Hello, this is Seonaid Mist, after 500 years of inactivity. WAIT, DON'T KILL ME YET! I have an important announcement to make.

Tears for the One will be turned over to a new writer. A user named The Meibito will be taking over this project now. Her fic is called "Cry for You". Please give her your support for her own project!

I'm really too embarrassed to read this fic ever again, so I can no longer write it. I tried revising it, while keeping to the original… but I was never satisfied. This was a really awfully written fic, if I do say so myself. So, when someone offered to rewrite and continue it for me, I took the bait.

This fanfiction will remain in this site for archiving purposes only. I'm not exactly saying goodbye to the Legend of Mana fandom but I'm taking a break from it. Elazul/Heroine is still the sweetest pairing out there. And I still don't like Pearl. This is the proof that Legend of Mana will always and forever be in my heart.

Thank you for reading this sad little piece of fangirl fiction. Thank you for supporting it! I'm really sorry to have kept you all waiting. Don't worry; a much better writer has taken over the project. :B

Look out for The Meibito's "Cry for You" fic! I'll be linking to her fanfic in my profile once she's posted it up.

With that I bid you a temporary farewell, LoM fandom. I love you all! Especially Cheetah Smith and Ovo. You guys are so cool. I wish I could've been friends with other LoM fanatics too. :C