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First impressions

Ted lifted the pint glass to his lips as he thought about his new team. He had been drafted into UCOS three days earlier and still wasnt quite sure what to make of his new team. He knew Pat would tell him that he had to just go with the flow, take em as he found em but it wasn't like him. He knew people. He just couldn't get his head around this lot.

"You gonna av another?" Steve asked as he called the barman over. Ted nodded. "My round."

"Ow long you been in UCOS?"

"Och." Steve paid the barman. "Not that long. I came to London looking for a wee girl who'd gone missing. Her father was a friend of mine. Anyway, we found her and got the lassy home. Sorta just stayed."

"Dan and Sasha?"

"Sandra was ill a wee while ago. They were drafted in. Sasha to cover Sandra and Dan to make up numbers I guess. Why all the questions?"

Ted sipped his pint. "Trying to find my place I suppose. Work out where I fit."

"Dont. It'll give you a headache." Steve advised.

Ted laughed. "Brian?"

"Memory Lane?" Steve looked over to where the most eccentric man he had ever met sat with Esther. "I'm no professional but I'd say he's got Asperger's. Nothing he cant get his head around, given enough time."

"Why pop?"

"Alcoholic with addictive personality. Good man. Focused. Alcohol is his downfall. Its Esther, Mark and us lot that keep him sober. He knows Strickland and Sandra would kick him out if he started the booze again. Esther has." He paused to find the right words. "Put up with a lot."


"Best copper I've worked with. Dont let his frailty fool you. Sharp as a knife." Ted nodded. He already liked the older man. He was definately the patriach of the team. Everyone, including Sandra deferred to him. "You having second thoughts about joining us?"

"Nah." Ted smiled. "What about those two?"

"Gerry and Sandra?"

"Yeah." Ted turned to see them huddled together, deep in conversation. 0"Thick as theives."

"Been through a lot. Gerry, 3 ex wives, 4 daughters. Sandra lost her dad as a kid. Bit of a loner."

"Really?" They moved away from the bar as a gang of lads in their twenties arrived.

"Yeah. No kids, no husband. Very few friends outside of UCOS."

Ted nodded.

"How long have they been together? Sandra and Gerry?"

Steve laughed. "You can see it. I can see it and I dare say the rest of the world can. But those two?"

Ted smiled. He had a feeling cupid needed a helping hand.


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