It was another rainy day in forks, as usual. Bella was getting ready to go to school. She went outside and turned the key to make the engine of her truck, roar to life. The cab of her truck was warm, cozy even but she didn't have time to think about that. She got to the school parking lot eventually and to her surprise she had found the cutest boy in the world. Her stomach churned and she felt like she was going to throw up. She wanted to go over there and talk to him but she couldn't, her anxiety was holding her back.

Bella felt like she was stuck. She went about her day as usual, staring at the new boy during lunch and then getting a chance to sit next to him in biology. Her heart fluttered when he sat down. "Hey" he said. Bella was lost for words, she sat there with her mouth wide open, almost drooling. "Are you ok?" he said in a caring voice. Bella still didn't reply. "I'm Harry, Harry Potter, nice to meet you!" he exclaimed almost letting out a shout. He shouted little. Bella thought. What if he thinks I'm ignoring him? We got on with biology as normal. Then it was the days end, we all collected our bags and coats from the pegs provided and headed towards the exit. Harry was right behind me. I was almost at my truck when Edward and Harry stopped me. "Who is this Bella?" asked Edward. "Erm..." Bella was so scared, she knew that Edward would freak out if he knew that I was talking to another boy.