Title: No matter what…

Pairing(s): A little bit of T.K./Davis friendship in the beginning but Ken/Davis friendship all throughout then!

Genre: Angst/Drama

Summary: A day after Ken stopped being the Digimon Emperor, he suddenly disappears and Davis decides to go back to the Digital World to look for him! Would the other DDs help him? Or is he on his own?

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Chapter 8 – Remembering all the Pain

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

A/N: Slight Yolei/Davis and Ken/Kari from here and onwards…

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Davis sat on a large rock, scanning over the landscape and the digimons living their peaceful lives. He can't help but smile as a Biyomon fell over and was soon helped by other Biyomons. Friendship. The word that came into his mind when it happened.

"Davis?" He turned to see the girl in eyeglasses. "Yolei…" Davis said.

"What are you thinking?" Yolei asked as she sat beside the goggle-boy. "Nothing…" Davis sighed, "Just- looking at all the digimons!" He pointed out to the Biyomons, Gutsomons and more others.

"It really feels good to know that you've done something for someone!" Yolei smiled. "Oh no! You've given me another of those 'quotes' of yours!" Davis freaked. "It's not a quote, Davis! It is just words of advise!" Yolei laughed.

"What're the differences?" Davis raised an eyebrow.

"A lot!" Yolei paused with a smile, "Anyway, have you understood my last statement?"

"Sort of…" Davis whispered.

"Explain it to me, then!"

"No! I- I mean, I'm not sure if- if I'm right!" Davis stuttered. "It doesn't matter if you're right or wrong, Davis! It's how you explain it what matters the most!" Yolei smiled. Davis stared at her for a while and finally, gave up… "Fine! Promise… not to laugh at me!" Davis blushed. "I promise!" Yolei held out her palm beside her face.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

"Life is like a book… each day turns a page. Each page contains memories. Whether good or bad, unforgotten or forgotten. It'll always be written in those pages." Davis repeated what Yolei said.

"A day comes by… and in every day there are things that happens to us that will be implanted to our minds. A good memory… or a bad memory. No matter how much we want to forget about it… it always comes back to us! It always finds its place back!"

Yolei stared at the DDs' leader for a while and Davis was starting to feel really insecure. "I knew I was wrong! You promised not to laugh!" Davis pouted. "I never did!" Yolei smiled, "But you never told me not to smile!"

"Yolei!!!" Davis whined.

"What are you whining for? You're right, anyway!"

"Aahh!!!!" Davis screamed irritably, "Eh? What did you say? I'm- I'm right?" Davis stopped whining and blinked at Yolei. "Yeah! Every part of it! I really can't believe you got it!" Yolei smiled, "It's like… you changed, Davis!"

"We all do, Yolei! You changed too!" Davis smiled back.

"What does that supposed to mean?" Yolei yelled, "Oh! I was wrong! I take that back!" Davis muttered and started running away from the screaming "banshee".

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Ken stared at his own reflection at the pond. The bandage in his forehead was still there and the wound was starting to heal. The memory was scaring him…

/Ken stopped at the forest and instantly took a large rock from the ground. "K'SO!!!" He yelled as he slammed the rock right into his eyes!!! "K'so. K'so. K'so." He chanted as he repeatedly hit himself with the rock. Slowly, blood and tears came rushing out from his eyes./

He can't help but feel pain… pain not from the wound. Pain not felt physically. But emotionally. Wait- Emotionally?

Another thought came into his mind… Fear.

/"Fine! I'll do it!" Ken yelled, unable to stand the pain in Cody's expression. "Ken!" Davis frowned. "Just… let Cody go!" Ken pleaded to the Shadow as the shadow smiled in triumph. He dropped Cody to the ground as the brunette's body went limp./

He was practically scared when the shadow caught Cody. Did I say it right? Scared? "I- I thought I didn't have them anymore!" Ken gasped and knelt down and stared closely at the reflection of his eyes from the pond. "Th- they're-" A smile twitched his face. "They're- they're coming back!"

Quickly, he ran back to the Digi hut where he and the other DDs were staying.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

"I can't believe it!" Kari yelled in happiness as she cupped Ken's face in her palms, "They're slowly returning…" Ken nodded with a smile. "Congratulations, Ken! A little bit more and you'll get every part of your eyes back!" Cody smiled. Ken nodded again to the boy below him, "Arigatou…"

"But… what puzzled me is…" TK started a conversation, "Daemon would never leave such an easy way to break his little curse or something!"

"TK's right…" Cody nodded in agreement, "There must be some sort of catch… or trap or something! Or maybe not… the way he sent that Shadow after me, maybe he sensed that Ken is winning over his little curse!"

"Hmm… I think it's a trap! But, if it really is a trap! Then something must've happened by now!" Yolei blinked at stared at everyone. Everything was now in pure silence except for the little arguments Veemon and Patamon are having over the food Yolei and Kari cooked. The silence was broken when Yolei began.

"Anyway, has anyone ever thought of finding a way how to return home? I mean… we've been here for 6 days! I'm sure our parents will be worried by now!" Yolei said as she crossed her arms.

"Well, we certainly can't go home unless there are computer devices to try to unlock the code!" Cody sighed in defeat, "But… how I wish to see Mom and Grandpa again!" He can't help but smile. "Yeah… my family may be a pain sometimes… but I sure miss them!" Yolei agreed. "We miss them too! We all do!" TK nodded followed by Kari's nod.

"But… we can't leave yet! Because-" he stopped and looked around to find Ken missing from their sight. "Ken left just now!" Wormmon said sadly.

"Because… Ken still isn't the same yet!" he continued his sentence.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The birds were chirping cheerfully in that afternoon. Ken was once again consumed in his own thoughts and hugged his knees. Kari looked at him sadly from beside as she laid a hand on his shoulder, "We shouldn't have said those things…"

"You never said anything… t'wasn't your fault!" Ken said, trying to make the girl feel better. "But I still agreed… I guess we should've thought about it before saying it all out loud! I guess we were being really- and I mean, really – tactless!" Kari snapped. Ken stayed silent for a while.

"I never wanted to go back! Ever!" Ken whispered. But Kari heard it crystal clear.

"Why is that?" Kari asked, curiosity flushing all over her. Ken looked at her with fear in his eyes, he didn't expect it would come out in his mouth that easily and his secret will come to exposure! He shook his head quickly and said, "It's- it's nothing!"

"Come on… why can't you trust us for once?" Kari asked sweetly. Ken really did have that look of distrust… "I- I don't know… if- if I should…" Ken whispered.

"You are our friend now, Ken! How do we know something is bothering you if you don't tell us, ne?" Kari smiled.

Ken gave out a heavy sigh and started…

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Enter Osamu Ichijouji.

Child Prodigy.

Popular among the ladies.

The Perfect Child.

Enter Ken Ichijouji.

Obnoxious Child.

Popular among the Shadows.

A Child that never existed.

"Osamu-niisan always had everything! In fact, he was good in everything!" Ken exclaimed. "Mama and Papa always looked up to him… and sometimes, they even follow his orders…"

"I was proud of him too… but somehow, I can't help but feel jealousy and anger towards him the moment I step into his sight!"

"He was never a good brother… cause all he ever did was study and push people around…"

"What's that, Osamu-niisan?" Little Ken asked.

"Liquid Soap. We created bubbles with these during Science class. You wanna try it out?" Osamu asked and handed Ken the small bottle filled with liquid soap. Ken blew some air through the hole and the biggest bubble was created both he and Osamu had ever seen.

"For once… you have something better than I can do, Kenny!" Osamu grinned, watching the bubble fly away to the air. "Really?" Ken smiled widely. "Yeah… you can never create a large bubble like that unless you have patience and gentleness!" Osamu said.

"Well… what does it matter anyway? I never wanted to do useless things like these, anyway!" Osamu laughed and returned to his room to study. "It's not useless, big brother!" Little Ken whispered sadly, "It matters a lot to me!"

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

"Mama. I thought we're going to the park today!" Little Ken whined as he pulled his mother's skirt from below, holding a ball in the other hand. "I'm sorry, Ken. But Osamu needs to study and he can't come with us. Your birthday wouldn't be perfect without him, right?" His mom smiled.

But Ken never felt smiling back. Instead, he walked back to the living room and played with the ball on his own. "Happy Birthday to me, I guess…" He said sadly as a tiny streak of tear strolled down from his eye.

His birthday was ruined. Scratch that!

His life was ruined.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

"I don't want you touching my things again! You understand? People who touch other's things without permission are the scums of the Earth!"

"I wish you would disappear!"

"Osamu-niisan!!!" Ken yelled at the top of his lungs as a car screeched its way towards the Child Prodigy. Too late… too late. Ken watched in horror as his brother flew to the other side and slid to the floor with another screech. His mouth was dry and his throat was too caught up of the event.

He wanted to scream.

He wanted to cry.

But he was too shocked to do so.

And finally, he snapped back to reality and his eyes finally filled with tears. And then, all hell broke lose.


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

"During his funeral… I cried for him so much! But then, I stopped… what good is it to cry for someone when that someone doesn't cry for you back?"

"It's good as it shows… What good is it to love someone when they don't love you back? And from that day on, I never showed them my love anymore…"

To be continued…