Kagura trudged back home tiredly. What a night.

Idiot sadist, she thought, unable to keep a small giddy smile from appearing on her face. After he had said that he wasn't going to forget, she was momentarily confused before comprehension dawned on her on what he was implying. She had long suspected that the sadist liked her since they were younger but he never really acted on it. She smiled smugly to herself feeling like she won a battle. She knew now that the feeling was mutual but it still felt like a victory that Sougo had admitted it first.

She immediately schooled her expression, however, when she remembered his tasteless comment about her acting all innocent and hard to get to sleep with men. At the most, he had meant to call her a slut or at the very least, manipulative. Bastard. She scowled angrily. She knew he probably said it at the heat of the moment but that still didn't stop her from feeling a pang of hurt. She was fucking pure before him. He'd better appreciate that.

Unfortunately, their conversation was cut short when Gori popped his head out the door, looking for the sadist. Some important people were leaving and the Shinsengumi had to accompany them or whatever. Sougo had thrown her one last meaningful glance before reentering the building.

No matter, she was going to make him sweat a bit for that comment and for giving her the silent treatment. An evil smirk made its way to her face.

The next morning, Kagura woke up feeling refreshed and happier than she had ever been since Gori's party. She hummed to herself as she got ready for the day and paid extra care to her appearance.

"Gin-chan, I'm taking Sadaharu out for a walk," She called out to her boss who merely grunted in reply.

She decided to walk around the neighborhood thinking that she might see the sadist and set her revenge in motion.

It was nearly lunch time when she finally caught a glimpse of him. He had a bored expression on his face as he patrolled with another officer. She took a deep breath then tugged Sadaharu forward, making sure to walk in Sougo's line of vision.

She reached the end of the street and rounded the corner but the sadist did not even call out to her. Kagura frowned. What was he playing at? Was he still ignoring her? Sadaharu yawned and trotted off to a nearby park for a nap.

Kagura pressed herself against the wall and turned to peek around the corner.

Only to come face to face with the sadist himself.

She jumped back in shock. Her hand over her rapidly beating heart.

"Chinaaa," Sougo drawled. She could see him suppressing what was sure to be a cocky smirk from appearing on his face. "Were you spying on me?"

She glared at him contemptuously, fuming at herself for turning back and losing face. Her face was beet red in embarrassment. She turned her nose up at him, crossed her arms then turned her back to him. There. Let him feel what it felt like being on the receiving end of being ignored.

"Ah, are you still upset about what I said last night?"

When she didn't answer, Sougo gave a dramatic sigh.

"Alright, I apologize. Sincerely. It was out of line for me to say that. In fact, I brought you a peace offering." She heard what seemed to be crinkling from a paper bag. She bit her lip as she debated on what to do. Finally, curiosity got the best of her. She loves receiving gifts after all. Maybe it was time to forgive and forget. Gin-chan always said that forgiveness results in peace in oneself.

She turned around expectantly …

Only to see the sadist brandishing the missing black bra that she had left in his room for all to see. The sadist had an innocent expression on his face as he wiggled her bra at her.

Kagura immediately moved to snatch her bra from his grasp all the while hissing at him to quit it. Sougo, being taller, dangled her bra over his head so that it was out of her reach.

"Are you still upset? Are you going to keep on ignoring me?" Sougo asked insistently as he dodged her efforts of grabbing her bra.

"You ass! I'm going to break every bone in your body!"

"I'll give it back if you talk to me." He said while whipping her bra around over his head like a lasso.

"Urgh! Fine! Give it here, asshole!" Kagura cried, her face burning in shame and mortification at her bra being displayed in public.

Sougo lowered his hand and Kagura snatched it from his grasp, tucking it underneath her shirt. Sougo handed her a paper bag and she immediately shoved her bra in, hugging it to herself protectively.

Kagura gave him the evil eye but he just returned it with an innocent smile. He reached for her and gently tugged her to him. Kagura's breath hitch and she froze but didn't pull away.

He chuckled, lowered his mouth to her ear and whispered that he actually wanted to keep her bra for himself for xxxx and xxxxx. She sprang from him, feeling her face burn hotly. Honestly, she might faint with all the blood going to her face.

Sougo laughed loudly, his red eyes twinkling in amusement.

Kagura angrily hit him with the paper bag, though not too strongly as she was afraid that the bag would break and expose her bra again.

"Come on, I'll treat you to lunch. Consider it my apology." Sougo said, an uncharacteristically warm expression on his face.

In the end, Kagura had to make do with taking her revenge on his wallet, which was only satisfying for her stomach as he did not even flinch when paying the hefty bill. She narrowed her eyes at her companion who was walking and whistling (obviously in a very good mood) by her side and wondered just how much he was earning/robbing from the people.

Kagura scowled, irritated beyond belief at his cheek.

Sougo grinned at her, stretched his arms over his head, pretended to yawn before placing an arm around her shoulders. He pulled her close to his side.

"Get your arm off before I take it off for you." Kagura snapped, still in a bad mood.

"Now, now, Chinaa, I've already apologized for my mistake. You should be honored, I rarely apologize. I even bought you lunch." he said entreatingly, giving her a gentle squeeze.

"You wiiiin," he added as an afterthought.

"Why don't I feel like a winner then?" Kagura muttered sullenly.


Sougo grabbed his walkie-talkie with his free hand and replied, "Go die, Hijikata-san."

He turned to Kagura and sighed, "Well, duty calls."

He let his arm fall from her shoulder, caressed her arm gently then tugged at her hand. "Come see me tomorrow during my lunch break," he said softly.

Kagura stared back at him, blushing slightly. "I'll kick your ass tomorrow, sadist. You better not be late."