My name is Megan and I have a twin sister named Margaret and three younger brothers, Billy, Maximus or Max for short and Ned. We lost our parents from a tragic fire in our apartment and now we lost everything. We tried to be grateful, grateful to find a future for all of us. Most of the people in New York have been in hard times.

Margaret then said, "Well this is crazy, us in the city of Manhattan?" The boys shook their heads and they groaned. I then said, "Please send us a sign. Some sort of a hint. You know anything!" I then sat down with my hand on my face and my twin sister and younger brothers followed the lead that I did.

Then I saw a brown and white puppy with a calico kitten and a white kitten and I can't say on where do they come from, but this is strange. There is also a gray puppy and a gold puppy too and that is strange to see those animals with us. I guess that they have no owners and I was right. They don't have owners and we became their new owners. I took the brown and white puppy and the white kitten, Margaret took the gold puppy and the calico kitten, Max took the gray puppy and I told Billy and Ned that one day they will get their own pets and that cheered them up.

Then Billy took notice of something, he saw that the people were gathering around and said, "Guys something is going on here. I think we should take a look." Ned thinks that it would be a good idea. Max was not sure about it and I don't know what would think that it's all about, but we will find out.

We went inside the place without anyone noticing and started to look around. The boys were starting to get scared. Ned asked, "You afraid?" I answered, "No, just nervous." Billy was getting scared and so was Max and I decided to take the matters in my own hands by saying, "Boys, two things ok? Calm down. Now stay close by me and Margaret and look to the left and right to see if you can find anyone who can help us, but is not Xanatos or his worker." The boys nodded while Max said, "I don't trust that guy because he gives me the willies." Billy agreed saying, "Yeah that guy is giving me the creeps."

Then we heard a voice that is asking, "What are you all doing here?" We turned around to see a woman with a flashlight and she was staring at us.