DeKiller was back in the room, and this time he had a gun.

"Now, now," he said, "I need you to behave yourself."

"How about YOU behave YOURSELF!?" exclaimed DeMasque, "You've been VERY naughty."

DeMasque ran toward deKiller, who was quick enough to kick him right where it counts. Phoenix tried running for the door, but DeKiller stuck a leg out and tripped him. DeKiller then proceeded to tie both of them up together.

"DAMMIT!" exclaimed Phoenix.

Suddenly, he found himself in a hospital room,with Maya at his side. "Ugh...what happened ?"

"Nick,you had one of your aneurysms again. But you woke up with this in your hand." She pulled out the same paper that was in that room.

"Give me that!" exclaimed Phoenix.

Phoenix made a mad grab at the paper, but Maya pulled it out of his reach.

"Ap-bap-bap! Now, let's see what this says... O-oh, my..." she said.

"W-what does it say?" asked Phoenix, nervously.

"I...I can't say." answered Maya.

"Please, Maya," responded Phoenix, "just tell me."

Maya refused to say anything, and ran out of the room. Phoenix tried to get up, but something stopped him.

This must be the... third time I've been restrained today? Or fourth? I'm starting to lose track. Phoenix idly thinks to himself, as he finds that he's handcuffed to the hospital bed. Wait... why am I handcuffed inside a hospital?! I'm not a criminal! And besides, I have to go after Maya! He pulls against the cuffs, to no avail. Hmm... He concentrates on the chain between the wristbands of the cuffs, and sees a red lock appearing on it! A Psyche-Lock! It must be his own mental locks keeping him in the bed.

Phoenix begins to think to himself. If he can figure out the secret he's trying to hide from himself, he can probably break the lock and get out of the bed. Although if this is his own lock, doesn't that mean he's subconsciously keeping himself from remembering, and keeping himself in the bed? Maybe breaking the lock isn't such a good idea after all... but he gets the feeling something bad will happen if he doesn't catch up to Maya.

Phoenix looked around the room for any others. But there was no one, not even a nurse. He called for one, but no one came. Suddenly...

The memory comes rushing back to him. This feeling of loneliness... This must have been what his most recent client felt, when...

When he'd failed to find him innocent.

*Sound of lock breaking and chains retracting*

"That's right. I... I failed him." Phoenix mutters to himself, too shocked to get out of bed even though he now could, "That explains why I was repressing that memory..."

The piece of paper had looked familiar, and now he was fairly certain it was related somehow. No wonder Maya had looked so dismayed when she read whatever was on it, and no wonder she desperately didn't want him to read it also. Even still, he now felt an even greater need to catch her and find out what she was hiding. No more running from the truth!

With new resolve, Phoenix jumps out of the bed and gets ready to move.

Suddenly, Dr. Hotti came in and blocked the doorway. Phoenix tried to get him to move, but he didn't budge. Phoenix, of course, understood why. The client he had failed to defend was… Hotti's son. But how could he leave this room?

Jump out the window! Like a boss.

Despite being on the third floor, Phoenix gets lucky and lands on a hedge outside, thus taking no damage from the fall. He quickly rolls off and runs in a direction at random, not really sure where Maya would have gone.

Suddenly, Phoenix heard Hotti shout, 'HE'S ESCAPED!' from the third floor. He immediately ran for it. A few other people nearby noticed and chased after him. Suddenly he saw something coming towards him! It was..

Detective Gumshoe!

"Hey, pal!" he said, "You seem to have gotten yourself into a lot of trouble, haven't you?"

"I guess so." responded Nick.

"Come with me." instructed the detective.

"Y-yes, sir!" Phoenix responded, nervously.

The two of them ran off, away from the hospital, both of them holding hands. Behind them, men in black were chasing them. Phoenix was confused about everything that was going on and just had to wonder what the detective knew, and why he was only now starting to feel awkward about holding Gumshoe's hand. He wasn't sure. Did he like touching his hand?

Phoenix shook his head as the two of them ran as far away from the hospital as they could, soon making it out into the streets. Looking around, they couldn't see the men that were chasing them earlier. They stopped running, and Phoenix felt like he could pass out at any minute. He had to know, just what was going on? He looked at Gumshoe, hoping the detective would somehow have all the answers.