Ok, It looks like at lest one person out there likes this story, and as I'm still suffering from writers block on 'Echoes of Future Past', I'll do another chapter. Anyway, it'll annoy the heck out of Hope for Fluff ;-)

Surprise, part 2

Rommie felt Beka shift slightly as she woke from a deep sleep. She smiled to herself: Beka was always a little 'frisky' when she first woke up. She tightened her grip, keeping her arms tightly round the first officer, then slowly planted gentle kisses up and down Beka's neck, waking her fully.

"Stop it: you know what that dose to me." Beka purred. Rommie smiled, "I know full well what it dose to you Captain Valentine, that's why I do it." Beka shifted, trying to find a way to free her arms, but Rommie held her tight, "No, I'm not letting you go until I'm done." Beka tilted her head, exposing more of her neck to Rommie's kisses, "You know, it's at times like this I miss it being just the two of us." Rommie nibbled at her ear, "And here was me thinking it was your idea to include Dylan." Beka smiled, "It was, and I do love him, but he doesn't have the time for this sort of thing: men just don't have the patients for it. And he snores."

Rommie moved one of her hands down lower, making Beka gasp, "Then we'll have to find more diplomatic missions for him to go on." She took Beka to the point of release, then stopped, "As much fun as it would be to take this to its enjoyable conclusion, you have to be in command in ten minuets: you know how Tyr gets when one of us is late." Beka frowned, "You're a cruel mistress Andromeda." Rommie planted one last kiss on her lovers neck, "True, and you love me for it."

They made their way to command, arms around each other. They had just reached the doors to command when they opened and Tyr stormed out, "You're five minuets late!" Beka looked at him, and turning, kissed Rommie deeply. The Avatar responded by grabbing Beka by the back of the head and holding her close. Tyr looked like he was about to say something, but instead turned and sprinted off down the corridor. Rommie broke away from Beka in time to see him disappear around the first corner, "And you called me cruel! You know where going to have to get a new punch bag for the gym after this?" Beka smiled, "Once a pone a time I thought that I might have feelings for Mr Anasazi, but he made it quite clear that he could never have feelings for a non- Nietzschean woman."

Rommie smiled back, "Well I for one am glad he didn't reciprocate your feelings." She leaned forwards to kiss Beka, but the first officer held up her hand to stop her, "Like you said, I have to be in command, and with Harper away on Sinti with Dylan, you have to do all the general maintenance: ship, fix thy self." Rommie looked slightly upset, "And here was me hopping to have my wicked way with you behind the pilots station. Is this your way of getting back at me for earlier?" Beka smiled, "Rommie my love, I've only just begun: wait until tonight."


(I'm leaving this story open-ended: I may write another chapter, I may not. It remains to be seen.)