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Chapter 1: Tears for the One

---------------Elazul --------------

I slumped to the ground, a dreadful feeling rising in my chest. It wasn't much of a relief, beating the Lord of Jewels…because the aftermath isn't very formidable. Nobody returned…they just disappeared. I looked up at Mia, who was looking around desperately, her expression sorrowful. I bet she feels sorry for me…for me and everyone else.

"Mia," I called, my voice hoarse. She didn't comply. She continued to look around, her eyes twinkling.

"Mia," I repeated, straining to make my voice louder. "Mia…"

She turned to me, but she looked as though she was looking through me. "I-I'm so sorry, Elazul," she whispered, twiddling her hands in front of her uneasily. "I couldn't do anything…I'm just a nosy and disrespectful brat…I couldn't help at all…" Her voice shook as she spoke. Her face twisted in sadness and agony. But she was wrong. She helped more than she knew. She helped me—she helped the Jumi.

Such innocence she has…for she did not even notice how everyone loved her—because she helped without hesitation. She was my first best friend, after all. She was the first one who never, ever flinched from my shouts, and liked me for who I am, considering the risk. She stuck with me even though I am a Jumi.

But now as I looked at her, I knew that such sorrow she has, I share it. I opened my mouth to respond, but instead of the soft and assuring voice I planned, I spoke instead with a loud and imperial tone.

"Don't be stupid, Mia. You helped more than you were supposed to! Stop being stupid and go tell yourself how good you are to help us—even if the result—" I stopped. I stopped in shock. Because I heard something I wished I would never hear from her.

A sob. A sob! She's crying!

I struggled to stand up, struggled to ignore the pain that shot through my veins. I'd rather have my core shattered than let her turn into stone!

"No, don't cry, Mia!" I yelled, stepping up in pain. My legs are numb, and they won't comply with me. But I have to reach her.

"Everyone's gone…" I heard her whisper, her eyes boring into mine. Tears formed in them, tears that may fall at any time.

"No!" I yelled again, stepping closer. She was in such distance from me, and I can't reach her. She has to stop…

" Pearl , Rubens, Esmeralda, Diana…" she said, ignoring me. "…Sandra—everyone… Elazul, they are all gone because I failed… I failed… B-but I really wanted to help. I really… want to help… everyone…"

I stepped closer. "No, Mia! Don't cry… Please, Mia! Please!" I begged, slowly stepping closer, but the closer I get, the farther she seemed to be.

"I-I'm sorry, Elazul… I'm sorry you're the only one left of your kind. I'm sorry you're all alone… I'm so sorry…" Her eyes glistened visibly. She looked at me with so much pity that I began to feel sorry for myself, too. "I'm sorry about Pearl …" she continued, and began to walk over to me. "But I promise… we can always be friends… don't… be sad."

I felt like my chest was being squeezed. I felt as though I was going to cry, too. But even if I really want to, I can't—because Jumi can't cry… Not anymore…

"I-I'm not sad," I assured her approaching figure, stepping up to her as well. My voice shook, too, but I couldn't help it. "Please, Mia, d-don't cry… Never cry for the Jumi…"

She sniffed. Her bright-green eyes that always shone with glee now darkened with tears of sadness. I don't want her to cry. I could always live alone—as long as I know she'll be alive…and not a stone. I could always live alone…

She's now in front of me. Up close, I could see that her tears were on the verge of falling. But I can't let them… I can't bear…

I reached out my hand and wiped the tears from her eyes. "Don't cry, please…I'm not sad. I don't have too much reason to be…And you know why?"

She looked up at me and took the hand that brushed away her tears. She held my hand close to her as though it was a treasure she'll keep forever. I didn't protest and waited for her answer. "No…why?" she finally replied, and then tears began to form in her eyes again.

"Because I know I won't be alone…" I told her, not even thinking about what I was saying, "because I know that you'll always be there… Because I know you won't leave me…" I almost regretted saying such words, but as soon as I saw her smile, I considered my words truthful and reassuring.

Her smile was bright and cheerful, though in her eyes the sorrow stayed. The tears were still there.

She squeezed my hand and held it close to her heart. She opened her mouth and said,

"Elazul… I won't leave you, really…but you can't hide the fact that you are sad about…all this. I can always cry for you, even if I turn to stone, I don't care… I'll cry just to make you happy…" Her eyes welled up with more tears, but when I reached out to wipe them away with my free hand, she stopped me and continued, "Do you know why?"

I stared at her as hard as I could, afraid to answer. But her eyes told me that she needs my reply. "N-no," I stammered, trying to wriggle my hands from hers and wipe her tears before they fall, "No, I don't know… why?"

She smiled and a tear slid down her cheek. "Because I love you, Elazul… and these tears are for the happiness of the one I…" she trailed off, as the curse engulfed her color into the gray of a stone.

I almost screamed. My hands were released from hers without me noticing it. My chest burned with so much emotion I couldn't explain. I shut my eyes tight and hoped that I was only dreaming. All of this never happened… it was all a nightmare. Everything was all a nightmare.

"E…Elazul?" a voice called uncertainly. A voice I recognized with all familiarity. Pearl .

I opened my eyes and glanced towards her voice. There she was, standing beside me, a look of surprise and wonder mixed in her face. "What happened?" she asked, but she kept her eyes glued on my face, as though something strange was on it.

I didn't answer her. I was too surprised to see her right here, alive. I looked around. Everyone stared back at me. Everyone—Florina, Diana, Esmeralda, Rubens…EVERYONE.

It was strange and extremely relieving, but how did that happen? I returned my attention to Pearl again, who was now inspecting Mia. "What's wrong?" I asked her when she gasped.

"Look," she pointed, her finger trembling. "Mia just produced…"

I looked. And looked. And looked. No, that can't be… only Jumi can…

"A teardrop crystal…" I whispered unconsciously. "Did she just… cry and… revived everyone!" A crystal hung below her cheek, which shone very brightly at everyone's gaze.

She saved the Jumi… I don't know how I should feel. I don't know if should rejoice, or lament…

Should I? I just lost a friend. A close friend. But her words still haunt me… Her words…

"Because I love you, Elazul…

… and these tears are for the happiness of the one I…"