A/N: Well, I'm currently experimenting with Rurouni Kenshin fanfiction, but I just saw X-Men 2, and this idea sort of hit me. What if I compared the prejudice of both the X-Men and Inuyasha stories? I didn't want to make Inuyasha a mutant, because that would be too easy, so I figured I'd go for an alternate story line instead. That said enjoy my first Inuyasha fanfiction!

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By Kenkaya

Feudal Japan: Sometime during the Sengoku Jidai…


He felt the point of the arrow dig into his chest. Pinned, helpless, he watched the jewel fly out of his hand. His hopes, his dreams; gone. The pink sphere bounced along the ground, one clawed hand desperately reaching out toward it. He felt a strange tingle where the arrow struck that slowly began to spread through his body. The arrow was spelled.


The owner of the arrow stood before him in all her glory. Her long silky, black locks were tied back with a strip of cloth, the ends blowing dramatically in the wind. Hard brown eyes fixated on him with a passion and hatred he never believed her possible of expressing. So imposing was her presence that he didn't notice the deep gash on her shoulder, nor the crimson liquid that spilled from it unbidden.

"Kikyou," he gasped with the last of his strength. "You bitch! Why…" did you betray me? But he didn't get to finish his sentence. His strength gave out and the world became darkness.



Present Day: In our not to distant future…

Kagome Higurashi walked down a fairly busy street with her brother in tow. The eight-year-old was chatting non-stop about various nonsense, carrying on the way young children do. The warm breeze of early summer ran through her raven locks, pulling a few strands loose from her blue headband.

"Oh, why not," she muttered, removing the confining hair article to let the wind play uninhibited with her long black tresses. She felt almost carefree…

"Well, well. If it isn't our resident freak," a familiar voice called out. Kagome immediately stiffened. She reached to grab her brother's shoulder, but Souta easily slipped past her grip and turned to face his sister's defacer.

"Don't call my sister a freak!" he shouted at the handsome boy with red-brown hair. The boy smirked.

"All mutants are freaks," he answered with an air of certainty. "You're probable a mutant too. What's the matter? Afraid to use those freaky powers of yours? Come on! give me your best shot, mutie!"

"Houjou-kun, please, just leave him alone," Kagome said calmly. She knew better than to rise to his bait. That would just get her into more trouble than she needed.

"What? Sticking up for the little brat? He must be a mutant then. All you freaks gang up together."

"Houjou! You know perfectly well he's too young!"

"How much do you wanna bet at fifteen he'll fall through the classroom floor when he has a nightmare at school?"

Kagome blushed at the memory. That was so embarrassing! But math class was boring, she couldn't help falling asleep! And if it wasn't enough, the fall left her with a pretty nasty bruise. Her expression immediately hardened as she remembered Houjou's hateful words afterward and the tears they cost her. She promised herself she wouldn't waste anymore time on him.

"Come on, Souta. We're going," she announced as she clutched his small hand and turned away from the prejudice boy.

"When did you become such a coward, Higurashi? I remember when you use to stick up for yourself. Looks like those powers of yours aren't so great after all."

Kagome spun around to pierce him with a defiant glare. Houjou stepped back, reminded of the old ferocity and fire that made up Kagome's temper. For a brief moment he remembered what she was and actually feared for his life.

"And I remembered a time when I thought you loved me," she responded icily. "I thought you, of anybody, would know about changes in character and perspective."

"You don't know anything, mutant!" Houjou shot back.

"I pity you, Houjou-kun," Kagome sighed with a shake of her head. "I truly pity you."

"I'm not the one who walks through walls! I'm not the one who deserves pity!" Houjou yelled at her retreating back. Souta merely clung to his sister with confusion in his brown eyes.

The sky deepened with twilight. Kagome and Souta walked side by side in comfortable silence. The boy chewed his lower lip, pondering whether to break the moment.

"Neechan," he finally began when they reached the shrine steps that lead to their home. "Why'd you walk away? He was calling us bad names! You should have beat him up!"

Kagome knelt down to her brother's level and placed a gentle hand on either side of him.

"Because he can't help it, Souta, anymore than I can help being what I am. He doesn't know any better. If I beat him up for that, I'd be no better than him."

"I still think you should have beat him up," Souta grumbled as they ascended the stairs. Kagome chuckled good-naturedly.

"You'll understand when you're older, Souta." I hope you understand, she added silently.

The windows in the house were dark. The porch light hadn't been turned on either. Kagome cursed as she tripped up the steps, fumbling through her purse.

"Great, I forgot the house keys! Souta hold on."

The boy squealed with glee as his sister took in a deep breath and stepped through the solid wood door. There were no flashing auras or fancy sparks to mark the event; she simply slipped through the matter, like flour falling through a sifter. A few seconds later, the lock clicked and the door opened. The excited boy ran into the inky black interior bumping into something soft.

"Itai! Souta! Watch it!"

"Sorry," he mumbled.

Kagome shook her head and groped for the light: she couldn't see a thing!

"Now, Souta. When I get the light on, a want you to go straight upstairs and do your homework. We spent too much time at the arcade and, THERE!"

The lights flickered on. A woman sat in the middle of the room. Kagome quickly pushed Souta behind her, crouching down into a defensive posture.

"What do you want?! What are you doing in my house?!"

The woman smirked confidently, her unnatural ruby red eyes glowing. Oily black hair was swept up in a stylish side bun and decorated with several feathers, her pointed ears and green, glass ball earrings giving her an exotic look. A long dress skirt and silk, turquoise blouse simply added to the overall effect. When she spoke, her voice came out smooth and practiced.

"Why, young Kagome, I've come to give you an offer."