Viggo was shoved into a cell, his face getting pushed against the wall. "When are the other hunters coming?" Dagur demanded. The other dragon riders were outside of the cell, all ready for the villain's reply. Viggo grunted and tried in vain to move back, "I don't know when they're coming. We longer even temporary allies." Snotlout scoffed, "Yeah, because we'll definitely trust you. Even after you were caught red-handed." His voice was dripping with sarcasm. "Despite what you might believe, it is the truth." Viggo assured him, "They sought to disband our alliance by betraying me." Dagur might have rolled his eyed if they had not been so fixated on glaring, "So what? We're supposed to believe that and feel bad for you or something? About time that they realized you can't be trusted. I'm just upset that you got away." Hiccup tapped his chin, "But did you overhear anyone talking about how they planned on attacking?" The hunter shook his head. There was a slight pause before the Berserker spoke, "Then, you're useless to us." He moved his hand behind himself to grab the handle of his ax. "Dagur, wait." Hiccup said. A moderate glower was sent his way, "Why? He admitted that he can't help." Viggo stood up straighter against the wall and managed to lean his head far enough away to properly project, "I did not say that could be of no use, only that I did not eavesdrop."

"Well, you certainly didn't say how you would be of use either, Vigs." Dagur commented, "Care to elaborate or should I continue?" He unsheathed his ax and rapped his fingers against the blade. Viggo sighed, exasperatedly, "If allowed to roam free, I can help you prepare for the hunters' arrival." Still unmoved, the chief frowned, "Yeah, you're not getting out of this cell, so that plan is out." The Berkian heir nodded, "We can't trust you to be free." Hiccup told the hunter, "Not with everything that you've done. You're too conniving." As the other riders started to leave, Dagur lingered for a moment, still contemplating over the decision of whether or not he should just kill the younger Grimborn. "You know that I would be far more beneficial outside of my cell." Viggo stated. Dagur's scowl turned into a smirk and he laughed, "I'll admit, between you, your brother, and Alvin, you're probably the last one I figured would be in my prison. Nonetheless, it's been fun having all of you." Feigning concern, Viggo shook his head, "Such resentment cannot be healthy." Smirk reverting back to a scowl, Dagur said, "Neither is being hardly even given water for three years or injected with a hallucination-inducing serum. Not even to mention the rest. Face it, Viggo. You've got a lot of karma waiting for you and I'll be savoring every bit." To his surprise, Viggo began to chuckle.

"What's so funny?" Dagur asked, annoyed, though curious. "You still believe that I am the reason for your hallucinations?" Viggo inquired. He received an inquisitive look from the Berserker, "Of course I do. As soon as you had Ryker stick that dart in me, I started seeing things." Viggo's smile enlargened, "It's amusing to me, what the mind can do. So easily, it can override your other senses and take full control." He looked at the chief, "Dagur, the only thing you were injected with was a simple solution that would cause a burning sensation." Dagur's eyes widened, though he laughed, scornfully, "There's no way those happened by themselves." The laugh came in stronger, gradually replacing scorn with insanity, "You can't convince me that I'm just so crazy that I imagined things all on my own. Nope, not a chance. You put something in that dart and are trying to get inside my head now by telling me that you already have." He ranted on some more and could not help but notice that Viggo was simply observing, appearing to be very content with himself. Dagur huffed, "I don't have time for your tricks." The Berserker began to leave once more and Viggo spoke up, "'Tricks', they are not. All of your mirages have been self-produced. For your sake, I hope that your mental stability maintains for a long enough time to last the upcoming battle." Dagur was able to hear the smugness in the hunter's voice and exited the prison.

All of the Berserkers were at their places, ready for a war. Dagur went up to the stables and found everyone else with their dragons. Frowning, thoughtfully, he looked up at the sky. "Maybe if we're able to go higher than the King of Dragon's range, we can fly without the dragons acting up." the Berserker suggested. It was worth a try, so the vikings mounted their reptiles and took to the air. Bluebolt and Shattermaster ascended and went to opposite sides of the island, keeping ferocious snarls on their snouts. Dagur got onto Sleuther's saddle and Mala leapt up with him. The chief looked to see where the other riders were. Each one was prepared for what was to come and in the far distance, ships and Singetails could be seen. Catapulters readied their boulders, but their chief stopped them. "If you shoot now, the boulders could get blasted by the dragons. The flyers are coming faster, so let's wait to give them a proper welcome." Dagur's signature crazy twinkle was in his eyes as he grinned and chuckled. Closer, the Singetails flew. Their flyers looked no less confident than if they had been told they had already won. Within mere seconds, they reached the island's coast. Dagur's smirk widened when the triumphant smiles of the hunters melted into bewildered and anguished glares. "What's wrong with this dragon?" he heard one say. That was the tall one he had seen with the hood.

"Now!" Dagur called. While the Singetails were disoriented, the riders' dragons fired shots at the flyers. A large number of them got knocked into the sea, but Krogan's Singetail recovered in time to prevent any separation. The two barrel rolled out of the way of blasts and flew high enough out of the cloud of confusion. With the dragons out of the line of fire, the Berserkers launched their catapults and began sinking ships. Mala looked behind herself and saw that Bluebolt was facing the island's other coast and was firing. Likewise, Shattermaster was on the side, trying to fend off more vessels. "They are attacking from all sides." the queen stated. Sleuther shot fire at a hunter who had managed to dock, but more followed. Dagur nodded, "You're right." Quickly, he glanced around and saw his vikings fighting against the hunters. "We just need more dragons." he said. His eyes shimmered with an idea, "Strykie, land over there." The Triple Stryke did as he was requested to do and the chief dismounted. "What are you doing?" Mala asked him, concern in her voice. "The King of Dragons can control every dragon within range. If he learns that he's in danger, maybe he'll summon more." Dagur responded. "How are you going to inform him?" the Defenders questioned. "I might have to act like I'm attacking him, but I'll figure that part out." was the uncomforting reply.

Mala looked positively horrified, but could say little more as the Berserker ran off towards the island and called behind him to she and the Triple Stryke, "Keep each other safe." With more than a bit of reluctance, Sleuther returned to the sky and blasted vikings again. Dagur reached the cave and went inside. He was mildly expecting to see Viggo once more, with him somehow having escaped his cell. Instead, the Berserker chief found a group of hunters. "Well," Dagur mused, amusedly, "this is the first time that having hunters around actually makes things easier." Their numbers were dwindling exponentially as many fled from the gargantuan dragon. Soon, only Krogan and Johann remained. Slyly, Krogan started to walk away from the former trader and reptile. "What do you think you're doing?" Johann snarled, noticing his impending solitude. "I have no business with a King of Dragons like this." the flyer stated, matter-of-factly, "I came here to look for something specific. If you want to have a go with this dragon," He gestured, properly, "be my guest." For a moment or two, Dagur considered just letting the vikings battle each other to the death; however, Krogan won the stare down and began to leave. This is when the chief had begun to get involved as he had originally planned.

Sensing someone alongside him, Dagur noticed that he had been accompanied by a certain Berkian heir. "Whatever Krogan came here for, we can't let him leave with it." Hiccup said, determined, "If you can stop him, I'll deal with Johann." Dagur gave a quick nod and went after the flyer. He followed him to another area of the cave where something was laying in a nest. The Berserker's eyes widened, "An egg. Guess the king's a queen." he thought. Right as Krogan attempted to swipe the egg, a blade dug into his forearm. The man let out a grunt and he turned to see Dagur. His glower became more instigating as he spoke, "You're Dagur the Deranged, yes?" Krogan asked, narrowly dodging another knife. The chief drew his ax and came at him. Krogan unsheathed his own and metals clashed and clanged. "I've heard about you, vaguely." the flyer said, as calmly as someone not in the midst of a fight, "Quite the ruthless reputation you have. Supposedly, you killed your own father for a crown. Of course, Viggo didn't seem to believe that and now that we've met, I agree." His smirk deepened, "You don't have it in you. If you did, neither Viggo nor his brother would be alive right now." A quiet chuckle escaped Krogan's lips, "Though, from what else I've heard, it's possible that you imagined killing them both."

Dagur growled, though stopped, staring at something behind them. He sliced in the air, trying to attack the faux foe. Krogan watched, entertained, then turned his back and started exiting. Once he had, Dagur slashed his side with the ax and laughed. "Sometimes, bad reps aren't too unfortunate." Krogan slumped to the ground in pain and the Berserker went over to him. He raised the ax over his head and prepared to bring it down on the hunter's throat. In a final move, Krogan slid the egg out of the cave-right where the cliff was. Speedily, Dagur ran and caught it just before it could fall. He returned to find an empty space that had been filled by the flyer. Frowning, Dagur went to where he had left Hiccup. The viking was in a poor state and was dangling from another cliff while Johann had a lifted a spear above himself to plunge into the Berkian. Inconspicuously, Dagur crept up behind the traitor and grabbed him by the head, then snapped his neck. He casually discarded the body over the edge and took hold of Hiccup's hand. "I've got you, Brother." he said. Hiccup thanked him and his eyes lit up when he saw the egg, all in one piece and there. "We need someone to find a better place for it." he commented. Snapping, he started for the exit, "And I know just the people."

Outside of the cave, the two saw a swarm of dragons, some familiar and some not. "Looks like it summoned others, after all." Dagur marveled. With every hunter either defeated or running, the team gathered together. "The Wingmaidens' mission is to protect young Razorwhips, they might know a safe place for this egg to go too." Hiccup declared. He began sending a terror mail to the maidens while Dagur went over to Mala. An uncommon awkwardness fell on him, " I think that I'm done." There was a short moment of silence before the queen wrapped her arms around him and they embraced. The two kissed and for the first time in a while, Dagur felt like Mala was not in danger as she was in his company. Once they were done, Heather came over. When she smiled, she was engulfed in a hug by her brother. She almost pushed him away, but stopped, "I'm ready for that tour if you are." Dagur beamed and began leading her throughout the island. "Of course, I'm not expecting you to stay here, but-" he started. "I think that a few days' vacation could be nice to start getting a taste for life as a Berserker." Heather mentioned. Her brother's smile widened further and he had to force himself to not hug her again. "This vacation offer is extended to all of you." he told the Berkians, who grinned. "Though, some new living arrangements might have to eventually be made." he added, focusing on Mala. She smiled and took his hand, walking about the island with the rest. "You know, 'Chieftess Mala' has a pretty cool ring to it. Just saying." Dagur commented. She laid her head on his shoulder, "And I am rather fond of 'King Dagur'." "I guess that we'll just have to rotate between islands so that no one feels left out." the chief suggested. Mala looked at him, "That sounds like a splendid plan."