"Get up you lazy ass!" Ryou moaned, hearing the incessant and obnoxious noise that woke him up every morning. For once he wished he could maybe sleep in a day, but no, this could never be. He had his yami to deal with. "If you don't get up now I'll make you wish dearly that you had…"

                    "Fine fine, I'm up." Ryou sat up lazily rubbing his eyes as he drooped his legs over the edge of the bed. Really, he couldn't understand how Bakura could awaken so early. Each night left Ryou more exhausted than the previous, and by the morning, he was as good as gone.

                    "I have more stamina than you."  At the gasp of embarrassment and slight horror from his hikari, a sinister grin spilled over his face for a brief moment, and he chided smugly. "I know what you're thinking you know. I am you."

                    Seconds later, the grin was replaced with an agitated and somewhat disturbed pout. "Bakura, you are not me. You may taunt me, mock me, and even go so far as to possess me sometimes, but you will never be me. Actually, this helps prove that you aren't me and…"

                    "Yeah yeah I don't want to be a loser like you anyway." Bakura muttered in a somewhat childish tone as he grabbed the millennium ring from his nightstand and separated from his hikari. He raised his hand quickly to Ryou's face, and grinned as the boy flinched and cast his saddened eyes downwards. Rather than strike his hikari, he simply patted his head and spun around to leave. "Go back to sleep, you look terrible."

                    Surprised again, Ryou stammered, "What?  You're really leaving now without…"  A slight flush spread across his cheeks and he cast his gaze away from Bakura, finding it impossible to finish his sentence.

                    "Without fucking you?"  Bakura grinned maniacally, not surprised at the boy's inability to say such a vulgar word.  He didn't need the question answered.  Though they weren't sharing the same body right now, he could tell what his little hikari was thinking.  An ominous smirk and wink back to him scared Ryou even more.  "Why?  That's for me to know, and you to wonder."