Goku and Kefla

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Number 1: That's My Girl

She looked just like an angel to him.

Smiling, Goku moved the bed's cover up a bit more so that it gave Kefla a little more warmth. Doing so caused her to stir and he almost thought she was going to wake up, but after a second, she was once again back in an massive slumber. It occurred to Goku like she was trying to express something he could only guess was, need.

That is when it came to him, "She must be want me back in the bed", he mused.

One of the bangs in her hair came across her face and he used a gentle finger to move it aside so it did not irritate her.

In a soothing whisper he spoke: "Don't worry my love, I shall be back with you in a moment."

That seemed to do the trick and Kefla seemed to relax more.

Originally being on his side of the bed once he had gotten up, Goku quickly changed positions to where he was now on Kefla's side. You know, for obvious reasons.

Even after a long day that for the both of them included nothing but training, Goku was not as tired believe it or not. Maybe it had something to do with him having taken a few senzu beans after words, but hey, he had endured worse things which brought him into situations where he had almost and actually had experiences of eternal slumber.

The same could not be said for Kefla however. After today, she had of quite literally passed out due to the demand of training, and soon the later fatigue wearing down after such a hard day like that.

Thinking back to that, Goku just had to laugh. Quietly though, as he did not want to risk waking Kefla from her much deserved rest. Which insure would risk him getting yelled at, or even worse, hit. If there was anyone who was better at sleeping than he was, it was her. If there were a trophy for that sort of thing, it would go to her. If she were awake to even get it. Goku had to laugh again, he could only imagine any naive person trying to wake her and attempt to award her the prize. Only to experience the fiery wrath that Goku knew so well.

After assuring Kefla that he would be back, Goku left the room. Softly, closing the door behind him.

Since he was not very tired, Goku opted to get a bit to eat from the fridge. He figured that food would help him get into the dreamy state.

Opening the fridge up, Goku gathered all the supplies he would need to make himself quite a few number of late night sandwiches.

Setting down everything on the table, Goku got to work on his late night snack.

As he prepared the food his thoughts still were focused on Kefla.

She always never ceased amazed him. After becoming his protege and later his girlfriend, his whole life and priorities had changed. Besides his kids, Goku felt as if there was now someone in his life that he truly cared for. He deeply loved Kefla, and would do everything he could to cherish her, make her happy, and guarantee her safety.

As far as everything else was concerned, Kefla was his everything. The most important thing in his world.

When he did finally got down to finishing the sandwiches, Goku dug in. Satisfying his hunger, and filling that forever endless gut of his.

With most of his time taken up by training, Goku had not gotten a chance to eat in a while. Only eating breakfast that morning and that was pretty much it. So, he knew he would be really hungry by this time. And he was.

Speaking of which, that last thought could also theorize why he wasn't tired.

Goku shrugged, "Food for thought."

Close to finishing his meal Goku took note that it was getting later into the night. No light at all could be seen outside which was quite the contrast to the very stunning sunset that had been there earlier when he carried a very tired Kefla back into their house.

So, that meant it was still early, but that wasn't much of a benefit to him as he knew he needed to get back quickly to Kefla before she possibly did wake up and wonder were he had gone off to.

Finishing another sandwich, Goku laughed and shook his head.

Kefla was one who never ever, not even for a singularity given moment gave in, no matter what. During their training session, it had only been when pure exhaustion had finally taken its tool on her that she was forced to halt.

He remembered very clearly to the moment during the final height of their training session where he had asked her if she was alright, and before she could have responded to him that is when she lost consciousness. Of course, Goku had made sure to catch her before she had hit the ground.

After making sure to check if she was alright, Goku decided that was the clear signal for them to stop.

Carrying her bride style, Goku brought her and himself home.

Which got to the moment he was in now.

He had helped her, in an uncomfortable moment, get into her pajamas and set up into their bed. He had joined her and for a few minutes things were okay until he had found himself unable to fall asleep. And here he was now.

"That's My Girl", Goku thought.

When he said that line Goku stopped. The line sounded familiar, but for the moment he could not figure it out.

Then, it came and he soon found out where he had heard it from.

"It's from that song Kefla had me listen to", Goku realized.

Although Goku was not what you would call a music person, Kefla was.

Besides her love for fighting and getting stronger, Kefla had a lot of other passions. One of which stood out was music.

She loved music, most likely a kinder to the Kale side of her.

More than once she got Goku to listen to all the songs she owned, or if they were out in somewhere like the mall, go to a music store and check out what they had there.

All in all, Goku found that music was all right, but he really only listened to make Kefla happy.

Back on point though, the song that came to mind was one that he actually liked pretty well. Mostly because it described Kefla to him like the woman did to the man in that song.

More times than one when he recalled that song, he changed the lines up a bit to make it more to his liking and before long, he had his own full version of the song.

Finally finishing his snake, Goku got ready to clean up.

He had made a bit of a mess so he knew it would take more time than he would like. But he would manage and while he did it, found himself buying the time by humming the version of that song he had created. It was a chopped and shorter version, but that was only necessary so that he could make it more keen to his liking.

"She looks like an angle when she transforms,

You should see how she looks when she's really angry,

I love it when she raps to a post Malone song,

That's my girl"

Goku started cleaning up the dishes when he got into the second verse,

"Man those eyes really drive me crazy,

You should see her when she gains a new form,

I can honestly say that she saved me,

My girl, yeah"

Putting the dishes back, Goku moved to the table to wipe it off as his last task. While also going into the next part.

"Yeah, that's my girl

Flying with me in the air, excited and determine at the same time to save the world,

Making the others look on in confusion but making me laugh,

Yeah, she's my girl ,

An angel within the body of fighter who's will holds no bounds,

ooh, she got my heart pounding so many times when we kiss,

I'm like yeah baby, you gone and done it again."

By now Goku had finished cleaning and was now starting the walk back to the bedroom.

He turned out the light and began walking, still continuing to sing but as he got closer to the room his voice quieted a good bit.

"Making all them guy's wishing you were with them, but I bet they don't see what I see when I see my girl."

As he got to the door, Goku sung the final words.

"Oh my girl, Yeah, that's my girl"

Goku had finished his song just as he reached the bedroom door.

When he opened the door and stepped inside he was blessed upon the cutest thing ever.

Kefla: sort of awake, and rubbing her eyes with one hand while bracing herself up with the other.

To Goku, even when she was in this state, she was still the most beautiful thing ever.

Through tired eyes she looked up at him, "Goku?"

Upon her saying her name he walked over, "Hey, baby I back."

By the looks of it, Goku knew it could be any moment now before she would fall back asleep. It appeared that it took a big effort for her just to stay awake right now.

Once he reached the side of his bed he sat down.

"Where did you go?", Kefla asked.

Goku smiled and reached up and with a hand and gently touched her cheek. "I couldn't sleep, so I just grabbed a bite to eat."

Feeling Goku's hand lovingly caress her cheek made Kefla blush a deep red. So many others who have felt that touch would only describe it as rough. Those individuals would only say that because they were usually on the receiving end of a beating. Kefla herself would have to admit she could relate to them very well. But unlike any of them, Kefla had the personal experiencing the true feel of this touch. And not to go into much detail, but by her description it was by far the complete opposite of what anyone could say.

In fact, just by feeling the soft touch of his hand made Kefla almost fall back asleep. But she managed to hang on.

"Are you coming back to bed now?", Kefla asked.

Goku nodded making her smile.

Which then turned into a straight line as she soon went into serious thought.

A little confused, Goku asked if there was something wrong.

Kefla shook her head, "not particularly, but for a second there while I was waking up I could have sworn I had heard your voice. It sounded as if you were..singing."

Guilty, Goku knew she was right. But he did not really want to admit it because it would be pretty embarrassing for both of them if she were to find out what he had been singing about. And he did not know how she would react if he told her.

So, instead he choose to put on his best surprised face and in a moment of quick thinking he told her that what she had been hearing was probably hearing was him talking to someone. Which in a fake lie that he told her, he was. Telling her he as calling his best buddy Vegeta.

For a second, Kefla studied Goku, trying to catch his bluff. Goku almost thought he was screwed, but it was only for a second as Kefla soon found she could not hold her eyes open for more that long.

And after just muttering an okay, her eyes closed and she promptly fell back to sleep with her body slamming back on to the bed.

Goku almost busted a huge gut seeing that, but manage to hold it in and calm down.

Instead he got back into bed and covered his and Kefla's forms.

He moved in close and wrapped his arms around her, drawing her close.

Goku could feel Kefla's arms start to also move and wrap around him.

He could also feel her head snuggle up into his chest.

He chuckled slightly and reached his head down to kiss Kefla's forehead.

"I love you Kefla", he said before falling asleep.

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