It has been eons sine that fateful day the gods whipped out humanity and to be honest, nothing much of interest occurred. The grimm trampled what was left of humanity into ruble while nature took care of the rest. Wildlife flourished and grimm wandered about without purpose without any humanity to destroy. Angel got into a few scuffles with Grimm when near debilitating boringness took over her mind. She used all the Nega it saved up from before the downfall of humanity and found out another way to get stronger. Every gimm gets stronger the more negative emotions they capture, but when a grimm dies and turns into black smoke, it is possible to harvest some of the grimms Nega as they die.

Name - Angel

Species - Grimm (Raven)

Negativity - 955

Level - 242

Strength - 45

Agility - 54

Perception - 99

Resistance - 44

Stat Points - 0

+1 Stat Point == +2182 Nega

+1 Ability == + 100,350 Nega


Observe – Gather information on living beings (Level, Species)

Feather Attack – Throws deadly sharp feathers from wings for piercing damage

Silence – Wings and body make absolutely no sound when flying

Tail Swords – Tail feathers have been sharpened and can be used like a great sword

Tracking – Mentally mark a living being and follow them to the ends of the earth

Battle Cry – Instill negative feelings into your enemies and fill your allies with courage

Blend In – Transform into a close approximation appearance of humanity (Harpy)

Death Dodge – If HP falls below 1, use stored negativity to regenerate quickly

Smoke Screen – Shroud 25m radius in grimm smoke

If the bird grimm had one regret, it would be that she didn't study humanities creations, only destroyed them. She could have learnt so much, staved off so much boredom, answered some of her growing amount of questions. She had been stupid to throw that chance away… but there was nothing Angel could do about it now.

Oh, she calls herself 'Angel' now, and decided to be a female just like the blond woman that lead humanity into destruction. She missed humanity and her unending curiosity with them. It is a shame that she was able to transform into a pale imitation of the gods and interact with humanity… just after they were wiped out.

One of her many new skills, 'Blend In', allowed her to instantly take the form of a grimm-bird-human. Her legs stayed much the same shape while her body straightened and revealed an hourglass figure with a generous bust. She grew long jet-black hair that seemed to suck away the light while in comparison, her arms shone bone white right up to her black claws. Sharp black feathers hanging from her arms with her straight tail feathers just off the ground while standing normally. Angels upper face was pure white with minor red markings under her eyes (similar to the maidens) and red-marked eyebrows, making her look like she was wearing a half-mask. Below the white was pitch black skin with full, grimm-red lips without a flaw on her. Her eyes were a much brighter red than the rest of her and seemed to pulse with power. She had 3 claws where hands and feet were found on humans that left deep scratches on the rocks she simply walked on. She was a very tall 6"1' while standing comfortably, but when she extended her legs fully and used her heavy wings to balance herself, she was just over 9" tall. This was her new favourite form and she stayed this way to practice for when humanity returns.

Angel spent it's time sparing with grimm just as or stronger than herself. Always winning, sometimes she was nearly defeated but her intellect and abilities always pulled through. She wasn't vain enough to compare herself to a human smarts however, she was many times smarter than her grimm brethren. Angel killed every other grimm that couldn't pose a challenge to it and absorbed their Nega. The reason she did not kill the stronger grimm was because they were a challenge to fight and were useful for honing her skills, battle plans and boredom.

Angel was flying in Harpy form, looking for something to fill her time when she was blind sighted by a fellow Raven grimm. She spiraled out of control and screamed in supprise before trying to right herself. Just as she correct her fall, Angel observed her attacker.

Observed – LV 58, Grimm (Raven)

This was nothing, she's gonna-

Her planning was abruptly cut off when she unexpectedly felt her body strain against some unknown force and splashed into the water below. Raging currents pushed her around as she desperately tried to free herself. Unlike other creatures, grimm were much more sturdy and survivable than other creatures. They did not need food, water or air to survive, they never even slept or felt exhaustion. A grimm can only be killed from extreme temperatures, magical spells and physical wounds. She has watched hundreds of thousands of grimm deaths over her lifetime as well as being one herself, she knew her kinds limits.

Her 44 resistance was being pushed to the limit with how much tumbling she is taking, not to mention the grimm taking pot-shots with it's feathers whenever it sees her surface. She heard other grimm from the riverbanks and knew she was heavily surrounded, outnumbered and outmatched. She had been ambushed perfectly.

She was dragged out of the river by a grimm eel and dropped face first in the dirt at somebody's feet. She looked up and gasped at the humanoid grimm woman. She had white skin, red eyes floating in a dark abyss, light grey hair and wore human clothes!

"Hello, my precious…" She purred. "Why have you not been responding to my commands?" She spoke aloud, pondering to herself.

Observe – LV 288, Human (Magical/Grimm/Immortal)

Angel could feel her emotions! It had been so long since she earnt Naga from contact with humanity, she forgot what it felt like. She looked at her surroundings, filled with a varitey of grimm below LV 100 and noticed that they were acting very stiff. She slowly stood up and intently studied the humans face, unconsciously leaning closer and closer while a memory tugged at the back of her mind. She looked nothing like she did back then, but Angel followed and fed off this woman for months, she knew exactly who this was. Humanities greatest enemy.

"You're a unique one… I wonder what I should call you."

"Angel." I told her.

She jumped back in fright and gasped loudly, summoning her magic on reflex. This prompted Angel to crouch in a stance, waiting for the fight. The woman was staring at her in wonder and awe and quickly banished her magic away.

"You can talk?"

"Angel tries remember speak."

"You were created from before…" She looks enraged for a few seconds before calming down and looking much more relaxed in her presence.


She looks confused. "Why what?"

I point to all around us. "No humans. Angel alone."

She doesn't say anything, so Angel continues and points directly at her chest with a talon. "Human make Dark and Light angry. Dark kill humans, no you?"

Salam wouldn't admit it, but this was the most intelligent conversation she's had in millions of years and wasn't planning on giving it up any time soon. She could not control this grimm which is what made it interesting to her, and was completely determined to bring it back home and study it. The grimm looked just as, if not more womanly than herself. Angels breasts displayed for the world to see and her womanhood shamelessly flaunting her supple netherlips.

Tracking – Salem (1.3m)

"My name is Salem, the gods have cursed me with immortality and I cannot die."

Angels head tilts slightly in confusion. "Not killed? All humans killed. Not you?"

Salem grows with impatience, maybe she was too generous of complementing this grimm's intelligence. "No, I cannot die."


"Because the gods cursed me!"

Angel flinches from her loud speaking.

"…*sigh* I am sorry, I did not mean to yell. How I came to be is a painful subject I have never spoken about before. This is also the only conversation I've had in ages."

Angel has only been close to Salem for a small time and her Nega has increased by 0.5. It's nowhere near as great as what she used to gather with humanity still around, but it was better than nothing.

"This Angel first speak too! You stay me?"

She chuckles and smirks in amusement. "How about you come home with me? I have a house, mountains an-"

"Human home!" Angel screeches out in glee, she flaps her wings in excitement and slightly bounces off the ground closer towards a warily looking Salem. "Angel go with Salem!"


Salem really had no idea what Angel was. She defidently wasn't human, much smarter than grimm but not humans. She came up with a few theory's.

Theory number 1: Angel is an ancient grimm that slowly adapted and evolved to survive better in this world. Perhaps even procreate with humans if her female features suggested as such.

Theory number 2: Angel is the god of Dark's attempt at making humanity. If this was the case, then Angel is either the last survivor of her race or was the only one created. If Angel was the last of her race, then she must have been the best specimen of her time. This would suggest the species were barely smarter than the grimm themselves and were wiped out by humanity or their own stupidity.

Theory number 3: Angel is a deity in disguise to check up on her.