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It was a cold dark night, and only the moon gave out light. In the woods, the wind was howling. The animals were asleep in their homes. Mothers cuddled against their babies to protect them from the cold.

At the Potter mansion, everything was pitch black. In one of the windows, a boy was sitting at the windowsill in a long black robe. The boy had long silky black hair and the prettiest green eyes that one could see. Yet, those eyes held hatred and sadness from deep down inside him: his hatred for his own family and the sadness only an abandoned child could feel.

Ever since his parents had their second child, they had forgotten him. They didn't treat him badly- they had just forgotten about his existence ever since a man called Albus Dumbledore had visited his parents. Dumbledore, leader of the Order in which his parents are members, told his parents that their younger son is the heir of Gryffindor and that someday, he would have the power to defeat the Dark Lord. His parents were extremely proud that their younger son was the Heir. Dumbledore told them that they should attend to Nick at all times, since the Dark Lord would most likely try to kill him.

Since that day, their parents neglected their older son and had given all their attention to Nick. They hired a kind and obedient house elf to take care of the older boy. The older child wanted his parents to care more about him and spend time with him, but they just told him that his little brother needed them more than he did, and that he could take care of himself. Eventually, he gave up, feeling nothing but bitterness towards his parents, for neglecting him, and his brother, for stealing them away from him.

Seeing as his parents have forgotten about him, he has disowned them in his own way. He stayed in his room all the time and showed absolutely no emotions on his face. No one has ever visited him, not even his uncle, Remus, and his godfather, Sirius. Truthfully, they probably had forgotten about him as well. Sometimes, he wished that he had a different life with a family that cared about him, and perhaps even a few friends. When he went into town, however, no one acknowledged him- they all seemed to avoid him. Some nights, the boy would cry and cry until he could not cry anymore. However, he had outgrown crying; he could not shed any more tears even if he had wanted to.

He had been left behind and therefore had grown up quickly. In a sense, he didn't have any good childhood memories that he wanted to remember, as he didn't have a real childhood. Nowadays, all he did was study magic: He has already learned difficult spells from the books that he has read, and he also knew some wandless magic.

He was considered a prodigy for he was merely ten years old and yet, had a vast store of knowledge and power. After all, other children did not even have one tenth of his power and could not even begin to compare with his knowledge. As thse boy watched, the night slowly passed and the sun began to creep over the horizon.