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            The Professor had just called us together, explaining that he'd detected a new mutant somewhere in the South. I didn't know that much about her, but from the way he kept calling her 'the Rogue' I had an idea this mission was not going to be a piece of cake.

When was it ever, especially when it concerned new, well, recruits?

 Since it was a weekend, all of us – which, at the time, meant me, Jean, Shadowcat and Nightcrawler – were allowed to come along on the mission. Kurt took the Blackbird up that time, with me in the co-pilot's seat as supervision – and the adults, in turn, just behind to supervise me.

As the Blackbird leveled off and I tried to ignore the fact that Kurt was steering the Blackbird with his feet, I overheard Jean and Kitty, at the back of the plane, talking. It's not that I make a habit of eavesdropping, but I heard my name, and what normal teenage boy wouldn't try to overhear two cute girls talking about him?

Especially if he was head-over-heels for one of them.

"Scott's just, like, so together…and he's kinda cute."

I had to smirk.

"Cute? Stiff, yes…exacting, definitely…but cute?"

My heart was crushed. I could feel it plummeting down into my boots. Seriously. Actually, normally I take being described as 'exacting' as a compliment, and I know that Jean sees me as just the same boy she met when we were eight, and all that…but…

There was a thoughtful pause.

"Well, from a certain angle…"

I'm not quite sure that I wouldn't have stood up and done backflips if Kurt hadn't chosen that moment to teleport onto the Blackbird's wing.


AN: Well, CN was showing that episode where Rogue makes her first appearance, and this scene became one of my favorites. Yes, I am a Scott/Jean shipper, or S+J, or Jett or Jott or Scean supporter. Now, Nightcrawler could hear Jean and Kitty talking, and if Nightcrawler could, why couldn't Scott? I imagine that his semi-impairment of his sense of sight might force his other senses to develop more.

            Besides, I am convinced he was smirking slightly.