Authors note: Ok, this is the fist time I've written a story like this, so please don't flame me to badly.


"Um, sorry, I heard a scream and just reacted. I'll go." Dylan almost tripped over his feet as he backed out of the doorway and into the corridor beyond. He did a quick mental check, and decided that this was defiantly the most embraced he'd ever been.

It had started like any other day: he'd been making his way back to his quarters after Tyr had taken over the from the night shift in command, when he'd heard a scream come from Beka's room. His training had taken over: thinking that she was somehow in trouble, he'd used his override to unlock the door and burst in to see Beka in bed.

In bed that is, with Rommie.

He turned and leaded against the door. "Well." He thought to himself, "You don't see that every day." He pinched himself: no, he was awake, even if this did have a lot in common with some of his dreams. He shook his head: right now he needed a very cold shower and a stiff drink, in that order.

He took a step forwards, trying to work out why Rommie and Beka would have kept their relationship secret: Beka wasn't High Guard, so the rules about Avatars didn't apply to the two of them. Maybe it was to keep the peace: relationships on-ship could result in tension, especially in a crew as small as theirs.

He was about to take another step when the door hissed open, "Dylan." Beka's tone of voice was one that Dylan had never heard her use before. He slowly turned round, and almost gagged: Beka was stood in the doorway, her shear-silk nightgown barely covering her body. Rommie stood behind her, her chin resting on Beka's shoulder and her arms wrapped round the first officer. "Well, what do you think?" she whispered softly into Beka's ear.

Beka's eyes slowly travelled down Dylan, her smiled turning into a grin, "I think he has potential. And I can defiantly see why you where so interested in him." Rommie laughed, "Yes, High Guard uniforms can be very ravelling, can't they." One of her hands disappeared inside Beka's gown, "I think this could be fun." Beka grabbed Dylan's arm and pulled him back through the door.

The hatched closed and locked with a click.

The End.

Anyway, like I said, this is my first (and if the reviews are bad, last) attempt at this sort of fiction, so please be gentle with your reviews.