Two To Tango
Chapter Ten: More Than Just Good Friends



"You know what you said, about turning you…?"

She opened her eyes and moved so she was leaning over him, a frown on her face. Oh no you don't, we're not going there again. No way.

"I thought we agreed not to go there?" she asked. "Remember?"

"I know, but I was thinking…" he dropped his eyes and studied his fingers. "It wouldn't be that bad, and you'd always be there, that's a plus."

She grinned widely and kissed his nose.

"Yeah, that would be a plus."

"So I was just gonna say, if you still want me to… I will."

She studied him for a minute and decided he was serious. Not exactly comfortable, but serious nonetheless and it made her chest ache that he would actually consider it after what happened last time. In a moment of absolute adoration, she leaned down and kissed him hard on the lips.

"I'd like it," she said carefully, after she had her breath back. "But not now… One day soon, but right now I'm happy here."

"You sure?"


"I'm happy where you are too," he replied, slipping his arm around her shoulder and pulling her gently back down to lean on his chest. "I love you, Sunshine."

She sighed happily, enjoying the vibration of his voice humming through his chest and along her cheek. She yawned a little and traced a heart on his chest with her finger. She kissed it and settled back down again, closing her eyes sleepily.

"Good, 'cause I love you too, honey."

They were twisted together on the couch; her hand bunched under his shirt and his hand gently cupping her ass. She whimpered every now and again and Xander wondered how a simple noise could sound so good.

"Could you two get a room, please?"

They started and leapt apart, scrabbling with their clothes. Buffy smoothed her hair and Xander wiped the lipstick from his mouth. They smiled innocently at Dawn who was already shuffling to the kitchen, rubbing her eyes and yawning. They avoided each other's eyes until Dawn came back into the living room, clutching a glass of water.

"Night, Buffy," she mumbled. "Night, Xander."

"Night, Dawn!" they called chirpily after her.

"Ok, that was awkward," Buffy muttered.

"But fun," Xander answered. "Fun, right?"

"Fun, yep, definitely!"

"Oh no."


"That means you're gonna end this here and everything will be awkward and weird. Hurry up, then, Buff, get it over with," he drew in a quiet, if shuddering breath and resisted the urge to close his eyes against the words, knowing that wouldn't make it hurt less.

"I'm not gonna end this, Xander," Buffy answered quietly. "I'm just wondering how this works. I mean, you and me. What if we… break up or something…? Won't everything be awkward then?"

"What if we don't break up?" he asked, trying to keep the desperate tone out of his voice.

"Have you seen my track record, Xander? Every relationship I have ends in pain, chaos and the guy leaving town."

"My track record's not all that great, either. Demons, demons, leaving fiancée at the altar, oh and let's not forget Cordelia. Maybe if we're together, we're owed a bit of luck."

"You think?" she asked doubtfully.

"It's worth a try," Xander shrugged, an attempt at casual that was too stiff to be real.

"You're right," Buffy's hand sought Xander's and squeezed. "So, you want to stay…?"

"Yeah. I've always like this couch."

"I meant with me…"

"Buffy, I don't think we should rush this…"

"You're not gonna turn evil if we sleep together, are you, Xander?" she joked, heart in her mouth. He's changed his mind… He doesn't want this….

"You never know," he answered. "Look, I've wanted you for a long time, I think I can wait."

"Ok," she said quietly. "But you could still stay with me, doesn't mean we have to do anything…"

"I think I'd love that."

She grinned and stood, pulling him up and leading him up to her room. He stumbled after her, wondering if any of this was real, and if it wasn't, if it was all just a dream, how was he going to cope if he woke up?

Tara opened the door and leapt back as Anya bundled a blanket clad Spike into the hallway. Spike dragged it off and stamped on it until it stopped smoking. Anya caught his arm and smoothed his hair, kissing his cheek as Tara shut the door.

Thank the Goddess… she thought, a wide smile on her face.

"Glinda, Glinda, Glinda," Spike chanted happily, catching her around the waist and swinging her around.

"Put me down, Spike!" she squealed.

"Just my way of saying thanks," he grinned, kissing her quickly on the cheek. "Ta, pet. Where's the Bit?"

"Hi, Spike," Dawn bounded down the stairs and caught Anya's hands excitedly. "Well? Did it work?"

"What you did was very wrong, Dawn," Anya said sternly. "Not only did you leave the house in the middle of the night, you locked Spike and I in. Which may have ended very badly…"

"But?" Tara prompted.

"But, it worked," Spike finished, tickling Dawn's sides as Anya hugged Tara tightly.

"I knew it!" Dawn crowed. "Say it, Tara, go on, say I'm great."

"Don't push it, Dawnie," Tara answered, smiling. "You're still grounded."

"Right now, I don't care!" Dawn hummed and skipped toward the kitchen, singing loudly.

"What's going on down here - oh, oh, Spike, Anya. Hi!"

"Calm down, Red," Spike said. "We're not here to cause a row."

He slipped an arm around Anya's waist and pulled her close, kissing her hair gently.

"We're back together, Willow!" Anya announced. "Tara and Dawn locked us in the apartment last night!"

"That worked?" Willow sounded impressed. "So, now you're in a good mood, huh?"

"Yep," Anya nodded.

"Well," Willow placed her hands on her hips and glared at the couple. "I want you two to make up with Buffy and Xander, ok? No arguments, resolve face, see?"

Tara slipped her arms around Willow's waist and leaned her head on her shoulder.

"I think she's right, guys."

"If you'd given us half a chance, love, that's sorta what we're here for," Spike answered. "Bury the hatchet."

"But not in Buffy or Xander's heads," Anya added helpfully.

"Right, good," Willow beamed, slightly worried though that the thought had actually crossed Anya's mind. "They're just upstairs."

"They?" Spike asked, raising his eyebrows. "The two of 'em? Together?"

"So Dawn says," Tara answers. "And according to Willow, there's two Buffy and Xander shaped lumps in Buffy's bed."

"We shoulda put money on it, Sunshine," Spike stated to Anya.

"Morning, guys!" Buffy sing-songed from the top of the stairs, but she froze when she saw Spike and Anya.

"Morning. Hello, you," Xander's arms snaked into their line of vision around Buffy's waist before the rest of him. His eyes widened as he noticed their respective exes. And there went his good mood. He had woken that morning to find himself fully clothed and spooned around Buffy who was sleeping peacefully in his arms. He had decided that even if this was a fantastic dream, he would treat her like he always thought she should be treated.

"Back together then, I see," Xander said, choosing his words very carefully, swallowing around the lump of guilt that floated over the giggly, warm feeling.

"Exactly right, Harris," Spike answered jovially. Right then, not even Xander could ruin his good mood. Especially now that Xander was hugging Buffy like that and Spike had always said to Anya it was only a matter of time. God, but he did love being right.

"You two are together too," Anya noted.

"Um, yeah…" Buffy said, lowering her eyes before sweeping them back to Xander. "Dawnie! Hi, I've got something to tell you -"

"You and Xander are a couple," Dawn said, wandering toward the gathering by the front door with a mouthful of toast. "Congratulations. You moving in, Xander?"

"We, er, haven't got that far yet, Dawn," Xander answered.

"Ok. So, are you guys gonna make up?" Dawn eyed Spike and Anya before smirking at Xander and Buffy.

"If that's what you two want," Buffy ventured. Please want to, right now I'd do anything for everything just be fine. She glanced back at Xander - my boyfriend, wow - who nodded.

"Yep!" Anya chirped. "So long as you promise to not so much as remove Spike's duster with your eyes."

"Same goes for you, Harris," Spike warned.

"Spike, why would I want to undress you with my eyes?" Xander asked, though the suggestion had brought a vivid picture to his mind that he buried under a Buffy montage.

"No need to get shirty," Spike answered. "Just keep your eyes to your Slayer and not my girl. That's if you're not undressing the Slayer already with those beady eyes of yours. Tut, tut, Xander, not very gentlemanly of you."

Xander looked at Spike with as much dignity as he could muster, but Spike merely raised an eyebrow shrewdly and shrugged. For some reason, Xander felt a rush of respect for the vampire. He had been sure Spike would never want to forgive and forget and would spend the rest of his unlife plotting Xander's gruesome death.

Xander would have been more shocked, however, to discover that Spike was experiencing a similar feeling of grudging respect, but he dismissed it as hunger.

"Right, whatever," Xander shrugged after a moment.

"Want to join us for breakfast?" Buffy offered, grinning at her boyfriend. Will I ever get used to that? And undressing me with his eyes? Mmm, I guess I could get used to it.

"Yeah," Anya nodded. "It's not like Spike can actually cook or anything."

"Hey, I'll make you pay for that!" he protested.

"Promise?" she asked as the gang headed toward the kitchen, happily coupled off with Dawn at their head.

"Buffy? Now you've all got cute little relationships going on and I'm all alone, can we have a puppy now?"

The End.