From Schoolgirl to Royal 1/?

Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon, none of these characters are mine, no infringement intended.
A/N: This doesn't really follow the timeline, although it is after season 1. Even though, Serena is the moon princess, Darien doesn't know that she is Sailor Moon. Just pretend that the whole evil-Darien thing never happened and the scouts defeated Beryl on their own, but didn't loose their memories. Also, I took the Scout's attacks from the Pegasus arch, just because I liked them more. Sorry if this is confusing, If you have any questions just ask.

I was awoken that fateful afternoon by a sharp pain in my stomach, as I jolted upright in bed I threw my guardian (whose claws were still partially imbedded in my stomach) off my bed. Having got back especially late from a Scout meeting the previous night, I took the rare opportunity to sleep in on Saturday, before I had yet another fire reading that I needed to be at this afternoon at Raye's temple.

"Luna!!" I screamed.

"Get up you are going to be late to the scout meeting at the temple." My guardian cat told me.

"So what else is new." I mumbled under my breath.

I was still sleepy, but when I looked at the clock and saw how late it was I jumped out of bed and threw my clothes on. I was running so late, I just grabbed my purse and two elastics and I rushed out the door. This is how I began my trek to Raye's, running as fast as I could while trying to put my hair up into it's customary 'meatballs.' I was so preoccupied by what I was doing that I didn't realize I was headed for someone until I crashed into them.


"Come on Meatball Head, when are you going to grow up?" A deep voice asked me causing me to cringe as I recognized the speaker. As I looked up from my uncomfortable perch on the ground, I saw none other then my arch-nemesis, the incomparable Darien "I'm better than everyone because I own a cool car and drink coffee" Chiba.

"As soon as you stop calling me Meatball Head, you jerk!" I yelled while grabbing my purse and dumped my compact back into it. Just as I was about to hurl another insult in Chiba's direction I was distracted by a blood-curdling scream coming from the opposite direction. [Why does this have to happen now? Grrr.] "Got to book it." I said all the while changing direction and heading for the scream that I heard. [Is this the new enemy Raye saw in her vision?] As I ran I used the communicator to alert the other Sailor Scouts.

I came to a clearing in the park, only to see four unconscious girls being drained of their energy by a man dressed in black pants and a violet vest, with his blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail. I stepped behind a tree to transform.

"Moon Prism Power." I shouted followed by a rather elaborate display of lights and colors until I was dressed in a white skirt with a rainbow on the bottom and bow. My pigtails now had three small transparent tassels on them and I was wearing a pair of red high-heeled boots.

"Stop in the name of the Moon." I shouted.

"And just who might you be?" The blonde asked.

"I am Sailor Moon, champion of love and justice. In the name of the Mood prepare to be moon dusted." [God, I get tired of that speech.]

"Why hello, Serena. It is so nice to finally meet the vaunted Sailor Moon, although I thought you would be taller… No matter." He commented.

"Do you think that pretty little speech scared me?" With a menacing cackle and the flip of a wrist a troll-like monster appeared next to him. I was still getting over my shock at the fact that he knew my name when the monster attacked. I just managed to get out of the way as the monster yelled "Nega Vapor Bite!" A black beam came hurtling toward me and I couldn't escape the full force of the blast. I was thrown a few feet from the blast, landing hard on my left arm, causing me to gasp out loud in pain. I had to force myself to kneel as my vision momentarily blurred and I heard an eerie laugh near where I was sprawled.

"Who are you?" I asked in confusion as this mysterious enemy stood over me.

"You mean you don't see the family resemblance? I'm Beryl's brother." At that piece of information I gasped, causing him to glare at me. "I am Vortar, King of the Negaverse, and you my dear I will destroy for what you did to my sister, but not before you watch those you love suffer."

"I will not allow it." I said forcing myself all the way to my feet, holding my left arm protectively close to my body.

"You are quite an amusing girl. Perhaps, I will keep you alive after all." Vortar retorted. "Get her up, Raspa."

As his master ordered Raspa charged straight toward me, I couldn't help the scream that managed to escape my throat. Raspa was stopped suddenly by a steel-tipped rose.

"You will not harm this pretty sailor soldier while I am around." Said a man wearing a top hat, tuxedo and cape, standing on the far side of me.

"Ah, the infamous Tuxedo Mask makes an appearance." Vortar sneered while Tuxedo Mask made his way to my side.

"Are you alright?" He asked me in concern, glancing at my arm.

"I'm fine." I lied, trying to convince him as well as myself.

"You won't be for long!" Shouted the troll followed by "Nega Viper Bite!" Before either of us could move out of the way, a black beam was headed straight for where Tuxedo and I stood.

"Mars Flame Sniper."

Then I saw an arrow made of fire shoot out and hit the attack destroying it and creating a small explosion in the process. "Nice shot, Mars." I cried as I saw the other Scouts, my friends, make their entrance.

"Raspa, finish off the other Scouts… And you Sailor Moon, I'll see again when we can have a little more privacy." Vortar said before he disappeared into a cloud of black smoke.

As I turned back to the Scouts, Raspa was getting ready to attack:







With that a beam shot out of his hands towards the others, as the moon beam hit Raspa, he was dusted along with his attack, leaving only a pile of moon dust in his place.

[Something's wrong, using the wand never takes this much energy out of me. I feel like I'm being drained of energy. Damn!]

"That was great, Sailor Moon!" Venus cheered.

"So that was the latest enemy." Mercury commented. "Seemed formidable."

"Good work, Scouts. I'll see you again." Tuxedo Mask interjected and with one last glance he was gone.