A Momentary Grace

Disclaimer: Characters and Premise are borrowed from the show "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer."

The world shone eerily in the light of the blocked sun, the tribe's mystic claimed it was a sign that the world would soon end.

Kelvasus laughed bitterly, he could have predicted that without any odd behavior from the sun and moon. Of course, he was a practical man, mystics were always claiming the end was near, but this time the messages in the heavens were being backed up by the Roman legions. So while the world might continue, despite the signs, it was likely that his people would not.

Which was why he was here, atop a lonely hill deemed sacred by his people, pleading with gods he'd never truly believed in to give him guidance and the power to push back the Romans.

As usual the gods weren't being very punctual about answering. Oh well, at least up here he could escape the defeatist meanderings of the old mystic.

When he heard footsteps behind him, Kelvasus jumped, startled, quickly raising his clumsy bronze sword in preparation to defend himself.

Kelvasus was silver haired with age, well into his third decade, but a large man still fit from a life time of battle. The newcomer on the other hand was little more than a child, slender and feral in appearance, with pale skin and brilliant eyes that seemed to glow in the cool half light of the eclipse.

"Who are you?" Kelvasus demanded, the youth was not of his tribe, and thus not to be trusted.

"One who answers your prays," the boy replied.

"You are one of the gods?" Kelvasus asked in shock.

The boy laughed, "Not quite, still we seemed to have interests in common, so I though I'd offer my assistance."

"What can you offer," Kelvasus scoffed. "One more sword won't throw back the Romans, that is if you can even wield a sword. Go home child, you have nothing I need."

Again the boy laughed, lifting his face to the sky, overwhelmed with hilarity. "I offer power," he said turning back to Kelvasus, his eyes glowing yellow, his features twisted in a demonic mask, gleaming white fangs showing as he spoke. "I offer strength and eternal life, in return all I ask is that you do as you wish and kill the Romans."

Kelvasus dropped to his knees offering his sword to the supernatural being. "Why?" he asked. The creature shrugged, a very human gesture, contrasting oddly with his horrific appearance, "It amuses me," he replied. "Besides Romans taste bad."

The boy gripped Kelvasus' shoulder with figures that seemed forged of iron and effortlessly drew the larger man to him. When the creature's fangs sank into Kelvasus' neck the chieftain began to struggle. Now he knew what the creature was, no god at all, but one of the undead.

When the boy finished he offered Kelvasus his blood in return. Dizzy from blood loss and shock the warrior tried to back away from the monster. Angrily the boy cried, "Drink fool, take the power I offer, or die here and let the Romans win."

Kelvasus knew he didn't want to die here, like this, leaving his people without a protector. Hesitantly he reached back toward the boy.




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