From Schoolgirl to Royal 24/?

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon; none of these characters are mine, no infringement intended.

A/N: This doesn't really follow the timeline, although it is after season 1. Even though, Serena is the moon princess, Darien doesn't know that she is Sailor Moon. Just pretend that the whole evil-Darien thing never happened and the scouts defeated Beryl on their own, but didn't loose their memories. Sorry if this is confusing; if you have any questions just ask.

Serena may seem OOC in the next few chapters, but let's just say she is extremely stressed out and that explains her sensitivity and she's pissed because her family was attacked which will explain her bouts of seriousness.

Warning: Some cursing and otherwise bad language.

The End and A New Beginning

I never knew exactly what occurred while I was injured that night, but I found out later piecing pieces together from everybody that I was injured severely by the backlash of Vortar's attack. The only reason I wasn't hurt worse was because Darien pulled me out of the way at the last moment, otherwise I was liable to have been beheaded from the blast. The Senshi and Darien were so worried about my injuries that they ended up calling the hospital due to blood loss. Now normally that would have been overkill since our powers usually take care of our minor injuries for us. This time however, since I was unconscious my powers did not kick in at all and I continued to loose blood at an alarming rate. The others didn't even want to move me for fair of exasperating my wounded chest.

I found out later that when the ambulance came it was quite a battle to decide what to do with me, considering my need for secrecy about my powers. The Senshi and tuxedo Mask were still transformed when the ambulance arrived, as was I since I had transformed back into Sailor Moon once I was hit. As it turns out, thankfully my transformation still disguised me even when I was undressed at the hospital. So even while the doctors could see me, the only think they remembered afterwards were my injuries and that they had treated a Senshi.

I was given my own room secluded from the rest of the hospital's general populace for privacy. As it turned out the dark energy punctured a lung and hit my heart, hence all the blood. Thankfully, what the Senshi couldn't heal with their combined energy, the doctors fixed. My heart was healed when the crystal reacted to the Senshi's 'energy transfusion' causing it to begin healing my unconscious body. The lung was healed by more traditional means, and soon I was released from surgery and put into my own room, where the others surrounded my bed, waiting for me to recover.

When Mina spoke to my family she told them of my condition and that it would cause problems if they were to come to the hospital when I was awake from surgery. I guess too many people would ask questions and it could have jeopardized my secret identity. After much yelling it was decided that they would stay at the beach house and once I was well enough we would all travel back down there for a much-needed vacation.

That is how I found myself surrounded by my friends when I hazarded to open my eyes to find out where the distracting noise was coming from disturbing my rest. The first person I saw when I managed to open my eyes was Raye as she argued with Lita about harassing, I'm sorry talking, to the doctors about my condition. Sitting next to them was Ami who was trying her best to ignore them as she read a book on coincidentally lung procedures. I turned my head slightly causing a moan to escape me as I was trying to find Mina and Darien. I guess I was louder than I suspected for everyone quieted down immediately and before I could blink I was swarmed with six people all trying to talk at once and touch me to reassure them that I was indeed awake. When they seemed to be getting louder rather than quieter after a few seconds I cleared my throat and opened my mouth to interrupt them only to find my throat parched from disuse.

"Water." I whispered hoarsely, finding it difficult to talk let alone breath deeply.

Immediately I found a glass of cool water presented to my mouth and gently lifted for me to drink from. Without moving my head, having learned my lesson from last time, I followed the hand to body and noticed Darien looking concerned and lovingly into my rather dazed eyes.

"Thanks." I spoke a little louder after taking a sip of water.

"Think nothing of it, Meatball Head." Darien answered, giving me his most charming smile, dimples and all. I still couldn't speak well so I settled for looking at him fondly and squeezing his hand in mine.

"Jerk." I whispered affectionately, my eyes shining.

"Guilty as charged." Darien teased me gently. "But your jerk."

Before I could answer him I was interrupted by Raye.

"Are we going to start that again?" She asked exasperatedly 'glaring' at me. I saw her worry and love shining in her eyes and I feebly moved my other hand in her direction. She noticed quickly and took a hold of my hand squeezing tightly.

With both Darien and Raye on either side of me and Ami, Lita and Mina on the foot of my bed I smiled at them all warmly, trying to stifle a yawn. I looked at them apologetically.

"Sorry guys, I'm just tired."

"Don't worry about it, Serena." Lita answered patting my blanket-covered legs. "Get some more sleep. We'll be here when you wake up."

With one last fond look at my friends and my love I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep, knowing they would be beside me when I woke. Just as sleep claimed me I managed a soft murmur that they all heard regardless.

"Of course, where else would you guys be."