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The Author's Notes at the bottom of the page are from 7/7/2019 when I first posted the story. I made a few changes to this chapter, but I don't think they'll conflict with anything that happens later. I apologize to anyone who was expecting a new chapter. I've also started typing Chapter 9 and a Stats Page for Sean. I plan to wrap up the first little arc within the next two to three chapters (Chapter 9-11).

Nine centuries ago, the Mana Tree burned to ashes. The power of Mana lived on inside Mana stones, enchanted instruments, and artifacts. Sages fought with each other for control of these last remnants of Mana.

Then, after hundreds of years of war, as the power of Mana began to wane, those who sought it grew scarce, and the world returned to peace.

After that, mankind grew afraid to desire. Their hearts filled with empty emotions, and grew estranged from my hands. They turned their eyes away from my infinite power, and were troubled by their petty disputes.

Remember me!

Need me!

I can provide you with everything!

I am love.

Find me, and walk beside me.

Chapter 1: Arrival

Blood thundered in his ears like the drums of a marching band as Sean lie there, too stunned to move. The dirt path he rested on led to a cozy, little country cottage. Wings flapped loudly above him as the one responsible for his current state took off, leaving behind a single blue feather.

"Another-other successful delivery!" The big-billed pelican sang merrily as it disappeared into the clear blue sky.

Sean breathed heavily, his chest rising with each intake of air. The aftereffect of his impromptu flight still lingered in his heart. Ever since he was a child, Sean always had a healthy fear of heights. The paralyzing agent slowly bled its way out of him, allowing him to recollect his bearings.

"Holy shit." Sean rubbed his face in relief. Part of him wanted to cry. "I can't believe I'm alive."

He tried standing, but his legs hadn't changed back from being noodles yet. They shook as if Sean just completed a set of 100 squats and he fell down despite his earnest effort to stay upright. He barely avoided eating dirt by catching himself with his right hand.

Sean laughed wryly. "My new boss is going to be so fucking pissed I'm late." He paused in thought. "Although that might not even matter now."

His new black suit was covered in dirt and pieces of grass. The day was hot and muggy and Sean could already feel himself building up a light sweat under the intense gaze of the blinding sun. All of this took a back seat, however, as the young man quickly realized where he was.

"This can't be the Legend of Mana, can it?"

Sean has read his fair share of stories where a person was transported somewhere. But, they were exactly that. Stories! In face of the evidence, with the warmth on his skin and the smell of freshly cut grass dancing in his nose, it couldn't be anything else but reality. Sean's beaten the game 3 or 4 times over the course of his life so he recognized his new setting almost right away.

He pushed himself up into a sitting position and loosened the collar of his white, button-down undershirt. Sean removed his black suit and tie and made to stand. A gentle breeze combed through his hair and carried the blue feather to him like a courier.

Sean examined the feather, turning it side to side. "I should probably track Pelican down." He clenched the feather just short of damaging it. "And find out if that bitch can send me home." If she was anything like in the video game, then Sean knew that Pelican carried no malicious intent. Still, part of him demanded he get back at her for the screw up.

Quest Alert!

Polly Want a Smacker?

For one reason or another, you have been brought to the world of Fa'Diel by a blue-feathered pelican against your will. Show the mail carrier why doing such a thing was a bad idea.

Success: Decreased Reputation with Pelican, ?, ?

Failure: ?, ?, ?



"Huh?" Sean was nonplussed by the blue box's sudden appearance. He poked the screen with his right finger and found it to be solid. The physical contact produced a ripple effect.

Sean overcame his bafflement and pressed the 'Y' selection.

The box disappeared, sure to be the first of many. Sean brushed his pants clean and gave the nearby house a better look. The dirt road stretched over a crystal clear stream to its front steps. A big tree hugged the back of the house like a lover and cast a cooling shade onto its yellow, thatched roof.

Being new here, in person, Sean walked towards the house to find directions. He wasn't sure if the hero was home or even what gender they were since the game allowed the player to choose. He still needed to try. However, his destination was blocked by a unique individual.

The creature was a humanoid plant with large, orange eyes and green tinted skin. The rest of its body, sans its non-existent nose, was made of green leaves with pink leaves stretched out to the sides of its head like butterfly wings. Two large pieces of wood acted as its feet and both hands ended in five bulbous tips. Vines wrapped around its neck like a scarf and a white-petaled flower rested in the middle.

"Hello!" The creature called cheerfully, smiling and waving their little hand in greeting.

"Uh, yeah, hi," Sean replied, a little put off by the salutation. "I'm Sean Rent." He reached forward for a handshake, finding it the proper thing to do. "Could you tell me where I am?"

"I'm a Sproutling!" The creature stated with great exuberance. The handshake went unaccepted. "You're at home!"

"Okay, but whose home?" Sean asked patiently.

"Your home!"

"This isn't my home nor has it even been." Sean's home was a decent apartment back in the States. Funny enough, he did think of moving to another place. This wasn't what he had in mind, though.

"You're playing with me, aren't you?" The Sproutling asked, smile never leaving. "This place was shaped by your imagination. So is the world. Didn't you know that?" The Sproutling fully believed what it was saying, no doubt or uncertainty found in its tone.

Sean pinched the bridge of his nose. "All right, look," he started, trying not to get irritated. "Do you know if anyone is home?"

"Only you are," the Sproutling said simply.

"Okay, thank you for your time, but I have to get going."

"Don't go!" The Sproutling shouted when Sean made to leave. "I have something for you!"

From seemingly nowhere, the plant person pulled out a wooden box. There was a collection of old, children's building blocks inside of it. The blocks were colored with green and the three primary colors: red, yellow, and blue.

Item Obtained!

[Legendary] Artifact: Colorblocks

The town changes through the ages according to its citizens. It doesn't change to accommodate a new age. It changes to bring about a new age.

Allows the artificer entrance into the town of Domina.

Title Gained!

New Title: Artificer

This title allows the user to unleash the magic contained within various artifacts. This title doesn't need to be equipped to take effect.

"Pokiehl the poet told me that the town of Domina exists because I think so." The plant said while Sean became pensive. "People say this world isn't an illusion, but the Sproutlings know!"

"Thanks." "Now I can track that bird down."

"If you can't find Domina, use your imagination to find it," the Sproutling supplied helpfully.

"Well, I'm off now." Sean walked away towards the house, deep in thought. "Am I here by accident or was this planned?"

When he reached the front door, Sean found it was unlocked and set the artifact down on a nearby chair. This was followed by his suit and tie over the back. The living area was just as he remembered it, evoking nostalgia and welcoming him like an old friend.

Sean smiled as he took in everything.

The door to the study was to the right of the entrance. The right half of the floor was wooden while the left half was stone for the dining room. A red rug covered part of the stone. A table surrounded by six chairs sat on top of the rug next to a rocking chair and an unlit fireplace.

The view into the kitchen was partially blocked by a bead curtain. A wooden board sat over the entryway. The outline of a fish was carved into it. Aside from a single loaf of bread, the kitchen was barren of food. A dusty aroma permeated the kitchen and Sean found some when he dragged his finger along the countertop. The scent reminded him of digging through his parents' attic.

Sean found no one else while he explored the house, but he did come across a smiling cactus who he was pretty sure was alive. It remained unresponsive when he tried talking to it and it didn't move or blink despite Sean waving his hand in front of the cactus' face. Sean didn't come away empty-handed from this seemingly fruitless interaction.

Once he stared at the cactus long enough, there was another pop-up.

You've gained a new skill!

Observe (Passive/Active) Lvl 1 [33%] Cost: 5 MP

Through continuous observation, a skill to observe objects, situations, and people was generated that allows for quick information gathering. The higher the skill, the greater the data observed.

You can see information on people up to 20 Lvls above you.

Lvl 1: The user can see the target's stats and a basic description.

Name: Li'l Cactus

Race: Cactus, ?

Level: Lvl 2

HP: 100/100

MP: 50/50

STR: 3

VIT: 4

DEX: 2

INT: 2

WIS: 2

LUK: 1

Description: A shy little cactus. He is a cactus of few words, but he happens to be thinking about many things.

In the master bedroom, where the cactus was, there was a bunch of leaves hanging from a nail on the support beam. The words "Cactus Diaries" were written at the top of the first leaf.

Sean plopped down at the dining room table to plan his next course of action in case the worst came to pass.

"Well," Sean started, trying to stay positive. "At least I didn't end up somewhere worse." Images of Resident Evil, Garage: Bad Dream Adventure, and Endless Ocean passed through his mind. "Could've been pretty fucking awful." That wasn't to say that this new world didn't come with its own brand of challenges.

Sean didn't even know what he did, if anything, for Pelican to grab him. All he did was try to mail a letter before heading off to his new job. And, earlier in life, there wasn't anything that stood out to him to make him kidnap-worthy.

"But what if there's trouble on the way to Domina?" He uttered after a brief pause. Like all other RPGs, there was an abundance of monsters out there, ready and willing to make a meal out of him.

Sean followed this train of thought and searched for a weapon to defend himself. He found one in a teal and golden chest sitting close by. A standard, one-handed sword sat inside, along with a pouch of 100 Lucre, this world's currency, in coins of varying sizes and amounts. Three books detailing different spells waited for him next to the sword.

Item Obtained!

[Common] Menos Sword Durability: 100/100

A long sword that was forged from Menos Bronze. Most are double-edged and have sharp tips. The sword is considered a holy weapon due to the precious metals it is made from. It is wielded in one hand, so the rate of movement is average.

Attack: +10

Effect: Grants access to one-handed sword techniques.

Skill Books Obtained!

[Common] Basic Spell: Cure

[Common] Basic Spell: Fire

[Common] Basic Spell: Repair

Would you like to learn them?


Sean pressed 'Y', showing no hesitation, and watched the books vanish. The information suddenly flew into his mind and he winced in pain and rubbed the side of his noggin.

You have learned three new spells!

Cure (Active) Lvl 1 [0%] Cost: 20 MP

This spell heals a small amount of damage dealt to the user or someone else. At higher levels, the spell will be able to heal more damage.

Effect: Heals 1% HP

Fire (Active) Lvl 1 [0%] Cost: 5 MP

This is the most basic fire spell and deals a small amount of damage to enemies. This spell can be altered to form different attacks. At higher levels, the spell will deal more damage.

Effect: Has 1% chance to inflict burn status

Repair (Active) Lvl 1 [0%] Cost: Varies

A basic spell that can come in handy in life. It allows the user to repair or fix just about anything. The cost of the spell is dependent upon factors such as the size and complexity of the thing the user is trying to fix.

"This should work all right for now," Sean spoke quietly as he attached the sword to his hip and stuck the money in his pocket. "Finding that bird shouldn't be too hard."

He grabbed the box containing the "Colorblocks" AF and went right out the door. If he had given a closer look, Sean might've noticed the folded-up note at the bottom of the chest. There was a message on the note which would assuredly dash any hopes of Sean leaving.

Quest Alert!

Restore the Tree of Mana

Nine centuries ago, the Mana Tree burned to ashes. The power of Mana lived on inside Mana stones, enchanted instruments, and artifacts. Sages fought with each other for control of these last remnants of Mana.

Then, after hundreds of years of war, as the power of Mana began to wane, those who sought it grew scarce, and the world returned to peace.

That's not to say that the Mana Tree didn't return, however, and still bearing the scars of these conflicts, a rotting corruption took ahold of the mighty tree.

Succeed: Varying Exp, ?, ?, ?

Failure: Death, Destruction of Fa'Diel, ?

This quest cannot be refused.

Sean would eventually discover this.

"Neat," He said in the distance. "There is an inventory."

But things didn't have to be as bad as they seemed. After all, our lives are in our hands.

Author's Notes: This idea has been bothering me for a while so I decided to go ahead and write a chapter. I actually did post a chapter of this story over a year ago, but it wasn't up for very long since I was getting kind of tired of writing at the time. For those who remember, I had written a story called Slender Theory which was okay, but something I wasn't exactly satisfied with.

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