"The boys and our pets stayed close by me and my twin sister and we had to keep our eyes and ears open at the same time. Billy was feeling uneasy and I playfully rolled my eyes and said, "Billy, two things ok little brother? Calm. Down. Now look to the left and right to see if you can find any clues." Billy was confused. "Clues? I thought we would be careful like Elisa would want us to." Margaret then said, "And we are going to be careful since it's like Elisa is caring for us even though we have met her two nights ago." Max then asked, "What makes you think that Elisa is caring for us?" I glared at him and said, "She heard about what happened with us." Max then said, "Well if you say so. I wish that we have a miracle that can help us find a home."

Margaret then said, "Careful what you wish for little brother." Max nodded slowly. Ned then had a funny feeling in his stomach. He then told us, "Um guys, don't get me silly, but I have a funny feeling in my own stomach. I think it's telling us something." I looked at him with shock.

I asked him, "What is this feeling trying to tell us?" He then told us that the feeling is telling us that someone or something is following us. Oh boy. This could be bad. Billy panicked really bad.

Margaret then said, "Guys, something is here with us and it's right over there!" She pointed to the left. We turned at her direction and we got our eyes wide. I yelled, "It's that thing. It's the one that growled at us, get it!" What we saw was the gargoyle beast from two nights ago. The boys tried to shoo it away, but it just keeps coming back.

I then said, "Crazy beast you, get!" Margaret then said, "Why you no account creature, get away from us!" The gargoyle beast then barked. I jointed. It barked like a dog. The pups got surprised by this and the kittens meowed in confusion.

I noticed Princess and Fiona sniffing the gargoyle beast and this made me and Margaret worried. I also took notice of Warrior joining in the sniffing and this also worried Max. Billy and Ned noticed it and grew concerned. Snowflake, Opal and Twilight got confused by this. The kittens meowed at us as if they were trying to tell us what is going on.

I shook my head saying that I don't know. The kittens know what I am saying. Snowflake looked at me in confusion. Margaret, Max and I got our eyes open wide when we saw the pups having fun with the gargoyle beast. My guess was that it likes them. I think so, and my guess was right. Wow. Didn't expect that at all. Then the gargoyle beast left. That's weird.

Billy looked at me and Margaret in confusion and asked, "What was that all about?" I said, "I don't know, but I didn't expect that to happen at all." I then said, "I know what will happen if we're not careful. The gargoyles will eat us alive." Margaret then said, "But Goliath and Hudson won't do that to us." I looked at her and said, "I'm talking about the gargoyle beast and the young gargoyles." Ned nodded his head yes.

We've made it outside and stayed there for a few hours. It sure is hard for us to find clues. I don't understand. Then something caught our eyes. It look like a robot of some kind. The boys got scared by this. I then got my eyes wide when I saw a female gargoyle standing on top of a tower that is on top of where we are standing. I can tell that something is not right at all. I looked at Margaret and she nodded her head yes.

We had to get out of here. We started to run for our lives. The pets followed us. We stopped and hid behind a wall. I had to do something about this. I breathed hard and I knew that we have to get to safety. Then an idea struck me. This would work, I know it would. I then said to my siblings, "Ok guys, head to safety, I'll catch up." The rest of the siblings ran while I grabbed a rock and said, "I'll take care of the female gargoyle." I threw the rock while she was holding a weapon of some sort.

I made a good aim and I noticed that the tower was about to fall off. I started to run. I then yelled at my siblings very loud, "RUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNN!" We all started to head off and we had to get to safety away from the falling tower. The falling tower caused some serious damage to the castle floor though. The floor we were running on broke off and we started to fall. Our pets got to safety though. That's a good one.

Margaret and I grabbed onto the top part of the castle. Billy and Max hang onto the part of the castle wall for dear life while Ned struggled to hang on. The Margaret and I started to climb up and Billy and Max joined in. Margaret and I were the first to get to safety. Billy and Max almost made it and Ned too, but the brick of the castle wall broke off and Ned screamed to while he started to fell.

Margaret yelled out, "NED!" I got my eyes wide. I ran to the one part of the castle and tried to look for Ned. Margaret followed my lead. I started to worry. Billy and Max almost started to cry when we saw Ned. He's alright! But I gasped, because Ned was saved by the aqua gargoyle. Margaret gasped too. Ned was then brought back to us and Margaret and I got angry. Billy and Max got their eyes wide because there's the olive gargoyle and the red one with the aqua gargoyle.

Margaret and I growled and were about to scare them away and Ned tried to calm us down, but we didn't hear him. Margaret grabbed a rock and said, "No scary gargoyles, sanctuary. GET OUT!" Billy said to us, "Wait, I think those gargoyles areā€¦" I told the three gargoyles, "GO AWAY!" Max then said, "I'm sure they meant no harm to us." Margaret and I didn't listen still and we both said, "Go!"

We tried to scare them away and that worked out for a while till a hand grabbed us. I looked to my right and it was Elisa. She asked us, "What is going on here?" Margaret then said, "You wouldn't believe us if we tell you." Elisa smirked at us and she said, "Tell me." Margaret and I looked at each other. I sighed and told her what happened. Then we reached to where we saw Xanatos on the ground. Elisa handcuffed him and I said, "Well I was right about not trusting him."

Margaret then asked, "Elisa wait, doesn't Xanatos have a right to a fair trial?" Elisa nodded her head saying, "He does don't worry." That was close. While we waited for Elisa to come back, we started to get to know the three gargoyles and the beast. Margaret an I had our guards up because I wasn't sure if we can trust them. We were starting to trust Elisa already.

Billy asked the aqua gargoyle, "So do you have a name or not?" The aqua gargoyle answered for him and Billy told us, "Megan, Margaret his name's Broadway." What?! Max asked the red gargoyle if it has a name or not and the red gargoyle told him his own name and Max answered, "Megan, Margaret his name's Brooklyn." Margaret then asked, "Who's name?" Ned asked the olive gargoyle and the gargoyle beast if they have names too. The bronze olive gargoyle answered him and Ned said to us, "Girls his name is Lexington and the gargoyle beast is Bronx." Margaret and I asked, "Who's name now?" Billy introduced us to the trio and the beast.

I breathed hard and said, "They have names now." I then sat down in surprise. Margaret followed my lead. I can't believe it. Then the gargoyle beast came up to us and started to lick me. I got totally disgusted. Then it licked Margaret and she too got disgusted. Then I noticed our cats and dogs started to get along with the gargoyles and the gargoyle beast. I can't believe it. I then said to the gargoyle beast, "Just warn me before you lick us again." This is strange.

Then we met up with Elisa and there was Goliath. I didn't know what is going to happen now. Then Goliath then asked us something that changed our lives forever. He asked us if we should like to be members of his clan.

We got our eyes wide. I can't believe it. This could be a big change for us. A really big one. The boys got excited for this. Margaret and I bowed our heads in respect and I said, "Yes, we'd be honored Goliath." But this fun time was not meant to last forever. The boys still felt sad a bit. I sighed and said, "Oh well, back to the alley you guys." Margaret added, "Yeah let's go."

Goliath got confused and asked us, "You live in an alley?" I answered, "Well sure Goliath." Margaret added, "You didn't know?" I knew that it's time to tell him why we live in an alley. I sighed and said, "We lost our home from a fire and it costs the lives of our parents." Margaret then added, "In other words, we lost everything." We started to walk back to the alley.

Max then said, "I got dibs on the newspaper blankets." Margaret and I groaned while I said, "Oh Max, you had that last week, it's Ned's turn." Billy then said, "Well I call dibs on the cardboard box shelters." Margaret then said, "Actually Billy you had that two weeks ago, it's Max's turn now." Ned then said, "I call dibs on the plastic bag mattresses." Margaret groaned while I said, "Ned you had that three weeks ago, it's Billy's turn again."

While we walked back to the alley, I heard the voices of the three gargoyles saying that they felt sorry for us and we had no home. Then I had a feeling that Elisa will have it taken care of. I wonder if it is true or not.

What we didn't know is that this will be our last night in the alley.