A/N from Tempest: This is a story that I adopted from Militan. The first two chapters are theirs and I will update later. Also, I know the summary says 'a much saner and more reasonable Dark Lord' and that the following 2 chapters will contradict that point, but rest assured, it will make sense in future chapters.


Chapter 1: Voldemort's last stand

The Final Confrontation

Chapter 1.

Voldemort's last stand

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A loud bang broke the silence. Harry Potter had just apparated outside a tremendous manor. He had work to do and he was the only one who could end it. Everybody knew that, but they didn't know that he was doing it for utter selfish reasons. The whole wizarding world praised him for being the chosen one, wanted him to support the ministry and cope with Scrimgeour. Not so long ago the minister requested him to become the poster boy of the ministry. It was right after Dumbledore's death. Then he knew that he had to act. He never really liked Dumbledore; the old man put more misery in Harry's life than he realized himself. When Snape killed Dumbledore in the top of the astronomy tower, he saw many new paths to go. Harry knew that Dumbledore never trusted Voldemort as a kid a Hogwarts, because of his unnatural talent in magic. Now when he was dead, he didn't have to hide his magical abilities anymore; he could do whatever he wanted. The Order wanted to escort him safely to the Burrow before he turned seventeen but he didn't care of a pathetic order. Soon they would not feel the same gratitude towards him as before. The ministry was corrupted, he knew that. Because of that he didn't care about doing magic underage. He didn't even care about going back for his last year at Hogwarts.

He walked easily towards Malfoy manor. A feeling of excitement burst through his body; everybody would be inside at the very moment. He had been waiting for this since Sirius got murdered.

Harry wasn't afraid at all. He knew his powers and he controlled every part of it. He stood next to the gate and touched it with his hands. Harry murmured some incantations and the gate immediately swung open. This was just too easy.

Should he wear his cloak or put a disillusionment charm on himself. He chose the second option, less clumsy.

He strove inside, silent as a ghost observing all the ancient objects in the house. Then at the end of the sitting room, he opened the door slightly and entered the enormous hallway. Voldemort sat there beside Bellatrix and several other death eaters. Everybody was here for the party, it seemed. They were about thirty. Voldemort was speaking in his high cold voice to Yaxley, who seemed to be terrified.

"Well Yaxley?" said Voldemort. "Will the ministry have fallen by next Saturday?"

"My lord I have good news on that score. I have – with difficulty and after great effort – succeeding in placing an Imperius curse upon Pius Thicknesse.

"It is a start" said Voldemort. "But Thicknesse is only one man. Scrimgeour must be surrounded before I act. One failed attempt will put me back a long way. However it seems unlikely that the ministry will be mine before Saturday. If the boy cannot be touched at the destination, then it must be done while he travels."

"Why not now", said Harry in an ironic clear voice. He walked towards Voldemort no longer invisible. Voldemort seemed more astonished than he's ever been before.

"Harry Potter", he said when he shortly thereafter regained his calm. Voldemort laughed, a humourless, insane laugh and several death eaters joined him. Then he stopped and every death eater silenced as well. The room was so quiet that you could hear Wormtail coughing from the other side of the room.

"This lightens things up. I probably should have predicted it, you couldn't stand me killing innocent people because of you." said Voldemort.

"That's not why I'm here." said Harry simply. "I have come now to end your life, Tom Riddle"

Voldemort laughed even louder this time. Every Death Eater laughed as well.

"And how will you do that? You can't beat me – I'm the dark lord… However you have indeed showed tremendous magical skill from infiltrating this house and sneaking in here. I will not show you any disrespect." He drew his wand. "Get ready Potter."

Harry waved with his hand and all the doors and windows were sealed shut.

"Just in case your death eaters try to make a run for it when it's over"

"You really think you're going to kill me, don't you? You think with all the rumours of the boy who lived and the chosen one that you stand a chance against me? I will no longer let you waste my time. Crabbe, Goyle, Rowle get him"

Three big Death Eaters stood up and drew their wands.

Harry pulled up instead for a wand a desert eagle, and shot the three in the head with the most useful weapon.

"You dare kill wizards with muggle weapons" said Voldemort.

"I show you no respect if you show me none. I will not waste my magic on mere imbeciles" said Harry simply.

"Very well, Potter. You have infuriated me long enough. I will not give you a quick death. It will be long and painful… you will beg me to kill you in the end. Draw your wand."

Harry drew his wand slowly and twirled it around his fingers like a drumstick.

"I've been looking forward to this" said Harry. "My powers have doubled since the last time we met."

"Good" said Voldemort. "Twice the pride, double the fall."

Avada Kedavra

A green light shot out of Voldemort's wand towards Harry. Harry waved his wand and Yaxly was flying through the room receiving the massive blow of the killing curse. His long body lied still on the floor between Voldemort and Harry.

"You imbecile.", spat out Voldemort. "Everybody, move away to the corners, this is between me and the boy" bellowed Voldemort. He was boiling with rage.

"I am not a boy", said Harry raising his wand.

All the Death eaters moved away to the end of the corner and watched anxiously and horrified when the two combatants started duelling.

Voldemort shot another killing curse toward Harry as well as sending the huge snake nagini after him. Harry disappeared and reappeared five meters behind Voldemort. The snake had already turned and was moving fast towards him. Harry pointed his wand against the snake and fire burst out of his wand. The fire took form of a lion and devoured the snake when she approached. The fiendfyre moved towards Voldemort in an enormous magnitude, but he simply made it extinguish without moving his hand.

"That was the last of your horcruxes, Riddle.", said Harry victoriously.

"What are you…., it can't be – how do you know", said Voldemort infuriated.

"Where do you think I and Dumbledore went all last year? I must say you are very predictable, Riddle. The cave and the shaft must have been the easiest ones. The one at gringotts I must admit was a little tricky, but we got it out and destroyed it. And the diadem" Harry laughed. "I destroyed while I was hiding my potions book. Never though there would be a horcrux there."

"You shall die", Voldemort roared out.

Voldemort launched himself up in the air and summoned thousands of black daggers in the air which moved faster than Harry's firebolt towards him. Harry disapperated and appeared at the end of the hallway away from the daggers. Harry waved his wand and golden flames burst out from his wand. Voldemort parried the curse with all his effort. He had to move out of the way to stop the blow because the flames wouldn't stop coming whatever he countered it with. Voldemort moved his wand and the entire ceiling caved in. Heavy rocks fell down and Harry stopped the weight from crushing him with a lazy snap with his wand. Another green light came towards Harry. Three of the big rocks from the ceiling moved in front of the curse and scattered. Voldemort shot another very powerful curse at him, and at the same time Harry shot the most powerful spell he could muster. Silver light burst from his wand and hit the black light from Voldemort's wand. The two curses collided in the middle and created a white core in the middle. First Harry thought that Priori Incantatem would occur once again but in the midst of the extremely powerful spells it didn't happen. Harry let his imagination wonder away from the duel. Had Ollivander made Voldemort a new wand, with a different core than Harry's? It did not matter to him; he didn't need the double cores. This duel was based on skill alone. It became harder and harder to hold on to his wand now. The curses had grown so powerful and were going to implode at any second. The white core in the middle couldn't stabilize the magic building up anymore and lighting broke out from the middle, destroying the floor and the walls nearby. The death eaters had to cast advanced defence spell if not to get hurt.

Harry gathered even more power, and he could see that Voldemort did the same. The white core has grown as large as a sitting room now and was getting out of control. Finally when it seemed to swallow the entire room in its engulfing power Harry released it. With a massive force the core blew up with an uncontrollable wave of energy. Harry leaped up high in the air to evade the terrifying bang while Voldemort was nowhere to be seen. Smoke filled up the entire room and everything was clouded. Harry pointed his wand to the most likely place that Voldemort would be and thought "Avada Kedavra". A green light shot out from his wand to the place Voldemort supposedly were. A second later he saw another jet of green light flying at his direction and he had to duck if not to get killed.

"I must have underestimated you Potter, gravely. You do not hesitate in killing your enemies; you have survived my most brutal magic. You are of no doubt a worthy opponent to me. Severus here always told me how you would be no match for me. A mediocre, arrogant boy, he said."

"Yeah, Snape tends to be completely ignorant. Why would I display my awesome magical ability in front of him? Should I let Dumbledore become suspicious of my intentions just as he was with you? I knew I was gifted, that was enough for me. In the room of requirement and in the forbidden forest, there I could train my true abilities; without any interference of the old man. With him and you gone I can become the most powerful wizard of all time."

"Then let's end this now", said Voldemort short. Harry could hear that it was respect in his tone.

They drew their wands faster than any of the death eaters could react and two jets of green light collided in the air. Before Harry could move Voldemort disapperated and reappeared right behind harry. He had less than a second to react. The killing curse was flying towards him from the back and front. Without moving his wand arm, the stone figures resembling the ancestors of the Malfoy family came to life. Moving faster than light, two of them jumped in front and back of Harry protecting him from certain death. When the curses hit the figures dissolved into a million pieces. Dust clouds filled the empty room. Merely a second later, Harry spun around pointed his wand at the dark lord and shouted "SECTUMSEMPRA". He knew that he hit him because he heard the slashing sounds of flesh being ripped apart. Believing that the fight was over and that he had defeated Voldemort he stepped forward. But when the dust lay off he merely saw Lucius Malfoy standing there instead, completely ripped apart by invisible blades. Both his legs were gone from his body and several other limbs were cut off. Blood spurted out from everywhere and soon he lay stone dead upon the ground. Voldemort had done the same as Harry did before, summoned a human shield in front of him. A loud shriek from Narcissa was quickly silenced by the flashing lights from Voldemort's and Harry's wands. Voldemort was tired, he could feel it. But Voldemort seemed to be getting angrier and angrier by the minute. He twirled his wand and released his most lethal magic to kill Harry. In the back of his eye he could see Draco Malfoy running out with his wand drawn pointing it at Harry. Before he could utter a word Harry spun around muttering "Avada Kedavra", easily. Draco flew back into the wall while his mother shrieked in grief. However she was smart not to interfere in the legendary duel.

In this moment of distraction Voldemort sent another thick jet of green light which would most certain hit Harry if not one of Malfoys stone ancestors jumped between them once again.

"That's was a close one, Potter. You're lust for blood almost cost you your life this time."

"Malfoy has been alive for far too long – and so have you…"

Harry conjured blackness that seemed to suck out all the light in the room. It quickly surrounded Voldemort in the form of a dome. The spell was dark magic in its highest form. If anyone would touch the black magic, they would be lethally cursed. The dome surrounding Voldemort shrunk and soon it was impossible for him to evade it. This time he couldn't have survived. The black dome reduced in size until it disappeared. And there stood Voldemort completely unharmed.

"I – Impossible, there is no defence against that curse", Harry said.

"You still have much to learn when it comes to the dark arts, Harry. You can never beat me, there is no magic that I can't do. A naive little boy like you has no chance against Lord Voldemort.

Harry was still very shocked and barely saw the flashing hands of his mortal enemy. The power of the curse outmatched Harry's counter curse. And Harry was sent flying fast through the air. The hallway was very big and it took some time before he reached the wall. He hit the wall very hard and was on the verge of passing out; but his mind was fully concentrated. Then he realized that he'd had lost his wand. When he crawled up the entire floor was filled with big snakes ready to attack him. They struck at him all at once. Harry gathered all his magic and energy inside of him and the air around him exploded. The release of all the uncontrolled magic turned all the snakes into ashes. The Death Eater plunged onto the wall, Voldemort lost his balance and the room looked more like a ruin now.

Harry thought "Accio wand" and it swished into the masters hand. That release of his inner magic had made him exhausted, but he could not yield. He knew he had the power to beat Voldemort.

For a moment he saw a glimpse of fear in Voldemorts eye, but it was soon replaced my hate and anger. The duel went on, both of the combatants were equally matched; the only thing the Death Eaters could do was to watch the two most powerful wizards battle against each other. Narcissa was still kneeling next to her dead son's body, weeping quietly. But the others: Snape, Dolohov, Bellatrix, Fenrir Greyback, Rodolphus Lestrange, Nott and many other observed the battle scene in which Harry and Voldemort fought viciously.

There was a pause in the battle. Then Voldemort seemed to walk out of his body but in fact he doubled himself. Two of Voldemort stood in front of Harry, both of them identical in every way. Two jets of green light flew towards him; Harry disappareted to the other side of the room.

Now there weren't only two Dark Lord's facing Harry. Harry watched twenty Voldemort's pointing their wands at him and screaming the well known words. Harry disapperated , but he could barely appear again before green lights forced their ways onto his direction again. It was obvious that Voldemort exerted his powers to the fullest, he was now doing anything to kill Harry. All the Voldemorts kept bombing Harry with the killing curse as he was moving very fast through the room. The only thing he could do was to disapperate over and over again, and moving as fast as lightning; and it worked. He moved as fast and as elegant as a ghost, and even the many Voldemort's seemed to have a hard time localizing him. Harry heard the Death Eaters gasp in astonishment, for his swiftness was above anything they'd ever seen.

Voldemort kept bombarding him with dozens of killing curses; Harry had to go on the offensive. He couldn't keep evading the many curses forever. The clones were identical to Voldemort but Harry noticed one thing. Every time he appeared somewhere, supposedly the real Voldemort would turn around a microsecond before the rest of the clones. It was a tiny mistake, but Harry noticed it. He disapperated through the room while glancing at the real Voldemort. Then suddenly he decided to take the shot. Harry disapperated once again in thin air and appeared directly behind Voldemort. With his wand pointed at his enemy's back, Harry cast his strongest blasting curse before Voldemort even knew what was coming. There was a loud scream echoing around in the hollow room and Voldemort fell slowly to the ground. He was defeated… defeated by the boy who lived; defeated and broken. Silence fell in the room; even if the windows were completely sealed he guessed it was morning outside. They had been fighting all night.

There was now only one Voldemort, he knelt down, hands clutched to the ground in an attempt to stand up. He was breathing heavily; his red eyes were now empty.

"It seems… you have truly become… dark, Potter." coughed up Voldemort.

"As you once said before – there is no such thing as black and white, there is only power and those too weak to use it." said Harry.

"I see"

"So this is how the dark lord dies, kneeling in front of his superior." Harry raised his wand, looking into those bizarre empty eyes. Voldemort looked pitiful; never before had he seemed this frightened. He was afraid of Harry, of what he'd done. He recognized him as his master and superior. Harry grabbed his faithful wand tight, and pointed it toward Voldemorts heart.

"Avada Kedavra"

The power of Harry's curse made him glide across the room. His arch enemy hit the sealed entrance door and Voldemort moved no more. Harry stood there for what felt like hours. Then after he'd taken in what had just happened, he smiled. He had done it, all by him self; without Dumbledore or the Order to come for his aid.

He started chuckling, and then burst out with a high evil laugh. He laughed and laughed, celebrating by himself the victory he had achieved. He could sense the Death Eaters fear right there in the corner. Every one of them stood dead still, awaiting his next movement. Harry stopped laughing and turned towards the many people in the corner. All eyes were on him, however he could see that many of them turned away fearing to meet his green piercing eyes.

He didn't speak. Instead he walked slowly along the hallway towards the people. Harry waved his wand and the wall that sealed the windows and door disappeared. He was right, it was indeed morning. All of a sudden a rat ran along the floor away from the others. The little creature was flying across the hallway. A flash of green light from Harry's wand and the rat immediately stopped.

"I hope you are not foolish enough to make a run for it" Harry said very coldly. "Our little friend Wormtail here demonstrates what happens if you run out on Harry Potter. It's time to choose your allegiance."

"Harry, Harry please" pleaded Snape.

"You will no longer address me as Harry. Henceforth you call me master or lord."

"Master" Snape started again. "You must understand that I was a Death Eater on Dumbledore's orders only. My loyalty lies with him, Harry ….master. And with you"

"I know – I always knew" said Harry in a creepy voice. You were his puppet…Snivellus. I however, am not."

"Send me to Azkaban then."

"Azkaban, you must have misunderstood. There is either servitude, or death. I would choose my next words carefully. I don't like you Snivellus, but you may turn out to be a good servant."

"What do – what do you mean? Should we serve you? I thought…."

"You thought I was going to turn you in and let the ministry control my every move. Wrong answer – Imperio" Snape stood up from his seat with an empty look on his face.

"...I'm stupid and ugly" said Snape.

"Good that you finally realize that. Now go and dig a hole in the floor, with your hands only."

Snape stood up and started clawing on the floor, within moments his fingers were all bloody and broken. Death Eaters glanced at him with terrified looks.

"There will be a new regime from now on" said Harry. "You will serve me from now on. Voldemort is dead – I'm the new Dark Lord."

One of the Death Eater let out a quick chuckle. He tried to cover up his mistake with a cough, but Harry noticed him. Before he could blink, Harry had drawn his wand and the Death Eater fell over dead.

"If anyone else thinks it's funny with me being the Dark Lord, let yourselves be heard."

No body said a word, Harry looked pleased.

"Of course many of you must be punished for your past actions. Bellatrix…you killed my god father. Greyback, you made Lupin a werewolf. But we can take the punishments later; you seemed to have decided to remain loyal."

Harry raised his wand and pointed it towards the windows. Two silver stags forced their way out of his wand and ran through the window. Harry conjured a chair and sat down; thinking of the new world he would create. From now on he, Harry would lead the world, and no one could stop him.