Goku and Kefla

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Number 2: Swimming

When Goku suggested they do something else besides training, Kefla thought that all those hits he had taken to the head were finally starting to take their toll on him.

"You are my boyfriend right?", Kefla asked jokingly.

Goku assured her that he was fine and that any other time he would have taken the opportunity to train.

However, and in his words, "I got a call from Bulma the other day and she sent us both an invitation to join her and the others for a pool party at her place."

Goku walked up to Kefla and wrapped his arms around her, "I hope its okay with you because I did promise her we would come and you know I'm a man of my word."

Kefla felt Goku lean in close where he continued by whispering, "please?"

"I don't mind," Kefla assured him, "it could be fun, but you know it was really annoying to find out how you declared judgement without speaking to me about it first just to see what I think."

Goku was quick, Kefla had to give him that because he had her moaning by with small kisses to her neck.

"Take that as the begging of my apology," Goku told her seductively, "I'll do better next time. But for now..."

Goku went back to work on her neck and Kefla continued to moan at times letting out little whines whenever he took long sucks on her skin.

"You-you better," Kefla warned.

When she got better control of herself, Kefla locked her hands around Goku's waist and pulled.

"Whoa", Goku called out as he felt himself come off his feet.

Soon they were both on the bed with Goku on top and Kefla on the bottom.

Goku grinned when he felt Kefla's hands on his chest and the grin grew when he felt them starting to lower.

"What time is this pool party supposed to start?", Kefla asked. Her hands stopped once they had taken a hold of Goku's blue belt.

Looking Kefla in the eyes, Goku knew he had gotten her and he replied all to smoothly, "don't worry about that. We have plenty of time."

Kefla smirked at him before replying, "in that case."

Goku felt her hands start to move, and with a pace that built of the fire in his lower half, untie the belt.

Some time later,

"Are you really sure I can't see it now," Goku begged.

Kefla rolled her eyes as they flew, "keep asking and you won't get to see at all. Its supposed to be a surprise."

That little warning silenced Goku and he just resorted to grumbling while continuing his own flight.

Hearing him do so had Kefla giggling while taking a quick peak inside the bag she had with her.

With how much interest Goku, it probably wasn't a good idea on her part to tell him but Kefla just couldn't help herself. After agreeing to go, Kefla had made a little pit stop to pick out her, "outfit."

Besides, having Goku in such anticipation made the whole thing that much more enjoyable for her and in the long run for him as well.

Capsule Corp,

When Goku and Kefla finally reached their destination they found it already packed with familiar faces.

Everyone was quick to express their greetings and of course Kefla and Goku did the same.

However, Kefla was in a rush and when she found Bulma she was quick to ask if there was a place she could change.

After receiving confirmation, Kefla gave Goku a quick kiss before telling him that she would be back soon and to be ready.

Goku watched them go before deciding to go for a dip in the pool.

Krillin was already and in there and the close friends exchanged greetings.

"Where's your girl at?," Krillin asked Goku.

Goku shrugged, "needed to change real quick, at first I did not understand why she didn't just do it at home because as you can see I did. However, she told me that she had a surprise for me in that case."

Realizing what that meant, Krillin laughed and patted his friend on the shoulder, "if I were you I would prepare myself for this."

Goku was confused, "what do you mean prepare?"

Krillin patted Goku's shoulder again, "just take my advice on this one and don't start with the questions. Trust me, you don't want be like Master Roshi when something like this happens to him."

Though he was still confused, Goku agreed.

"I'll do my best," Goku told his friend.

Not to long after Bulma came back outside with a message for Goku.

"Kefla wanted me to ask you a favor," Bulma informed him.

Goku could tell she was holding back some laughter, so he cautiously asked "what is it?"

Bulma's short reply was, "just a simple one: close your eyes."

She left before Goku say anything else.

Krillin laughed, "good luck, I'll leave you to it."

Goku saw him retreat to another side of the pool leaving him for the moment alone.

"Close my eyes?", Goku wondered.

Then it hit him.

"What do you have in store for me this time my love?", Goku mused while closing his eyes.

He floated still in the water for a minute or so before he heard her voice, "I'm shocked you complied with my favor."

Goku chuckled, "I told you, I'm a man of my word."

He heard Kefla laugh, "true, but just so you know I am also a woman of my word."

A few seconds later Goku heard the call, "you can open your eyes now."

So happy to do so, Goku opened his eyes to find a sight that had them winded tremendously.

Kefla smiled in triumph upon seeing his reaction, but soon raised an eyebrow and asked in a concern voice, "are you okay?"

Goku looked down at his hands and was surprised to see that there was blood on them.

It was coming from his nose which was now running blood.

Looks like Krillin was right about preparing for something like this after all.

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