it against the cold glass wall. She feels the vibrations coming from it, and Godzilla, came a bit closer.

Mark panicked as the others watched in horror. "Girl, get away from there, it's too dangerous!" Stanston shouted, no reaction.

She breathed in briefly again, slowly, she looked down on the floor again. Godzilla came a little closer, about 20 meters away.

"Maddie, what are you doing?" Chen said, her glances quickly hectically alternating between Godzilla and Maddie.

She looked up again, now staring directly into Godzilla. He made a slow, downward sound. Her breath stopped for a moment, she always wanted to experience something like that, to be so close to one of the greatest Titans.

"Madison!" Mark called. She had this memory in her head again, Antarctica... the dragon, these three heads... her mother.

Mark did it, he had to get her out of there, she just stood there staring at Godzilla.

"No, don't." Those memories came high again, China, Antarctica, Boston. The dragon, these three heads, eyes just full of evil.

"I love you." "Mom!" She had sacrificed herself to save them. It shouldn't have ended like this.

The dragon, he stared at her, he was looking for the Orca. He stared directly at her. "Oh Shit."

He tries to shoot at her. She runs away the next moment.

Mark runs away from the controllpad, straight to her, but Stanston stops him. "What are you doing?!" "One stupid move and your daughter will be surrounded by the icy sea, with all of us."

He pulls on him not to let him go, Godzilla might feel threatened by such jerky movements, and attack. They could never win such a fight.

Maddie's breath grew stronger, her heart beat stronger.

She ran as fast as she could, the lightning was right behind her, they would just pulverize her. It was so close, Ghidorah could locate her, the Orca was trapped in her arm. She ran out of the building before he completely destroyed it.

She ran a few more meter over the yard, she felt weaker, the heat was slowing her down, the rain whipped her against the face.

Ghidorah, his right head saw her, he turned to this little creature, this ant, who questioned his rule.

Maddie looked up, took the Orca, and threw it over a ledge to Ghidorah, who immediately stepped on it.

She looked down as the Orca was still making few noises, and this huge claw stood in front of her. Then she heard something, it sounded like a storm was brewing, she looked up, Ghidorah's necks forming flashes inside of them.

He stared directly at her, he would kill her for the stupidity she started. She screamed, in fear and panic, she would die.

But then it briefly became silent, a blue light appeared and a gigantic flame appeared. Maddie's ears rang, everything sounded so suppressed all at once.

Boom. But then she felt steps. Boom. The earth trembled. Boom. She breathed fast, it could only be one thing, she slowly turned around. "Skreeeeeeeooognh." Godzilla roared directly at Ghidorah.

Maddie began to smile, there was hope, she was saved. He roared again to make it clear that it would be the final fight between the two.

The Argo and several jets flew over Maddie's head and fired several missiles at Ghidorah, pulling her head down at this big explosion.

She just stood there, did nothing. Was like rooted in a kind of trance of her trauma. Mark managed to tear himself away and ran towards Maddie. Godzilla kept staring at her, but she hardly registered anything.

"Mark wait!" But he was faster and grabbed Maddie by the arm and pulled her away. She woke up, looked around. "Dad?" "Maddie, now-"

But then Godzilla opened his gigantic mouth, he could have almost squashed the space they where into one bite with it and roared off. „Rooooooggaaarrrr." It was extremely loud, despite the fact that the sound was muffled under water. Godzilla was now about ten meters in front of them. Everyone had to cover their ears.

Maddie stared up with a face full of fear, and screamed, as Mark was with her to the floor a lot, he held her tight.

But Godzilla stopped. It became very quiet, no one made a sound. Godzilla was now more aggressive again, illuminating the whole ditch. He now stared down at Maddie and Mark, she breathed very fast, she panicked.

Godzilla made that deep, descending sound again. He ejected air bubbles. Slowly and with caution, he swam backwards before turning back into the depths of the ocean.

A sigh of relief went through the room. "Wait," Stanston said it wasn't the first time he would scare them. He checked the signals. "And what do you see Rick," Chen asked. "He seems to retreat again, the rates are going down again. He seems to calm down."

Maddie still breathed fast and stared at the glass wall. Mark also, but turned his gaze to Maddie.

17:00 Castel Bravo, Quarters

Mark was upset, obviously, Maddie already knew about what to expect to come. Mark dragged her through the corridor. They were at Quarter 731, He literally shoved her in.

It was a rather small room with two beds and a small living room. She immediately sat down on her bed. Mark slammed the door behind him. "What were you doing there? No better question, what did you think you were doing?!" He was angry, understandable for her, still not pleasant to be in that situation.

She turned her face away from him, stared at the wall next to her. "Not only did you sneak into my course without authority, squeezing yourself into the ventilation, which was neither safe nor smart. Moreover, almost everyone on this base has been endangered do to your fault."

She didn't look at him, only looked angrily into the air. Those last words echoed in her head.
"Maddie, that you are allowed to be here at all has been a unique opportunity." He went to the table in the middle and picked up his phone. "I'm going to make some calls now. You're going to a school tomorrow, away from all this."

"No!" She screamed. He turned to her. She got up from bed with clenched fists. "I will stay here." "Maddie-" "No, now I'm talking." Her face swelled red.

"YOU just don't want me to follow in Mom's footsteps. But I want to stay with Monarch, I want to help protect people from the monsters out there."

Mark put the receiver back. "Maddie, Emma-" "Mom!" "Mom yes... I... you're the only thing I have left, I don't want the same thing to happen to you." "She has stood up for all of us!" "She hadn't to if she didn't awakened the Titans in the first place." "She wanted..." Madison had tears in her eyes. "She wanted to make the world a better place, the way Andrew would have wanted it."

She cried. Both were just standing there staring at each other, Mark sighed, "You're leaving tomorrow." Maddie said nothing and sobbed briefly. "I'm not losing another part of my family to these monsters."

She walked up to the door and before slamming it, she said. "You already have."

Castel Bravo 17:54 landing field

She was at the top of a viewing area, the sun was setting, clouds were rising, she was leaning down on a railing overlooking the sea. The waves today were calm, but it was quite cool. She hung down a bit from that railing, had her headphones on and tried to calm down. The swooshing of the sea could be heard in the background, but without seabirds.

Normally there were some seabirds at the landing place, but after Godzilla woke up, they had all flown out, similar to how animals feel in before an natural disaster happens. It was amazing how nature sometimes reacted to the Titans.

And she wanted to be a part of it, to work with Monarch, to live with them. It was the only way to survive successfully, for both sides. She had had enough basic experience, far beyond that, had managed to stop Ghidorah's plan, even with severe aftereffects.

She also felt guilty somehow. Her mom had convinced her that everything would go well if they slowly woke up the Titans. It wasn't. It all went wrong.

But already in Mexico it was clear that it should not be the way it she wanted, she had awakened Rodan much too early, many people died. She felt guilty for not being able to prevent it.

But not only the death of humans but also of Titans, that's why she didn't feel well either. She was there when Mothra was born, they had waited a long time for it. It was impressive, beautiful, for only being a larva.

But for Emma it had been almost nothing more than a test if the Orca was running. And through that, they indirectly killed Mothra. She had even helped her mother wake Ghidorah up, and because of him Mothra sacrificed herself in the fight against him with Godzilla.

She was afraid down there when Godzilla was. It wasn't just that she wanted to thank him, she wanted to apologize. But again she knew, something like this could never happen. For him she is just a tiny dot in the landscape.

She inhaled deeply once more, trying to control her flow of thoughts. She looked out at the sea. "One day, I will help."

Castel Bravo Control Room

Rick was just looking at the footage, including some old ones. It was always nice, like a live action movie but private. Well, a little bit. He had just got himself a bag of chips, there wasn't much to do, except to look at the material according to order.

He was about to take the chips again when Chen took the pack. "Hey!?" "Oh, shut up." She grinned.

"You know how expensive they are here on the high seas?" "I thought you always bought them from the mainland?" She sat down on a table next to him and looked at the pictures. "Yes, that's my last pack, too." "Oh, I'm sorry." "No, take it, but next time ask, yes?"

The two looked at the material and discussed a little when Mark came in. He was exhausted and wished over his face. "And what was it like?"

"hmm?" He wasn't really in the mood for talking.

"So bad as *go out here, leave me alone* or as *I hope you are eaten by Godzilla*?"

"Such a mixture of both, does anyone have coffee?" Stanston shook his head. "Godzilla's little surprise turned the coffee machine over, let's see how it's going to be the next few days for all the caffeine junky's here."

Chen laughed briefly, noticed something during the recording. "Hey, check out the security cameras." She points to a view from the right corner of the room.

Maddie just crawled out of the table. "Clever Girl." "I don't mean that, look where he's looking."

"Who?" Mark looked confused at the screen, neither he nor Stanston understood what she meant. Chen rolled her eyes and switches the recording to slow. "Look at Godzilla."

And indeed, his eyes and head moved with Maddie.

As she got closer to the glass, he also got a little closer.

"That can't have anything to do with her." Mark refused to think such a thing.

"I don't know, maybe the lizard was interested in your teenage daughter." Chen hit him in the side. It wasn't strong, but it was supposed to work. "Ouch, what?" "Don't be so silly. So what is simply unlikely, but again-" "Again what?" Mark seemed to get nervous.

"It springs to my mind, maybe it's a far fetched connection. About reporting from Skull Island, you may know from the First Expedition what Kong had done." The two looked at each other, scared. "Let's put aside fun guys, Godzilla is a giant radioactive lizard, lizards aren't like gorillas." "And how do you know that?" "uhm..." She answered Stanston, who now seemed convinced of his own joke.

"We know the Titans aren't just animals or simple minded creatures as we thought. Look at the shots as Mark Maddie moves away." "Okay, wait, that's it."

And indeed, as soon as Mark pulled her away, Godzilla started roaring. When she got scared and screamed, he stopped shortly after.

"How is this even supposed to work? He couldn't hear her."

„But body language is very important for most animals. Play forward again." Stanston played forward, meanwhile all three became nervous, it couldn't be true what they were keeping on the trail.

"Looks at the beginning it's Godzilla's threatening gesture, the same as with Ghidorah, but then it changes as soon as he came closer to us. We had never seen such signals before."

"And what do you think it is?" Mark asked while Chen was thinking. "Now I see too, his eyes follow her everywhere." "But how is that possible, I mean, it can only be pure coincidence. Maybe he saw her and found her interesting in a restrained way, animals often just watch something when people do something strange in their eyes."

Mark didn't want to think it, there had to be a logical explanation. Mark had so much on his mind in the meantime, could he see them as prey? Just watch? Was it all coincidental and just looked like that? No, that couldn't be true.

"Mark, I know you're a little worried-" "A little? She's all I have left and now this monster is after her."

"I don't think it's like you think Mark," Chen said, with a very troubled voice, she had compared bioacoustics to other species and how they passed on certain signals.

"If I'm not mistaken, which would be the first time I hope to, the signals indicate a courtship behavior. At the very least he's signalizing that he is not a threat, explicitly to her."

Mark just stood there, he barely moved. "No, that can't never be." "Are you afraid that your daughter already has the first boy running after her."

Chen gave Stanston a very poisonous look again. "No, it's more like it's a 120-meter lizard."

Mark shook his head, he didn't feel well, not with such news. "Maddie is flying away tomorrow." "I don't think she'll like it, but it's safer for everyone."

Chen looked at Mark, he looked like he was scared. Chen grabbed his hand, stood next to him and whispered him in his ear. "Take it easy, now it would be unwise to make Maddie and everyone else worried." Mark nodded.

The two had gotten closer over the last few months. Chen tried to help Mark wherever he could.

"We should examine the tapes again, Ilene you go to the archives, maybe we already have similar records, Mark you look at the recordings, I compare them with Godzilla's acoustics. Well, let's go."

Chen nodded Mark to who also nodded back. She went out of the room, the archives were down one floor. It could take a while, there were a lot of old files down there, even if they were a little easier to find with the computer.

Mark and Stanston stood right there and compared the recordings with the acoustics, something had to give more insight into this phenomenon. But Stanston couldn't help but chat in between.

"So you and Ilene, how long has this been going on?" Mark looked at him confused, actually he was a bit shocked, even if it was obvious. "Well, what do you mean?" He tried to deny it.

"Come on, I can see that, I was young once you know." "Very funny, now uhm, for about 2-3 months?"

"So long already wow, and?" "And what?" "How are you doing with it?" "Good, good, we understand each other very well, a good team can be said that way."

"Aha and had you already...?" "Wrong question, concentrate on the lizard." Stanston looked at the screen again, nothing was to be noticed in the meantime.

"Well okay, and have you already told Maddie?" "What God No, I don't want to know how she reacts." Mark shook his head again, he really didn't want that, „Even though it's been some time now, Maddie wouldn't get over it."

"Because she probably would think that you want to replace Emma with her? "Since when did you get so annoying Rick?"

"Since then, the coffee's out." He grinned and Mark also had to pull a little smile. "But yeah you're right, I don't want her to see Ilene like that, no one can replace Emma."

Mark rewound the audio acoustics, along with the recordings, nothing new seemed to have appeared.

"How did it actually come to that?" „Well, it was at my welcome party a few months ago, we just sat there at the end and talked." He smiled, Stanston noticed he was doing better.

"And about what?" "Oh, you know, work, how it goes, family-"

Mark didn't realize it at first, he didn't want it.

But the ground among them began to tremble again, the lights began to flicker. He had woken up again. Stanston held on to his table while Mark was thrown away from his legs and hit the ground.

As soon as he recovered, he immediately jumped up again and rushed to Stanston. He was just shaking his head with his eyes wide open. "What was that?"

"The big one woke up again and the way I see it..." He went silent when he looked at the monitor for the location. "What do you see?!" Mark yelled at him. Stanston calmly said, "He's moving up, fast."

Mark stopped breathing, he had to find Maddie immediately.

"Stanston, you find Maddie in the South Corridor, we gotta find her, quick!" "Okay, Barnes?! Barnes, come over here."

Barnes was one of the higher military on the base, he had worked quite closely with Mark, already while Ghidorahs attack.

"We need to find Madison, take your men and search her everywhere." "Yes sir. Come on guy hurry."

He called out to his men who were also surprised. They all set off, it was a race against time.

The group ran together before they split up. "Do you have any idea where she might be, where she likes to be?"

"Ehh, either in her room, in the canteen or on the roof." Barnes took the lead. "Okay, Dr. Russell, you, Stanston and I go to the roof, you two go to the cafeteria , and you three run to the cafeterias, let's go."

They had walked a few meters, then one of the soldiers asked Stanston, "Why do we have to find the girl so urgently?" "Because maybe all hell will break loose if we don't."

Landing platform 18:03

Maddie also noticed the shock. She almost fell off the railing, but was still able to hold on tight enough. But when it was over she slipped and banged her head against a metal pipe.

Her back of the head hurt extremely, she cursed and bit her lips. "Ahh Shit." She touched her head, she had a bump, but thank God no scar. However, it rang in her ears, the vision was also blurred for a moment. She stood up slowly filling herself very dizzy and walked slowly forward.

As her vision improved again and her ears could hear properly again, she realized something was wrong.

It had become cooler, very much cooler she had a hoodie on and felt like she was freezing. The waves had become much stronger, towering almost 15 meters or higher. Slowly rain started, she looked slightly down at the floor to see her enviroment better.

The alarm went off, but Maddie just stared into the sea, she felt so strange again, almost in a trance again, but another rumbling woke her up.

She shook her head, closed her eyes, she had a headache. She looked over to the other side, where the door to the elevator was.

All she had to do was walk over the platform, which she did. Very calm and slow, though. She was afraid she would fall down. Despite the real danger, she remained calm and cautiously walked down the stairs.

She strolled slowly across the square and when she was about in the middle it trembled again, but differently, louder and repeated, like footsteps.

The drop of water whipped around her ears as the wind grew stronger. The waves became very much stronger now.

And again the trembling. Boom. It was right there with her. Boom. Her heart pounded like wild, her breath became faster. Boom. She looked up the right side of the platform.

A huge, dark Scaly Hand reached forward and crushed all the pipes and the railing, pushing it down. A second hand reached up from the floods and bent a tower, Maddie ran forward, screaming as the tower barely missed.

Sparks jumped around, all the lights went out, something exploded. Maddie was now standing about 20 meters from the edge, right between the two hands.

She turned around.

He slowly climbed up, lifting himself up with his full strength in his arms. His huge dark upper body, which was covered with many scales, building a natural armore.

Maddie trembled with fear. She slowly lifted her head up, Godzilla looked down on her.

It wasn't even his full size and yet it was as big as a house and although the former drilling platform was very big, it could barely keep up with Godzilla's weight and size, only after a certain time it could break down.

He was about to hip down at the water and had clawed his feet into the dense outer skin of the base.

He puffed, ejecting warm air that flew right into Maddie's face. She was still breathing fast, almost hyperventilating. She looked into his eyes, glowing blue. He blinked briefly and twitched his right cheek.

A scar was there from Ghidorah's fight. It would remind him of that forever.

He lowered his head, down to her. He was barely 10 meters away from her, closer than it was good. Madison didn't try to scream, she bit her lips so hard. She had to remember what she had learned. Godzilla reacts aggressively or passively to screaming. He could perceive it as a sign of weakness or threat and could attack without problems.

At first she wasn't sure if he even knew if she was there. However, everyone else who was on top, had already fled when the shock came down. Now that he was even closer, he could smell her. She thought while still staring into his eyes to delay some time.

The best idea she had was to move slowly towards the elevator that would lead straight down. However, the rain began to break up again, which could make it all the more dangerous as he could now smell more accurately where she was.

Nevertheless, she slowly turned around to see if the elevator was still there. Luckily Godzilla Hand had landed just a few meters in front of the it. The surface was free, she had to try.

She walked very slowly one step backwards, head down, she didn't want to look him in the eyes anymore.

She took another step, it went well. But when she took another step, Godzilla ejected a humming growl. She lifted her head slightly upwards, the hot breath Godzilla struck through her face and hair again. She began to sweat and tremble slightly. She breathed in and out deeply, she had to calm down.

But then her whole body pulled together, it ran cold over her back as the elevator door opened behind her and she heard a male voice screaming "Madison!

Godzilla turned his head there in a flash. Madison turned around fast, too. She saw her father, stiff as a hammer, frozen with fear, looking up at Godzilla. Stanston and Barnes stood behind him.

"Dad? Dad, get away from there." "Maddie?" "You have to be calm." She tried not to be so loud, but Godzilla turned his head back to her.

"Madison on three, you run over to me, okay?" He tried to sound quiet so she wouldn't get more scared. "That won't work." "But it will, look at me." She shook her head briefly, but then looked over at him.

"So on three?" Maddie nodded. She counted off,
"One." Godzilla exhaled deeply again, the hot air alternating with the cold made her slowly dizzy.
"Two," Godzilla bent down even deeper, but slowly lost under his feet amd almost slipped away but then took a swing with his arm forwards.

"three," she stormed away. She ran a few meters, she was maybe 20 meters away from Mark. But then Godzilla raised his hand, spread his fingers, and reached down a few meters before Mark. The claws braided themselves into the concrete, a big shockwave was coming from it, Mark and Madison fell down to the ground, the others could barely hold on to the elevator.

"What the hell is that lizard doing?" Barnse cursed as he kicked his head on the roof of the elevator. Stanston didn't answer, he just watched something incomprehensible happen.

Maddie had hit the ground with her head on, thank God no wound again, but she felt very dizzy. When she got up, however, she saw Godzilla's fingers around her. He had her locked in a cage, out of his hand. Mark slowly stood up and looked over at his daughter. "Madison!" He ran to her, but it was too late. Madison looked anxiously at the floor as Godzilla pulled his hand away, tore away a piece of concrete and raised his hand. She felt it being lifted several feet into the air, but then everything around her darkened all at once, Godzilla had closed his hand, no light came through.

However, she heard the sea from outside, a thunderstorm approached, the howling of wind and thunder of lightning and her father screamed for her, several times.

But then she noticed how it all fell silent. Everything sounded so muffled. She realized quickly where she was: under water. How deep, however, was unclear to her. What she knew was that Godzilla's hand had closed her completely and no water was entering. But she didn't know if she had enough oxygen.

She began to cry, she knew she was going to die. She screamed for her dad, for her mother and brother. Not knowing what to do.

She quickly realized, however, that nobody would come to help her. She squatted down, sobbed while she noticed that she was becoming more and more tired and tired.

Her eyes closed, the darkness remained, she felt the hard, wet and cold concrete under her, that Godzilla took with her.

Mark was on top of the platform. He could only watch as Godzilla kidnapped his daughter and slowly disappeared into the floods, his back spines still above water for some time.

Now the monster had taken him the last of his family. He fell to his knees and hit the concrete with his fist, breaking his finger. He cried out her name, but all was in vain. "Nooooooo!"