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First two chapters written by original author. Story adopted from Militan

Harry blazed through the window with an impatient look on his face. What took them so long? He strode back and forth while the Death Eaters watched him nervously. Every one of them sat still on the floor, with dead looks on their faces. The only noise came from Snape who greedily scratched on the floor with his bloody fingers. The Death Eaters seemed too scared to even look at each other.

"Err – mas….." started the Death Eater Travis.

"Be quiet" interrupted Harry harshly. He paced through the room observing the catastrophic scene. In the middle of the room lay Lucius Malfoy, or at least what was left of him. All the tables and chairs were scattered around in the room, only pieces of them left. Everything looked upside down. Harry turned around and looked directly in one of the Death Eaters eyes.

"You there – remove the bodies" Harry said. "And clean up the blood"

At once, the Death Eaters rose and walked briskly in his direction. He waved his wand and the body of Voldemort, Yaxley, Lucius, Crabbe, Goyle, Rowle and Draco levitated across the room and finally settled down in an empty corner. The Death Eater muttered "Evanesco" and the blood which had covered the hall vanished. The Death Eater immediately sprung back and sat down on the cold floor.

Harry flicked his wand and in a matter of seconds the ravaged room seemed to repair itself. The caved in ceiling looked as good as new, new chairs and tables reappeared out of nothingness, and the crashed walls and the battered floor went back to its original shape. Several chairs glided down along the now handsome hallway and stopped skilfully next to each living Death Eaters. Each of them glanced at the inviting chairs looking as though they feared it would eat them.

"Why don't you take a seat." ordered Harry. "There will be a long day ahead for you and you might need some rest I recon." They sat down but did not utter a word.

All of a sudden there was a bang and a familiar red haired bloke appeared out of thin air. He took notice of the elegant room and then of the Death Eaters.

"Not quite as I expected" started Ron. "What did you do, battle outside the yard?" He grinned, the fact that seven bodies lay together in a pile didn't seem to bother him at all.

"I'm afraid you arrived a few seconds too late." joked Harry. "What kept you so long" said Harry now with a serious tune in his voice.

"My mother, she wanted to know where I was heading, I had to remind her that I was of age and that she had nothing to do with my life."

"Hmm she might put us back, maybe… she can't be trusted." mumbled Harry. Ron gave a little stern looking nod indicating that he would unwillingly agree with any of Harry's orders. Harry seemed to have noticed this and looked piercingly into Ron's eyes. The chance that Ron would betray him was as big as the return of Voldemort. However he had looked troubled for some reason. He sensed confusion and angst further in his head. He was now pacing around Ron's room waiting for something, he was very nervous. Then an owl flew in through the open window and landed gently on his bed. Ron sprinted anxiously to his bed and grabbed the letter. The images became vague when Ron closed out his mind.

"Ron, you are my best friend – You're the one I can trust completely" stated Harry honestly. Ron stood up straight proud of the compliments he received. "But you can't let your personal feelings stand in the way of duty. I will assign you as my second in command; thus you will be in complete charge in my absence. In my rule you will prioritize my lead primarily, and take responsibility of your service. Are you ready to cast yourself down to me? Thus recognize me as the new Dark Lord.

"Yes I am" said Ron without hesitating. He bowed down. "…my master."

"Stand up Ron" said Harry now laughing. "You're my friend. Don't bow to me like you're some kind of Death Eater."

"Thank you mast…."

"Also down refer me as master. You've known me as Harry for six years" said Harry. "This is a new rule; I won't be a subhuman freak like Voldemort. Only servants will be treated like scum to me. However even death eaters can be of some use, don't you think?"

Ron nodded and smiled. He watched at the other side where the Death Eaters sat awaiting their judgements. "May I?"

Harry raised his eyebrows, and then gave Ron a small nod. Ron turned around and walked towards the many people. He stopped and pointed his wand at Bellatrix.


She gasped in pain, and screamed loudly when she received the grand punishment. She fell down on the floor moving her arms and legs uncontrollably. In her pain she tore off her torso and exposed a firm set of big breasts covered only by a tiny bra too small for her cup size.

"That's enough Ron" said Harry clearly. "There will be plenty of that later."

"As you wish" said Ron looking viciously on Bellatrix's top.

"Get over here" ordered Harry. Ron disapperated and reappeared right in front of Harry. He had a triumphant expression on his face. He leaned toward Harry's ear and whispered.

"Did you see that – wow. That bitch is smoking hot, never realized it before really. You think – could I – we…"

"There will be times for entertainment but that is certainly not now my friend" said Harry as loud and clear as before. "Now let's concentrate on our task upon us. You said only your mother was in your way upon your departure?"

"Actually most of my family tried to stop me. Bill and Fleur are having their wedding in a couple of days. Bill and Charlie nagged me the most; they were probably suspicious of my intentions. Of course Ginny sought me out, but I didn't tell here where I was going."

"You didn't tell Ginny?" Harry pointed his wand towards the window and another silver stag shot out of his wand. Moving fast, it flew out of the window elegantly.

"No, don't contact her. They might have let me go, but I'm seventeen. If she comes they will surely follow. By the way, she doesn't know how to apparate, and…."

"You're family will follow their only daughter to this place. That will be a good time for them to decide where their loyalty lies. I have always had a great devotion to the Weasley family. I hope they will understand the necessity of my rule."

"But Ginny can't apparate, she is only….." started Ron.

"Ginny can do more than you know. She is quite an extraordinary witch, you know" interjected Harry. "Anyway, what did Hermione write in the letter?" Ron looked at Harry, clearly not content with him knowing his private stuff.

"Why are you asking?"

"She should be here by now. The fact that she isn't is disturbing. I worry that she might've been caught?" Harry paused and looked at Ron who looked pale. "Or maybe she has a quarrel against us for some reason. I repeat, what did she write in the letter?"

"I – She wrote that she needed time to think …about me and her being together. It's nothing really."

"I understand" said Harry seriously. "She must've tried to leave, but got stopped in the end".

"Hold on a second. Maybe the Order gives her 'protection' nowadays?" asked Ron.

"Of course" said Harry. "I should have predicted this. The Order of the Phoenix would most likely offer protection to a friend of mine – secretly of course" Harry seemed to be lost in thought. "Say Ron, were your father home when you left?"

"No but…."

"Then you better get ready. There is a possibility that your father have decided to conspire against us. If so he is our enemy."

"I don't think it's wise if we…" started Ron. "I mean my entire family depends upon him, with him gone they won't be as cooperative I recon."

"Don't be so sure" said Harry simply.

Before Ron could say anything more another bang filled the enormous room with a loud echo. Hermione had just apparated into the room, struggling with two people holding a tight grip of her robes. The three of them fell down and rolled on the floor, the two men still clutching her clothes tightly. Harry drew his wand faster than they could blink and they immediately lost the grip of Hermiones robes. The longest figure drew his wand but Harry had already cast his curse. Kingsley ducked it by inches and spun around to cast one of his own. The other man just stood there aghast, watching Harry parrying Kingsleys curse with ease. Harry raised his wand but Mr. Weasley bellowed:

"STOP!" He now pointed his wand at Kingsley. "That is Harry Potter you're fighting."

Kingsley however took no notice of Mr. Weasley and readied his wand once again. "Stupi…"


Kingsley froze immediately. Mr. Weasly had hit him right in the chest. He squinted at Kingsley, still holding his wand firmly in his hand.

"Do not fight Harry Potter, Kingsley" said Mr. Weasley. "Dumbledore said he's the only one who could….." He stopped dead. He had just noticed the Death Eaters sit undesirably on the other side of the hallway. His eyes opened wide when he noticed Snape clawing the floor with his messy fingers scratching the concrete fiercely. He had now dug a couple of inches in the stone seeming not to feel the pain in his work. "What in the world is Snape doing, Harry…" he said with a disgusted expression on his face. But his attention quickly went to the dead body of Lord Voldemort lying dead in the corner.

"….Harry, Lord Voldemort….dead, the Dark Lord dead. How – did you kill him Harry?"

"Yes and no." said Harry. "Yes Voldemort is dead, and I did most certainly kill him. But the dark lord is not dead." Harry paused to see the expression of his face. Mr. Weasley's sudden cheerful reaction was quickly exchanged by a confused sceptical look.

"Don't you get it Arthur?" said Kingsley finally breaking away from the stop charm.

"Why – Then I don't understand. Then who is the Dark Lord?"

Harry smiled. One quick move and they would both be dead. Although he needed to be absolutely sure before he got rid of them.

"I am"

"You, Harry?" Mr. Weasley raised his eyebrows looking rather amused. "Then I don't understand."

"Isn't it obvious, Arthur?" said Kingsly. "Didn't I always tell you not to trust the kid? You let him get involved in your family, and now he has taken over their minds. Arthur, He didn't kill Voldemort to stop his reign….."

"That is incorrect" interjected Harry. "Voldemort needed to be stopped. I was the only one who could do it. You all knew this, right?"

Well yeah Dumbledore told us" said Mr. Weasley. "But we never realized that you had the ability to do it whenever you felt like it."

Hermione who had been too shocked to move now stood up and ran into Ron's arms. She hugged Harry as well; there were tears in her eyes.

"It was Kingsley; he waited for me outside the house. He knew that I was going to you; he interrogated me and…." Hermione closed her eyes and turned away.

"What did he do to you?" Ron said loudly.

"He abused me – sexually" She started to cry again. Harry quickly raised his wand directing it at Kindsley, he saw that Ron had done the same. There had seldom been a time when he had been this angry. He wanted to kill him, but decided to wait. Ron watched Kingsley with hatred in his eyes. Apparently his impulse to kill was pretty strong as well. Instead he took a deep breath and spoke softly:

"Then what happened 'Mione? What did my dear father do? Hermione seemed to pull herself together when she heard the voice of Ron. "After awhile Mr. Weasley arrived and stopped him" she said. "While they were arguing I tried to make a run for it, but they grabbed a hold of me and followed me here."

"Kingsley, you are a dead man" said Ron. He glanced at Harry and he understood that Ron had to do this by himself. "That was the last mistake in your worthless life, Kingsley….. 'Mione back down please." Hermione had moved in front of Ron preventing him from any action.

"Don't duel him, you might get hurt" she said loudly.

"You don't understand Hermione…"

Harry flicked his wand and Hermione slid far away from him onto a comfortable sofa which had just appeared there. She writhed around but seemed to be stuck at her place. Ron growled and cast a curse at Kingsley's direction which barely missed. Kingsley waved his wand fast in a big circle and what looked like a disturbance in the air exploded out of his wand. A vast energy wave moved towards Ron who had to meet the force with the same spell. Mr. Weasley seemed to have realized what was going on and raised his own wand to intervene the fighting. But he had barely said a word before his wand flew out of his hand and his hands was tied behind his back by invisible ropes. Ron rolled at the side to escape the massive force and readied his wand "Stupify" he yelled but Kingsley cast a simple protective shield.

"Need any help, mate?" said Harry

"Just keep the others out of the way, will ya" bellowed Ron.

The fight continued. Both Ron and Hermione were immensely skilled in duelling, of course not anywhere near Harry's standards, but they tended to surprise in battle. Kingsley seemed to have the edge in the fight; after all he was a very experienced skilled wizard. But even though Ron might've not had a chance against him normally, his anger gave him extra determination. Kingsley send a couple of fast curses that only missed Ron because he disapperated a couple of meters to the right. Kingsley waved his wand steadily and the piece of floor Ron stood on fell apart, he fell down and barely held on to the edge with both his hands; the bottom of the hole appeared to be deep down. Ron slowly crawled up from the massive opening in the ground; he tried to reach for his wand which he'd dropped close to the hole. Kingsley however didn't hesitate for a second, he held out his wand and was about to cast the winning spell when a certain middle aged man bellowed:

"No, STOP Kingsley" shouted Mr. Weasley before he was silenced by Harry. Kingsley was distracted by the tumult going on; therefore he didn't notice that Ron had reached his wand and cast a curse at him. He had barely any time to counter it and lost balance from the power of the curse.

Ron sent a random vase sailing towards Kingsley. Kingsley looked confused; he began to squint around the room like if he looked for something. Then he lowered his wand for a second and looked at the vase curiously which was gliding slowly near him. He had no time to realize what was going on before Ron shouted:


The vase blew up and Kingsley was plunged back onto the furniture on the other side of the room. Before he could stand up and dive for his wand he could hear Ron shouting "Stupify" and he fell down stunned on the floor. Ron approached the fallen wizard. He muttered "Ennervate" and Kingsley moved again; although he knew that he'd lost and merely looked into Ron's eyes.

"Please Ron, you don't want to kill me" pleaded Kingsley.

"Dead men don't speak" said Ron. "Avada Kedavra" And Kingsley rolled over, dead.

"Harry, why did you cast the Confundus charm on him? I had him" snarled Ron.

"I did no such thing" replied Harry short.

Ron turned around and looked straight ahead at Hermione who was holding her wand leisurely in her right hand.

"I'm sorry Ron, I had to. I didn't want you to get hurt." Hermione started to weep once again.

"Well done anyway Ron, well done" said Harry. "This proves your loyalty, and for that I'm glad. Go comfort Hermione; I'll take care of your dad."

Harry flicked his wand once again and Mr. Weasley's bindings were gone, he looked deathly pale.

"My own son – a murderer" said Mr. Weasly quietly. "Kingsley is dead, by my son's hand."

"Kingsley deserved it" said Harry calmly. "He died the same way as he lived; as a worthless prick. What you need to do now Mr. Weasley is to decide your path. Will you join me in my new kingdom or join your old friend in the lifeless pile on the floor."

"I can't believe it. I can't believe you've turned evil, Harry. You were like a second son for Molly and me. And how could you betray us like this Ron?"

"Mr. Weasley. I am going to create a new better world for wizards like us. Free from a ruthless leader like Voldemort. Free from the suffering the muggle borns and the muggles have been through. You will eventually see that I am just" said Harry.

"I – I can't…I can't be a part of this, Harry. If you declare yourself the Dark Lord then I won't have anything to do with you. My family would never forgive me."

Harry grinned. "Arthur, Arthur…..what am I going to do with you. I am very sorry that you didn't choose my allegiance, very sorry."

"What are you gonna do, Harry? Kill me?"

"O no, that's not my intention anymore. I will let you go. You have to promise me though, not to tell anyone what happened today; or what I have become" said Harry.

"I can't promise that"

"I didn't expect you would, Arthur" Harry held his wand firmly in his right and pointed it at Mr. Weasley. He watched Harry steadily, just if his stare alone could save him. Harry looked at Ron and Hermione who gave him a neutral look back. Harry turned back to Mr. Weasley and said: "Obliviate"

The spell hit Mr. Weasley who immediately got an empty expression and unfocused eyes. Then Harry spoke again: "Confundo"

"You will apparate back to Hermione's house and finish you're guard. After that you will go home to the Burrow. When you arrive there will be no one at home. Go straight to bed and forget that we ever had this conversation" said Harry clearly. Mr. Weasly turned on the spot and disapperated. Harry turned around to address Hermione. He wanted to express his relief that she was okay but he thought it would be best to remain cool.

"Come Hermione, listen carefully. We have much to discuss"

Harry told her about what had happened and his plan; and just as he thought she supported his visions through and through. She had calmed down from the drastic experience and looked rather happy now. She laughed at how careless she was to walk out of her house without putting a disillusionment charm on herself. She enjoyed shouting insults at the Death Eaters and torturing Bellatrix before Harry told her to stop.

"Would you make him stop doing that?" Hermione said referring to Snape who was still scratching the concrete floor. "It's disgusting"

With a flick of Harry's wand Snape stopped and stood up tall. His fingers were almost completely gone, the surface on his hand looked thick; because lots of blood had coagulated and been torn up over and over again; on top of that was dirt and dust. If he wasn't under the Imperius curse, he would surely scream in pain. Harry waved his wand once again and Snape's fingers regrew; and the blood and dirt disappeared.

"I've always wondered. Do people under the influence feel any pain?" asked Ron. "I mean you didn't see Snape yell out or anything.

"It depends" replied Harry. "You can cast different kinds of the Imperius Curse. In this case I made him be as near reality as possible, in this state he knew what he was doing. So yes, he felt it all." The three of them laughed. Snape shook his head and squinted around the room. Apparently he was no longer under the Imperius Curse. He kneeled down observing his hands closely which were now normal.

"Harry" warned Hermione.

"I know" said Harry. Snape still watched his hands. The look on his face indicated that he still felt some sort of physical pain. Harry was surprised that he didn't make a single noise.

"Severus Snape. I see you have been busy for the last hours" said Harry mockingly. "But enough with that, I need to know if I can trust you? I plan on letting you become the new headmaster of Hogwarts, if all goes well"

"I – will never serve you Potter" said Snape finally.

"That's disappointing Snape, I could have made you great. You would've been a useful servant, instead I will break you. Imperio"

Snape immediately stood up, fully concentrating his eyes on the tip of Harry's wand.

"I have a mission for you Snape. Now when Yaxley is dead, the Imperius curse put on Thicknesse will be broken. It is your responsibility now to infiltrate the ministry and recast the Imperius curse on him. You think you can do that?" explained Harry.

"Yes master" said Snape short.

"You must do this very secretively; you must not get caught during your progress. However, after you have done your work you secrecy is important no more. If people come to defend, kill. If people come to attack, engage. If people come to kill, kill them before they kill you. Is this understood, Snape?

"Yes master"

"Go now, the sooner the better. Don't disappoint me Snape."

Snape turned on the spot and vanished. There were several moments until anyone spoke, then Ron cleared his throat and said:

"You're sending him into a suicide mission, Harry. You didn't say any specific orders about leaving the ministry, ever. That means that he'll….."

"Keep on fighting until he kills everyone, or the more reasonable alternative, he dies" said Harry.

"Harry, I don't think this'll work" said Hermione.

"I appreciate your independent spirit, Hermione – But that is just my intention. If Snape succeeds with his mission I will have complete control over the ministry shortly. The power of the ministry is only the beginning of my reign of power. And by using Snape I can indirectly get rid of him as well. Now I'm going to have a little chat with our little guests, stay right here."

Harry strove back across the hallway to the Death Eaters who had hoped seriously that they'd been forgotten.

"Where are the Carrows" demanded Harry. "They should be here"

"My lord, they are currently at Hogwarts" said a Death Eater whom Harry hadn't noticed till now. "They will be teaching there this year. Should I summon them?"

"Who are you?" asked Harry

"My name is Scorge, master. Edward Scorge." There was a moment of silence. "I will serve you until I die, master."

"Of course you will, every one of you will" said Harry clearly. "And to answer your question, no you don't have to summon them for the time being. Merely contact them and update them on our new status. There are a lot of opportunities in having spies at Hogwarts." Harry observed Scorge closely and he was looking at him admiringly. "Can I entrust you, Scorge to contact the Carrows"

"Of course, my lord" he said. "I'll do it right away" He stood up but Harry raised his hand, indicating that he should sit down.

"I need you all to be here right now, you are all up for questioning shortly, contact them in your free time. Yes, you heard it right. I will not be watching every one of you all the time and that means you will have to serve me from the distance. But do not think of this too easily. I will know if you betray me, I will know if you try to run, and I will find out if you don't do what you're told. When I find out you will die."

Harry quickly apparated back to Ron and Hermione; they were talking happily with each other, when Harry appeared they stopped and looked at him with reverence.

"What do we do after we've taken the ministry, Harry? What's your plan?" said Ron.

"We keep it a secret. We let the world think that Voldemort still exists out there, while I conquer, we keep it low. Next move, we go back to school."

"What?" said Hermione surprised. "We thought we had left Hogwarts forever. You said you weren't going back."

"That was before I killed Voldemort. In his rule I was stuck in my place. But now – I can do whatever I want."

"There is no better Dark Lord than you, Harry" said Ron admiringly.

And with a loud bang the entire Weasley family appeared out of nowhere. Bill was holding Ginny in a tight grip; along with him were Charlie, George, Fred, Mrs. Weasley and even Percy.

Now is the time for decision. Now is the time for the Weasley family to choose their allegiance.


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