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Harry rushed down the corridor his pack flailing behind him going all over the place. He was sure that more than a few things had fallen out, but it wasn't anything he couldn't replace. His essentials like the Marauders Map, and his father's cloak he kept on his person at all times.

He bolted across the Entrance Hall and forced himself not to gravitate towards the Great Hall. Oh God. Nothing sounded better right now then buttered toast with scrambled eggs in between. Porridge and bacon on the side. And a glass of pumpkin juice to wash it all down. His angry stomach clearly felt the same way, because it rumbled at him in agreement.

But there was no time for that. He would make sure he got third helpings of everything at lunch today. He might even go back for fourths. He didn't care if people started at him in disgust the same way they did with Ron at meals.

Just the thought of his red headed friend made him grit his teeth. They had been best friends ever since first year, when they had taken down the troll and saved Hermione. They had been through hell and back together. Through thick and thin. Like family. But now Ron was willing to put their friendship on the line just because he didn't believe Harry, that he hadn't put his name in the Goblet of Fire.

Ron had come storming up to him when they had gotten back to the dorm that night and demanded to know how he did it. He said he was hurt that Harry hadn't thought of him too. "It's a thousand galleons mate!" He had told Harry. "We could have split it right down the middle!" He hadn't even bothered to listen when Harry told him over and over that he hadn't put his name in the Goblet. He had just snorted and kept telling Harry how they could've won this tournament together, until Harry had shaken his head and gone to sleep, putting a silencing charm around his bed so he couldn't hear Ron.

The next morning hadn't gone any better. Not only had Ron left without him for breakfast, but as soon as Harry had arrived in the Great Hall that morning, he had been treated with nothing short of loathing, and at best suspicion. Many of these hateful stares were coming from the Hufflepuff table, which should've surprised him. They were normally known as the ones who got on well with everyone. But as far they saw it, he was trying to take away Cedric's glory.

He had been treated with a glare from Ron as soon as he entered the Hall which clearly meant he was still angry, so Harry had sat down next to Hermione.

"Can you really believe it?" He had said, shaking his head. "They really think I put my name in the Goblet." She put her copy of Hogwarts a History down and gave him a knowing look.

"I can actually." She said. "Harry." She leaned across the table. "Just tell me. Why'd you do it?

"What do you mean?" He asked confused.

"The Goblet?" She said as if it should've been obvious.


"You know how many wizards have died in the past from this tournament?" She shook her head. "That's why they had to cancel it in the first place. Do you really have a death wish?"


"Did you have another student put your name in? Who is it? I'd like to-"


"What?" She asked as if she just noticed him speaking.

"I. Did. Not. Do. It." He said punctuating each word. He then went on a five-minute tirade about how he had just wanted to have a normal school year. One that wasn't filled with wizard prison guards, giant snakes, or Dark Lords who's only mission was to kill him in the most gruesome way possible.

When he had finished, her only response had been to treat him with a disbelieving look. "Harry really." She said shaking her head at him. "You can tell me." He suddenly lost his appetite, got up and walked out. He couldn't believe it. Neither of his best friends believed him. The people he had known for four years thought he was a liar along with pretty much everyone else in the school.

The only person who did believe him it seemed was Neville, who told him he would have to be absolutely mental to put his name in that Goblet. A thousand galleons weren't worth it when the tournament was known for its high death rates. Plus, he was well enough as it was. I mean Harry didn't know about that last part. He had his school vault that his parents left at Gringotts, but other than that he was broke.

All this had led up to his current predicament. Since Hermione wouldn't talk to him anymore, he had lost his secret weapon when it came to homework. He hated to admit it, but she had been a big reason, THE reason actually that he had turned in each assignment on time. Whenever else he tried to work on it, Ron would always come in and pressure him into a game of chess or go down to the Quidditch pitch so Harry would let him ride his Firebolt.

Ever since his relationship with his two best friends had become strained, he was forced to work even harder for his assignments. And this was on top of him worrying about what they were going to throw at him for the first task in this tournament. As crazy as it sounded, he was almost happy that Quidditch season had been canceled this year. He wasn't sure if he could worry about that, homework, AND surviving this tournament.

Night after night, he had spent in the library working hours on end to finish all the assignments that his professors had given them. Last night he had spent several hours finishing up on his History of Magic essay. His invisibility cloak had definitely come in handy. When curfew had passed, he simply threw it on and cast a Lumos charm underneath. By the time he had finally finished, he noticed it was almost 3 o'clock in the morning. He had to be up for his first class in 4 hours.

It had been a simple matter to get back to the Gryffindor common room. If he could, he would go back in time and thank his Dad for the gift of the Marauders Map. With a Time-Turner that was possible, but who knows how much destruction that would cause to the timeline?

When he finally woke up, the sun was already shining through the windows. He grabbed his wand off of the stand next to him and said "Tempus".

His eyes widened and his heart dropped into his stomach. It was 8:50 and he had to be down in the dungeons in 10 minutes.

15 minutes later, he was still cursing Ron's name. He knew they were on bad terms at that point, but the fact he didn't bother to wake Harry up, hurt down to the core.

It took every fiber in his being, but he rushed past the Great Hall. He knew that they were still serving breakfast, but he didn't want to keep Snape waiting any longer. The man had hated him the day he laid eyes on him, and the later he was, the harsher the punishment. Not that Snape ever needed a reason to punish him.

He burst through the doors, and immediately the entire classes eyes were on him. It was double Potions with the Slytherins, so he was met with Malfoy's trademark sneer. But luckily for him it didn't look like Snape was-

"Hello Potter." A low cold voice said from behind him. "I'm so glad you could fit my class into your very busy schedule for the day."

"Professor, I'm sorry I'm late, I-" Harry started as he turned around, though he didn't know why he even tried. Snape didn't care.

"I'm sure you have a wonderfully prepared story, Potter. You can tell me all about it. Tonight, in detention. And that'll be 15 points from Gryffindor for your tardiness. Now take your seat."

Harry choked down his reply. Last thing he needed was for Snape to take even more points because Harry couldn't hold his tongue. Looking around it looked like every available seat was filled except for one. "Uhm." He blinked, and then he noticed the seating arrangement finally. Every table was filled with two people, each from Slytherin and Gryffindor. Ron was sitting with a girl that had auburn hair. When he locked eyes with his best friend, Ron gave him a shrug of indifference. Harry had to stop himself from cursing him. Hermione was sitting next to a boy that looked familiar, Harry just couldn't place him. All she did was give him another look of disappointment that had a touch of regret in it.

"In the back, Potter. By Miss Greengrass. Now." Snape said impatiently. Harry nodded, and went to the only open seat in the classroom. It was right next to a girl with blonde hair. Daphne Greengrass. He had seen her around of course but had never spoken to her. She had a nickname around the school, that made her rather unapproachable even for a Slytherin. The Ice Queen.

Harry nodded politely to her as he sat down, but despite giving him a brief look she didn't respond or otherwise acknowledge his existence. Harry guessed that's how it was going to be then. He shouldn't have been surprised.

"Now as I was saying." Snape scowled at Harry. "Turn your textbooks to page. 345. You will all be learning to brew a Wit Sharpening Potion. Just know this only amplifies what is already present. It cannot create actual intelligence." With that he looked over at Neville, who was sitting next to Blaise Zabini, and was the only one Snape went after more than Harry. "Unfortunately."

Daphne shook her head as she got up. Potter seemed to have a magnet for trouble. She had noticed that ever since their first year. That was also when she noticed how much Dumbledore favored him over everyone else. It was all too apparent, after he basically gifted Gryffindor the House Cup. Really, 60 points for a chess game? Honestly, she really didn't have anything against him personally. Ever since Harry had shunned Malfoy in front of everyone before the Sorting, the little Pure-Blood prince had told anyone who would listen about he was an attention seeking prat. Most people would've ignored him if it wasn't for Daddy's connections. In Slytherin, they only followed strength, and the Malfoy's were the richest and most powerful out of them all. Which meant that Draco had basically been top snake since day one and a prat since he came out of the womb. Even then, most of her house only antagonized Potter when Malfoy was around. Any other time they were just fine to leave him be. That is unless the Weasel was involved. He had a habit of picking fights with Slytherins and Potter always felt obligated to back him up.

She had noticed how the Weasel and Granger had cut out on him. All because they didn't believe him about the Goblet of Fire. As crazy as it sounded, Daphne did believe Potter. You'd have to be an extremely powerful wizard to trick the Goblet, and Potter wasn't one.

"Hey there, Greengrass." An Irish voice said from behind her. She turned and rolled her eyes. Daphne didn't really have many friends. Her Ice Queen persona kept most people away, and that was just the way she liked it. John Duffy was one of the people in her friend group, and his case she really didn't have a choice. Downfall of living with your cousin since you were both 7. After a while you sort of had to start some sort of friendship, otherwise you'd want to rip each others head off...he still drove her up a wall though.

He was only a bit taller than she was. He had close-cropped reddish-brown hair, and brown eyes. Unlike her, he was able to make friends with almost anyone. Even a Gryffindor would be disarmed by that big toothy smile he always had plastered on his face. It also helped he was the best Chaser that Slytherin house had seen since the days of the Founders. He had sulked for days after Dumbledore had announced that Quidditch would be canceled that year, due to the Triwizard tournament. All this added up into him being able to get any girl he wanted. Well almost any. Many families might be okay with marrying off first cousins, but her family had sworn to her that they would never put her or her sister through that.

"Duff." She said nodding, using his nickname that she had given him as a kid.

"Did you miss me during the lesson cousin? Must've been the first time since first year, you didn't have the pleasure of my company." He grinned.

She rolled her eyes. Before Potter had come in, Snape had announced to them that due to the Triwizard Tournament, and the guests from Durmstrang and Beauxbatons, Dumbledore had decreed that in order for the school to get in the spirt of camaraderie, that measures would have to be taken. One of these being, that whenever two Houses were in a class together, every pairing was chosen at random. And it seemed that all these "random" pairings always ended up crossing houses. HAH. Like a Gryffindor being forced to work with a Slytherin on a potion's assignment would force them to become friends.

She shrugged. "Potter knew what he was doing for the most part. I didn't even have to carry most of the workload." And she was actually shocked. The way Snape went after him all these years, maybe her think he was going to be an incompetent fool. Maybe it was just because he had been partnered with the Weasel all this time. "And you? No idea how you managed to spend the whole class with Granger and not go insane." Unlike many of the old families, her family had never been the one to subscribe that whole Pureblood supremacy rubbish. She didn't dislike the girl because she was Muggle Born. But the one time that Daphne had been partnered with Granger, the girl had been the entire time telling Daphne what she was doing wrong. Daphne had to make a special request to the staff never to be partnered with the girl again…ever.

She noticed her cousin hesitated before he spoke again. "It was fine." Was all he said.

"At least you weren't partnered with the bloody Weasel." Tracey said injecting herself into the conversation as she and Blaise walked up. Her auburn hair fell to her shoulders, and her blue eyes reminded Daphne of a river. She was a favorite among teachers, because she always turned in her homework on time, and had never been the cause of their irritation once since she had started at Hogwarts.

Blaise was a different story. He was the more, tall dark and handsome type. The only people he usually opened up to was their friend group. Mainly cause the rest of their house were "idiots" as he called them.

Tracey, John, and Daphne had known each since they were kids, but Blaise had met them all on the train. How happy she had been, when they had all been sorted into Slytherin together. "I swear the Weasel almost set the cauldron on fire at least 3 separate times. And whenever I tried to tell him he was doing it wrong, he glared at me and told me to shut up. As if it wasn't my grade on the line too. Idiot was lucky I didn't hex him." Honestly, she would be fine. Snape's favoring of his own house was legendary. We all turned towards Blaise. "Well?" Tracey asked expectantly.

"Well what?" He said confused.

"Aren't you going to tell us about your time with Longbottom?" John asked.

"He was…there and worked on the potion?" Blaise said slowly.

"What do you mean he was there?" Duff asked. "We all saw he was present and accounted for."

"What do you want me to say? He helped me with the assignment, we finished it and turned it in." Blaise rolled his eyes.

"That's all?" Tracey asked.

"What else do you think would've happened?" Blaise asked, then got a look on his face, and smirked at her. "Look Davis if you want to snog him so bad, I know a particularly nice broom closet on the thi-"

His sentence stopped abruptly when Tracey slugged him across the shoulder. "Shut up." She said inauspiciously. Daphne chuckled, but Duff look confused.

"What are you ta-" and then clarity formed on his face. "You like Longbottom?" He didn't react for a second, then he burst out laughing.

"And what the hell is so funny?" She demanded, her cheeks aflame.

"N-Nothing." He finally managed, as he got his laughter under control. "Just didn't think you would go for a Lion that's all. Especially not THAT Lion."

Tracey's face got redder. Daphne didn't know how that was possible, but apparently it was. "Last I checked, wasn't your own dad a Gryffindor who married a Slytherin?" Daphne smirked at her cousin, who immediately stopping laughing.

"Wow… low blow Daphy."

She snarled at him. He knew she hated that bloody nickname. "Haven't I asked you repeatedly not to call me that?"

"You have." He shrugged, then grinned at her. "You just get so worked up about it, I can't NOT call you it…cousin Daphy."

She took in a heavy breath and exhaled slowly. Duffy was a master at getting under her skin. She turned to her best friend. "Don't worry about what these two little boys thinks. If you have a thing for Longbottom, go for it. The worst he can do is say no." They all knew Malfoy would take offense to it, but the second that he tried to hurt Tracey, Daphne knew that Duffy and Blaise would see to him. The little snake might have a lot of pull in the House, but daddy's money wouldn't save him from what they would do to him, if he laid a finger on her best friend.

Tracey sighed. Daphne knew the real reason that Tracey was hesitant to talk to Longbottom, and it wasn't cause of the rivalry. Her friend was a master at making a new friend, but when it came to boys, she liked she couldn't get a word out. Daphne remembered last year when Terry Boot had asked her to go to Hogsmeade with him. She had gotten so nervous, that she had ran in terror without giving him an answer. She just needed a push was all.

When they arrived at Transfigurations, the Hufflepuffs were already waiting outside the door. Zacharias Smith gave her a look when she walked up. It wasn't a friendly sort of look either. More one that made her skin crawl. "Greengrass." He said eyeing her up and down.

"Why don't you avert your eyes Smith?" John growled, stepping in front of her.

"Didn't mean anything by it." Smith said, glaring at the other boy. "Why does it matter? Your aunt and uncle finally planning on selling her to you?" He smirked.

Duffy started towards him, but Blaise stopped him with an arm. "He's not worth it." He said and gave Smith a glare.

They filed into the classroom, where they were told by Professor McGonagall, that they would again be split up into pairings. Tracey went with Ernie Macmillan. Blaise was with Hannah Abbot. And to Duffy's pleasure, he was with Susan Bones. Daphne rolled her eyes when she saw her cousin give Susan a big smile. Not that she had anything against Bones, Duffy was just known as...well for lack of a better word: a man whore.

That just left. "Greengrass." McGonagall read off her parchment. "And Smith." Dammit Daphne thought.

She chose a table near the back, and he sat down seconds later, making sure his seat was as close to hers as possible. "So, Greengrass." He whispered to her, as McGonagall began her lesson on transforming chipmunks into candles. "I've been thinking-"

"That's interesting." She muttered to him.

"Huh?" He was confused.

"I was just surprised that you've been thinking. I know how hard that must be for you." She said curtly.

He grinned at her. He probably thought she was playing hard to get. "I was thinking. My dad told me, last time that Hogwarts hosted the tournament, they had a dance sometime before Christmas. I was thinkin-"

"No." She responded before he could even finish. "You didn't know what I was going to ask?" He glared.

"You're right Smith." She said in a fake apologetic tone. "Please finish."

"Will you go to the dance with me?" He asked.

"Hmmm. Now that I hear it…No." She repeated, hoping that would be the end of it.

"Oh, come on Greengrass. Give me one reason why not."

She looked over and gave him a death glare. "Beside the fact, that you look at me like a piece of meat? That you insulted my family? That you're a little shit? And a million other things? Oh nothing."

"Fine." He leaned back into his chair and crossed his arms and gave her that smirk that quickly becoming his trademark. "I have other options."

"Good for you." She mumbled, as she took notes. "Maybe you should go and ask them?"

"There's another Slytherin in particular I have been eyeing for a while." He whispered. "She's a second year." This got her attention. This bastard better not mean who she thought he meant. "You might know her. You grew up together after all." He smirked. "Her names Asto-"

Before he could finish his sentence, he was dropped to the ground, by the left hook that Daphne sent at him. Blood poured from his nose, as she stood over him, in a rare public form of rage. "You little." She hissed, not even finishing her insult, before McGonagall got in between them.

"MISS GREENGRASS!" The Transfiguration professor shouted.

Shit She thought.

Harry made his way down from the dormitory to the Common Room. He still had half an hour before he had to be at his detention with Snape, but he'd rather be early than late, especially after today. His mood had actually improved since Potions. Angelina had come up to him at lunch and asked him if he was planning on trying out. "For what?" He said, anger rising into his voice. He thought maybe she was trying to be clever and make another joke about him supposedly putting his name in the Goblet. He was really at the end of his rope and he wouldn't take it anymore. The next person who brought it up, he might snap.

"You haven't heard?" She said incredulously. "The Quidditch tryouts!"

"I thought Dumbledore canceled Quidditch this year?" He said.

"House Quidditch. But the Headmasters of the schools came together, and thought it would be a waste to let the talents of each schools' players go to waste. They hired professional referees to oversee the matches, because the teachers are so busy with the Triwizard Tournament. This way, we can go up against players from all over Europe."

"When are tryouts?" She now had his attention. He wasn't even sure how involved he could be, just because of all the work he would have to put into the Triwizard Tournament.

"Thursday next week. We'll know what time exactly a few days before hand." She said, then got a look on her face. "I know you have a lot on your plate right now." Yeah that was an understatement. "But I really hope you're able to tryout Harry. I know you'd be an instant starter, and there'll be a ton of scouts at this tournament. This could be your shot." As much as he loved flying and playing, he just wasn't sure that a life as a professional Quidditch player, was the life for him. He hadn't really thought about a life after Hogwarts actually. People trying to kill you every single year, would do that to a person.

"I'll try Angie. But I really can't promise anything." She smiled at him and gave him a hug drawing him in close.

"I believe you." She said after she drew back. "Just so you know. You're not the type of person who would lie, and I hope other people will realize that soon enough."

He gave her a sad smile. "You and me both."

He finished walking down the steps and started walking towards the portrait. "Hey. Uh. Harry?" He turned and sighed heavily. Ron was sitting by the fire, with Dean who coughed uncomfortably and then all but ran up the stairs to their dorm. "Hey mate can we talk for a second?" Ron asked.

"I need to get to detention." Harry said, letting the spite he had towards his friend drip into his voice.

"It'll only take a second." Harry sighed, and walked over, but didn't sit down. "Look, it's been complicated between us recently, and I just thought we should talk about it." Finally. He was ready to apologize for being a prat. "I just want things back to the way they used to be you know?"

"Me too, Ron." Harry gave a small smile. He just needed to hear those magic words, and everything would be square with them. "I'm sorry you have to serve this detention with Snape. It's punishment enough being with that big nose after hours in itself." Ron grimaced. "And I know that it's partially my fault. I really should've woken you up this morning. I really just hope we can put this behind us."

"We can Ron." Harry smiled at him.

"So... What I'm really trying to say is… I'm ready to forgive you."

"What?" Wait… Forgive him?

"It's okay that you didn't want me in the Tournament with you, mate. I know I'm no slouch, but I wouldn't have stood a chance against a guy like Krum. Honestly, I'm surprised that anyone would enter their name in the first place."

"Anyway." Ron stood up slapped Harry on the back and grinned. "I'm glad we had this talk." He said, before he followed Dean up to the dorm.

FORGIVE HIM?! Harry actually wondered if Ron had thought that speech out over and over again, before he decided that it was the right one. Harry was also surprised that anyone would enter their own name in the first place. That's why he hadn't done it! He really wanted to run up after Ron and rip him a new one, but he needed to get down to the dungeons. The last thing he needed was more detentions with Snape. He stomped out of the portrait, all but slamming it behind him. "WELL I NEVER!" The Fat Lady called after him. He would regret that one later, when he needed back int the common room, but right now he was too angry to care. He must've stomped all the way down to the dungeons. He got more than a few looks from students on their way back to their common rooms, but he merely ignored them. They would stare at him regardless the way he walked, so why should it matter?

Stopping outside Snape's classroom, he took a second to collect himself. It really wouldn't help to go in there, get angry at the git, and then get 1000 points taken, and a week's detention to boot. He sighed heavily. "Time to get this over with." He muttered. He pushed open the door and was surprised when he was greeted by her.

"So, she gave you detention?" Tracey asked her friend as they sat down at the Slytherin Table.

"Yep." Daphne grumbled. "Said I have to serve it tonight at 9:30…oh yeah and she took 30 points on top of that."

"At least you gave the bastard what he had coming." Her best friend grinned at her.

"What did he even say?" John asked, as he started to take a bite out of his sandwich. Daphne sighed and told him. He stopped mid bite. "Where is the little prick?" He snarled throwing his sandwich down and moving to get up, his eyes searching the Hufflepuff table like a hawk. Ever since they were kids, he and Astoria had more of a big brother little sister relationship than a cousin. When he was 7 his father had left him and her aunt for another woman. Daphne had secretly cheered. Her uncle had been lower than dragon dung. According to her father, he had been a supporter of The Dark Lord back in the day. Her father had even thought that his brother in law had taken the Mark, but could never prove it to his sister. It was a simple matter to hide the Dark Mark from anyone that you didn't want seeing it. John and his Mum were lucky to be rid of him. Her father had immediately moved his sister and his nephew in with his family. Their family estate was so big that sometimes they didn't see each other for days on occasions. One day when Astoria was seven and John was nine, she had come home crying saying how one of the local boys had pushed her down. John's response was to go and knock out the boy's front tooth. Ever since then he had appointed himself her bodyguard of sorts. Which was why Daphne was afraid that the Aurors might have to be called if she let Duff take matters into his own hands. She pulled on his arm and sat him back down.

"What are you a Gryffindor?" Blaise asked him, shaking his head. Duff had always been one to throw hands first, then ask questions. He always said it was the Irish Fire in him. It was easily his most un-Slytherin like quality.

"So, I'm just supposed to let the bastard have this one free?" John grumbled.

"Free?" Tracey snorted. "Did you see what Daphne did to his nose?"

"If you really want to show him up, do it at the tryouts. I guarantee he'll be there." Blaise said, spearing a piece of ham.

"Tryouts? Tryouts for what?" John asked confused.

"Didn't you hear?" Daphne said. "They're putting together a Hogwarts team for an Inter-School tournament."


"Easy there!" Tracey said putting her hands up defensively as if that would calm him down. It didn't. Honestly, I think he was so excited the table rose another few inches. You couldn't tell that the boy was about to rip off another student's head, ten seconds prior.

"Do you know what this means?" He was all but jumping up and down like a little girl.

"What…that you'll get to play Quidditch this year?" Daphne asked.

"Krum might play." A few of the Durmstrang students who would be sitting with them for the remainder of the year, turned their heads at the mention of their champion. Tracey gave them an uneasy smile, as if to apologize for her friend. After a second, they went back to their meals but kept giving Duff glances.

"I mean there is a chance…he's only an international Quidditch star." Daphne shrugged.

"Precisely, Daphy. Right on the mark." She glared at him, but he kept going. "Which means there might be scouts there from who knows how many teams." It was a possibility. Not only was Krum the Seeker for the Bulgarian National Team, he was also a professional player. Some team up in Harstad. "The Harstad Ridgebacks might even send somebody!" Yeah…them.

"Easy there boyo." Blaise said. "First you have to actually make the team." Tracey snorted, and Daphne chuckled. They knew he was all but guaranteed a spot. He had been told by Madam Hooch last season, that he was one of the best Chasers she had seen since the days of James Potter. And Duff had only been 13.

All of a sudden, a note fluttered down in front of Daphne. After a few seconds the front of the parchment formed into a mouth of sorts. "Miss. Greengrass, due to unforeseen recent events you will no longer be serving your detention with me at 9:30." Daphne had to resist the urge to fist pump. She had an image to uphold, after all. "You will instead be serving it with Professor Snape at 9. Do not be late. Regards, Professor McGonagal."

"What's the deal?" Tracey said, noticing her friends somber look. "You're actually pissed that you get to spend a detention with our head of house? The man who is famous for favoring his own house. That guy?"

"I'd rather not spend it at all. Just time out of my day, I could be doing something else." Daphne grumbled.

"Like what?" Blaise asked.

"I don't know…stuff." She glared at him.

"Does that stuff include finishing the new Sindala Rider novel that got delivered yesterday?" Tracy said with a sly smile.

"How did yo- NO!" Daphne's face went red. Sindala Rider was famous for writing a popular series of books about a love story between a troll and a goblin.

"To answer your question." Tracy said fishing the novel out of her bag and waving it in front of her best friend. "You really should hide your indiscretions better."


"Mr. Potter. Thank you for joining us." Snape drawled as Harry entered the classroom, despite the fact, that his student was five minutes early. "Tonight, you will be reorganizing the ingredients closet in alphabetical order and by expiration date. Best get started."

"Yes sir. Uhm." Harry said, looking at Daphne. "I thought I would be serving this detention alone."

"And I thought I would be spending this night alone grading papers." Snape bit back. "And here I am spending it with you. As it just so happens, Miss. Greengrass also has detention. You will be assisting each other tonight. As I said. Get started. Now."

They both nodded, and started to organize the ingredients by date, putting the ones that expired first in the front. You think someone would've come up with a spell for this by now. All of a sudden, the relative silence in the classroom was shattered by a crash that came from down the hallway. "Damn poltergeist." Harry heard Snape mutter under his breath. It must've been Peeves. When he noticed we had stopped our task, he glowered at us and said, "I don't recall telling either of you to stop. Stay here and continue, while I fetch the Bloody Baron. It is high time, he reigned Peeves in."

"I fully expect you to both be finished up to Goblin Nails by the time I return. Don't disappoint me." It would've been nice to think that Snape was talking to both of them, but he only stared Harry down, before walking out of the classroom. "I say we make a run for it." Harry joked to Daphne. On cue, the door locking echoed through the classroom. Anyway, it didn't matter. Daphne hadn't replied, she had just kept sorting ingredients. He wasn't really surprised. She hadn't talk much they had been partnered that day, except to tell him to start chopping something. "So… how do you think we did on the assignment today?" He asked. Normally Snape would've given their grades up front, but the one from today he had decided to keep overnight.

"Would you rather make small talk Potter, or would you rather get this done." She said coldly and looked over at him. "Cause there's a million other things, I'd rather be doing right now."

Harry didn't know why he had even tried. He guessed that he was just looking for conversation. He had been starved of it for the past weeks after all. "Sorry I asked." He muttered.

She turned and looked at him. "What's wrong Potter did I hurt your feelings?" She asked. "Do you need me to call Weasley to come and get you."

"Shut up."

"Easy there Potter." She smirked. She had been annoyed that she had to serve detention at all because she had given Smith what was coming to him, but it was fun getting under Potter's skin as crazy it sounded.

"Don't tell me to take it easy." He said, taking a step towards her. Okay. Maybe this hadn't been such a good idea she thought standing her ground but couldn't help the trepidation that seeped into her. "I don't think you realize what it's like, for basically everyone in your damn life to turn their back on you. To have them want to have nothing to do with you. For your best friend of four bloody years, call you a liar to your face?! No offense, Greengrass. But I'm not in the mood for your shit tonight!"

"P-Potter." She said in a low tone. He suddenly realized where he was. Without even thinking about it, he had backed her into the corner of that storage closet. Her eyes were closed shut, and he noticed she was shaking like a leaf.

"I'm sorry." He muttered, taking a step back. "I didn't mean-"

"No." She said, her eyes coming open. She had also stopped shaking, thank Merlin. "I shouldn't have pushed you like that. You've been through a lot in the past couple weeks I'm sure." Past couple weeks? She thought His life story was the plot for one of those Muggle movies her father had let her watch once as a kid.

"You have no idea." He murmured. "I shouldn't have taken it out on you though. It's not your fault."

"Well." Daphne said. "I did kind of antagonize you."

"Yeah." He gave her a sad smile. "I guess you're right."

He turned to go back to organizing the ingredients. "Just so you know Potter." She said, before she did the same. "I believe you."

At first her words didn't register with him. When they did, he snorted. "What?" She asked confused.

"That's a laugh." He shook his head.

"I'm being serious." She said a little annoyed. She was trying to make up for being an ass, but this Lion wasn't letting her.

"Why." Was all he said. He clearly thought she was taking the piss. "Isn't it like a rule that Slytherins hate me on principle."

"It's that sort of attitude Potter, that made you a few enemies in my house." She rolled her eyes. "You were actually popular at one point."

He snorted again. "Fine, Potter." She said and went back to organizing.

"How can I possibly have friends in Slytherins." He asked.

"I didn't say you had friends. I said not everyone hated you. And just so you know, we liked you for the same reason everyone else likes you. Or would liked be the more accurate term?" There was no malice in her voice, she was just stating what she saw as a fact. "Your reputation for one. I know most people don't like to acknowledge this, but most of Slytherins now, don't get a wet dream whenever someone mentions You-Know-Who. I'll admit that the majority of his followers were in my House, but we're talking about dozens, opposed to the hundreds who haven't gone dark since then. So, the fact that you defeated the Dark Lord sits well with many of us." He wouldn't argue with that. In fact, the first Death Eater he had met had been a Gryffindor. He had been one of his Father's best friends. "Second. You're not a slouch on a broom, Potter."

"Uhm…Thanks?" He didn't what else to say. It was the truth and all, he wasn't being cocky about it. He knew his way around a broom.

She rolled her eyes again. "What? You think that Gryffindor's are the only ones who enjoy a good Quidditch match? You're good Potter. Hell, my cousin said you're the best he's ever played against."

"Your cousin?" Harry asked.

"John Duffy. He's a Chaser for the Slytherin team?"

It came to Harry almost instantly, and he realized why that boy looked so familiar in Potions today. Duffy had been one of the few players on the Slytherin team over the years who played with some class. In two seasons, Harry couldn't remember a single game where the other boy had drawn a single penalty, or committed a foul that hadn't been caught by the refs. And like clockwork after every single match, he would always be the first to shake hands with the other team no matter the outcome. And what's more, Duffy knew how to fly a broom like he was born on one. If anyone was going to make the Hogwarts team, he knew the other boy was a lock. "But as I was saying Potter. More people believe than you think, a lot of them are Slytherins."

"Could've fooled me." He grumbled.

"Just because we don't come up and call you a friend, doesn't mean we don't think you're telling the truth. If you hadn't been friends with the Weasel all these years, I wouldn't be surprised if a few in my house tried to reach out to you."

"What did you call Ron?" Harry barked at Daphne. It didn't matter how strained his and Ron's relationship was at that point, he wouldn't allow some girl he didn't even know too badmouth him.

"The Weasel." She said again, and before he could retort, she followed that up. "And just so you know, it's because he earned the nickname. I don't care if he's poor or loves Muggles. He's a right, rude little shit, with no table manners." Well Harry could attest to that last part anyway. "And apparently he has no loyalty."

"What do you mean?" Harry said slowly, getting a strange look on his face.

"Oh, come on Potter. Do you really think it's gone unnoticed how you've been sitting alone at meals recently? My sister has a few friends in Gryffindor. They say that the Weasel and Granger haven't talked to you in weeks."

"If it weren't for the fact that they've acted as your bodyguards since first year, you'd probably have more than a few friends than them right now."

"I have friends!" He retorted.

"I hope you don't just mean Longbottom." She said. He actually had. She noticed when he didn't say anything else. "Nothing against Longbottom. I'm sure he's a good person. Personally, I think Professor Snape is much too hard on him as it is."

He was actually shocked by this girl. She was unlike any Slytherin he had ever met. Hell, she was unlike any girl he had ever met.

"Well…thanks." He finally said. "It's nice to know some people believe me…even if they are in Slytherin."

"Trust me Potter. When we graduate, houses won't matter. Who knows maybe Malfoy will be the best man at your wedding years from now?"

"Let's not go that far." He quipped, and she laughed. It wasn't nasally or annoying like the rest of the girls in his year. It was actually quite soothing. Before he could even blink though, it was gone and the icy exterior that she had on was back.

Before he could say anything else, they heard the door to the classroom unlock and come open and heard Snape cursing under his breath about Peeves. "What is your progress?" He said simply, walking over to the closet. "Hmm it seems that you've disappointed me Potter. While I'm not surprised, I thought you would at least manage to get to Dittany. Luckily for you, I am in no mood to supervise you for the remainder of tonight." Harry wanted to run laps of joy. "Therefore, you will report to me tomorrow at the same time."

Harry grumbled out an affirmative. "You however Miss. Greengrass are free to go." Snape said turning to Daphne. "I will not hold you accountable for the failures of Potter."

"Actually, if it's okay with you sir." Daphne said. "I think I'd like to come back tomorrow night as well."

"I beg your pardon?" Snape asked.

"It was just as much my fault as Potter's that we didn't finished tonight." She said, catching Harry's confused expression. "My father always told my sister and I from a young age, never leave a job half finished."

Snape curled an eyebrow. "Your Father is a wise man. We were school mates at Hogwarts, in fact." Daphne nodded. She knew that, which was why she mentioned her Dad to seal the deal. "Very well. If you too wish to assist Potter tomorrow evening, you may. 9 sharp."

"Yes sir." They both said, the perplexed expression still rooted into Harry's face.

After they both left the classroom, Harry turned to Daphne. "Why'd you do that? I wouldn't have blamed you if you would've just taken the out on that one."

"Like I said, it's as much my fault that we didn't get finished as much as it is yours." She said.

"That can't be the only reason." He said apprehensively. She might've been the friendliest Slytherin he had ever met, but he still didn't get her. He didn't understand most woman to be completely honest.

She shrugged. "You're interesting Potter. I haven't got you figured out yet. And that's something I pride myself on. So, until I get you figured out, I guess we'll be serving detention together till the end of time." Was that a joke? It had been delivered so casually that he hadn't caught it first, and her stone-cold face didn't change at all while telling it.

"Guess it's a deal then, Greengrass." The corners of her mouth tugged up just a bit, in a faint impression of a smile.

"See you tomorrow Potter." She said, before walking off towards the direction of the Slytherin common room.

"Girls." He sighed shaking his head and started off towards his own common room. Shit he thought. He still had to make amends with the Fat Lady.

A/N: That's the first chapter y'all. It's a little short for my liking, I just wanted to get the first one out there. Future ones will be significantly longer. I'm so excited to start writing this story! I've had it in the back of my mind for a long time now, and I can't wait to put pen to paper. I hope you enjoy.